Alfie’s World Cup podcast – It really is coming home!

Enger-land, Enger-land! Day 24 of the World Cup and England and Croatia continue their speculative pursuit of football’s greatest prize. IT’S COMING HOME!

Here is Alfie’s view of the games…


  1. gotanidea says:

    That Mourinho’s style strategy (set pieces, extra heights and penalties) really works well in a knockout competition like this. Without home/ away matches and most players fight 100% for their nations, the three CB formations Belgium and England are very effective so far

    They were lucky that Spain have problems with Catalonia and Lopetegui, otherwise I believe the result could be different. Arsenal used to surprise their opponents with a three CB formation as well, hence I hope they would use a more entertaining version of it at some point in the upcoming season

    Maguire dominated the air with his height and strength, so I wish Arsenal would get a taller CB before the new season starts. Our tallest CB is currently Mavropanos, but he still needs more experience. Arsenal can also use the extra height to score in set pieces, if their open play scheme is ineffective

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    It’s coming home it’s coming home it’s coming home, will you guys just STFU for Pete’s sake!! It’s already annoying, the hype England media came make.. Let’s see what happens against Croatia when you don’t have the balls on your feet

    1. Trudeau says:

      Let us know the appropriate time to get excited Eddie. Silly England fans getting swept away by the magic of a World Cup run… so annoying when sport does this to people

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        every team in the last 4 should be excited, England’s taken theirs too far with the it’s coming home Bullshìt, it has become annoying

    2. Malch95 says:

      Surely a semi final berth grants a celebration, FOOTBALLS COMING HOME MATE!

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        You have to get past Croatia first and probably Belgium in the finals before it comes home right? Silly England fans, you’ve had an easy run up to the semis and you think you’ve done a lot.

        Yeye dey smell ?

  3. nonny says:

    over hyped bunch of players gloaming in England if mbape,torriera, and many more were English I wonder what could have been of them.. and who have they beat in this world cup to get to were they are average teams even Sweden lost to a bad German side with 10 men

  4. stubill says:

    Listen to all the haters on here, would you care to tell us which country you’re from, no doubt it’ll be one which failed.

    England have done far better than we expected, so of course we’re excited, and to answer the question, “who have we beaten in the World Cup?”. the answer is, everyone who we’ve had to.

    Go and wipe your tears away children, while we continue to enjoy ourselves.

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      ori e o pe.

      1. stubill says:

        Nigeria, no wonder you’re so bitter!

    2. Naija Jollof says:



      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:



        1. stubill says:

          Cowards, (like your football team) hiding behind your jibber jabba.

  5. ger burke says:

    english fans will lose england football team this world cup. it is englands for the taking , but , as usual, are hyping the entire situation out of all propotion. when are you english ever going to learn. the time to gloat and crow is when you win something . having said that , i am shouting for england , but only when they are on the pitch. keep quiet please until the cup is yours.

  6. nonny says:

    pathetic English media not even Belgium who have beaten them and Brazil have received the kind of hype they receive…. over paid bunch of average players

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