There is no way Arsenal will sell Alexis is there?

Arturo Vidal has urged Bayern Munich to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this summer, but would the North-Londoners really consider his sale?

The Gunners have dropped out of the title chase this season, and would need four wins and a draw from their remaining five matches just to catch up to leaders Leicester’s current points tally.

A number of injuries have been blamed for their failings in recent seasons, and the club will surely be expected to bolster their options in the coming window, and with Wenger known to be shrewd with the finances of the club, could he be willing to sell in order to buy?

Many pessimistic fans believe that we remain a selling club and that every player has his price, but I disagree. Yes, Arsene did allow Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas to leave in 2011, followed by the departure of Van Persie the next summer, but no key players have left in recent seasons, and much of the club’s money was tied up in paying off the Emirates Stadium.

The arrivals of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil for fees in excess of £35 Million each, shows the club are now willing to spend if the right player becomes available, and as of yet, none of them have shown an inkling to leave.

The Chilean still has two years remaining on his current deal, and there is reported to have been talks over an extension, although the DailyStar are claiming these have been delayed, with the superstar duo demanding some key additions this summer before agreeing terms.

Carlo Ancelotti is believed to be keen on making Alexis one of his first signings for when he takes over from Pep Guardiola at the end of the season, but I’m telling you now that he will not be sold in the close-season, but should he fail to agree a new deal, may well leave in a years time.

Do you REALLY believe we would sell Sanchez this summer?

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    1. rvp nasri an others left for the same reason.
      ppl will say well few years back we had stadium debt- are we still competing anymore than the stadium debt era?
      we can compete now but we dont so what does it matter

      i wouldnt hold it against alexis ,
      ozil i feel has let us down he only turned up one season in three and doesnt put near the effort alexis does.
      but if either leave for good money i would understand

      1. Özil hasnt turned up for more than one season? Behave, he’s the one who has covered the longest distance in our club since he joined. Just because he doesn’t give it all in defence doesn’t mean he’s not showing up.

    2. Not of there’s a way for a pLayer to force a move

      or doesn’t that happen anymore?


  1. It’s not in Alexis Sanchez’s interest to leave Arsenal for Bayern.
    Where would he play?
    Robben, Muller, Costa and Ribery would all be ahead of him.
    I think he should have a word with Gotze, before deciding if he wants to join Bayern.

    1. Robben and ribery are above their peaks, müller is preferred centrally, and alexis is better than douglas costa. Where would he play? Right wing. Comparing Sanchez with Götze.. How about having a word with Douglas Costa, Kingsley Coman or the man himself, Vidal?

  2. We don’t neccessarily have to sell

    They just have to get fade up, Hand in a Transfer request, send out a “come-and-get-me” plea and force a move!

    Happens Time without Number!

    1. and add to that teams coming to us with irresistible amount of £££

      Boosting kroenke’s war-che$t…..i’m hearing sounds of slurping lips?

  3. i have noticed a lot of comments on here recently saying things like stan kronke is greedy and he is taking money out of the club, and using the club for collateral against his loans for ranch and la rams move. you are going to have to tell me where the heck in the clubs !PUBLIC ACCOUNTS! where does it mention that he is taking large sums money apart from the services his company has offered. which has actually made the club way more money than what he has taken his company are entitled to be paid for service rendered to the club, to pay there staff members. and how is he greedy if he was obsessed with making more money from arsenal he would put us on the stock market thus driving the price of his stock holding up lots, but i don’t see him doing that at all. i also want to club to head in the right direction
    that will most likely be when we move on from wenger and to the next manager.

    1. In the murky world of finance there plenty of private and public financial institutions who ready to lend the money once they see how asset rich one is. It doesn’t have to show on books if one prefers not to. Kronke prefers present status quo of minimum spending, CL qualification with Wenger in charge thus the value of shareholding appreciates each year with increase in revenue and profit, which gives him leverage to borrow more elsewhere.
      For Kronke owing Arsenal shareholding is licece to further his sporting business in America.

  4. alexsis might just play out last two years and just leave then, but don’t think the club will sell atm.

  5. I reckon they’d like to team him up with Vidal, of course they would. I cant imagine us even contemplate it and I don’t see Alexis as the type of player who will cause conflict in trying to be released. Id say it’s a no go, and then I believe that Bayern will test the waters of a Griezmann bid. Ribery of France declining just as Antonio is on the way up, it makes sense.

  6. If Sanchez says i have enough of this, it will be done. And no one would blame him for wanting to leave, IF it comes to it.

  7. every player , regardless of who they are , messi or neymar or ronaldo even , have their price tag . the sad fact is that football is no longer a sport , it is merely a business . and any business needs to turn a profit or it is over for them . football is a shadow of its former self , it has no scruples , it has no memories . it has to turn a buck and that is the bottom line . so , in my opinion, every single player out there is a commodity with a price that some other club are willing to pay for . thats what footbaLL has turned into . our beautiful game is only a shadow of its former self, a pretense , a lie !.

  8. The first to leave will be Ozil. Then Sanchez will follow suit. We just don’t look like we want to win anything. Walcott is just a disgrace to his talents

  9. @goonerwineverything is only one talking sense.
    Everyone else is talking rubbish.

  10. Of course it is possible that Sanchez could leave at the end of this season! … You can also add Ozil to that.

    Like Wenger said..
    There could still be afew twists and turns before the season ends…. Little did he know… That it would all be In his back! … ? ??? ?

  11. I think he MAY go. Good chance Ozil will.

    If the carrot is big enough for AFC and they feel they have more chance of glory then they will jump ship got their own footballing careers. I mean they aren’t Tony Adams now are they?

    Why stay, money yes and London is a good place to take the misses shopping and all but what does it all boil down to for top class professionals?

    Don’t be surprised it upset…

    1. Why you cheering for The Geordies?

      You want us to secure the holy grail of UCL only for the cycle of $h¥t to continue?

      City will win, because they are not in the game to only take part on the field and make the books look nice for their owners.

      S£it Viera, Arteta and any decent footballing mind from AFC were and are being sought by them. Why? Because, Wenger is all powerful and will not have upstarts on his watch.

      This aside from sagna and Bastille jumping ship to find a club that matched their ambition.

      Benitez is good but he ain’t that good. Ain’t gonna happen.

  12. damn this site an arsenals performance is making me moan like a biznatch
    im here near daily whining now.

    lame im out

    see yall thursday. need to check myself

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