Alfie’s Video Blog from Arsenal v Huddersfield (Plus watch Torreira’s goal again)

Arsenal may have made hard work of beating Huddersfield but we have extended our unbeaten run to 21 games and got 3 more precious points to keep us in touch with the Top Four. It may not have been an exciting game for the neutrals, but the Gunners finally broke down the dour and organized Northerners with a wonderful bit of magic from Lucas Torreira. Young Alfie Culshaw was at the game, and he soaked up the atmosphere when Lucas scored to share it with us.

“TORRERIA WOAH, TORREIRA WOAH” | Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield | VLOG

Not a great performance, but another sign that our mentality and grit is getting better under Unai Emery. COYG

And you can watch the goal again here. Enjoy!


  1. Things are changing says:

    It is so nice to respect the team and manager again and to be proud of our club after years of frustration and embarrassment at our lack of effort and management.

    I would love to finish in the top 4 which would be a major achievement, but whether we manage that or not this looks like a successful season in many ways.

    I have always said to that me effort is the main thing, we are putting an effort in so whether we have the talent to transfer that effort into a 4th place finish or not won’t change my opinion of the manager and the team. Plus we always knew we will have to add talent on the defensive side of the ball and on our budget that might take a while.

  2. jon fox says:

    No disrespect to Alfie , who is a devoted Goonr but it is clear from the repeated lack of posts on his videos that folk on here want to see written words rather than spoken thoughts. God knows why but the evidence is clear. I only posted on here to say this and have not listened to his video this time.

    1. Alfie says:

      I get what your saying, and I’m going to try write a few articles, but these videos were made for my YouTube channel, and put on here just if anyone on here wants to have a look at them.

      1. jon fox says:

        I intended no criticism at all of you Alfie. As I said, you are a proper and dyed in the wool Gooner. However we have fans of all generations on here and mostly us older ones do not look at videos or share the love of YOU TUBE and other young persons sites. We LIKE TO DEBATE WITH EACH OTHER , which means writing our thoughts on this well run and interesting site. I urge you to write some articles as well as videos, which, at least on here, are becoming, sadly, largely ignored. Only trying to help.

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