Alexis to Man Utd a transfer rumour Arsenal CAN laugh at

Arsenal fans still do not what is going to happen with our star striker Alexis Sanchez once the current Premier League season comes to an end, even though the football media seems convinced that the Chile international will be leaving our club. That is their job after all and so the mountain of Arsenal transfer rumours will only get bigger.

I personally think that Alexis might stay, judging by the desire and determination to help Arsenal that his recent performances have showed. Even though Arsene Wenger talked about players being professional and not letting their futures affect their current form, we all know that it happens and so I feel that Alexis giving his all for the Gunners is a good sign.

At the same time I would not be that surprised to see him sign for another club in the summer and not for financial gain either, but to join a team that he thinks has a better chance of winning a major trophy or two, as winning is clearly the major thing driving his game.

That is why I had to have a laugh about one of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours reported by Metro, suggesting that our EPL rivals Manchester United might be the club Sanchez signs for, with Jose Mourinho alleged to have called our player to sound him out.

This is the same Man United who after finally moving higher than 6th position after five months took just two weeks and two more bore draws at Old Trafford to move back there yeah? Right I can really see the ambitious and trophy hungry going there can´t you?



  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Yes the same Manchester united who has already won a trophy and could very well win the Europa and be in champions league, where as we here are gloating our victory over west ham. This is the problem, one win and we forget everything. This may hurt Manchester united has always been a bigger club than arsenal. Them winning the league before us is more likely. We have to change , our board has to change our management has to change and our fans need to change their mentality.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      I think we should forget about Mourinho and concentrate on keeping Alexis rather than sneering at attempts to lure him away while making no real effort to keep him ourselves!

    2. dboy says:

      I wouldn’t laugh about it. I think Alexis knows that he and Mourinho have something in common, and that is to win. If that rumour is true, with Alexis in their team Man utd will be right at the top. Remember how RVP fired them to league glory??

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Spot on @dboy. Love him or loathe him, Mourinho is a winner, and Wenger isn’t. He’s already delivered a trophy within six months of his arrival, whilst Arsenal are on the verge of another one of Wenger’s barren runs if he doesn’t win the FA Cup. I don’t think Sanchez wants to hang around forever, and never win a major trophy. He’ll look at Cesc, RVP, and Henry, and most probably make the correct decision they did, and many other top players did at Arsenal.

        After the double in 1998, we had to wait four years for Wenger to win big again (not including the 1999 Community Shield win). Wenger then went on another barren run of a whopping nine years between 2005, and 2014, of winning zero trophies. And he hasn’t won a major trophy for 13 years and counting! Embarrassing record! If he doesn’t win the FA Cup this season, and stays for at least another two years, that’ll most likely be another four year dry spell!

        When you look at the quality he’s had down the years, it’s amazing he’s won so little, and never delivered in Europe.

  2. peterh says:

    Never mind who stays and who goes, the most important fact is that Wenger has not produced a strong competitive team for years. AFC used to intimidate the opposiition, now we roll over. We used to have a better than evens chance of winning crunch matches, now we cannot beat any top team nor any physical team. Wenger buys budget players, rejects, injured players, and gives contracts to players who are past their sell by date – OK for 4th maybe, never going to win sadly. AW should have finished his career with a team of winners, instead he is relying on lightweights.

  3. gmv8 says:

    If Wenger doesn’t go, at the very least we need a technical director. Wenger at his peak had David Dein doing the work of a technical director, and was there as a sounding board, and to question Wenger’s strategies. Now Wenger has complete control, which is not only bad for Arsenal, but bad going forward to have so much reliance on someone who will be winding down imminently.

    1. Midkemma says:

      As a lifelong Arsenal fan and as someone who can not imagine supporting another team even in 20+ years time…

      I want AFC to get better backroom staff.
      If we are to go for the best managers then we need the infrastructure to attract them and to then keep them if we want to keep them.

      I would be ok with Wenger staying for 24 months if it went hand in hand with the rebuild, I know things will take time and the board will need to be able to focus on doing the best they can… Having to get a new manager and then quickly get to an understanding of transfers will be time taken out from finding the ideal support staff.

      I know some ppl with downvote this but Wenger still has the knack of convincing players to join us and that is what we will need to keep us up in the top 4 until we have rebuilt, it will be a lot harder rebuilding if we miss out on top 4 AND replace a respected manager (players respect him even if fans do not) with a Moyes…

  4. lord wafflebury says:

    Lets all come to terms with the fact that Sanchez is going. Lets all hope that Wenger gets an offer from abroad when the transfer window next opens because, if not, and Wenger makes him see out his contract and he can go for free then we can expect him playing for a rival in the premiership. That would go down a storm methinks . But he has been handed all the cards. If an offer from psg say, comes in and both teams agree a fee and Sanchez stubbonly refuses to accept terms then make him see out his contract with the reserves and see how he comes to terms with that ! No one player should be bigger than the club…somebody needs to show these prima donnas a lesson…lets hope its Wenger…but dont hold your breath..witness the Liverpool fiasco.

  5. BUR says:

    Have to agree with earlier posts stating Mourinho is a winner where as winger is not. Wenger is more interested in the £. All he has done for the last 8 years is make money for the greedy, greedy board and of course 8 mil for himself. Football? What’s that? Give me the money!!!!!

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