Alexis will definitely leave Arsenal this summer

Alexis will leave and he will be absolutely right. by Konstantin Mitov

I am prepared to eat the frustration of the comments that people show me when I come to say the truth, but I am preparing you for what might very well happen. Alexis Sanchez, the man became an instant success here, because he is genuinely world class and he dragged us off the mud against Sunderland again.

What we did to him instead was let his contract go down to the last year and what will happen now is Arsene will cash in. No matter what the deluded one says, I trust none of his words. For me Sanchez will be looking at it like this “No CL football, and no ambition to fight for the title”.

He’ll be wanted by at least 10 clubs who actually have ambition to win something and if he leaves I’d understand it. He is not an Arsenal fan and he owes us nothing. He’s been nothing short of excellent for us and he’s the only person who always gives 100% percent no matter what state we or his contract are in. He is an example of what should be at Arsenal, but honestly he is the exception that verifies the general rule.

If 8 out of the 11 starting players had his desire, we’d be cruising the top 4. We deserve the Europa League. We have a manager who’s comments are shambolic. They completely ignore the reality of the situation. We’re struggling and Koscielny said a lot of players are unhappy.

It’s not surprising. The dictator caused all that uncertainty which has distressed players who know nothing of the managers and their futures. It will be a diabolical summer. I am depressed. Next season will be even worse. Remember what happened to United. We started this season unprepared, it will be a disaster next season.

I will finish with this – Van Persie said the direction of this football club didn’t match his ambition and looking at it now, it’s the truth. When Alexis leaves, hopefully eyes will be opened. And I am interested where are the AKBs? They’ve been so quiet. Quite a lot of them asked me to judge Arsene in May. I’d say mid February was an excellent time to axe him. Now we are paying the price.



  1. Nebsy says:

    AKBs are still celebrating that mighty victory over Mourinho. They’ll come back to the comments section in about four weeks, once the high wears off and the reality of Sanchez’s transfer start kicking in.

    1. Janssen says:

      They will have an excuse and blame Sanchez somehow.

      1. JembutArsene says:

        And you plastic fan will blame wenger surely.

        1. Janssen says:

          I blame Kroenke for keeping Wenger in charge and I blame Wenger for not getting the best out this squad and the poor performances.

          The fact that you call me a plastic fan makes me realize you are probably still looking for, what did you call it again, “a better class of fan”.

          To me with statements like that you are no fan at all. Did you join your investment club yet?

    2. Ddog says:

      stop blaming fans, stop arguing with fans. It’s embarassing.

  2. JembutArsene says:

    “I will finish with this – Van Persie said the direction of this football club didn’t match his ambition and looking at it now, it’s the truth.”

    There you go, who’s the owner then?

    Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal fc, not wenger.

    As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal. Not only has he been fleecing fans with the highest ticket prices in football and an unnecessary, counterproductive austerity period, but he has also started taking money out of the club; something he promised he would not do.

    I know Wenger has been criticised this season, but there is no better manager than Wenger. He has got the whole club right. It is profitable, growing, cultured & consistent. This club is the only club in the world that can be sure of success for the next 10 years. Further than that is a matter of good appointment & consistent quality. Wenger has set the club on this path. It is easier to destroy than to create. Buying success is not so difficult. Maintaining quality without continuous investment needs external wealth funding the club. When the money was not there AW built a wonderful young team but saw it decimated by injury and vultures. It took some tough seasons and changes to start over but prudence allowed us to build slowly and know the club is very strong again. How is that possible if Wenger is so flawed? Wenger explains his position most eloquently. Wenger believes his approach to squad building requires greater skill than buying established players, but is not concerned that his rivals in the Barclays Premier League will try to muscle in on his territory. The fact that man utd, Chelsea and later man city were spending hundreds of millions on world class players and arsenal were relying on a bunch of kids and selling off the better players they had then. After years of deliberately refusing to spend money available to him, he suddenly decided to spend £90 million this summer. That really makes sense because other’s strengthening too.
    Football is all about money. If you haven’t worked that out by now, I can’t help you. Having said that, a club can spend badly as man utd did. Spending big is a necessity but not a guarantee. If you’ve got a washed up, like Josa Moo, you can spend big and fail. Arsene wenger is the manager of arsenal. He manages the team. He is given money by the club and spends what he is given. He doesn’t own the club and he is not a shareholder, nor is he on the board of directors. He is employed by the club to manage the team, nothing else. He is given a budget to work with by the club. Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder of arsenal. He and no one else decides how much to spend. That’s because he owns over 67% of the club and has a controlling stake. Arsenal spent £90 million this summer because as the majority shareholder he decided to spend that money. I hope that’s cleared it up for you. Two doubles, an unbeaten season, record FA cup wins and the fact he is arsenal’s most successful manager certainly make him a club legend.
    Look at the whole argument on here. Recent wins look different, this looks pacy, crisp attacking 3-4-2-1 new system. High up the pitch pressing, everytime we lose possession. Calm assured Defending, winning duels. Midfield pivots breaking up attacks. Le’ts see our great Arsene can nick the fourth or not. But it’s exciting to watch, even the haters should admit that.


    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      I disagree with so.much you have written here. I cannot be asked to answer your essay with another essay

      Good your here. Would be boring if everyone agreed

      1. JembutArsene says:

        Thanks Sir, at last a civilized conversation from other side.

        Sing with me, “ONE ARSENE WENGER.”

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      A lot of these AKBs need reminding of facts:

      1) Wenger picks the starting XI
      2) Wenger picks the formation
      3) Wenger chooses the tactics
      4) Wenger chooses his staff
      5) Wenger makes the substitutions
      6) Wenger motivates the players
      7) Wenger has decided to keep deadwood at the club
      8) Wenger has his favourites
      9) Wenger is in direct communication with the medical staff
      10) Wenger disrespects the fans in interviews

      and so on, and so on…

      Kreonke isn’t involved in these things, but of course, he also plays a big role in the club’s downfall.

      1. Janssen says:

        Please don’t point out Wenger might have some influence on the club and results. This doesn’t quite sync with “Wenger knows best”.

        1. JembutArsene says:

          Finally the spuds striker Vincent Janssen opens his mouth. We should put you on bargain backyard sale of useless fans.

          Telling true fans to stop living in the past, all the while bringing the past to slate Wenger, bunch of hypocrites, very slow and with some caution people are seeing improvement and potential, we are getting better whether you like it or not, if we nick the top 4 then will you keep going on about our great Arsene’s credibility? We are looking like clicking and its exciting for our fans who haven’t had this feeling for a while, i just struggle to understand why most you dont want us to do well individually and collectively, most of you are the most baffling people on here.


          1. Jambut says:

            Are people seeing improvement???? You are probably some Spurs fan winding people up here singing songs asking Wenger to stay.

            To most of us real Arsenal fans, change is needed whether Liverpool hand us 4th or not. Only a loser would celebrate 4th place as proof things are going well at Arsenal. We have been overtaken by 4 competitors this season that’s not an improvement in anyone’s books.

  3. odein4 says:

    I have no issues with Alexis Leaving Arsenal cos d Club still remains but I need Wenger to go.. Wenger knows nothing

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Chill out! ??
    The End is Nye, So sit tight, June’s approaching, all will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      It’s spelt nigh
      And wengers staying u fat piece of sexyness

      Look fprward to your transfer updates kid.
      Rmember that Leo joker acting like he has ‘sources’
      Yeah he did.. Ketchup an mayonnaise. Up the gooners

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Thanks muff ?
        I’m looking ?Forward ? to that, or as you would put it ?fprward ??

        1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

          Hahahah 🙂

  5. Trabill_At_Mill says:

    Alexis should go.
    He is 29 in December.
    He cost 35 mill and was paid 21mill
    in salary over 3 years so has cost the club 56 mill.
    So we need to get 55 mill just to get our money back.
    Ozil is 29 in October.
    Ozil cost 42mill and has been paid 28 mill over 4 years.
    So his total cost has been 70 mill.
    So we need to get 70 mill from Ozil’s sale just to break even.
    We cant hold on to them because in a year
    they will be 30 and worth only half their current value.
    Ozil and Sanchez were supposed to lead us to EPL and ECL glory.
    So far 2 may be 3 FA Cups, out of the title race in March sometimes
    as early as November and always humiliated in the ECL round of 16.
    The club is worse off than we were 7 years ago.
    Yet Wenger says this is his best squad ever.
    Too much power can mess with the brain…

    1. stubill says:

      Actually, in a years time they’ll be worth nothing, not a bean.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I thought for a minute there that Admin was gonna give us a huge big positive boost on why Alexis will stay at the very least and why it’s even fair to say that he’ll sign another contract.

    I’ll give it a go. Alexis said recently that most of his disappointment is down to how much he really believes in the quality of this team. This club has allot of top quality players. He said we are already good enough to challenge, but he hates that some of the others just aren’t as confident as they should be, said they should feel confident of win before the game begins, he really believes this.

    He’s talking about Arsenal going into the transfer market, and then put Arsenal along with Bayern, Madrid, Barca and said it’s only natural for big clubs like this to bring in more players.

    He said himself he’s happy at Arsenal, he said many times that he loves London life. He even done a good job of defending Wenger and saying Wenger is still the right man for Arsenal. He wants his fair share, that’s what it all came about, he’s after proving himself the best forward player in the entire division, Arsenal might be ready to make allowances for a player like that.

    He wants to win, he never gave up on Chille like taking a breather or going easy, no he plays every friendly, he took Chille to the very top. He never shrugs a challenge. He is sounding more and more like an Arsenal captain these days, he sounds a very loyal man, they way he had a go at supporters was brave, not every player would do that esp after that Bellerin instance. He’s a loyal man, he is our leader and best player, he gave gratitude to Wenger for helping develop his game. Recently he’s been pointing to the badge, Alexis is a meaningful dude.

    Alexis is staying put, five or six year contract at the least, good times!!!.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Yeah, that’s all well and good in the fairy tale books that start with “once upon a time” ??
      Yeah, Sanchez likes living in London and so does a million immigrants, so what? … When Chelsea is also in London lol.
      Sanchez’s career record shows that he doesn’t spend more than three seasons at any ‘one’ club, but even if he does want to stay then be assured that’s only because he wants to run down his contract and leave for free & demand a bigger monster wage packet at his next destination.

      The man was missing at the Gunners fundraiser, so there’s a clue that he will be sold, because Arsenal won’t risk losing him for free.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Alexis wanted out of Barca because he wanted a chance to be the main man and at Barca he was feeding Messi, he was played on the right and was set up to be a feeder for Messi, yes he scored but it’s Barca…

        Before Barca he was at Udinese, for a player doesn’t spend more than 3 seasons at a club… 5 must be less than 3?
        2006-2011 is 5 years.

        You can’t even count correctly and you think you know stuff others don’t… Yeah you do know stuff others don’t and it is called BullSh!t. The intelligent people like to go on the truth. You do not have any. Troll.

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Arsenal fan pays £24,000 for dinner with Arsene Wenger at Gunners fundraiser for club foundation… ???? And that’s probably at their local McDonalds.

    Most interestingly,Sanchez didn’t turn up for this event ?? more fuel for his expected exit?… Or maybe he just had more important things to do, like walking his Dogs… Down boo-boo, Down ???

    1. JembutArsene says:

      You’re lucky if Arsene take you to dinner with your @rse hangin’ like that.

  8. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Good post mate
    Wish him well

    Honoured to have had such a player at this club.
    Wenger could have capitalised an built the club to somwthing bigger

    Wasn’t to be. Alexis will always be loved

  9. Ronny says:

    Jem truly shocks me with how pro Wenger he is, respect for publicly and confidently airing your views though even if I strongly disagree with them.

    A hunch:
    Wengers going, Allegri is coming.
    To be announced once the CL is done.

  10. Vlad says:

    Once again, extremely valuable feedback by the person with the most juicy inside information about the club. Konstantin, are you on the Arsenal staff? Or are you personal friends with Alexis? I’m just curious how you come to your conclusions. Wait… I think I know. These words right here are the clue – “I’m depressed”. I get it now. It’s all just your sick imagination. Don’t forget to take your meds today, Konstantin. I genuinely worry about you.

  11. PLAY9 says:

    I have just one question for you kostantin. HAS ANYTHING POSITIVE EVER HAPPENED TO YOU IN LIFE/???????

  12. Midkemma says:

    What a pathetic article.

    Is Alexis leaving?

    He could be sold by the board rather than risk losing him for free, this would be a BOARD decision though and the blame would be at the BOARD.

    RvP was mentioned, he wanted AFC to show ambition, I have been saying that while fools like you K was blaming Wenger for selling him. He got sold BY THE BOARD instead of losing him for free. Wenger wanted to keep him. Wenger wanted to keep Nasri but again, another player SOLD BY THE BOARD.
    I can find the article if you want where Nasri himself says how Wenger promised him he would stay and the board went behind Wengers back… but you blame Wenger like an ignorant fool.
    Wenger has shown a desire to force players to run down their contract but the board sells instead. Wengers fault? Only to a idiot.

    If only the idiots would wake up and realize that the squad is made up from players obtained over many years, we have added some quality but also added deadwood, the deadwood appears to be club signed while the quality have spoken how Wenger himself personally contacted them.

    Welbeck wasn’t… and is one of the players people are saying needs to be sold.
    ElNeny was a cheap Xhaka and although I like him, his future is unclear as we need to buy a top CM and Xhaka was bought in the next transfer window.
    Perez, he may not have done bad but Wenger hasn’t trusted him, Wenger never called him up to convince him to join from what I read. We got him after failing to get Lacazette… If Wenger wanted Lacazette then why didn’t Arsenal pay for him? We offered less for him than we did for Mustafi! Why?????

    According to Henry, it was Dein who done all this when he came to Arsenal…
    Gazidis was hired to take over many of Deins roles…

    Why ignore the fact Gazidis was hired to replace many of Deins roles and since his arrival we have been poor in transfer windows? The good transfers have talked about how Wenger convinced them… What if Wenger wasn’t here to convince them, would we have been able to sign them? Alexis could be playing for Liverpool now…

    1. Vlad says:

      People chose to see only what they want to see while blindly ignoring the facts. You’re just wasting your breath, Midkemma. Apparently Konstantin and the rest of the delusional lot know more than Wenger and players themselves. Probably spent too much playing FIFA, and PES Football Manager is my guess.

    2. Jambut says:

      “What if Wenger wasn’t here to convince them, would we have been able to sign them? Alexis could be playing for Liverpool now…”

      “What if” is a dangerous game, my friend. What if Wenger wasn’t here but Pep or Simeone (who is on his way to Italy) or Klopp or Mourinho or Ancelotti? I think they could have convinced Sanchez just as easily.

      We act like Wenger is the only recognized manager this club could attract. I bet for the kind of money we pay Wenger, Allegri would have been happy to sign for us and he is a hell of lot better manager than Wenger is at this stage of his career.

      It is not necessarily Wenger or nobody. Have some pride in our club we should be able to attract a quality replacement for the money we pay Wenger and offering life in London.

  13. John says:

    I don’t think Alexis Sanchez is going to leave………he will sign a three year contract……..I feel Arsenal will win the title next year……sadly with Wenger as coach……..

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