Alexis would choose Chelsea over Man City? Which would Arsenal fans prefer?

It seems as though the Alexis Sanchez transfer saga is taking a new twist with every passing hour. According to latest reports from the Independent, the want-away Arsenal forward has chosen his ideal club to join, and it is neither Bayern Munich nor Manchester City. The latest name thrown into the hat of the forward’s suitors is that of English champions, Chelsea.

According to the report, Sanchez has made his mind up on leaving Arsenal, but loves living in London and would prefer to move to West London in order for fight for European glory in the Champions League. It is understood that the Gunners’ talisman sees the Blues as a more stable club that is capable of challenging for every piece of silverware, and few can argue with that logic.

Now as much as I would like to put it down to just media speculation, it is worth noting that the story makes complete sense. The future of Eden Hazard at Stamford Bridge is far from certain and Antonio Conte might well be looking towards a cheeky swoop for the Arsenal forward as a direct replacement for the Belgian.

Alexis has stated his love for London on innumerable occasions and should he want to stay in the capital and fight for the biggest trophies, few could argue that Stamford Bridge is the place to go. While Wenger has constantly reiterated that the diminutive forward will not be sold regardless of whether he signs a contract extension or not, you’d have to consider the financial consequences of that approach and a situation may arise where the Frenchman must concede defeat.

Amidst all the speculation about Chelsea coming into the picture, it is being widely reported that Manchester City will test the Gunners’ resolve with a £50 million bid. If Bayern Munich cannot pay up, it comes down to Chelsea and City and it appears as though Sanchez will choose Chelsea. While Wenger may be adamant, it seems as though he has to choose between selling him to a rival and losing him for free.

Where would you prefer Alexis to go?



  1. I’m beginning to wish Wenger catches a stroke so another coach could come in…i just wonder how many people Wenger has caused to be heart broken in his lifetime. I don’t blame Sanchez for whichever team he chooses to go to

    1. Your disgusting wishing a man would have a stroke you are a sorry excuse for a human being!

      Your in a fantasy world some of you arsenal fans, where do you think you would be without wenger? You would still be in tiny Highbury for a start because without the teams he created out of nothing to win things and build your profile in the modern game you would be skint, he has done wonders at arsenal and he still can, the games moved on there’s not many hidden gems anymore so he needs money, have a go at the people who run the club!

      Honestly the price your club charges for anything never mind season tickets you should be filthy rich, where is it all?

    2. Harsh much?

      This question is obviously a wind up, because the answer is neither. We don’t need to cash in. He can effing go for free next year, we’d still make £250m. F Chelski and F Man Shitty.

    1. He personally just stated he will focus on Chile and their upcoming Confed Cup and let his agent look for the best option for him.

      Seems strange that now he allegedly has said he prefers London and wants switch to Chelsea..

  2. Should either happen, Wenger deserves a: “GET OUT OF OUR CLUB, GET OUT OF OUR CLUB, ARSENE WENGER, GET OUT OF OUR CLUB!” every single game of the season for the full 90 minutes. Even the pre-season and the Emirates cup.

      1. It won’t, but it will drive the manager out finally. Selling Alexis to a rival club will be his exclusive fault, should that happen. And for that he deserves nothing less than total abuse by the fans. He has been lying to us for years now, why should he get anything better than that should his statement that they won’t sell to the rivals turn out to be a lie?
        Arsenal is on a slippery slope anyways, not that the fans can do much to make it better/worse. BUT they can drive the liar out.

  3. That’s a horrible article, would you lot prefer the overdose or the rope. No offense intended. He can’t go to either one of them, it’s as simple as that. He goes there and we are everything everyone aims at us. The worst thing about losing him for me anyway, is we’ve been starved of having good players showing that desire week in week out. You don’t need to tell him to show some effort. He’ll be missed greatly.

    1. Sanchez can easily wait till Jan and sign a precontract with either city or Chelsea.I think arsenal won’t be stupid to let him go for and Chelsea not the only club contesting for top4,otherwise wouldn’t v finish 5th with Sanchez last season. I can bet it city will buy him if interested.arsenal fans,what has happened to your Wenger out campaign. Your board don’t respect you fans and Sanchez will be sold and nothing will happen.the best way out is for Sanchez to extend his contract

      1. your last sentence was so easy to say, “the best way out is for Sanchez to extend his contract”. the guy wants to leave no matter what, may be if le fraud showed ambition by buying class players in every transfer window and ship out the average lads, may be Sanchez would have added some 2 or 3 years more of stay. but you hear Mert about to sign a contract extension, we like forgot how he used to perform since he came to Arsenal and remember the only match he played last season, the last match.

        Sanchez is leaving for sure, and he is forgiven for he has higher ambition than the longest serving manager in the EPL at the moment

        1. I totally agree with the shipping out of average players and getting in quality EVERY season would keep him at Arsenal. Guys, lets not be delusional. I can bet on you, that its not about the money that Sanchez is holding out for, because if it was that, there are a lot of suitors who would gladly pay to bring him to their clubs. I have been saying this for a while and people still don’t believe. If he decides to leave, Sanchez will leave mid way or towards the end of the transfer window. Why? Him and Ozil want good signings. If we bring in two good names, for example, Mbappe, Lemar, Toliso, Varane and Lacazette etc (and i’m not saying we will), Sanchez and Ozil will sign the following day. Mark my words. How early Wenger brings in the additions will also determine how early those guys will finalise their contracts.

          We all saw how Sanchez fought for Arsenal despite the politics surrounding Arsenal. In all honesty, we finished 5th because of him. He could have simply laid back (Ozil did) and not give a crap. Give him credit. He is the only guy who has enough on Wenger to force some change around the club. The board couldnt do it. The amount he wants, will cost Arsenal an extra 15 at most and at his age, it probably will be a two-three year contract. In total 60mil over the three years. They want to bring Lacazette at that amount(once off before wages) so if push comes to shove, they really can give him that money he wants. The deadlock is NOT about money.

  4. Neither is my answer.

    But should Alexis ask to leave to either clubs then:

    – If he goes to City = Swap deal with Auguero
    – If he goes to Chelsea = Swap deal with Willian and Loftus Chek (Sp)

    Both highly unlikely scenarios but so should be the though of Alexis going a rival team. Both Chelsea and City would never sell there best player to us.

    1. @ Pablo.options 1 & 2 won’t work cos arsenal did not act on time when Sanchez still had 2yrs contract, when he should v bn given more money to tie him happend to tevez,u don’t wait till when your player has a yr left on his contract except u want to lose him for free

  5. A player with his class always need to come off a season with glory/glories, his decision, if ithe article is true is a painful one and he will be missed but the club stands. We had better players before in likes of cole, Vp etc who ended in Epl and we have done same. So I think that is a big deal better will always come

    1. better will come and still leave coz they’ll win nothing here, as long as the manager is still the same. why always missing one or 2 players to a complete squad? Wenger is always trying to prove his point, that he is a genius and can win titles without people’s opinions, even if the team needs reinforcements he’ll find a way to say we have a squad capable of winning the league. it’s a loop guys, wake up.

      better players will come and leave coz they’ll always be surrounded by average players who pull them down to their level

  6. If Alexis decides to leave, I couldn’t care less where he goes. it’s a lot like when you lose your girlfriend, you can’t worry about who she dates next.
    Arsenal can’t afford to lose Sanchez. Even if they’re gonna get Lionel Messi as a replacement, it still doesn’t make sense

    1. Preach on mate. You are so spot on. No player CAN replace Sanchez. He just wants to not ALWAYS be the only performing and hardworking player. its draining. Right now we talk of Chelsea performing, what happened last season when Hazard was look warm. People seriously the effect Sanchez has on Arsenal and its players. Sell Sanchez, how many players will start to look for an out. Bellerin, Ozil, Kolscieny, Mustafi, Xhaka. Trust me. If Sanchez leaves, we WILL be relegated in two or seasons. Why. We wont attarct quality and the bit we have will leave, and once they start to leave, sponsors start to leave. Get the picture. Others may not agree but Sanchez IS Arsenal right now, much like once upon time Thierry Henry was Arsenal, VP, Vierra, Bergkamp etc. And with the crazy time Arsenal has had over Wenger and its transfer business, this season will be a make or break season for Arsenal (not only Wenger as others might think). KEEP SANCHEZ AT WHATEVER COST and if need be, sell him later…

  7. let him go to man city..a swap deal with aguero wil du jes fine..but 4 me I think if sanchez should leave the club his career z ova

  8. Sanchez was languishing on the bench at barca, Arsenal boosted his career and now he wants to move… let him move the grass is always greener elswhere

  9. What I find interesting is the fact Sanchez wants to play every minute, of every game, and hates being substituted or dropped. It’s one of the main reasons he wanted to leave Barca’.

    At Arsenal he is THE main man, if he goes to any of the clubs rumoured to be after him, will this be the case? I don’t think it will.

    Will we see epic sulks and tantrums like we’ve witnessed at Arsenal, or will he accept that he has more world class players around him, and has to take his place in the pecking order.

    Also, I think it’s dangerous for players to place too much trust in their agents, let’s be honest, their job is a balancing act, trying to get a good deal for the player, but also themselves!

  10. Looking at the France vs England game..

    We definitely need Dembele, Mbappe, Lemar, Sidbe and Mendy

    They are strong and fast…

    Especially Mendy and Sidbe….good crosser

    Good backup and competition for Monreal and Bellerin

    1. Good back up? ?? When You made them sound a lot better than Bellerin and Monreal. Let’s face it, the majority of our squad needs replacing.

  11. With the new TV deals, prize money and epl rights, the money we will get for selling SANCHEZ now is minimal. He is on just £140k a week, so £7m add that to the £50m we might get = £57m.

    Who is going to replace alexis for that? What figure can we put on winning the league or just champions league qualification. Surely £57m is worth paying?

    I would simply set that figure aside and tell alexis that’s our intention, however if you want you could instead sign a new contract for at least double that say £300k a week and if we win the league we will allow you to leave for free next season, if we just qualify for the champions, league you can leave for £30m.

    We could then add just a striker, Mbappe, aubemyang, lukaku, would be my first choices. Costa, Aguero, Lacazette would be my 2nd choices.

    Add a true tough tackling central midfielder like seri and I think we are good to go.

    However should we lose any of first choice 25 then we need to replace them.

  12. Rivals? What Rivalry is that then? We don’t rival any of the top clubs ???? Sell him to the highest bidder and use the money for tempting Mbappe to come to Arsenal. Make him the highest paid teenager in history. Buy him and folks a mansion, anything he wants, just do it. ??

      1. Why is he risky? ?? Only a bad injury can stop him from improving and that could happen to any player, especially at Arsenal. The lads beastly already lol he absolutely scares the ?? out of defenders with is pace, power and trickery. He will be 19 years old in 6 months. Mbappe is heading for the likes of Messi & Ronaldo stardom. Arsenal know they will double their money (£100 million) even if they sold him after 3-4 seasons, when the player is ready & wants to more on to Spain.

          1. but they don’t all play like this 18 year old Mbappe. you could see the quality in Fabregas when he came, his vision was perfect for someone in his position though he wasn’t the fastest, speed wasn’t needed. Mbappe’s his style of play has shown signs of greatness, his speed, strength, movement and even finishes, just perfect for someone playing his position.

            the guy is a copy of the king himself.. If we get him everyone will be singing praises, if we miss him no problem but we’ll all witness the kid cementing his own legacy somewhere else.. better have him around

  13. World class players comes with a price tag

    Veratti a 135m

    Arsenio at 309m

    Mbappe at 150m

    Moratta 80m

    Griezmann 120m

    We need to pay the market price if we want quality signings

      1. Hahahahahahah that’s the hybrid player between Arsene and Marco Asensio! Now only 309 millions!!


  14. does it really matter?

    just get outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

    so many more important issues in the world to be concerned with..

    ahhhh…inhale…exhale etc

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