All I can see is Kroenke saving money by cutting Arsenal’s wage bill

It’s hard to believe that Uni Emery deep down believes that Iwobi is a better option then Ozil. It’s more likely our manager feels by getting rid of the German, he can use his 350,000 pound a week to entice two or three new players to the Emirates. Now should we be in a position, given how much money we make, where we must cut the wage bill before any more signings? Of course not.

Why give out such a wage then 12 months later say you can only afford loan deals? The fact is our most creative talent is being forced out due to a deal his employers were happy to offer. If he wasn’t the highest earner in our history would his boss have such a problem with him, not like any alternatives are doing any better?

So, it all seems to come down to saving money for Mr Kroenke. But wasn’t that the reason all negotiations were cancelled with Ramsey? Rambo has come out and said he had shaken on a deal, and hasn’t been told why suddenly the club had no interest in extending his stay. Like the Ozil saga, again we are led to believe it’s for tactical reasons, with Emery not comfortable that a man who doesn’t suit his style should earn such a pay rise.

Jack Wilshire is another who believed an extension was a formality until he met the Spaniard. Despite accepting a pay drop it was made clear to the midfielder he had no future in his new boss’s plans. Even before his serious injury it was unlikely Danny Welbeck was going to be offered to stay. Cech has now announced his retirement in the summer, you assume he would have been on a substantial contract when we took him from Chelsea. So even though I disagree that in 2019, with the game richer than ever, that we should have to be saving money, the fact is in a few months’ time Stan Kroenke will not have to pay for the services of Ramsey, Cech or Welbeck. A minimum saving of 200,000 a week.

If your still feel the need to cut the wage bill after that, where’s the money gone?

At the moment all I see is our owner saving money….

Dan Smith


  1. Georgement says:

    What will i do now,Arsenal was my life. RIP to once great club

    1. JimBeam says:

      “Fish rots from the head”
      It all starts with Stan. Our absentee landlord who couldn’t give a damn about Arsenal. His apathy is slowly destroying the club.
      It continues with Ivan and Arsene, who as a parting gift gave an unaffordable contract to a brilliant but extremely inconsistent player, a contract way beyond our means, that has completely hampered the finances of the club, leaving no room to maneuver in the transfer market for the talented Sven.
      The fact that with the lack of a real leader – I mean nobody really thinks Raul is running the club do they? and the fact that we have no owner, no money, a mediocre squad of mostly overpaid players, a decent but overly tinkering head coach, no real plan, no back office structure or unity and we are still 5th at the table is a miracle.
      I expect us to finish 6th this year as we have the 6th best squad in the league and we dont have the spark to play better than the level of our squad.
      Sven’s departure will be a huge missed opportunity for Arsenal to build a sustainable high quality squad on the cheap.
      So no owner, no money, no Sven, no ambition, no magic manager, dark days are ahead.
      Our only small hope is our youngsters.
      Holding,Mavros,Bellerin, Nelson,ESR,AMN,Willock,Saka,Nketiah, Torreira, Guendouzi,
      These players can become our golden generation.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          JimBeam, well argued.??

  2. Enagic says:

    No, 350,000 a week need to be paid a player with Messi caliber not Özil, he is lazy like a fox

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      How far has the “hardworking ” players carried the team?? we can all see they’ve put us in the top 3.. bloody genius don’t you think?

      1. Enagic says:

        We need Banega, Suarez in Jan and may be James Rodriguez and benatia some of here just love Ozil name but football wise he is a mess being on that weekly pay bracket

        1. Midkemma says:

          Banega and Suarez are bang average players.

          1. enagic says:

            Go watch on youtube of those two players and then compare them to Ozil.
            by the way how old are Messi, Ronaldo, Ramos are? quality has nothing to do with age, even Santi before he got injured he was probably our main engine despite his age be over 30 and without forgeting Pirlo, xavi,and Iniesta i can go on and on just control your emotional those i kind of changes we had been crying for over 10 years – wenger to go was a good start, even Sven he cant bring players and force them on Emery and i would rather have emery bring his own chief scout/head of technical – we call that chemistry in basic english.

            1. Dan kit says:

              You’re moaning about ozil but James is ozil mark 2 but with less skill ,why in the world have you just contradicted yourself.james scored 1 good goal 4 and a half years ago and as done nothing since ,but yea get rid of ozil for him ??‍♂️

              1. enagic says:

                James is better than Ozil and he will suit Emery style.

    2. Mobella says:

      What the fcuk is wrong with some fans here Why using every article to critizise Ozil. The guy is not playing and it’s not his fault he is not playing and on 350k a week. Like EH said , what have we achieved with other energetic players.

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Enagic while your constant criticism of Ozil doesn’t even surprise me and how you complain of the wage.. you want us to bring in Old age Banega to come do what at the EPL? this is the la liga, alongside one failed (Suarez who Sven doesnt believe is what we need) Player Barca can’t even give playing time despite looking for perfect replacements since Xavi, Iniesta left… oh not bad enough that these are the kind of players that you want to compete the title with, you still want old age Benatia to join the list, the way you guys criticise our players and point fingers at rubbish players we don’t need as replacements baffles me…
          Are we running a retirement home? well you guys might as well say so since these days we don’t play like a football club anyways… it’s not even a surprise Sven wants to bring in young players and good ones and the club ain’t supporting him but want old age and closed to finished players for cut prices and free…
          You guys are something else

          1. rkw says:

            same ones eddie who thought bendtner walcott ramsey chamak podolski mert xhaka etc (plus sundry younger players now ploughing their stuff in the lower divisions) were going to deliver european glory rather than the lost decade which was our reality… aka the 4th place junkies who were kept on a high by wenger promises of better stuff round the corner … obviously Emery inherited a stock problem but so far he has not convinced me that his own flow is going to solve it and not just because of the greedy yank behind this tragedy

            1. enagic says:

              You mean Mr Wenger?

            2. enagic says:

              You mean Mr Wenger?

          2. enagic says:

            Banega will be a Quick and short fix for atleast 2/3 years and he is better than what we have combine, Benatia is a quality CB in his early 30s at one point Ac milan had one of the ageing defence and the best you remember Maldini?

  3. l says:

    I suspect the blunder made by Ozil’s contract renewal is one of the reasons for firing Wenger and the eventual resignation of the Gazidis
    When you compare Ozil’s contribution to the team to the likes of Erikson you will understand that the contract renewal is fraudulent.

    Going forward. If selling Ozil will give us the benefit of signing at least two quality attacking midfielders, so be it.

    1. Enagic says:

      Wenger used to preach like he knew everything about the money and really doubt if he has any football knowledge and without forget Walcott he was the 3rd highest player can you believe!!

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Well keeping Iwobi is much cheaper than keeping Ozil. I also believe that Emery DOES see Iwobi as the better player…certainly for his system. Iwobi can be very frustrating at times, but he’s out performed Ozil this season, and works much harder off the ball than Ozil as well.

    Ozil’s wages could pay for 2/3 quality players.

    1. Ugandan gunnar says:

      Really? Iwobi “the better player” has out performed Ozil? By what metric? Wow!

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Just watch the games. Has Ozil performed better than Iwobi in the big games…no! That’s a very easy question to answer, as Ozil is always the invisible man in when we need him the most. Then look at the lesser teams. How many times has Ozil played great against them this season?

        I have watched about 95% of our games this season, and it’s not only Iwobi that’s outperforming Ozil.

        1. JimBeam says:

          Iwobi is shit.

          1. Sue says:

            Straight to the point, no messing ?

    2. Midkemma says:

      Iwobi isn’t the better player.
      Emery may like him butt Emery is a crap manager.

      Emery can’t seem to handle big names, not only Ozil but we have all seen how Laca has acted with frustration which has lead Auba to tweeting to question why as well.

      Auba, Laca and Ozil all appear to have spoken out or acted out against the boss.

      Emery is so crap that if a player can not play the SOLE tactic he has then the player is dropped as Emery can not update his tactics depending on the players he has.

      1. Emery has also come out and said his management style is to create friction between him and a player. Having played a team sport at tthe top level I think that this style and approach is a recipe for disaster in a team sport situation.

  5. Roy says:

    My once great football club is now a cash cow for the yank and his board and the administration plus a certain German player.

    1. Mobella says:

      Except that he only milked the cow once longtime ago. Besides, it a crime to take money out of once business.

      1. Roy says:

        To Mobella
        You got that right.Business.

  6. Patrick_G says:

    There is a big issue with the squad.

    1. There is no balance. We have 2 top striker on top money but no wingers.

    2. We have players who are in the reserves who earn top money like 60k plus a week but don’t play in the Premier League.

    3. We have too many aging players on 1 year contracts left earning top money like 90k a week but long market value.

    4. No space on the bench for younger players due to the fact we have too many our of form senior players like (Cech, Jenkinson, Elneny, Kolsienly, Lichsteiner)

    5. Time. Due to the contract mess from past management, the problem it will take time to fix these issues.

    6. We dont see Barca or Madrid over paying players for sitting on the bench or out the squad in reserves. There is balance financially so they can afford to bring players in.

    7. We dont have an Owner who will write off this mess and give us money on loan to buy players.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      *low market value

  7. 49Unbeaten says:

    Such a huge mess. Either that or it’s the tying up of loose ends and everything will be rainbows and unicorns from the start of next season…….like I really believe that!

  8. Patrick_G says:

    I think there is also a change in transfer market that Raul is trying out.

    South America example has players and clubs who dont demand too much at first. Vs players/clubs in Europe asking for 19 million for Solanke for example. And they want more wages.

    The talent is available, but our club is probably being realistic with the market they can afford.

    1. Enagic says:

      That’s why Edu is coming in to make that happen!

      1. JimBeam says:

        Edu refused Arsenal’s offer.

        1. enagic says:

          Edu was used as a scapegoat since he has connection with arsenal, i really do think Emery and Sanllehi have their own guy lineup once Sven is gone, Edu is back home and seattled and has a good job may be we might use him as a scout in south america occassionally

          1. ken1945 says:

            enagic. so is Edu coming as you sad or is he not coming as you said?

            1. Enagic says:

              He is not coming but they might get somebody to replace Sven probably from Spain it’s a chemistry thing they pretty need to be in same page unlike Emery and Sven right now, Emery needs certain players but Sven is against it and solution Sven needs to move one.

  9. ForeverGooner says:

    All you need to do is look at Kroenke’s other clubs and their results over the years.

    I lived in Tampa for a few years and saw the Glaziers win the Super Bowl, then win trophies with United. They are business men but want to win too. Kroenke is 100% business

    1. Enagic says:

      Long term problem at Arsenal was Wenger, if you didn’t know One of Kroenke team’s Los Angeles Rams is about to go to super bowl if they win next 2 games only 4 teams left and arsenal since Sanllehi and Emery have taken over expect good things. And Wenger was about to make another blunder for trying to keep chamberlain in huge contract injury prone player my god!!

      1. Midkemma says:

        Gazidis was the real long term issue, he was selling Arsenals future for UCL qualification money, Liverpool sell their top talents for mega bucks and can afford to rebuild… Gazidis was getting UCL qualification money.

        Just go through the sales we was making… Like Cesc and Nasri in the same year. Wenger said he didn’t want both of them sold then and Nasri confirmed it was the board that sold him after Wenger assured him he had a place in the team. Fantastic £25 mil right XD PMSL!

        You moan about contracts yet ignored the CEO who had final say.
        Was Ramsey contract withdrawn when Wenger left or when Raul took over? You can moan about the Ozil contract but I will point to the years that Wenger has tried to keep a wage structure at Arsenal which stops an individual from being paid that well compared to the rest of the team.

        As for LA Rams, yes they are doing well, that is credit to the team that manages them, their board.
        Silent Stan doesn’t go into clubs and rip out poor staff, he is Silent Stan for a reason, he stays silent. If Raul starts doing well then it is Raul who deserves praise, not Silent Stan.
        Silent Stan has talked about the self sustaining model because he will not invest himself, he will let the people he hires to do their job. This is going back the the CEO, not ex manager.

        You mocked the Ox for his fitness, he managed to play over 40 games last season for Liverpool. He also managed 1 more EPL goal for them then he ever did for us. One of Wengers issues was never settling the Ox into a sole role, something Emery is doing with AMN.
        You are happy to mock it while real fans will see the facts, Ox was a player with massive potential and Wenger failed to develop him properly. Wenger isn’t perfect and I will admit that. He wasn’t the long term issue though! That is pure ignorance talking and from the smell of it, it is either a load of BS or you are talking out your ARSEnal.

        1. enagic says:

          you are the one probably talking out of ARSEnal!!
          Yes, thats why silent stan brough in Sanllehi and Emery
          Ozil and Ramsey didnot deserve a contract extansion because their time have passed they are not going to improve arsenal by any means, i am glad now things are being run a little bit like spanish big two, not good enough you heading out of the door, and if Sven is against Emery philosophy, he needs to go also, and for you to sell to me Ox was a huge talent, i really dont buy that very average and one dimentional player same as Walcott and without forgeting Jenks who is on 60k a week! he cant shot,cant dribble and he cant pass!

      2. lcebox says:

        Well i hope they win it so he can see how the fans are when winning so he can then see why he needs to invest in Arsenal or even if they dont our share price will drop soon with all the bad press and he will be forced to act.

  10. Jah son says:

    Now Hurry Kane is injured let’s watch Erickson carry Tottenham on his back like we as Ozil to do. Instead of renegotiating with Ozil and sell some players with no quality and add quality our aim is to sell Ozil for Suarez so what happens when Suarez gets injured.
    At City Kevin injured no worries Silva your up kmt some fans are only living the moment.

  11. Nick says:

    And I’m currently hearing that a club (forgot who off the top of my head) is only offering around £12-15m for him? while Dominic Solanke was sold to Bournemouth (from what I found on transfermarket) for £21m? I guess since Ozil has barely played his value has dropped drastically, but £12-15m for what is still a world class player in my opinion is absurd. At this point selling the “dead wood” (if you call Ozil that) is the only way we’ll get funds. Another reason why champions league football is massive for our transfer budget

    1. Midkemma says:

      Atletico Madrid and it is a rumored £18 million, the £12-15 million is for Suarez iirc.

      1. Nick says:

        Oh okay thank you. Either way it’s still very low. I know he hasn’t played but surely he’s worth at least £25-30m. Think we should get rid of him regardless as he’s not in emery’s plans.

  12. Midkemma says:

    We can afford to pay wages for loan players…

    1. Midkemma says:

      Emery appears to be a big issue at Arsenal, the more time goes by then the more issues we notice, time to start looking at a new manager.

      Emery has made Laca frustrated, we all seen how Laca has reacted to being subbed at times.
      Emery has gotten Auba to tweet about Laca subs.
      Emery is shutting Ozil out even though we can’t create enough chances against WHU!
      Emery is failing to learn his tactical errors, being pigheaded and sticking to a failing system.

      I don’t want Emery to spend any of Arsenal money, he is not proving to be good enough and the players he is wanting are 2nd rate, either old players with no resale value or cast offs who are not wanted by any top team.

      1. enagic says:

        when Arshavin was brough in to help arsenal push for CL spot did he had a resale value?
        Emery has been around for only 6 months, when we went 22 unbeaten he was god!! we are loosing bacause we dont have good players which we didnt have for the past 10 years anyway and is trying to fix it right now and go after players some he worked with them in the past.

  13. v7 says:

    Midkemma the only problem i see is u not the manager.

    1. enagic says:

      Not only manager but also his football knowledge, i can just tell, he is just a fun of some names not football.

      1. Dan kit says:

        @v7 I would rather read what midkemma writes compared to you’re 1line sentence which just made you look a right??.
        @ enagic ive just read all you’re posts on this subject and have come to the conclusion that you might be the new village idiot on this forum .well done that takes some doing

        1. enagic says:

          Footbal game is not for everybody to analyse what it takes to put a good team on pitch or you don’t!

        2. v7 says:

          Dan kit i was not trying to be rude to midkemma or any of my fellow arsenal supporters. I just i don’t see the problem in manager it is ur own players .who don’t seem to me interest or do well in matches .they have no ambition .and the worse thing is our management who just don’t have clue most of the time what they are doing.we are becoming a big joke day by day .which hurts me. We conceding goals by doing same mistake again and again why cant we just clear the ball when we see threats from opponent .but our players has very bad decision making its like we give our oppenets loads of opportunity to create and score goals to easily only new signings are performing doing well our old team is very bad they make those hard of those new signing look bad..except Linch i really don’t understand why we signed him.

  14. Durand says:

    Think Sven right to avoid Banega, where Emery wants to bring the player in. Also read Sokratis was an Emery selection, not a Sven choice. FFS, what is Emery doing? He is interfering with transfers rather than improving the defense and improving tactically. Oh, only at Arsenal. More things change, more they stay the same.

    1. enagic says:

      You also need to understand, Sven was brought by Gazidis who does not work for arsenal anymore and Sanllehi is incharge to run things his way, since Emery is the head coach, he as any rights to choose who is coming in not Sven. If things dont work he is the one to go out the door. Wenger was against the same idea someone else to bring him players without his knowledge.

      1. Durand says:

        You really believe Emery can evaluate talent as well as Sven? Dembele was sold for 100 million,Pulisic just sold to Chelsea for huge fee, not to mention the many others he found for Dortmund. Mavro looking good for us, Torreira was a Sven pick, Guendouzi was also, Auba as well. Yet you think Emery knows better?

        Sheesh, no wonder Dan Kit made his comment. Emery ran himself out of PSG butting heads with players; fans pay to see Neymar play, not Emery.

        I’ll say it again; Emery should focus on tactics and improving our lousy defense, not try to be a jack of all trades. He was hired to be the manager, not bring in talent. Finally we have a chance to be run like a top club, last thing we need is to revert back to manager trying to do everything while the team falls apart around him.

        Perhaps if Emery did his job with AMN he wouldn’t need Banega coming in. Work with Saka and ESR and he won’t need Suarez. Basically stay in his lane and do his job, and let Sven do what is THE BEST at, best around I may add.

        1. enagic says:

          Experiment is something arsenal have been doing for so long and that need to stoped and we need experienced players AMN is not really a Centre MID like what many people believe and don’t get me wrong i am not against youth coming through, but at the same time we need players who can hit a ground running and my only biggest hope is we have a person who used to be part of barcelona for over 15 years and atleast he knows what it takes to put together a great football team on pitch.

        2. enagic says:

          “If you don’t give the control to Emery, allow him to oversee a revolution, give him the power to bring in new players to help him change the style on the pitch, then why create all of this mess?

          That’s a quote from Emmanuel Petit gunner legend who knows what is talking about

  15. Grandad says:

    Gentlemen, the reason we are in this mess is not due to Ozil nor for that matter Iwobi, it is because our defensive players are inadequate.I exclude Holding, Mav and perhaps Bellerin from that statement but the rest are not of the standard required.We ship goals virtually every match which has nothing whatsoever to do with a lack of effort from Ozil or Mik but directly as a result of useless defenders.Our opposition see Arsenal as a soft touch.We lack height, speed and awareness at the back and we are virtually unable to keep a clean sheet regardless of the quality of the opposition.Fix the defence and the team as a whole will start to function.Clean sheets breed confidence throughout the side and players are more likely to improve the performance individually and collectively.As fans we need to point the finger at the real problem players.

  16. Kenny says:

    Good read from Daily Star: EMMANUEL PETIT has claimed Unai Emery is producing “the same old story” that Arsenal had under Arsene Wenger.

    “Nothing has changed. So why did they sack Arsene?”

    Emmanuel Petit
    “You are telling me that Emery has the same problems that Wenger had. Nothing has changed. So why did they sack Arsene?

    “If you sack the manager, you need to start a revolution. But I ask the question: why did they sack Arsene? If someone can give me the answer then I’ll be very happy.

    “If you don’t give the control to Emery, allow him to oversee a revolution, give him the power to bring in new players to help him change the style on the pitch, then why create all of this mess?

    “This team is not good enough to fight for the title. This team is strong enough to fight for third or fourth place and that’s it. They’ve been like that for years and years. You don’t have to be a magician to understand that.

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