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Alfie’s World Cup podcast – It’s coming home!!! In-Ger-Land

I think Alfie got a little excited after the England game last night, when Colombia blew their last two penalties to present England with a pass to the next big game against Sweden…

Anyway this is what Alfie thinks…

12 thoughts on “Alfie’s World Cup podcast – It’s coming home!!! In-Ger-Land

  1. gotanidea

    England is the strongest contender in that side, because of their pragmatic strategy, physicalities and 3-5-2 tactic

    I am not surprised if they beat Sweden with the same diving and set-piece schemes again

    Once Man City get Mahrez, Sterling could be on sale and Arsenal could snatch Bernardo Silva or Leroy Sane

    1. Eddie Hoyte

      Lol… Hello?? Seen Croatia play??
      Against Croatia your physicality and defense won’t mean anything as long as Modric and Rakitic is in the midfield and they control the whole pitch for 90mins..
      Ask Physical Nigeria and Ask Argentina.
      England’s system can be broken down, no you don’t want them to face the French team or Brazilian team.
      Don’t get ahead of yourself bro

      1. Someone

        Actually in their game against Colombia , England were devoid of any creative strategy or beautiful tactic , i was disappointed by their ugly game.

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