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Alfie’s Word Cup Podcast – Spain and VAR make hard work of beating Morocco

Yet another game and another controversial decision made by the VAR. Yet again Arsenal’s Monreal was left off the starting line-up but it was certainly an interesting game!

Let Alfie give you his view on it…

6 thoughts on “Alfie’s Word Cup Podcast – Spain and VAR make hard work of beating Morocco

  1. gotanidea

    Spain played fluidly as usual, with the technical abilities, creativity and high work rate of their players, but they became very complacent in the last two World Cups

    I really enjoyed watching Spain, compared to watching other teams, because of their players’ skills. Unfortunately Arsenal do not have players like Iniesta, Silva, Thiago and Isco yet

    They are one of strongest candidates, along with England and Belgium

    1. GanjaMan

      In a weird way I got satisfaction from when Morocco scored their first goal from a set piece when the scorer had beaten Sergio Ramos to that header, and I have nothing against Sergio Ramos lol. It was just satisfying.

    1. Brian Uweh

      I beg to differ,dont be to quick to judge,Spain did beat Iran and Iran were pretty organised and solid,spain just lack that clinical nature they need a mercurial star forward costa is good but they need someone with a different style when the game is compact thats what iago aspas did for them but i fear thats a problem position for them because their midfielders are absolutely sensational over 600 passes cmpleted,Piques age though is gradually catching up to him

  2. Abel

    Spain won. However, the referee was biased towards the spanish players in most of his decisions. Pique should have been sent off for a two-footed ‘studs-up challenge on a Morrocan forward. He wasn’t even given a yellow card, despite VAR. Meanwhile, the ref doled out yellow cards to Morrocans for the slightest touch on the Spanish players. He also yellow-carded the Morrocan captain for complaining about the unfair treatment.
    The ref also chose to overlook a deliberate hand ball by Pique, just outside the box in the 2nd half.
    Seems the powers that be want Spain in the next round by all means necessary.

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