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Alfie’s World Cup Podcast – Brazil and Belgium look excellent?

Day 18 of the World Cup and another incredible day of games. Whilst Brazil secured a relatively comfortable win over Mexico, Belgium and Japan played out a thriller which sets up a brilliant quarter final between Brazil and Belgium…


12 thoughts on “Alfie’s World Cup Podcast – Brazil and Belgium look excellent?

  1. gotanidea

    Belgium vs Japan showed what could happen to Arsenal next season, if they don’t have a new towering center back to handle Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch and the likes

    They had beaten Arsenal with their height and strength

  2. Nikhilesh

    OT: The “Diamond Eye” is romoured to have been following a player called “Bassem Srarfi” any one having an update about this?

    1. waal2waal

      I suspect the French squad are too much for uruguay – i suspect we will have a press conference with our latest dm very very soon being that urugauy cannot stop mbapp and his multi-talented side. torrira comes here to establish himsef – but the fact remains kante has won epl medals in succession – so, we need to be sober when we’re making these comparisons (imo).

      1. mikey

        i think it will be a close match Urugauy always manage to lift their game in the world cup they always have that never say die attitude

  3. RSH

    brazil will tear Belgium to shreds if Martinez doesn’t change formation and the lineup around

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