Alfie’s Arsenal transfer podcast on Leno and Torreira

As Alfie says, Torreira looks very likely now with Leno set to follow. Would you be happy with these signings? Alfie is getting very good reviews from the readers and we are very happy to have a new avid and dedicated Arsenal fan on board. Let’s hear his views on today’s ‘done deals’ of Torreiria and Leno…

Also Alfie will be starting a World Cup daily show on his YouTube channel from tomorrow, nothing to do with Arsenal but might be interesting to all of us, especially if a few gems pop up that could be available to come to the Gunners! We will be promoting them here of course….

Watch and enjoy..


  1. Leno is a joke. We should move for Alisson or Oblak. If too expensive then Jack Butland or Jordan Pickford. But Leno is a no.

  2. acejodecee says:

    Very Good deals Indeed
    Kudos to those In charge of our Transfer Dealings

  3. Nayr says:

    Agree mate.

    Leno has too many errors but i think the reason why we are buying him is because emery likes to use a goalkeeper that can play from the back.
    same thing like pep.
    and bernd leno is very good with the ball at his feet.

    This might actually be our team next season


    lichsteiner mustafi sokratis monreal

    torreira maitland niles

    mkhitaryan ramsey gelson martins


    looking at the signings we are making
    torreira,amn new deal,lichsteiner…
    they all have one thing in common…
    alot of energy,pressing.
    emery is serious when he said he wants to play a pressing game.

    ozil and wilshere are done.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      I also do not fancy Leno as he is prone to errors, but lets hope he develops quickly just like DeGea who also started poorly for ManU.

      Having said that, am super excited about next season!!

    2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      It doesn’t matter how good the other 10 players are – if Mustafi starts then we are guaranteed to concede goals

      1. Andrew E says:

        Soyuncu for Mustafi???

      2. jon fox says:

        Spot on. I can’t understand why some on her still include him in their preferred starting team for next August. He should be SOLD this summer.

    3. there are few teams in the world that would not want ozil in there squad (PSG, Real, Barchalona and Man city). Ozil cover more ground than many players but the way his body move shows the opposite. Unlike u i think emery will play ramsey and ozil and build the team around them.

      1. RSH says:

        yet nobody even attempted to sign him when his contract was almost up. No top team wants Ozil because they see his attitude and his inconsistent contribution. He’s no doubt talented but Arsenal don’t need a luxury player right now. Bet Emery will only stick with him for a season before he’s had enough.

        He will not build team around Ozil because he likes players that press. Ozil does move a lot in final third, but he doesn’t press with the team, he has very poor spells every season. He isn’t a type of player that fits into what Emery wants to do. Ozil needs a team like Real Madrid, or Barcelona, where everyone around him is solid and talented and Ozil just needs to focus on creating chances. He cannot do that at Arsenal.

        1. Phil says:

          I completely disagree.Mesut Ozil is a Class player.Being continually played out wide is NOT his game.Being asked to track back is NOT his game.His stats show he works as hard as anyone but we would get more from the player if the team is set up to play to his strengths.He needs SOLID MIDFIELD behind him and NOT the garden sieve the team has had for over a decade.Emery seems to have fathomed out what Wenger couldn’t or wouldn’t address since the days of Gilberto Silva.If Torreira is bought(which is looking very likely) the team will immediately have a defensive cover that we just haven’t had.Germany have Sammi Kehidera in there to do the donkey work and that’s why Ozil continues to perform for his national side.It didn’t need a Rocket Scientist to work out but Wenger Just stubbornly refused to address the obvious.

          1. RSH says:

            Ozil tracking back was not his main problem. He was simply inconsistent. You can’t seriously tell me he was good last season. Not his only average season as well. I just don’t think he’s essential and I don’t think he’s the type of player Emery likes. It would be a huge mistake to build a team around him.

          2. RSH says:

            you’ve essentially said in your post exactly what I said, which is Ozil needs top class talent all around him to be effective (which doesn’t really sound like something a top class player should even need). Arsenal are very much a team in progress and we are going to be that way for the entirely of next season. Ozil will be expected to do more than just playmake. This isn’t the right team for Ozil right now and he would be better at some place like Madrid, Barca or PSG.

          3. Phil says:

            So basically what you are saying is Mesut Ozil is such a good footballer that he could play for Real Madrid Barcelona And PSG.why would WE not want him playing for Arsenal if he is good enough to play for those three teams?
            Wenger NEVER got the best out of Ozil simply because our system(s) did not suit his style of play. Emery recognised this and will give Ozil a free role within the team to do what he does best which is play in a free and unrestricted role.

          4. Ozziegunner says:

            ?Interesting to see how he performs under Emery; however last season Arsenal looked less potent without Ozil.

      2. Andrew E says:

        I can’t figure out why he gets so much stick and the usual moan is ‘he doesn’t track back’. Why should he, he is the provider and he has provided more real chances than any other PL midfielder except that he has had such p**s poor finishers (until now) e.g. Giroud needed 5 chances per goal. The stats don’t lie:

        PL Assists Since 2013/14 season:

        1. Mesut Ozil – 45
        2. Silva – 42
        = 4 Fabregas/Eriksen – 40
        5. De Bruyne – 34
        6. Sigursson – 27
        7. Coutinho – 26

        If he was rubbish would he play for the World Champions? I doubt that Emery will bench him as he has publicly acknowledged his talent and so should we.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


        2. ruelando says:

          Why not break it down season by season, the EPl can not afford luxury players, the 11 needs to work as one with or without the ball and turn for most of the games not a few.

          OOO, please if you are using Stats show season by season and games played, so that we can see a true reflection

        3. Sue says:

          Very well said Andrew E ??
          People won’t want him sold when he’s banging in the assists!!

    4. Goonerboy says:

      Emery said in one of his interviews that the 4-1-4-1 formation fits the pressing style.
      So going by that we could have:

      Lich. . ……Soyuncu…..Sokratis…….Sead…….

      ………………………Lucas T……………



      All these players bar Ramsey are certainly fit enough to play the pressing game.

      Auba, Henrikh are no starngers to this style as they excelled under Klopp at Dortmund with the same system.
      AMN has the energy to burn as well as Welbeck and Sead
      And we would still have Elneny and Campbell
      But if we can get Gelson Martins, we would then relegate Welbeck to the bench, move AMN to the left and GM to the right.
      With all these, we should at the very least comfortably challenge for Top 4

      1. Goonerboy says:

        Elneny and Xhaka i meant

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Lacazette must be found a place

    5. RSH says:

      Yeah, Pep brought Bravo to City, and we all know how that turned out. I’m also very skeptical of Leno. I don’t like error prone keepers. Hard to win trophies with them. Ospina was a good cup GK because he didn’t have howlers like Cech does.

      1. Sue says:

        He has had a few in his time

  4. Barren says:

    Very good that we getting our transfers before the world cup think about it after the world cup there’s only 4 weeks left to sort out the team (i hate to be Chelsea) if afc can get all our transfers in b4 pre season we can go in2 next season looking up

  5. John says:

    Go get butland

  6. Pubgooner says:

    Hats off to Gazidis!! What a brilliant mind! The biggest challenge was to remove the Dictator, Gazidis executed this in a brilliant and patient manner. Nobody feels bad and everybody is happy. Wenka was OUT he didn’t know what hit him. Then appointing the brilliant Unai. Getting couple of other good football brains on board. First time in years I can see factual flurry of events going on behind the transfers and getting everything organised. Signings which make a lot of sense. No more Wenka’s lies at this time of the year. Hats off too Gazidis!! Cannot wait for August…

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah bang on comment.Ivan G stood up to Wenger who just could not accept that his ways were being questioned.It should have happened years ago.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Pubgooner and Phil,
        My question to both of you is this.
        Why,if this should have happened years ago, it didn’t happen years ago?
        Your telling me one minute that it was empty seats that forced the change, next minute it’s Gazidis!!
        How come this master technician didn’t do this years ago?
        I’ll tell you my opinion, he was as much part of the Wenger years as the man himself.
        He came in, after Dein was sacked, without any sense of the world of football and hung on to Wenger’s coat tails,
        He supported and agreed with everything that went on and was the sole reason we lost out on so many transfers by haggling over transfers and trying to penny pinch.
        We now have the necessary changes within the club, but your selective memories regarding this mans part in the past is quite astonishing!
        It’s what is known today as airbrushing I believe.
        Just answer me this question.. where has all the money gone that Gazidis told us Wenger had to spend?
        You have fallen for this guy hook line and sinker.
        Cannot wait till August either, just hope that all the media talk on transfers is correct and we are not being misled by the board and owner yet again.

        1. Phil says:

          Hi Ken
          Didn’t we have Keith Edelman for a while after David Devin?Im not sure.
          Wenger demanded total control and would never entertain anyone being introduced to work alongside or under him unless he chose who they were.I believe I’m right when I say Wenger was even part of the interview process when Gazidis was brought forward for the CEO position.
          The simple fact is Gazidis recognised the many and ever increasing failures of Wenger along with the majority of the fan base.It wasn’t Gazidis whi caused the empty seats in the Emirates.If you allow someone to have total control and responsibility then the buck stops there.
          It is only now that Gazidis has had Wenger removed that he and he alone carries the responsibility himself.The fact that he is continuing to add to the support team for the Manager tells me he is determined to prove the “Catilyst for Change” will remove the Club from the control of a single Person and run it as a modern and forward thinking business.Gazidis to me deserves respect and credit for taking on Wenger and I am supporting him totally.We can only hope he is successfull and rewarded with progress.Bit I believe he has made a very good start with his Management team appointments and let’s wait and see how Emery can improve the team

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Hi Phil,
            We have to agree to disagree with Gazidis and his past links with Wenger.
            What I would like answered though, is where you think the unlimited money that Wenger supposedly had but refused to spend?
            According to Gazidis that is!!
            Of course I want the new regime to be successful as I am a supporter of the club, but I don’t want one man to rewrite our history at the expense of another.
            Looking forward to your response regarding the unlimited transfer funds.

  7. AY75 says:

    If Torreira is as good as he’s being touted, then he’ll definitely be a great signing for us. As for Leno, I think we could do a lot better… Heck, I’d rather we bring Szceszny back

  8. Vamba Kanneh says:

    Leno and Terreira we be the perfect signing for us, and also Gelson we be another one to look out for.

  9. Nikhilesh says:

    Anthony Martial might be sold, should arsenal bid for him? Let’s assume that ManU will sell him to a PL rival, what are your thoughts on this.

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