Alfie’s latest Arsenal Podcast – Does the blame lie with Emery or Kroenke?

Young Alfie is back with his latest Arsenal podcast where he discusses the fans views on whether Emery or Kroenke should be brought to book. Emery is having a hard time getting the players to follow his instructions or his tactics, but he has hardly been backed in the transfer market to get hold of the players that he needs, has he?

Anyway, listen up and add your views in the comments below….


  1. famousfromdubai says:

    what do you want? an overhaul of all players… we have decent squad that can be competitive given the right coaching personnel.
    world class aubameyang looks lost and a shadow of himself.
    its not about players. the ones we have should be used to the best of their abilities.
    Against the big teams we have lost to has been not about players but tactics and formation.
    iwobi was deployed to the right when we all know he is better at the left. Auba is better played in a front two. ramsey and ozil are on the bench and you have 7 defensive players being played at once with zero creativity.
    Unia biggest undoing is his tactics. and for now…he takes full blame till the summer. even if Kronke gives him 1 millioon he cant do anything with it till the summer. so its all on him

  2. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Sorry to go off topic immediately but did anyone notice that Jurgen Klopp question the integrity of the referee last night more or less calling him a cheat, giving decisions to West Ham after he gave an offside goal for Liverpool’s opener. I actually saw the report on the BBC then turned to Sky and would you believe it, not a word. Can you imagine if that was Wenger or even Emery. I’ve always said that Manchester United and Liverpool are Sky Sports favourite sides and with United under performing Sky have got firmly behind Liverpool to win the title. The Premier League is now so crooked that I will not be renewing my season ticket next year after going literally for over 60 years, 37 as a season ticket holder. I really have finally had enough of the way Sky Sports have sent the game completely corrupt. I hardly watch the big games anymore and would rather watch a game between, for example, Leeds and Villa. There’s so many organisations involved. In my opinion Sky Sports have corrupted the FA, The Premier League, The PGMOL and the referees with their Billions that they’ve poured into the game over the last 27 years. They’re will be people on these pages who won’t go along with this crooked issue, to them I say, open your eyes, look at the obvious. What a disgrace, a great game ruined and corrupted by money.

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Well said. You are right. There are many subtle prejudices and too many are against our own club. It’s all Liverpool and United, but it’s subtle. Sky are crap.

      1. ozzziegunner says:

        Spot on Kenny, some clubs and managers can do no wrong.
        When is Lacazette going to be awarded a penalty fr any of the many fouls comitted against him in the box?

    2. Sue says:

      Klopp does my head in, you drew & were lucky to come away with that, so deal with it! You don’t hear a bloody word from him when Salah dives for a penalty… Milner was offside & your goal shouldn’t have stood!
      I just looked on Sky online & it says the FA are looking into his comments… what will come of that, who knows! A slap on the wrist perhaps!!

      1. Sue says:

        Kenny you’re really not renewing?? ?

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I know I’ve said it before Sue but when the beginning of June comes round I change my mind.This time however I’m more serious, maybe letting it go for one season. Would you be interested to have it for a season? Maybe more. Best seat Sue, literally behind the TV camera.

          1. Sue says:

            I remember once you said on here ‘apart from your family, Arsenal are the love of your life’ that stuck with me as I feel the same! Don’t do it unless you’re 100% sure though Kenny.. it’d be awful if you changed your mind & then couldn’t do anything about it.
            As much as I’d love to, I can’t commit to a season ticket as I work every other weekend & I’d miss my kids!! Thank you very much for the offer though Kenny – much appreciated ? I bet that is a great seat… ??

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            It is a great seat Sue and my offer stands to you and that’s a promise. I couldn’t think of a nicer person to give it too for a season.

          3. Sue says:

            ?? thanks Kenny, such a gent ?

          4. John0711 says:

            Kenny as much as I’ve disagreed with some of your comments I am saddened that someone so loyal feels like this. The club should do more to keep people like yourself. You are what the club was built on

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Thank you John, been out working, that’s a lovely comment to come home to.

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Klopp plays the media the same way as Mourinho did when he first arrived Sue. Being rude to the assembled journalists at press conferences and making them stupidly giggle like children however Mourinho’s rudeness saw the press turn on him in the end and the same will happen to Klopp. Their true self will eventually come out and the media will move on to someone else.

        1. RSH says:

          The only reason I enjoy Liverpool dropping points so much is to see Klopps stupid jaw drop. His behavior is disgusting, but the media falls for his charm. Running onto the pitch while the game was going on is simply disgraceful, and now another manager has done it since. Klopp has started this stupid behavior. If it were mourinho the FA would’ve banned him for a month.

          1. Sue says:

            Yes because he never expects them to drop points.. just like their fans! So I have to say I really do love it when they do… and I give their fans a little reality check!!

          2. RSH says:

            He hugs his players! They should always get 3 points!

    3. jon fox says:

      Yes, Kenny a game corrupted by obscene money and on so many levels. I feel zero kinship or real affection to so very few modern players, even though we have no actual bad apples currently , like Cole, Adebayor, Nasri, Bendtner, etc. I have not as yet, totally given up the idea of ever going again, after stopping because of the way our club was being misrun two years ago, on so many levels. While Kroenke remains we are slowly but steadily dying as a top level club. Only when that realisation becomes mainstream and ALL Gooners decide to do something drastic to force him out – and that is always the call of many thousands of individual,fans as it should be – will things ever move in a positive direction again. It is an easy excuse to blame Emery as some do, but I am far more the big picture seeer than that. Only today it has been openly debated on TalkSport that Kroenke is limiting our summr spend to a mere £45 mill. When you think how we completely wasted a total of £70 on dross like Xhaka and Musatafi, it puts into woeful perspective how little a pittance £45 million is. It will not even buy ONE decent CB these days, let alone about three fullbacks, twoHARD WORKING creative midfielders , a goal scoringproper winger and more besides we badly need. A POISONOUS YANK IS KILLING OUR CLUB.

      1. ger burke says:

        jon fox, i also appreciate what you have sacrificed in giving up your season ticket, well done to you and your commitment.

        1. jon fox says:

          ger burke, You are too kind. It had been obvious to me for some years even prior to stopping going that the club were badly drifting and ambitionless. I still care passionately but cannot see myself ever choosing to watch in person a Kroenke owned club again. Sad beyond words but we are all responsible for our own actions and do so free from coertion. I made my own individual stand and need no praise for so doing. I JUST FEEL A GREAT SENSE THAT WE ALL HAVE LOST OUR CLUB SINCE THE PREVIOUS DIRECTORS BETRAYED US ALL BY SELLING TO KROENKE. REMEMBER WHY TOO; money, obscene and filthy money. They were hardly going to starve prior to selling , were they!!!

          1. ozziegunner says:


      2. Sean Williams says:

        Jon, you are just telling the truth. Kroenke is poison to this club. Until he goes, because he is sole owner, we are subject to his whims and fancies. He is one of the most despised men in America. Every supporter should voice the opposition to Kroenke until he gets the message. If we all start now he will sooner or later get the message.

    4. ger burke says:

      kenny, you are so correct in everything you have written sir.i have blamed sky sports for many years now. the corruption and greed is so shocking. i live in ireland, so going to games is out of the question for me . all i was able to do was give up my subscription to sky sports as a protest, a toothless protest i know, but i will never again watch those channels.the whole concept of football has changed over the years , and, it is now whover has the most money shouts the loudest,. having said that , we , the arsenal, should be shouting with the top dogs , is is shameful to think what has happened to our club. we were once top of the pile, but we are now also rans. may i commend you for giving up your season ticket sir. what a noble thing to do . it is okay for the likes of me, who never attends a game to say give up your season tickets and bring banners and all that . but , if i were in london, i would have been attending games also. too easy for me to say give up your season tickets, it is in your DNA, arsenal football club i mean.i hope sue takes you up on your very kind offer , go for it sue.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Thanks to Sean, Ger, Jon and Sue for kind words to my post.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Kenny, my fellow gooner of so many many years, your decision saddens me.
          Your love for the club is evident in everything you write and your fantastic memory allowed me to re-live games that I attended myself, but only had hazy recollections of.
          I admire the way that you steer clear of the never ending pointless and fruitless debates, such as the kind that myself and Jon have regarding our ex-manager…you always manage to rise above that type of petty squabbling.
          You normally state your case and then sit back and watch!!
          That’s why, whenever your name appears, I read carefully and digest thoroughly. I know it will be worth the time to do this.
          Another excellent trait you bring to the site is your ability to apologise, as you have done at least twice to my knowledge.

          I only hope that you think again about giving up the ticket, it’s such a big step that can’t be overturned.
          Your support of our club is so important and to give it up because of others is WRONG Kenny.
          We have always agreed on the corruptness of the referees association and indivdual refs as well. It’s based on over sixty years of both watching our club being given, at the very least, dubious decisions against us.
          I’m hoping that VAR will finally bring Riley and his ilk to be questioned and challenged by, strangely enough the media itself.
          Give yourself the chance to see this in action at least Kenny, it should change the decisions that we saw last night in the WHU/Pool game.

          Whatever you decide, I hope it will still see you coming on here and putting us oldies right when we get our memories wrong and putting the young guns right when they tell us we’re too old to see the game properly through fading eyesight!!!

          1. ger burke says:

            ken1945. i think you have put into words how so many of us feel on here. i `know you dont see yourself as a spokesman for anybody, except yourself, but i hope you know what i mean. that was an amazing comment, it is so obvious that you feel for our club , like so many more on is at times like these that the real devoted fan comes to the top. by the way, i am not including myself in that group.i have never seen the arsenal play, much to my disgust. but i rely on in depth news on here , and i surely now know who is who here and who are foolish children.i will never now see the gunners play as i have lost my sight a few years back. but , please, no pity from ANYBODY, that is not why i am saying this .we all have problems in our lives, everybody ever born has problems. and that is one of the reasons that keeps me going . for me, this is the biggest problem facing our great club, in my 51 years of supporting the club , from afar, i dont think i can ever remember such goings on . our owner has no connection with the club, except banking the sad all of this is , is there a cure ?, i dont see one , except that krooked kroenke sells up and let us get back to loving the greatest football club in the world.

          2. ken1945 says:

            ger burke, what can one say to your post?
            I am struggling for words regarding your lost eyesight, just find it a privilige that you get something from my thoughts.
            I also never realised that you had followed the gooners for over 50 years, that makes you one of the ancient ones my fellow gooner.

            Your point about this being the biggest crisis at our club in those fifty years I agree with.
            At least off the field that is.
            We both know about the real barren years before Bertie Mee and our first double and anyone who quotes Chapman to me are just quoting history books, not the real thing.

            But we overcame those years on the field via Mee, Neill, Graham, Wenger and the real mastermind David Dein.
            The players that have graced our shirt have been wonderful.
            So many that giants like George Eastham, Malcolm Macdonald and so many more, tend to slip below the radar, just because of the level of world class players we have been priviliged to watch.

            It’s off the field where I believe the real problem lies and, if one cares to look back, it all started when Kronkie became involved with the club.
            The real irony is that Dein introduced him of course, but that’s by the by.
            Without getting into the AW debate, if you track the real slow but steady decline within the club it’s when, in my opinion, AW lost Dein and kronkie was elected to the board.
            The board sold its soul and our club to him and when he apppointed Gazidis, it was the meeting of two calculating, money making moguls.
            To hell with fans like Kenny etc the greenback was all that mattered.
            Gazidis going was a brilliant day for us and I thought the three musketeers along with UE would work.
            Time will tell if it does pan out, but with kronkie owning the club everything is down to him and him alone.

            ger burke, just a personal thought.
            If you want to have the matchday programme, or anything else Arsenal come to that, sent to you, I would gladly send it over to you on a regular basis.
            It would be no problem at all and I would actually be proud to do it for an amazing gooner who gets on with life and loves the club as you so obviously do.

          3. ger burke says:

            ken1945, i am bowled over by your wonderful reply, thank you is off the field that our struggle is, you are is shameful and hard to swallow. thank you for the generous offer of sending me on arsenal related stuff. someday i will take you up on that offer. i think the vast majority of us on here are decent folk just wanting the arsenal to succeed.i first began to follow the club in 1968, and , as you well know, we have had many barren yeats, apart from the double. i will still follow them to my dying day, it is in us. we just dont follow our team, we live the is a pleasure to chat with such wonderdful people on here, people such as yourself and a few more. thank you again .

          4. jon fox says:

            ger burke, What a touching post! God bless you and your huge heart . You are a giant among us little fans.

          5. ger burke says:

            thank you jon fox, i am no giant let me tell you. neither am i a hero, i am just unfortunate the way life has worked out, but i will be happy to carry on as usual.making good friends on here is a wonderful thing for me. unfortunatel, sometimes, i am unable to ezxpress myseldf properly, and i come across as a bit of a trouble maker. believe me , there is nothing further from the truth. let me just repeat , everyone of us has some problem or another, nobody escapes.

          6. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Wonderful post from Ken, can’t thank you enough my friend for such kind words but Ger’s post has knock me for six and put everything into perspective. All I can say Ger is you’ve given a lesson to all of us when we moan over the minor things in life, I know you said no pity which to me shows how brilliantly you get on with life under such a handicap. Like Ken I also have lots of old Arsenal memorabilia, including books, programmes, handbooks etc, which I would be only too pleased to send you. Pat at Admin has my email address and has my full permission to pass to you Ger, Please get in touch.

          7. ger burke says:

            kenny rolfe, wow, thanks so much my friend, i am dumbfounded sir. i only mentioned that i was blind because i will never see the gunners play. but there are far more important things in life. i have the priceless memories of seeing my two children grow up etc. it could have been far worse is what i mean. at least i only lost my sight fairly recently. so at 63 years of age you can imagine all the memories that i have.i am grateful for what i have , believe me.i will contact mr.admin when he gets back from his world tour of asia, lol. you are too kind indeed. i will email you and we will set something up . i would like nothing better.

          8. Sue says:

            What a guy you are ger burke ??

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Kroenke is an anathema to Arsenal. We should all consistently remind him we want him out, make his Arsenal ownership an unhappy time. We are purely a ‘Portfolio’ club to him, the opposite of what we need. How sad the state of our once great club. Emery has inherited some really poor players at this level. Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, Iwobi, Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner, are purely mid table players.

  4. Sue says:

    Love your passion for the club Alfie…don’t like the use of the ‘C’ word! I know Kroenke makes everyone’s blood boil, I just cringe whenever I hear that word

    1. Declan says:

      Agree with you Sue regarding the ‘C’ word. Use of it shows a complete lack of language skills and total disregard for common decency.
      It’s totally unnecessary and some posters even use it in their texts here substituting the u with an *.
      Use it in the street and you ‘could’ get arrested.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I also agree with with Declan and Sue. Sorry don’t even listen to the idiot. Using disrespectful words like that on a public forum is a disgrace. Children are watching Bozo.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Sue, I take the view that anyone who uses this type of language to describe anyone / anything are actually portraying themselves and their upbringing.
            That, and the fact that they are unable to converse using “proper english”!!!

          2. Sue says:

            Exactly how I see it Ken ?

          3. Alfie says:

            Never seen such a condescding, patronising comment.

          4. Alfie says:

            There aren’t children on this site. And if I feel that it was the right word to use to portray my emotion at the time, I’ll use it, considering the video was made for my own YouTube channel. I’m sorry if you felt it was disrespectful but sometimes it’s hard to hold back. To dismiss someone’s speaking ability and vocabulary just because they use aggressive words when emotional is ridiculous.

    2. Alfie says:

      Fair enough, and cheers! I try not to use it but as you said sometimes it’s hard not too.

      1. ken1945 says:

        There you go alfie, it’s easy to show passion, aggression, emotion and the use of good old fashioned english.
        I certainly got all those from your reply and thank you for explaining why you said what you did.

        The questions I always want to ask someone who uses these words are these:

        Would you use these words in front of your mother/sister/daughter/girlfriend/wife?
        Would you be happy to have someone use these words to the above group?

        I wasn’t trying to belittle you, just gave my views based on my thoughts to the two questions I asked above.
        Furthermore, I do READ and ENJOY your podcasts when possible, as I love the written word and it causes lesss friction!!

        1. ozziegunner says:


  5. ThirdManJW says:

    When talking of blame, only three names need mentioning…Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger. I cannot believe you have even entertained the idea of blaming Emery when using his name in the title for this video!

    1. Alfie says:

      I didn’t blame Emery at all. The whole thrust of my argument was dissaproving the minority that actually advocate this.

  6. jon fox says:

    Oh Alfie, what a wonder summary ruined by the filthy and childish language. You are clearly a passionate and clear seeing Gooner and your posts have great passion which is all to the good. BUT not when you offend, through life inexperience, many of your listeners. This type of language with the C and F words littered freely is UNACCEPTABLE. The person you most damage by doing so is YOURSELF and your own credibility. I find that a huge pity as the acual CONTENT I could not more agree. FILTH IS ALWAYS MORE OFFENSIVE WHEN ACTUALLY SPOKEN THAN MERELY WHEN READ.

    1. Alfie says:

      I’m sorry but when in the heat of the moment it can be hard not to swear. I want to keep it authentic and not hide my true emotions so I can portray my anger and passion. I apologise if you were offended but I’m not going to stop swearing because a couple of people don’t like it.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Alfie, you are getting a lot of free advice here, from people with a lot of life experiences. The smart thing to do would be to take it!

  7. Grandad says:

    An apologie would be appropriate Alfie for unacceptable language.I for one will not be listening to your podcasts in future unless such action is taken.

    1. Alfie says:

      I’m sorry. But this video was not made for you only. I can’t hold back my emotions at times. But I do apologise if you were offended.

  8. Leon says:

    The problem is this.
    So many loyal Arsenal fans will give up their season tickets because of the way the club is being run – and fair play to their decision, why should they pour their hard earned cash to support a team of mercenaries (not all are mercenaries by the way…) and a club owner who doesn’t give a **** about the club?
    I understand that – I stopped going years back….
    The problem is that the loyal fans will be replaced by, as Roy Keane so accurately described them a bunch of prawn sandwich eaters – soul less people with no passion for the club.
    Kroenke knows this.
    He doesn’t care if the money spent is by loyal, loving fans or a bunch of corporate zombies.
    Its money in his bank account.
    As I said, I no longer bother with the trek down to London to see the live games and the expenses it incurs.
    I will be cancelling Sky Sports because, as I see it football should be something to enjoy and I don’t enjoy a bunch of idiots make the same glaring mistakes week after week after week – that is not fun in anyone’s book.
    My suggestion is don’t buy the shirts – let adidas start questioning Kroenke why sales are terrible.
    Don’t turn up for the games and let Kroenke foot the bill for Ozil’s obscene wages. The longer people keep pouring money into the club the longer that cancerous parasite will stick around.
    Peter Hill Wood WAS right.
    We don’t want his sort here….
    And I apologise to those I have clashed with on here – its nothing personal, just incandescent rage on seeing this club go down the toilet…

    1. ken1945 says:

      Leon, a nice post, with lots to thik about and agree/disagree with.
      The point I want to make is the way you describe Ozils salary.
      I agree with you 100%, but can’t you say that about every professional player in the premier league?
      Even £20,000 a week is obscene to those who perform public duties such as nurses, police, teachers, carers etc etc.
      I read your post as just slating Ozil off, not only for the money but because it’s him.
      If I’m wrong then my apologies and, by the way, wouldn’t anyone who was offered that kind of money by senseless morons such as Gazidis and kronkie accept?
      I’d be first in the line and methinks maybe you might be second?

      As a footnote, Ozil does give a lot of his money to charities and tries to be low key while he does it.
      Yes, obscene money, no footballer worth it, just not Ozil and decent charity work from the man.

  9. jon fox says:

    Alfie,I iimagine you may be feeling rather chastened just now with all the comments you will have read. Please take heart; we were all young once and there is not a human being anywhere who has not made a mistake. The trick is to learn from it and you will find by doing so that people will rally to you and forgive your error. Do not despair. You have everything going for you, youth, intelligence, passion and yes, you made a mistake. We all do. I could write a very thick book of my thousands of ones. Only you yourself know the REAL you.

    1. Alfie says:

      Thanks for your support Jon but I can assure you I have received a lot more than a bunch of OAPs not liking my use of f***

  10. ForeverGooner says:

    Emery has made some errors but he can’t turn average and below average players into top players.

    Only 3 (maybe) of our players at the most could walk into one of the Top 5 teams. Nobody else.

    We deserve 6th place. We are worse than the Top 5 City, Liverpool, United, Spurs, Chelsea and better than the bottom 14

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