Alfie’s World Cup podcast – His view of England v Belgium

So England have apparently secured an easier path to the Final by losing a dire reserve game against Belgium, even Danny Welbeck got to play for 10 minutes!

Well this is what Alfie made of it….


  1. jon fox says:

    Alfie, please do us GOONERS a favour and talk about Arsenal matters instead. You clearly have no more to offer than on who may come in or leave. Widen your posts please as MANY OF US ARE BORED TO DEATH with world cup news everywhere we look, 24/7. THIS IS AN ARSENAL SITE, in case you are unaware.

    1. stubill says:

      Jon, as I have said to others on here, if you don’t like to the content of the article, simply don’t read it. It really isn’t that difficult, you’re not forced to read them, it’s not obligatory.

      Many of us enjoy the reports and discussions regarding the world cup, rather than the unrealistic wishes of some fans, and even worse the fantasy teams and formations of make believe Arsenal squads.

      I know people could write about the history of the club, past players, managers and chairman, but if people want to read this, it’s all out there on the web, it doesn’t need regurgitating on here.

      Finally, the only person who has editorial control of the content is Admin’, if he’s happy to let articles on here regarding the world cup, who are you, me, or anyone else to interfere.

    2. Innit says:


      I welcome World Cup articles.
      Many Arsenal fans enjoy FOOTBALL and International football. Many support their respective countries. Many enjoy the tournament

      Most Arsenal articles in the summer are on rumours any way. And we will have 11 months of arsenal articles

      You don’t need to read these articles nor comment. Nobody is forcing you

    3. Alfie says:

      Jon mate, I make these videos on my YouTube channel which is not solely devoted to World Cup. The admin watches the videos and if he likes them then he’ll upload them to JustArsenal, as some people are interested in the World Cup as well. In addition, there isn’t much going on at Arsenal at the moment and I always encorporate something to do with Arsenal in the videos anyway

  2. GunnerJack says:

    Jon I don’t think anyone has anything to offer regarding Arsenal at the moment other than the constantly regurgitated transfer news which for me is much more boring than the World Cup. So for me Alfie is helping to keep this board ticking along nicely until something DOES happen regarding Arsenal.

  3. Sean says:

    Jon Fox I agree with you on being sick of WC posts but what else is actually going on at Arsenal as the posts on transfer news was repetitive, Jesus I did quite a few myself on here recently. Alfie is a breath of fresh air on this site, as the season commences his knowledge for our club is pretty good & his posts will be all Arsenal & quite interesting.

    Yes we all can read ourselves & find out what’s going on with transfers etc… but we like to vent of our anger, frustrations, joys & for the hell of it a bit of banter on here. Alfie good post but maybe do one after each round now if you get me, last 16, quarters etc.. updates at the end of each ko rounds.

    Back to Arsenal.

    Updates online…
    Gelson Martins has snubbed us for Liverpool. Wants UCL. Not sure how true but could believe it.

    Torreira is all but done apparantly but reports yday that Arsenal have did a u-turn. Not sure how much this has behind it but with Arsenal wouldn’t surprise me, still think he’s a done deal along with Sokratis.

    Calum Chambers is signing new deal to keep him at the club until 2022 today apparently. Unai wants him to challenge the starting CBs this season & has really high hopes for him. Sokratis will start but who along side him as Soyuncu has said he wants Arsenal, we want him but he has requested game time to come so he starts quite a few games. Mustafi has to be sold is the only option as the development of Mavraponas will not be disrupted.

    1. Sean says:

      William Carvalho is another target for Arsenal again along with Chelsea. Not sure about this one at all but he’s free so never know. We have wanted him a few times before.

      Ever Benagas family apparently don’t want to move to England but the player himself is interested to play under Emery again & test himself in the premier league. We are interested & has a buy out clause.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Sean I hope the William Cavahlo interest is genuine, as he would be a positive acquisition for the Arsenal.
        The worry with Ever Banega is the report that his family does not want to leave Seville. As the story goes “happy wife, happy life”. Banega is not happy with Sevilla FC sacking Vincenzo Montella, as he was close to him; so he may be keen to transfer to Arsenal to rejoin Unai Emery.

    2. RSH says:

      I feel like there is only one reporter saying a U-turn on Torriera, which is interesting. Sky saying it’s just about done and they still remain highly credible even though they have blunders more often than they used to. Still not worried about it becoming official. I got a feeling Soyuncu won’t happen. I’ve read Freiberg want 30mill, and I doubt Arsenal will pay that. I’d be fine just seeing if Chambers can hold down a spot, and then revisit Soyuncu in January. Kind of crazy how Mustafi has been linked with nobody. Is he just not wanted by anyone or are we keeping him? I’d rather Holding and Mavro get gametime than try with Mustafi, who is just poor. Martins, I also don’t think will happen. Just a feeling. We don’t deal much in Portugese league because the deals are always more complicated with 3rd parties.

      1. ACE says:

        Tend to agree that Martins and Soyuncu are
        both longshots atm and the SL man wouldnt
        even be under serious consideration if he wasnt potentially on a free transfer. I do rate the
        young Turk but with CC reupping for a few
        more years I would prefer to see Emery and
        Co. allocate those funds toward a Lozano type
        winger or an experienced replacement for

        A firesale involving Mustafi, El Neny, Welbeck
        and Ospina to finance the addition of one WC
        player such as Koulibaly, Isco, Bailey etc.
        after the conclusion of the World Cup would
        be a dream ending to this summer window.

        Sonewhat OT, anybody else impressed with a
        few of the less heralded Senegal players.
        Sarr(#18) and Sabaly(#12) both looked the
        part for such young, inexperienced players.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          I would be very disappointed if Torriera doesn’t come to Arsenal.

          1. Sue says:

            Me too Ozzie….

  4. Abel says:

    Sarr looked pretty good, though not as aggressive as Mane but certainly faster. Truly one for the future.

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