Alexis to stay at Arsenal as Munich dismiss wage demands

The never-ending saga of Alexis Sanchez’s contract at Arsenal continues to trundle along, and although the Chilean said that he knows where his future lies, it seems very far from certain to the rest of us. Despite Carlo Ancelotti saying that he would be interested in Alexis if it wasn’t for crazy money, his boss at Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness, has categorically ruled out paying the huge wage demands from our Duracell Bunny.

“If we want to win the Champions League we’ll have to invest but we can’t spend crazy money. We are not going to pay € 100 million to get Verratti or € 25 million-a-year to get Sanchez.” The Munich president confirmed.

So where does that leave Alexis now? It looks like it must be Arsenal, as Arsene Wenger is adamant that he won’t do business with another Premier League club and surely only Manchester City and Chelsea would even come close to offering the sort of wages that Alexis is demanding (unless of course he moves into the obscurity of China).

There is already a report from Chile, who may have a little more information as he has just left his national team after losing the Confederations Cup Final, saying that the Bayern Munich snub simply means that he will be staying with the Gunners.

But that doesn’t neccessarily mean he will sign a new contract…..



  1. I think we stand more of a chance of winning silver next season with Alexis, I personally believe Alexis could earn AFC equal to what we could get if we sold him now and rushed to get a replacement.

    I hope AFC stand firm, act like a big club and don’t let a player dictate when or where he leaves, it has to be mutual.

    I think Alexis is the perfect candidate, Ozil would just sulk but Alexis would still want to win trophies and he has shown to be a fighter… I believe he would want to play his best and get the wage he is demanding from City (If that is truly where he wants to go) in 12 months time. Imagine if he won recognition for being the best player next season and out of contract, would city say no even though his wages would be high? Like Zlatan at UTD…

    Accept the loss in 12 months but use this as a springboard for greater heights. I hope the rumors for Lemar is true as that would give Wenger 3 WC ACM to pick 2 from, Lacazette and Giroud will both be fighting for as much game time as they can get for the WC.

    This could be a great year if we don’t screw up this transfer window.

    1. I agree with most of it. But Lemar is not WC. Yeah I’d rather take the loss on Alexis than see him move there this season. If we won the title and he got huge recognition we’d have a better shot at keeping him. Big If’s, but we can’t allow him to move there. If it’s on a free well then at least we didn’t bend over, we got held down.

      We could always ask Bayern for the same price we paid out, that would leave them with a chunk left over to use for his wages.

  2. Alexis is asking for 25M a year?! Hell even Ronaldo, Messi and Bale are not on that kind of salary! Sell him to china for 50M right now and toss it straight at Monaco for Lemar…if Alexis is forced to stay he will play rubbish and leave for nothing.

    1. I do not believe Alexis will play rubbish, why do you think that?
      What has Alexis done to warrant that thought?

      Alexis wants to win.
      If it was just the money he could go to China.

      You think Alexis will play so poor that City will not pay him the wages he is asking for in 12 months time?


      Do you think Alexis will perform to guarantee that Pep wants him in 12 months?

  3. We could be in situation where we have to buy players under risk of Sanchez going-

    Who them may want to stay after seeing positive action if club-

    Only to be sold of to highest bidder because we can’t afford his wages with new arrivals!

    Be gutted if this was case. But would kind-of serve him right.

    Love his fight and determination, but can also behave like spoiler brat who takes his ball home because doesn’t get what he wants

    1. Yeah I used to hate that kid. You’d be in the mood and killing it, then the sore loser would be ..oh I have to go, and now I’m taking the ball with me for saying that. I forgive you, but am still taking the ball.

  4. Sadly this situation is out of Arsenal’s hands and as much as I would like to see Sanchez stay beyond his current contract, i think he’ll choose to go unless we manage to win the Premier League convincingly.

  5. You mean Sanchez is asking Bayern Munich for £25m(£400k/week) a year? I don’t seem to know which one the guy is more hungry for…more glory or is it more cheese! Perhaps both.

    1. I think which one the guy more hungry for and of course it’s the money I can’t believe it he is even willing to move to Man. city, I have really gone off him I could’t care less if he leaves.

  6. Let. Him go.every body is. Replacable.end of story.arsenal were before sanchez and will still live after sanchez

  7. Yes , This is the correct way of dealing the situation. If Wenger and Arsenal consider AFC as a big club and have ambition, then must not sell to a direct rival. Even if that means losing out 50 million. Many clubs have done that.
    Sanchez staying and with the Arrival of Laczzatte means we are straight away contenders of EPL. If we win that , he will definitely sign the thing.

    But I have doubt over wenger and AFC as they always believe in Profit first

  8. As much i want Sanchez to sign on, i don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen with him in the team next season. All these we are going to win EPL and qualify ecl are just wishful thinking. He has being here three years and the closer we got to EPL is second. And the best he has personally done is the 24 goals he scored last season. I’m not trying to knock the guy down quality -wise, but for someone to say him moving on will equate arsenal taking 10 steps backward is ridiculous. Are you saying arsenal is going to finish without him in 15th position next season. I understand some peoples’ love Alexis. l like him too but we need to consider his desires, pros and cons of forcing him to stay, and ultimately what is best for arsenal because that is why we are all here. Every thing is all about ARSENAL not Alexis Sanchez.

  9. Sanchez stays. Probabaly, the new rule if you dont have a ‘Z’ in your name, you cant an Arsenal forward, I guess. SancheZ plus LacaZZette plus OZil plus MahreZ minus Giroud.

  10. I want Sanchez to stay and will be sad to see him leave. However, Thierry Henry left. Adebayo left and Fabregas left. With due respect these players declined after leaving Arsenal as game time declined. My only reason for not wanting to sell to City is that since Arsenal cannot force City or Chelsea to sell to us they should not also be able to force us to sell to them. Chelsea feared Cech will deliver the title to Arsenal but you all know what happened. Otherwise I will take 50m or 60m from City and sell Sanchez. There is no guarantee Sanchez will give them the title. We only play City twice in the league so if we set up to win as many matches as City why would Sanchez have such an influence in giving them the title?
    Sanchez played for Pep before and it did not work. Unless Pep will change his style for Sanchez I foresee another disaster all over.
    For me the player that must be sold is Ozil. He is not strong enough for the EPL. Skillful yes but not made for the EPL. The money made from selling Ozil plus the other players should be spent bringing in Mbappe whatever it costs. this is not only for the goals but also for prestige and a loud statement.
    If Bellerin wants to go collect 50m from Barca and go buy Serge Aurier for 17m. If you have forgotten about Serge Aurier then go watch the two CL matches between Arsenal and PSG and you will see the offensive capabilities of this right full back.

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