Alfie’s Goodbye Jack podcast – and Wilshere’s full statement on leaving Arsenal

First off all I hope you are all going to enjoy Alfie’s new Transfer podcast on the departing Jack Wilshere – We’re gonna miss you Jack

And here is the full text of Jack Wilshere’s statement on leaving the Gunners….

I can confirm that I will be leaving Arsenal Football Club when my contract expires at the end of June.

Following a number of extensive conversations with those at the club, and in particular a recent meeting with the new manager, Unai Emery, I felt that I was ultimately left with little choice but to make the decision that I have due to purely footballing reasons.

As has widely been reported I, along with my representative, have been in talks with the club for a number of months with the view to signing a new contract to extend my stay at the Emirates.

My intention throughout these discussions has always been to remain an Arsenal player. I have been on the books at Arsenal for 17 years and have always felt part of the fabric of the club. Such was my desire to stay that I had in fact recently agreed to sign a financially reduced contract in order to commit my future to the club.

However, following my meeting with the new manager I was made aware that although the reduced contract offer remained, it was made clear to me that my playing time would be significantly reduced should I decide to stay.

I am sure everyone can understand that at this point in my life and career I need to be playing regular first team football and following my meeting with Mr Emery I came away feeling that it would be very difficult for me to do so at Arsenal.

Given this, I feel I have no option but to pursue other opportunities in order to progress my career on the pitch.

I have experienced some incredible times at Arsenal and have met friends that will last a lifetime. I leave with memories that will stay with me forever from my time at the club. From making my debut at such a young age, to playing in the Champions League and of course winning two FA Cups in consecutive seasons, there are just too many highlights to mention.

There will be the opportunity to talk properly when the time is right but for now I would just like to thank everyone at the club for everything over the past 17 years, in particular Arsene Wenger and his staff, all of my teammates over the years, everyone at the Academy for helping me to fulfil my dream and of course the fans, who I have always shared such a special relationship with. I will never be able to truly repay the love, faith and belief that the fans have always shown in me. It’s meant so much to me and my family over the years and I hope you are able to celebrate the success you deserve in the coming years. Thank you.

I would like to place on record my respect for Mr Emery and my appreciation for his honesty and candor, and I wish him, the team and the club all the very best for the future.

I’m feeling fit, sharp and strong and will be working tirelessly to ensure I am in peak condition ahead of the new season.

I’ll now be taking the time necessary to consider my options before deciding on the next stage of my career


  1. Taku says:

    I wish you all the best Jack. Your display against Barcelona in 2010 champions league at Camp Nou is still fresh in our memories.

    All the best little Jack! We will forever have you at heart

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Bye Jack – don’t miss me too much

    1. Goonerboy says:

      I wish him all the best in the future, once a gunner, always a gunner….#redarmy

  3. Trudeau says:

    A different player who wasn’t molly coddled for a decade might say to Emery “F U, I’m fighting for my spot and will make you pick me.” Think Beckham at Real Madrid and England for example.

    I’ll miss Jack for his passion but it’s time to write a new chapter.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      No, let him go and fight at West Ham please, i have had enough!

  4. jon fox says:

    Nice sentiments Jack. Good luck and you are right to move on as, unfortunately , you are no longer physically reliable and but a shadow of the player we all thought you would be one day. EMERY WAS ALSO RIGHT TO BE UPFRONT WITH YOU and most of us Gooners are in agreement with him, as many posts on fan sites clearly show. But best of luck, except if and when you play against us .

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Santi Cazorla replied his post and asked him to come join him Villarreal, I’d like him to go there too. Hell play beautiful football there, he’ll have the chance to play Europa, He’ll grow, he’ll feel the challenge of Spanish football.. staying in England in one of these Mid table teams is him going back, I do know Villarreal ain’t a big step from Arsenal but I’d want him there than in Crystal Palace or West Ham. I hope he goes abroad and go shine

    1. jon fox says:

      MAYBE but I do not see Jack being happy abroad. He is not the sort to smoothly fit in to different lifestyles than he has always led. But only my opinion But if he goes to Spain I will be very surprised. I see him going to West Ham ,frankly.

      1. Hep Yo says:

        Easier to get Jammies in London.

      2. RSH says:

        Palace would be better for him i think. Not many players get better at West Ham anymore, and i think Palace have a more exciting project. Especially if they can keep hold of Zaha. Some decent competition there in midfield as well w/ Cabaye, Milivojeic

      3. Ozziegunner says:


  6. Focus says:

    i have been following all the post and comment of previously articles posted. Dan always reminds me of Hafiz. I admire you bro. Never giving up and always standing by your opinion, kudos.
    Anyway i would want us to sign Cuadrado because he has pace, skillful and can play as a RWB.
    My opinion though

  7. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Saw jack and Ramsey play when they were still in there teens. I will miss jack, he has the Arsenal DNA and is someone , who given the chance would fight for his shirt number and do his best for the team. I am sad that super jacky wiltshere is moving on.if not for some major injuries this man would be world class. I think if he stays in England he will come backroad haunt us.

    All the best “super jacky wiltshere” true gooner.

  8. Hep Yo says:

    The journo “Marin” who was the only one to predict Emery, has now said that Arsenal are in talks to replace Wilshere with Banega (Argentinian who was the #10 under Emery at Sevilla).

    1. RSH says:

      I’d hope we would get somebody younger and upcoming. Never thought Banega was that good tbh.

      1. Hep Yo says:

        Less than 20m though.

        Emery wants people who can play in August, hence Lichsteiner, Banega, Sokratis. Banega already knows how Emery wants to play. That said, he would still be a backup for Ozil and Ramsey. In fact, it might be a necessary buy, in order to be able to tell Ramsey to sign or be sold (since Ramsey is one of the most valuable players on the squad).

        Signing experienced players gives him time to develop the younger talent already at Arsenal, like Maitland-Niles and Jeff R-A.

        1. RSH says:

          I think Maitland-Niles should be a real backup option and I’d rather him get gametime over Banega. The best way for him to develop at this point is to get gametime and be a squad player. If Banega comes he’s further down the pecking order. Assuming Emery goes 4-3-3, we’ve got Torriera/Ramsey/Xhaka/Elneny/AMN as our midfielders. Five seems like a good number, with Miki and Ozil technically being able to play in a midfield 3 as well. I think the money would be much better spent on a wide player which is a position we desperately need improvement on. If Banega costs up to 20mill, I say he’s not worth it. If this guy was Cazorla level talented I’d be more eager to sign him, but I think he’s just above average. In the end I’ll just trust Emery, but this is my personal view.

          1. Hep Yo says:

            All true, but there are matches on Thursday followed by matches on Sunday. Not to mention injuries. So we need ideally 22 excellent players rather than 11.

          2. Hep Yo says:

            And Banega is a #10 – he would be an alternate for Micky or Ozil, not further back. So, he doesn’t really affect AMN (who IIRC last played left back).

          3. Hep Yo says:

            PS Hopefully, we can watch Banega tomorrow against Croatia and decide for ourselves.

          4. RSH says:

            ive never seen him as advanced as Miki or Ozil has. But then again i dont watch Sevilla. Doesn’t it kind of make it worse we are getting a 3rd Ozil/Miki like player that is hitting 30 actually??

  9. ZuluboySA says:

    New era!, long overdue

  10. Terrence Mulenga Chokwe says:

    good luck jackie I always admired your style of play

  11. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Wish you all the best wilshere.I get called wilshere where I play football regularly i’ve been thinking of a new name for myself going into next season maybe torreira.(winks).I wish he goes to Ac Milan, there he’ll play and feel a part of a resurgence which I think is Milan’s new journey.super excited going into next season but I have a few reservations & worries
    1: hope Ramsey plays more disciplined and passes the ball as when due and not “overfancify” play.if not emery pls bench him.
    2:xhaka must either increase his work rate or exhibit & maintain an intelligent positional play to help defend properly.
    3:ozil should not play 90 mins more than 4-5 times next season
    Emery knows more or better though

  12. DJ gunners says:

    Jack,.l wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.. missing you would be an understatement nx ur contributions to the club will forever remain in our memory..your goal against Bacelona and Norwich remain waoooo in our memories..Mercy Jack,.o da bo..

  13. Ozziegunner says:

    Jack Wishire’s leaving post was a credit to him. It is unfortunate that he wasn’t prepared to stay and fight for a position at Arsenal, as there are a lot of matches next season and a strong squad is required to compete. I wish him all the best for his future football career; however for Arsenal to progress and be strong every position at Arsenal needs to be contested.

  14. Kelvin says:

    Wenger thought Jack and Ramsey was going to be like iniesta and xavi. But it never happened, goodluck jack wish your body was as strong as your heart

  15. Famoux says:

    Good luck jack you have placed with passion like , put your body into series of injuries for your love of the club like your father owns arsenal , your love for the club is second to none and that’s what I love in you .
    You will surely be missed
    I wished your body was strong as your heart jack .
    Good luck and wish you the best from your biggest fan

  16. Amitosh says:

    Dont understand the love here. He is Mr. Arsenal, true. He bleeds Arsenal, true. But what is the cost of keeping him at the club? 110k/week is 27m for 5 seasons, for 1500 minutes a year, why? He flopped with consistency, had injuries, we had Per/Santi last year who played almost no matches, now 3 of them gone, covering all salaries for 3/4 new players.

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