Alfie’s interlull Podcast – plus Jose Out! Very funny…

At last Alfie is back on Just Arsenal, and hopefully Gooners everywhere will enjoy this funny look at events of the week, the boring internationals, Mourinho and the world!


  1. Sue says:

    3 goals so far… Smith Rowe, Nketiah & Willock

    1. Craig Barrett says:

      Watched the video and enjoyed it. Thank you for your time and effort.

  2. stubill says:

    Forced myself to sit through 4 minutes and 20 seconds of this tripe, never again.

  3. barryglik says:

    Hey Alfie.
    A little OTT with the jumpy editing
    well for my old eyes and brain 🙂
    There are so many fake thug football pundits around
    on you tube all sounding, looking and saying the same thing.
    F’ this f’ that. All fake talk and so “heard it all before”. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Switch between any club’s you tube hang out
    and every one sounds exactly the same. So boring 🙁
    You are a bit of a change actually.
    You are so clean cut kinda like a rugby following public school boy.
    Good for you Alfie stay clean cut don’t go all thug on us 🙂

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Jose is more sensitive than Hannah Baker

    Jose Mourinho: Could I borrow your pencil?

    Paul Pogba: Sorry boss this is the only pencil I have

    Jose Mourinho: Paul, this is your tape

    1. Sue says:

      ? I’m pretty sure he’d have more than 13 tapes!!!!

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Infinite reasons why. He dies of natural causes, still make tapes decades later!

        1. Sue says:

          And everyone would get bored of listening to ‘I’ve won 3 premier league’s…. I’m the special one’ bla bla blah!!

          1. Robin Vanpayslip says:


            I can imagine Alex Ferguson being Tony

            Ferguson: *puts six boxes of tapes in Arsene’s car boot*

            Wenger: But why am I even on the tapes? He called me a specialist in failure plus my team never played well against his. Also could you not have put these online and sent me a link instead of all these tapes?

            Ferguson You need to listen to the tapes *gets into vintage Mustang* I’m here for you

  5. jon fox says:

    If this childish nonsense is the best you can do Alfie, and with your proven good brain too, then you are playing way below your potential. Do you want to be a kid all your life or attract real and long term fans too? You won’t do both by this down market nonsense for nine year olds. We all know Mourinho is an egomaniacal shit and has been for ages, so tell us something we don’t know. Or don’t bother! You are way better than this, so prove it!

    1. You are clearly not the target audience mate. If it’s not for you, don’t watch it.

      1. jon fox says:

        Such a shame though Alfie to choose to limit your audience to kids. I had great hopes of you when you started on here and still think you are miles more intelligent – in fact, I don’t think; you definitely ARE, than choosing this downmarket and rather cheap way of communicating. As you say, I have the right not to watch. But you too have not the exclusive right to pen downmarket twaddle, which is way beneath your intelligence for certain, to attract immature kids on a well established site regularly used by many very older and long attending fans too. Up to you what way you choose. But I personally think this style is a waste of your talent and such waste from talented people, always saddens me. But I doubt you will take any notice of me. Young people usually don’t learn from older fans. Just the way it is!

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