Is Alexis transfer to Man City to be announced next week?

It seems that a decision on the future of Alexis Sanchez’s future has already been decided, but he is not allowed to reveal it until after the Final of the Confederations Cup on July 2nd.

Alexis scored a penalty in the semi-final shoot-out against Portugal to set up a meeting with Mustafi’s Germany side in St Petersburg on Sunday, and in a subsequent press conference – strangely enough sitting alongside Manchester City’s Claudio Bravo – Sanchez said: “My future will be decided after the cup. I know what it is, but cannot say.”

It has also been reported that the Sky Sports reporter Bryan Swanson asked him after the official conference: “Alexis, I’m from Sky Sports, what are the chances of you staying at Arsenal?”

Sanchez replied: “I don’t know my friend, I don’t know.” Which is obviously untrue! But this does not bode well for Arsenal fans…

I think just about everyone is assuming that he will be in the same City dressing room as Bravo next season, but he is not allowed to reveal any details until the Gunners have secured a top quality signing to soften the blow of his departure. I just seriously hope that if he does go to the Etihad then we get Sergio Aguero in exchange or the flak from the fans will be enormous.

Nothing less than Aguero, Aubameyang or Mbappe will be enough to appease the simmering frustration of the Arsenal fans, which came out in the heckling of Ivan Gazidis at the Emirates Q&A yesterday.

The next couple of weeks could be very difficult for Wenger and the Arsenal fans. Let’s hope he gets things right…



    1. That’s not the difficulty. Aguero is. Players don’t like being the makeweight. If you ask me – Pep would rather a striker of his own choosing, he does not come across completely sold on Aguero. Pep likes forwards who harass and chase down on everything, he prob doesn’t like having to instruct a player to do this. If we are getting Lacazette, which seems very likely now that Lyon are planning for a life without him. This swap is a media fantasy.

  1. It is inconveivable that Guardiola would let his 30 goal striker leave for Arsenal, one of his closest competitors, on an exchange deal with Sanchez. City simply do not have to do that; Aguero has 3 years left on a contract he extended a year or so ago so City do not have the financial constraints that Arsenal have. If the Gunners insist on Sanchez staying, as they could if they wished, it would be at a cost of £50million plus wages for the year. That would be financial incompetence on a massive scale. There are replacements that can be bought in for £50million, younger players with 4/5 years to offer and a return at the end of it. If any player is to be brought in from City why not Iheanacho for half the money. He is only 20 years old, already looks a winner with a an eye for goal, will improve a great deal and has the looks of a Lukaku and could be a better player than him in time, he gives a lot more to the team effort than Lukaku.

    1. You want us to sell Sanchez and get Iheanacho to replace him? Way to go man! That’s definitely the decision making of champions.

      1. Seriously?? 50 M is worth more to you than CL/PL – we fans need to make up our mind. I say we fuc* the money and make Sanchez stay- without him we will struggle to make top 4 irrespective of who we buy

    2. Iheanacho is a gamble. Available for around 25m. I like him but Man c are including a 35m sell on clause

  2. Oh well. No one is bigger than the team so if he wants out then let him go.

    He is not one of our legendary players anyway like Bergkamp, Henry, Overmars etc.

    Good luck to him and wish him well.

    At least we can get on with what we need transfer wise now and also not have to put up with his histrionics and ego.

  3. the Media asked the same question for the last two weeks, sky sports catch him during press conference and after. why speculate at all. so now we are willing to sell this man once we secure an out-and-out striker even though alexsis is not that, get the French forward and keep AS. then let go for free, it’s not like we need the money and rearly spend it anyway, we would benefit if we kept AS but if the plan is…yet again ! making a little profit then I’m sure he will be let go , if this happens then arseanl have not changed . arseanl made a big mistake selling RVP to United and city will pay anything for anyone to cover all they might miss out on so let’s not help to achieve this, we shouldnt have to sell AS to pay for AL so don’t be fooled is this happens, their is know one out out their that is as good as AS but they will want more money for them.

  4. At this point am done worrying about Arsenal, when the greedy board and clueless manager are making millions, I still love arsenal no doubt, but I refuse to be tortured by these greedy people, I hope things turn out good at the of the summer, but these people are taking us for granted, when you refuse to do the obvious things, because you are trying to prove a point is madness, we’ve needed a replacement for rvp and Viera for years, you allow players to get to the last year of their contract Who does that, it is because of sole reason that Walcott is on 100k a week for sitting on the bench, I don’t want mediocrity because we have the resources to be great, yes! look at what we are paying players compared to bayern, I hope things get better, but I don’t see it happening under winger..

  5. Sanchez’s body language spoke more than his words during his interview. It’s obvious that Arsenal won’t risk losing out on the supposedly £50 million on offer for him. A deal involving Aguero would soften the blow of Sanchez joining City but according to other sports professionals and media that seems highly unlikely to happen.
    Mbappe and Lemar were both included in Monaco’s new kit promo and even though it was a cartoon based graphical presentation, the words from Mbappe stating “we’re ready” on his Twitter account basically says he’s staying put.

    Lyon have announced a press conference for this evening for the arrival of Diaz from Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Arsenal still have to meet Lyon’s asking price for Lacazette and they are expected to up their offer now that Wengers hopes of getting Mbappe is officially dead and buried. Other media reports suggest that Wenger has pushed Lacazette to one side and will pursue after Lewandowski first. ?? even Wenger knows that Lacazette alone won’t appease the fans with the lost of Sanchez to city.
    Buckle up folks, we’re about to hit some midair turbulence.

    1. Copied and pasted for the gullible REtard-Source’s Sheeple faces! ??
      Done deal my ass, Arsenal still need to offer around £55 million to sign Lacazette.

      Arsenal are closing in on the landmark signing of Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, according to the Telegraph.

      The newspaper claim that the Premier League giants are confident that the capture of the France international, 26, is nearly in the bag and that the deal could be done early next week.

      The Telegraph report that Arsenal have upped their bid for Lacazette to £44million plus “significant” performance-related add-ons and are now just £3,5million short of Lyon’s asking price.

      It is said that there is a growing confidence from those close to negotiations that a deal can be wrapped up successfully within the coming days.

      The Gunners have substantially increased their original bid of £35million for Lacazette, which appears to have been enough to convince Lyon an agreement can be reached.

      1. Okay listen .. Firstly only you fatboy are against me.. look at my like ratings..
        If i win (which i will #lacalemar) then you have to publicly apologise on the comments.
        I do not have any news on alexis sanchez..
        LacaLemar is done though

        1. Hahaha ?? I’m just against Bull??? and you happen to be spewing a lot of it since you arrived here mate.

          I wouldn’t mind so much if you didn’t constantly changed your tune from your original bull??? for starters, your done deals are no where near done and you also stated that you would reveal your source in the next article… 7 articles have come and gone ?? I suppose you were busy negotiating our next signing? ?? the difference between me and you is that I have only shared the latest news that seemed realistic to me because I know that most fans on here are either too lazy or don’t know how to find it and when I was asked from where I got these rumours from ?I swiftly shared it. I wasn’t and never have begged for likes in the years that I have been commenting on here, unlike you ?? as soon as you arrived.
          Your a sad case of looking for glory, with your false statements manipulating the poor gullible Sheeple on here.
          Good luck with your venture mate, time will past, along with you. Whereas I will continue posting on my favourite Arsenal blog, with or without your bull? mate ?

  6. And about Alexis if he wants to leave no problem, he’s not bigger than arsenal, I just hope we get a very good striker and maybe mahrez or Lemar, am sure they can score up to 30+ goals between them..

  7. If he wants to go which he clearly does he will go, won’t matter if Arsenal want to keep him or not. I certainly wouldn’t want him round the team sulking if we made him stay.

    This in a weird way might be good news for Arsenal- it means transfers might now start to begin as it was hinging on Alexi.

    Now is the time we will see what AW has planed, if indeed anythinng. My guess is Lacazzete and Mahrez- but we will see.

  8. The club is there for us if unbeaten players like thiery, Bergkamp,Keown,Veira, Vanpersie,Pires etc left then who is sanchez we shall sign other good players

  9. I do wish we get Lewandoski. If only Wenger can convince him to join, and be willing to pay the club 60m pounds with a 350K per week wages. It will be the best. Loose Sanchez. Get Lewandoski and Mahrez.

  10. If he was staying, he would say so
    The only reason he is waiting until the end of the tournament is because he is leaving and doesn’t want distraction

    With Alexis we really needed a Top CF
    NOW, IT means we need 2 world class players OR 1 World class CF and two very good wingers

    Walcott, Welbeck won’t cut it

    City will now have Alexis, Aguero, de bruyne, Nolito, Jesus etc. Chelsea and United will strengthen their attacks too. A player like Lacazette is not enough. No where near enough

    If we just get a Top CF that won’t be enough to compete for the Premier league

    Wenger has put us in a terrible situation and needs to make more than one big signing this summer to make up for it

  11. Even though Arsenal finished 5th last season, they have a pretty good squad….they only need to keep the current top player in the team, then sign just two top quality players who are hungry and they’d be too strong for anyone both in the league and in all of Europe.

    But they’ll weaken the team by selling their best players and then buy few good players (usually of lesser quality than the ones they sold) who kinda strengthen the weakened team….and they’ll say they’ve strengthened.

    This cycles has been going on for as long as I can remember and they do not seem to care. As such, Arsenal will never get to anything meaning (as per winning the title) as long as they keep weakening the team before they strengthen.

    Chelsea won the title last season after finishing 10th in the previous season, and Arsenal can quite easily do same if they tie down their top performers while getting in top quality. But would they? Certainly not and that’s too bad. In fact, it does seem to me that the league title would be lifted by all the new coaches in the top well clubs before ever Arsenal gets another sniff at it. Wish there would be a change, but none appears to be in sight yet, as they signs are looking all too familiar.

  12. Sanchez is a fantastic player but its obvious the Chilean is not a happy camper at the Emirates and desires greener futbol pastures. I hate to see him go, especially to Oil City but Wenger and Co. will NEVER allow Alexis to sabotage the squad this season and watch him walk away on a free transfer this time next year.
    $50M to Pep, add Lacazette, L. Mora, and Seri and Arsenal from a TEAM standpoint might be better off this coming EPL season.

  13. Let us not blame Sanchex for his decision of leaving Arsenal but we can blame Wenger and the Board for keeping it for too long to be solve. Players are in for two things, either for Trophy or money. Now Arsenal are not in for major trophy the players would likely put in for money but the club are not ready to meet up to their demand. Look at the way Arsenal is going on with transfer u will be force to ask whether the Manager and the Board are serious or unserious. I learnt never to put blame on players but on the manager who take the decision. Arsenal must move forward but not with Wenger

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