Alfie’s analytical podcast on Newcastle v Arsenal – Three wins in a row can’t be bad….

Alfie had a few negative comments on his last Just Arsenal podcast which was an attempt to be amusing to young fans, but now he is back in analytical mood after the Gunners won their second game in a row and the third in total. Okay it wasn’t pretty but a win is a win!



  1. David Rusa says:

    This is all very good when one considers the fact that the is a new manager with a new playing style where build up starts from the back. Anyone who watched today’s game could see that the boys are beginning to enjoy their game unlike the beginning of the season when it was apparent that the players were under intense pressure to play the Emery way. From here on I feel the team can only move upward and forward. It would be unrealistic to expect a title run but I think a top four finish is a possibility if the boys keep improving and winning games. We still have a number of players who are out injured including Captain Koscielny, Kolasinac, Maitland Niles and then those players who have not yet played a full game such as Lichsteiner and Bernd Leno. When you add the promising youngsters like Nketiah and others one has a lot of reason to be optimistic about this season. Let us get behind our team and see how far we go.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Correction there Is a new manager not the.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Also, I feel we will use the winter window to good effect, I can see at least one definitely coming in.

  2. Sean says:

    New Manager
    New System
    New Coaches
    New Players

    This will all take time after Wengers era, 22yers will not leave the club in 4months. He is seeing what players he has at his disposal & where he can fit them into his system. He will give the old guard who’s been here like Ramsey, Cech, Bellerin & Xhaka out of respect then come next summer he will know what we have & what we need.

    Give it time, another win is great with 3pts, 2away wins back to back is another positive along with Torreira slowly but surely showing what he is going to do in the months to come, he will be starting along with Leno on Thursday.

    If we had the fullbacks we could play with 2 upfront in Auba & Laca to get the best out if both while we have them as we need both on the pitch & Auba isn’t being himself put wide & Ozil is a no10 playing being the strikers. 3-5-2

    Bellerin (RWB)
    Monreal (LWB)
    Torreira (CDM)
    Xhaka (DLP)

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sean, this lineup looks very strong, although I think Leno will have to prove himself in Europs League or cup games before displacing Cech. Also Bellerin has to work on his crossing to increase his effectiveness as RWB.

      1. Sean says:

        100% Agree Ozzie, this should be what we should be aiming for for a starting 11 after Emery decides what his best team is. Cech in goals just until Leno finds himself at Arsenal THROUGH Europa & Cups.

  3. ks-gunner says:

    I dont trust fans when it comes in rating players. Mateo is young and he makes mistakes, but the mistakes he makes are being forgiven due of him being young , and us wanting to see him turn out good at all cost. Emery knows what to do, and i dont question him when he decides to make changes. This is all i ever wanted before from a manager. No player is safe. Performance matters.

    Ozil is gaining form, i like that, but i still think that using Ramsey over him in that poz is criminal.

    Xhaka is someone who can do 9 things right, but one mistake and he is a dead man. He is also gaining form. Very dangerous at times.

    Srry but i dont think Aubuma on the wing works. I would rather like to see Iwobi there. Yes Iwobi bec he has the talent to play out there. To bad we missed on getting a player like Lucas Moura. What a talent. Better luck next time. A winger we will buy in January for sure. Up the Arsenal, lets use the momentum and give Liverpool later a go.

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I put highlights of the game on in KFC and when Xhaka scored the fire alarm went off

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Beating a near bottom place team doesn’t impress me. Arsenal have to start winning against
    teams in the top 5 to convince me they are really going places.
    The defence is always suspect under pressure and Bellerin inevitably gives the ball away
    which can be fatal.Imho,he is not a 100% defender. That’s why in a one on one
    he is always liable to be beaten and the cross can result in a goal.
    A top team always has a strong defensive spine like Pool and MC.
    The fm got his priorities wong by putting an emphasis on attack without stiffening the defence.Thats why Arsenal always lose agaiants the top 5.
    Its easier to defend than score.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Those are your opinions and nobody can argue with that. However games are won through both scoring and defending. You may defend well but if you don’t score you will not win anything. That is why Jose Mourinho’s teams have of late not been winning. It is very difficult to have a watertight defence for all the 90 minutes: a simple loss of concentration could lead to a goal or someone can commit an unintended foul in a dangerous area which will hand the opponent an advantage to score. Hence a good team should always aim to score goals as they defend.

  6. ozziegunner says:

    2 away wins in a row is an improvement. Newcastle will trouble a lot of teams and shouldn’t be underated, as they have had a tough start to the season.

  7. Taiwo says:

    I see the prospect of doing great with Emery at the helms of affairs but will not be quick to pick a place on the log table.
    What a great time to be a Gooner.

  8. jon fox says:

    Alfie, I posted one of the “negative ” comments the Admin referred to on your last podcast. Actually, I thought it a positive comment , as I said clearly that you could do far betyer than that childish podcast. You have now proved me right. This is much better and worthy of you. I will be honest , as you are a keen and shrewd fan, so I congratulate you on ditching(at least this time) the nonsense far beneath you and oncde again showing the real analytical talent you have in spades. Criticism done in a positive way is not negative, Mr Admin. Alfie is the proof of how positive criticism has worked. KEEP IT UP ALFIE, as we “OLDIES” on here are too long in the tooth to appreciate downmarket stuff. Real informed debate from shrewd judges like you , is hard to beat.

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