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Alfie’s Podcasts are back – Cardiff v Arsenal Review – Lacazette rules

Our Alfie has been on holiday, but Just Arsenal can finally welcome him back with a great away win (only our second in 2018 in fact) and we can have a lot more to look forward to under Unai Emery. Let Alfie give you his thoughts on a very eventful game….

Come on you Gunners!

2 thoughts on “Alfie’s Podcasts are back – Cardiff v Arsenal Review – Lacazette rules

  1. Niall

    What is wrong with emery we have torreria and leno and these wasters start every week xhaka is killing me he is beyond useless and bellerin too put in lichtensteiner leno and torriera and put ramsey alongside torreria in the centre we were poxed to get 3 points today

  2. Chiza

    Hmm… After 4 games….two wins,two losses… One home win,one home loss… One away win,one away loss……..8 goals scored,8 goals conceded…… Aubameyang(1goal)..lacazette(1goal)…mikhitaryan (1goal)…iwobi(1goal).. Welbeck(1goal)…monreal(1goal) and mustafi(1goal)….these clearly shows that goalscoring duties is spreading around and I love that… So How would you guys rate Emery in terms of percentage so far?
    Mine is 50%…those stats clearly shows average….no argument about that

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