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Alfie’s World Cup podcast – France and Belgium keep it European

Day 20 of the World Cup and the Quarter Final commenced. France beat Uruguay, with Torreira performing well and Brazil were agonisingly beaten by Belgium in a World Cup classic.

6 thoughts on “Alfie’s World Cup podcast – France and Belgium keep it European

  1. gotanidea

    The winning European teams successfully used their physical dominance against the South Americans this time. England and Belgium were smart to use pragmatic strategy with three CB formations, more direct attacks, faster tempo, air dominance and set pieces

    As I predicted, those Mourinho’s style strategies work really well in this form of competition, where there is no home/ away matches and most players fight hard for their countries

    If the N’zonzi rumor is true, I think Emery plans to add more tall players, after extending Xhaka’s and Chambers’ contracts. I’m curious to see whether Emery would employ something like Mourinho’s boring, direct and defensive strategy or another tiki-taka ala Wenger/ Barcelona/ Spain

    1. gotanidea

      Just checked, no Arsenal picture there

      But both Arsenal Fan TV and Arsenal Daily News informed that Torreira turned down Arsenal medical

      1. Darwin

        His father has specifically stated, that they turned down Arsenal medical in Russia, as they didnt want it to affect his focus from the World Cup, which is quite obvious and understandable.

        He also further stated that, Lucas has given his word to join Arsenal after the World cup. So I am pretty sure he is on his way.

        Also I dont know how trustworthy ArsenalFan TV and Arsenal Daily News are. or maybe they misinterpreted the news as it often happens.

  2. Dan

    According to kev Wilshire signed for fenerbache looks like he is wrong as having medical at West ham also said Ramsey has signed a new 5 year contract well no reports about that so kev 1 more wrong piece of done deals and you got a hatrick well done!!⚽️⚽️⚽️

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