‘All day long’ – Transfer expert claims target prefers Arsenal over Man United

Transfer expert Ben Jacobs has claimed that Leicester’s Youri Tielemans has a clear preference on a move to Arsenal, not Manchester United.

The midfielder is believed to be open to a move this summer, and with just 12 months remaining on his current deal with the Foxes, you would imagine that his signature wouldn’t be unattainable.

While talk of his potential move has quietened down a little, Journalist Ben Jacobs has told Football Terrace podcast listeners that Tielemans has a clear preference to join Arsenal over reported potential suitors United.

“Youri Tielemans will choose Arsenal over Man Utd all day long,” he said.

We have added a central midfielder to the squad already this summer, but young Brazilian Marquinhos may not be ready to set the Premier League alight just yet.

It could well be that we are willing to monitor Youri’s situation for now while we work on signing a striker and a forward, while we are also claimed to be pursuing defender Lisandro Martinez also.

Leicester have been tough negotiators in previous windows, and they are likely to hold out for as much profit as possible, but if few clubs come knocking for him in the coming months it could well play into our hands.

I think Tielemans would be a big signing for us. One who would likely hit the ground running n make an immediate impact, but I’d be willing to let him play out the year and land him for free next summer if the price isn’t right.

Do you think it would be a dangerous game letting his contract run down and letting others prepare contract offers for him?


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  1. Generally, Arsenal is good at expressing regrets. Missing out on Tielsman will be a big mistake.

    1. Hmmm how can arsenal missed on a player we haven’t submitted a bid for. Most of those players are media and fans target and not the club. I remember some expressed his desire about Doucoure, the next I know I saw the rumour here and next we hear is he is signing for Palace. I will advise you to trust only what you see on official site of club

  2. Signing Tielemans is the simplest of deal, all we got to do is let him be aware of our intrest

    He could even be sign in January for less than 10 mil, wish he was a little more mobile though, stil he will make a decent addition

  3. Who told Jacobs that Tielemans prefers Arsenal over Man United.

    These so called Pundits need to stop this nonsense.. They make up stuff and push it out like it’s real..

    We don’t know? Be humble and stop the gossip..

  4. Tielemans already agreed personal terms and I can’t see them not signing him all because of other deals they are giving preference

  5. Get the Tielemans transfer over the line ASAP. Great at winning balls in midfield and he has an eye for the deep pass into the box.

  6. Sadly he don’t fit our playing pattern, the tempor of our game is very fast, he is Xhaka sort of player, very slow…

    Imagine pairing him with Xhaka in the midfield…..lol

    Though he is an impressive player, we don’t need him, I rather we go for Ward- prowse

  7. Article also describes “young Brazilian” Marquinhos as a central midfielder… isn’t he a winger?

  8. Tielemans is not as slow as Xhaka. He is equiped with a weapon that the one dimentional Xhaka do not have in his armory

  9. We should go for players that wants the arsenal such as tieleman, Ollie Watkins, gnabry and not raphinha whose heart is set on Barca.
    Lisandro Martinez deal should be hurried, cos man utd are making progress with dejong ,malacia and one other target and have set their eyes on Martinez now, no more delays get it done asap.
    Just watch a YouTube video of Martinez pocketing Harlaand. God, the guy is really good at his job. Will make a perfect DM.

  10. Edu is a showy smug, show-boater. Watch him on Arsenal.com. We need some TOP signings or Conte will make Edu/Arteta look a pair of Amateurs. Tielemans is a bargain fee at 25 years old…great engine. We have made one midfield signing, Viera….now sign a midfield PLAYER and get rid of the THUG, points loser, Granit Useless. Win what…..with him in the team…..absolutely nothing.

    1. Did Edu and Xhaka gang up on you in the playground and steal your lunch money? Is that why you hate them so much?
      And here is just a little bit of info for you.
      Xhaka has won 2 Swiss League trophies, 1 Swiss Cup with Basel and 2 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields with Arsenal.

      Can you discuss in a less aggressive manner and actualy talk sense instead of a rant please

      1. Admin Pat
        It’s simple. Like others I don’t believe Arteta and Edu are good enough for Arsenal. You do. There is not the slightest aggression intended or meant….it is all thought about. Many see Xhaka as a detriment to Arsenal and that is an opinion as valid as anybody else’s. Different opinions help diverse cultures.

        1. @SEAN
          “Edu is a showy smug, show-boater.”
          XHAKA IS A THUG

          is that your idea of a considered opinion?

          Stick to the manner of your reply to me and we won’t have a problem….

          1. Admin Pat
            “Edu is a showy smug, show-boater. Watch him on Arsenal.com”, was what I said.

            Xhaka is right now under investigation as you know.


        2. Well said Sean. A lot of people don’t like it when you don’t agree with there own opinions so they then look for something to pick at you about all because they don’t agree with you for not agreeing with them. Regarding Edu and Arteta the jury is still out in my eyes nothing we can do but support the club as they’ve given Arteta a new contract so let’s just hope the club Edu and Arteta get it right this season sign the players we actually need and win the EL or finish in the top 4

          1. @Palmer,
            Jeez, will you stop with the “I’m picking on him coz I don’t agree with him” rubbish.
            I am simply complaining about him being overly aggressive with the “showy smug, show-boater” and the ” the THUG, points loser, Granit Useless.”.
            You can’t clain to be a victim after acting like an aggressor.

            Oh, and @Sean again, Xhaka is NOT under investigation for being a thug, a point loser or useless, is he? In fact he is NOT under investigation, the betting patterns are being analysed….

  11. Admin Pat. Much as I sometimes disagree with your opinions on different issues, there is one thing I wholly agree with you and that is your stand against insults, abuse and vulgar language. You don’t have to insult anybody to express disagreement with that person. Insulting others is a very uncivilised way of expressing oneself. Your power of reason should be enough to express your views. What happened to civility? The old adage went thus: Let us agree to disagree not to insult one another.

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