Alfie’s Podcast on the Crystal Palace game – Arsenal’s run comes to an end

Young Alfie is back after an absense of some time, but he is back with a vengeance to discuss the way that Arsenal lost their winning run at Selhurst Park yesterday…



  1. Sarmmie says:

    I won’t blame emery for getting those decisions wrong, he wanted to start auba without benching iwobi, xhaka at left back??? He did it at sporting well so why not crystal palace, maybe it was a bad idea but I won’t blame that decision

  2. Sarmmie says:

    For those that still wonder why xhaka starts in the middle, you’ve seen what a torreira guendouzi midfield will give you

    Before the palace game, Only one midfielder had more touches and passes than xhaka this season, jorginho. Now, when you have a lot of touches, it’s cos you open up more for the ball, hence, a high no of passes.
    Some people will say his passes are side and backward passes, but for possession keeping, you don’t pass forward all the time. Even if he doesn’t create chances often, if his presence makes the four players ahead of him play better why not play him?
    People wanted guendouzi to start ahead of him while we were winning, now he gets to start and we drop points, I don’t want to say we drew cos of xhaka not playing in the middle and I’m not saying he’s better than guendouzi, but if his presence keeps us in possession more, hence making it easier to create chances better, I’ll start xhaka ahead of guendouzi, if more balance is needed, and you want to start guendouzi, start the 3 of them along with torreira, not bench xhaka

    1. Alfie says:

      Completely agree.

  3. Goonerboi says:

    You’re definitely correct guendozi got bullied vs palace to he’s too frail to be paired with torreira. Xhaka may not be that great defensively but his distribution and now set pieces ability is probably why he’some of emerys favourite. He was also awful at LB. Guendozi needs to bulk up a little and probs a good loan spell before we can start relying on him.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Let me first of all commiserate with the families of the Leicester City FC Chairman and the four other persons who lost their lives in the helicopter crash near the King Power Stadium, Leicester last Saturday night. Let their souls rest in peace. Amen! In Jesus Christ Name. And Let God in His compassion and mercy give the families of the five deceased persons the fortitude to bear the lost of their loved ones in the air crash and be comforted in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!

    The lost of Arsenal 11 games winning run to Crystal Palace yesterday who forced them to a draw game was a blow dealt on us Gooners. Unai Emery, the Gunners boss should take 50% of the blame for the lost of the winning run for his substituting Ozil who was fresh for the likely fatigued Welbeck who played the full 90 minutes at Sporting CP. Ozil can produce moment of magic in the game for Arsenal with seconds to go in the match. And Mustafi and Xhaka should share the remaining 50% equally for their unprofessional misendervour in the game giving away a penalty each to C Palace.

    Now that we’ve unfortunately lost our winning run, I believe the situation is still under control. More so, if Arsenal beat Blackpool in the League Cup at the Ems on Wednesday night to switch to 12 games unbeaten run mode and start a fresh winning run in all competitions. And as for the PL title win challenge, Arsenal are still in it challenging for the title win among four of their top club rivals who are also challenging to win it. There are still some 83 points left to play for and collect by Arsenal after they’ve collected 23 points from 10 games. All Arsenal need to do now is to not drop more than 4 points to 2 draw games to have a record breaking PL Title win on 102 points beating Man City’s 100 points record breaking title win. Can’t Arsenal do it? Emery should think positively on achieving this record breaking win by Arsenal. Let him not say again, to win 3 next games in a row before Arsenal play C Palace is a too much asking. This is negative mentality.

    1. jon fox says:

      Samuel, Well said about the Leicester tragedy. But as for the rest of your post…..! Words fail me! WHAT FANTASY WORLD OF YOUR OWN DO YOU ACTUALLY LIVE IN?

  5. Akan says:

    What game were you dumb ass eeediots watching???
    In the first half Guendouzi was our best player on the pitch by far. To suggest that we drew the game because he was played in the middle instead of Xhaka is complete and utter rubbish. He is a better player than Xhaka by a very very long way.
    We drew the game because Palace scored 2 penalties which were given away by the 2 worst players on the pitch. I won’t say anything about Mustafi because he is being played due injury of other better players ahead of him in the position of center back. As for Xhaka,, he should be left back for every game. Left Back in the dressing room.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      And what did we get from the first half? He could have been the best cos the others were so bad

      Xhaka is a CM for God’s sake, his main job is to keep his team in possession and drive them forward esp when there’s no AM. and he does this well his high no of passes speak for him, some people here would say he’s not mobile, how do you get to touch the ball so much if you’re not mobile cos he has 941 touches in 836 mins this season

      Last season, he had 2874 passes in 3076 mins, over 63% were forward passes, that’s not bad at all, pogba and fernandinho percentage of forward passes was 66%, Henderson was 64%, so xhaka’s 63 clearly isn’t bad

      Some people will say he makes mistakes, according to premier, he hasn’t made any error leading to goals this season, so where are the errors people complain about?
      I’ve realized that most of those that have things against xhaka don’t have facts, it’s only their opinions they give and facts happen to be more important than anyone’s opinion

      And lastly, I don’t think I should be called a dumbass or idiot for airing my opinion, I’m not annoyed so I’m not asking for an apology, just pls don’t do it again, to me or to anybody

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