Alfie’s World Cup Podcast – Germany, Ozil…

Well tonight was very interesting to say the least. Mesut Ozil played and…..

Let’s have Alfie’s view on it….


  1. RSH says:

    Low’s lineup for a must-win game was bad. Why Hummels, Khedira started after being disasters against Mexico is baffling. Have to agree with Alfie, Werner the biggest letdown of this tournament and was bad. Low relied too much on the people who didn’t let him down before, which is fair, but afraid to make the necessary changes. Juilian Brandt, little time in this tournament, Sane at home is quite simply a crime. Goretzka was really advanced, why? Muller also a shock this tournament. If he’s not scoring goals he has no purpose in any side. He’s not a technically good player, but in the past has worked for Germany. Big changes needed for them. Hope Low stays and we him bring up different German talents. This era looks pretty much finished and it’s time for new ideas. Not something you want to discovering during the World Cup though. Overall Germany were just slow this tournament. The same kind of slow we saw with Arsenal this past season. Winners curse even claims the Germans

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Brandt and Grotezka are young and have limited international football experience…

      in Fifa 18 or championship manager, they would have perform well and potentially score and assists based on ther ratings given…

      in reality, things are different

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    So Germany could only win when Ozil wasn’t playing, Arsenal take heed!

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