Alexis will get Arsenal’s energy levels going again

When Alexis Sanchez joined Arsenal at the beginning of last season he brought his incredible pace, energy and enthusiasm with him, and he practically carried us through the first couple of injury-filled months before reinforcements came off the treatment table.

This season he came back to us tired from the South America and was lacking his usual sparkle, but his energy still rubbed off on his team-mates. Now his hamstring has given him a well deserved rest and he returned against Chelsea with his batteries fully charged. He still needs to get his match sharpness but he should now be ready to lead the team from the front for the rest of the campaign.

Arsene Wenger has revealed it was this trait that first attracted him to the Chilean. “It was playing for Udinese [that I first spotted him],” Wenger said. “He was very dynamic, very direct and very straight to the point.

“He was one of these players where his energy and the intensity of his energy level hits you straight in the face.

“It is strange because he catches your eye with his energy and level of commitment he puts into everything he does and that is what remained with me.”

Wenger must have been really happy when he finally secured his signature, and even happier to have a fresh Sanchez back in the squad at last. He is the last factor in the jigsaw that will put Arsenal back in the driving seat for the games ahead. We will get back to winning games easily again….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. im buzzing to watch gab and boss at the back i can feel a winning steak coming i better pop down the ladbrokes

  2. Elnenny and Coq at the pivot
    kos and gab at the back
    campbell and sanchez on the wings
    ozil as the assist king.

    That’s the line up that’s going to win us the title. If he persists with ramsay/walcott/ox right now, we’re doomed! I would rest those three for a while and only bring on walcott for giroud at the 70+ mins mark. Exchange rosicky with elneny

  3. There’s something bout Rambo that just p**s me off……..i dunno why…..He’s a good squad player, no doubt, But maybe cuz he got no competitor at the moment, is why he thinks he got immunity to do whatever he likes on the pitch

    1. what are you going on about? he may have played below par in his previous games in terms of losing ball and trying to do the spectacular but you cant fault him for the match against chelsea. he was really good at holding the ball and building our attack. unfortunately we did not have a good finisher to get on the end of things and second half chelsea parked the bus when we were attacking. we lost one game and everyone are reacting as tho we are gonna get relegated to league 3 but the reality is we are 3 points of the top. i gotta say in times like this when its a lil bit painful to be an arsenal fan, i get immense joy in seeing plastic and unreasonable fans like you get worked up whilst wenger carry on doing what he thinks is right and not giving a rats ass about what you think. hahaha

        1. lol don’t simply slate players even when they played well. give valid points ffs. if anyone should get critique in that chelsea game its ozil. it was one of his worst games. but ramsey gets the stick, why? because we are used to giving him stick.. sigh the level of pessimist on this site is too damn high.

    1. it won’t be a shame, nor will it be a joke

      it will be a case of commitment, focus and desire by their players couple with the insight and brilliance of a manager at the helm of their affairs

      but its too early to talk bout em running away with the League tho…..but if they eventually do, u should be able to knw why!

  4. I would like us to try this legendary squad one day
    bellerin kos gabriel monreal
    coquelin cazorla
    rosicky ozil sanchez

    What a squad that is.
    It gives you goosebumps

    1. except giroud: i cannot get goosebumps with him on the pointy end of our team. he’s gotten better but he’s def not goosebumps for me.
      and thats a shame: i’d like to have a CF that gave the other team the sh*ts.
      but wenger’s too loyal to who he’s bought and sticks with them too long.

  5. who was thinking of seeing Per vs Mane or Austin (excellent in the air) or even Pelle (excellent in the Air)

    well as it happened, IT ISN’T GOD’S WILL

    c’mon gabriel, do a Bellerin!

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