Alexis´ team mate set for Arsenal transfer talks

He may not be the same sort of player as the Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, but he was just as effective in his own way when the two were fighting for a place in the Barcelona team. Pedro Rodriguez spent three years in the same squad as the Chilean and they both had to play second fiddle to the likes of Messi, Neymar and David Villa but they both chipped in with a decent amount of goals and assists.

And according to a Metro report, the two could soon be teaming up again after claims that the Gunners have already made contact with the Spanish international striker over a possible summer transfer to north London. The theory is that, despite Pedro signing a new contract recently, he could be tempted to move on as the Barcelona front three of Messi, Neymar and Suarez has seen his playing opportunities reduced even more than when Alexis was there.

In his three seasons at the Nou Camp, our Chilean star played in 141 games and scored 47 goals. In the same time, Pedro made 147 appearances and scored 42 times. His game is more about pace, movement and finishing and he would certainly offer something different for Arsenal.

However, I do wonder if we really need him as we already have a pacy finisher in Theo Walcott and the England star struggles to get a game. Do you think Pedro is the right transfer target for us? And if not, who is?

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  1. Pedro would be a rilli great addition, he is a very intelligent player, hardworkin, uses both foot, good finisher

    1. he MAY BE everything u say…….. But he’s a foolish man for signing that contract weeks back…….didn’t really expect that from a bench player…..I mean, what was that for?… that how to force a transfer?

    2. What a reliable source, metro!!!!!!rubbish. Barca won’t sell anyone since they are not allowed to sign anybody. Pedro would be a great addition, Sanchez and Pedro on the wings and we won’t even need a 30+ goals striker.but sadly I can’t see it happening. I don’t want to be negative but Pedro seems to good to be true just like Vidal and benzema

    3. Attention all world class strikers:

      Arsenal has the number 9 Jersey available and ready to be worn!!!!!!!!

        1. I think giroud is OK with his number 12. The number 9 should be kept for our new world class signing which is on the way. I hope so….

        1. I think it should be kept for the striker or winger we are going to sign. Alexis looks good in number 17….

            1. Me too. I don’t want to buy another Alexis Jersey. I rather keep my Alexis Jersey and buy the number 9 who will be worn by a world class striker.

              1. I wonder if many out there would be ok-
                with us getting Hernandez.
                The ex utd youngster, great little poacher and i reckon he would suit our team in a big way.
                Wrighty mark two, only without the comedy and without that edge he had.
                If we cant bag a superstar or a superstar in the making well then id like to see it happen, at the least he would be an excellent second or third choice option.

                Over the next seasons i can see madrid targeting more Arsenal players as the two head coaches are alike in how they see the game and in looking for young talented players.

                Over the years Benitez went up for allot of players we did and he even tried taking some from us but was not always at a bigger club.

                Hopefully his appointment and friendship with Arsene will give us more opportunity in buying some of there unhappy players.

                If they get Vidal will he be replacing Modric or Khedira/Kroos.

                Ilramendi will become available this season or the next, not sure what to make of the player but he could be an option.
                If not him there is still the young Brazilian which Ancelotti bought and Arsene was said to be an admirer of… food for thought.

                1. Ilramendi would be a decent addition but not the sort of player we are looking for,we need someone more physical. .Hernandez I don’t think would cut it at arsenal, we need a top top striker. I rate welbeck higher than Hernandez

    4. Anyone fancies shaqiri??? He’s a great player.I don’t understand why inter would want to sell him!!!!!he can play on the wings and kind of reminds me of arshavin at his best.I say get shaqiri, he would be an excellent replacement for podolski.

  2. According to metro. If you right an article on all metro based rumours, you will be a very busy person.

    Maybe off topic but who will be wearing no.9 shirt next season right now?

      1. Our number 9 would look good on benzema… If benzema is a dream it would look good on dzeko would look good on any top class target man. We have the number 9 ready and available, begging to be worn by a world class striker.

        1. him or laccazette would also look good in that number he would be a awesome number 9 too. if we have to i would send henry over there to butter him up, and with the promise of personal one on one coaches sessions might just swing a deal our way me thinks. place a £35 million bid could work cha ching!

            1. But the number 9 would look good on lacazete. Time to finally have a decent number 9

    1. As far as I remember our number 9 was worn by players like Francis Jeffers,davour suker and most recently Lukas podolski. Who would wear it next???yaya????lol

  3. “His game is more about pace, movement and finishing”

    You mean Theo Walcott then yer?

  4. On a different topic, People should show podolski some respect, dat arsene
    dosnt like him dosnt mean he should be disrespected by
    fans, as a winger he scored 31goals in 83games dats very
    good even tho he didn’t play full 90mins in most game, I
    love u poldi, n I wish u d best. Goodluck to diaby too

    1. Poldis record as a winger is impressive. Not bad at all.I wished he was given more chance last season. Wenger destroyed his moral by benching him all the time. He lacked confidence when he made his move to inter. But now he has left for a country that the people will actually respect him and worship him.poldi will be missed

    2. He owuld’ve donw better in 4-4-2 with a striker partner. He can’t lead the line by himself. You are right though shouldn’t be disrespected he was always trying to be happy atleast even when he wasn’t playing.

  5. if the price is right would be a canny signing he would fill in for sanchez. as he recovers for first few games of the season. plus it would free up walcott to be the c/f he always wanted to be, also the ox’s fitness can be a concern not as bad if he doesn’t play all the games next season, and gnabry will need to be bedded in slowly next season too. pedro could also play on the left as back up to sanchez, if poldi now has gone to turkey, and he would give us an extra 15 goals from wide positions what else can you ask for

    1. Exactly. If we sign Pedro or another winger it could mean that Theo could be used as a cf. We won’t need a striker if we sign a winger.we can rely on our wingers to get us goals. So we could settle with giroud,welbeck and Theo. I personally would like us to get a world class striker and use Theo on the right wing.

  6. He was a regular bench warmer……. Still he pledged his allegiance to barca …. Goes on to show how uncanny

  7. go on wenger dangle that number 9 in front a top class c/f and see what happens it deserves to be graced by the best there is out there

  8. We should go for Julain Draxler. He is 22, Can dribble, has pace and can shoot. Thats the type of player we need at the moment although he will need a bit of time. Would be a typical arsenal signing too. A winger Becoming a striker like Henry and van persie.

    Can’t really see any realistic strikers being available now. So yeah draxler would be a good signing.

    In 6 months or so he will come good once he is settled. For the first half of the season im sure giroud and co can take care of it up front.

    1. yesss Im not the only nutter who wants julian draxler! for me he is a typical arsenal player and has all the attributes to become the modern forward that our style of play suits perfectly. I remember the triangles that van persie, fabregas and nasri used to play, it was such beautiful football. I think cazorla ozil and draxler could create a similar type of chemistry given enough time.
      It took van persie a long time to get there which was probably due to his injuries and the fact we had henry and bergkamp still on our books. But draxlers already been used upfront occasionally by schalke and if wenger can get him to bulk out and work on timing of runs he could be a very lethal player

  9. Hehehehe…….didn’t realize the no9 jersey was a magic wand that required waving….. Hope a starry ring whisks around Griezmann’s head and he’s attracted

  10. i have seen online that we are looking at Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. i tell you what this kid looks the business, he could be another top of the range d/m in a few yrs time along side bielik we would have a formidable midfield with two massive technical tall powerful d/m’s. in this guy and bielik he is very much in the style of matic, and he is also a serbian superstar just like him at his age. d/m is not an area we aren’t really well stocked in at the youth area. l azio have had a £4.7 million turned down, i bet if wenger went in there and talked with his silver tongue, he would jump at the chance to work with the master of youth players, and make a decent bid of maybe £6-7million and we could be in business.

  11. Why do we keep talking about signing wingers here when all we need is a clinical top striker. We should make a move for Lewandoski, Benzema, Cavani or settle for Lacazette if we cant land the first three.

      1. Benzema, metro are reporting that Arsenal are to bid 17 point something mil and that they are willing to let him go. Sounds very wrong but thats the price they suggest. I have always thought the forty mil looked absurd but id say somewhere in the middle of those to estimates is the correct figure. Between 22 and 28 mil would be my two cents.

  12. Barca will not sell when they cannot buy a replacement. And Arsensal do not need a winger.

    1. We need a proper winger if Wenger is not going to sign a striker. I say forget Pedro and rues, let’s get shaqiri

  13. Pedro Rodriguez…
    I know it’s a rumour…but that’s one I’m excited about.
    If Arsenal are after him, we’ll definitely get him.
    I believe the contract he just signed is to ensure that Barcelona get a good price for him.

    1. Himself, Draxler and De Bruyne would have to be the stand out wingers who are (for price) available. Pedro is the most experienced of them and you know what you are paying for, it helps that our football can be compared with barcas. There is no doubt that Pedro would improve our attacking options.

      Bakkali may be one to nab before he becomes too expensive, like with Hazard.

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