Alexis still thinks he clearly has to improve for Arsenal

To most Arsenal fans at the moment Alexis Sanchez is just about the complete footballer, quick dribbles, continully pressing oponents, even scoring regularly, but the player himself still thinks he is not quite ready for the rigours of the Premier League games and still has a lot of improvement to come.

“Little by little I am gaining confidence in my team-mates and am gradually learning more,” he said in the Independent. “At first I had trouble understanding them, knowing where they ran, their movements, what gestures meant what, but every time I feel more confident.

“I am starting to memorise the moves of my team-mates and I learn to help them – clearly I need to improve and that is what I say in the dressing room, that I could stay a little less with the ball, play one touch play more often to facilitate counter-attacks, that is vital.

“I must learn that because the rapid transitions are key in this league and with this team.”

It is often said by JustArsenal readers that Alexis is going to be quickly unimpressed with the quality of his team-mates and start looking at moving on, but the Chilean thinks quite the opposte at the moment!

“Now that I am here, sometimes I stop to look my team-mates during the training session and I realise that I am surrounded by a lot of quality stars,” he continued.

“I have been impressed by their attitude and their talent.

“I love how they create spaces, their individual and collective movements

“I tell you seriously: I like what I see so much that I have repeated myself many times, that if we have the required winning mentality, if we are positive and try to win every single game, I know we can win any competition.

“I know that with this team we can win many trophies in the coming years. I am convinced.

“I hope to win everything here. That’s why I came.”

Well that throws a few theories out the window. If Sanchez is that impressed with his team-mates during training, then all we have to do now is get them all to play like that during Premier League games!

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  1. The players around him are the ones who need to improve,if it wasn’t for Alexis we would be in the bottom half right now!

    1. He says, “IF we have the required winning mentality…” Well, that’s just it for me: NO WINNING MENTALITY at all at the moment.

      There was nothing so special about Ferguson’s last trophy winning squad, just a winning mentality. In some of our previous games, you could see Alexis trying to spur his team-mates to attack and press the opposition, something I doubt I’ve ever seen Arteta do, other than playing from side to side like a crab.

      1. By the way, u can see the stuff of legend in this guy: HUMILTY and DETERMINATION. He wasn’t blowing his trumpet, though he could be justified if he did.

        But that guy call Jerk Wheelchair, I used to like him, but the dude is damn too full of himself, and he recently said HE (JERK) is back to his best.


      2. It really hurts me that our club is being run by guys that have never kicked a ball. We are the only top club that has board members that have never kicked a ball. Who advises them on football related matters, this is dragging us backward year after year. These are mafias trying to make money out of us. Where are our legendary players? Why are they not on the board. Lots of questions without answers. Things have to change from the top

  2. OT:

    Breaking news, Arsenal sack Wenger…. Oh wait, its Inter who have sucked there underperforming manager.

    When will we ever get some good news.

    Anyway Sanchez is just amazing and I wish all our players had his attitude and passion to win. He can tell he really wants to prove a point and win things. His a natural born winner and deserves the best in his career, Arsene and his weak players should not disrupt his mission as he is currently the only light in dark times at the club.

  3. Just when you think he has shown us everything wonderful to come and expect he goes and speaks like a true pro, he really is a little topper with great experience and even greater attributes.

  4. “Now that I am here, sometimes I stop to look my team-mates during the training session and I realise that I am surrounded by a lot of quality stars,” he continued…
    Alexis was very specific that the quality only appears in TRAINING SESSIONS. In matches, he sees trash but he couldn’t say that

      1. Giroud is back…is that a positive?? I think its a negative. Lemmi try get another 🙁

          1. As you know AW loves using players out of their position so why not use OG on DM after all he dose like to hold up and that will give Mertesacker time to get back to his position.

        1. You know what, I really think Giroud should go into modelling; I just luv the way he catwalks after missing a plethora of chances.

  5. Ladys and gentleman this is the diff between a champion a true sportman and to overrated spoilted players.

    No intending to bash players but just see the diff. True champions are always eager to improve and are always self critical. I always remember Henry saying that he could do better beside scoring sometimes to 3 goals. Same goes for Van persie, even if you people disslike him, he is a true champion, a winner.

    And our current players are spoiled as sh&t. Ramsey thinks he is the boss bec he had a half decend season. Even though Arsenal fans chant his name calling him better then Bale, it doesnt make you a better player then Bale or Modric.

    Walcott is continuely babbling about his speed, but he never tllks about him trying to improve his game.

    Welbeck our new Thierry Henry. Loooooooooooool. Do you people get my point. We need more champions in the team and no wannabe ones. Rosicky has to play and Cambell aswell peace.

  6. “… that I could stay a little less with the ball…” <— THIS.

    I'm happy he is aware of this problem. That's the mark of a great player.

  7. Dear Alexis,

    While I appreciate your professionalism and hunger about believing that you still need to improve although you have been so impressive and MotM in every single game you have played for us, but I think speak on behalf of every single Arsenal fan when I say don’t be so hard on yourself. If rest of our players would play their hearts out and do it even half consistently as you do, we’d be on top of the table.

    Alexis, you’re great. It’s the rest of the team who needs to improve and step up their game.

  8. One more advice to Alexis (also applies to Santi to an extent).

    – When you’re in the final third, show off your moves and dribble to your heart’s content
    – BUT when you’re in your area, please just do it the old fashioned way, and quickly blast the ball out of danger.

      1. In Wenger we rust
        Till fcuking dust
        But Hafiz goes bust
        Mad with money lust
        Arsenal goes bust
        But Sanchez brings us back.

      2. In Wenger we rust
        Till fcuking dust
        But Hafiz goes bust
        Mad with money lust
        Per Turns like a Bus
        In Jan a DMs a Must.

  9. Wenger logic number 22, taking corners.

    Why does Mertesacker feel the need to flick the ball near the first post area when we take corners?

    That halves your chance of scoring unless you get it on target with the flick.
    Half chance of winning flick, then half chance of another Arsenal player winning the header from that flick (100% divided by 2 = 50% divided by 2= 25%), with this we have a 25% chance to score.
    From a direct corner you have half a chance of winning the ball anyway that is 50%. Why would you want to do that everytime, sometimes? Yes its okay sometimes but he wins more headers when he is in the middle of the box.

    This is why we don’t score from corners. Almost all our deliveries are poor anyway and most are aimed at the first man nearest to the post almost.

  10. Have you all noticed sanchez’s impact on young ox? He’s a different player now and looks to emulate the movements of sanchez. On a side note we need to give cazorla a rest and play rosicky, give welbz a rest & play pod instead. Ramsay needs a rest as well and we should play wilshere instead for a few games (west brom/southampton)

      1. In the EPL, lone striker position is not for many. He can certainly play with someone else, either giroud or welbz. I presume they would drive defenses nuts but i honestly would prefer rosicky to cazorla as a CAM.

    1. Ox only started playing better when he saw Walcott on the bench. Before that he was lazying around. Not a first team player.

  11. It’s true, Giroud is indeed BAcK, I mean that’s what he does best: play with his back to the goal.

  12. The negativity on OG has already started even before he kicks a ball again.I some times think we have some potatoes here!Giroud and Welbeck will be rotated and am sure together they will lift Arsenal to its jackpot………4th in the League and will go down fighting in the last 16 of the champions league.

  13. GIROUD bashing is ridiculous. Since he has come here he has scored 40 goals. He may not score against big teams (which isn’t exactly true as he scored against MAnchester City in community shield) but he does score goals. If you want to blame and insult anyone then it’s Wenger who didn’t get a WC striker. Giroud is who he is and we should support him and hope we get the best out of him. I appreciate all 40 goals he has scored

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