All jokes aside, Arsenal’s ‘Wilshere is an inspiration to youth’

Jack Wilshere has been used as a reason to poke fun at Arsenal in recent seasons, but breakthrough star Alex Iwobi has praised the midfielder.

The 24 year-old is set to return to the senior playing squad for the Premier League tie with Sunderland this weekend, having survived his way through three Under-21 matches over the past two weeks.

Wilshere has had a number of injuries already in his young career, and has become the butt of a number of jokes from Gunners fans as well as rival clubs for his lack of fitness and regular off-the-field antics. Despite all the negativity surrounding the player, Iwobi has moved to praise his team-mate.

The 19 year-old is enjoying his first season in the first-team squad, and is fast becoming a fans favourite following a string of explosive displays. The Nigeria international is the latest academy product to emerge through the ranks at Arsenal, and he has described Wilshere as an inspiration to the younger players.

Iwobi said: “He’s helped me out massively… he’s brilliant on the ball, he’s able to find space and he’s the master of the no-touch turn. He doesn’t even need to touch the ball, he just shields it with his body and turns away from defenders with ease.

“It’s something that us youth team players used to watch and then try in training. He’s a big inspiration for us. A couple of times in training we used to get together and practice the ‘Jack Wilshere turn’, but nobody can do it as well as he can!

“It will be great to have him back. He’s definitely a player with lots of energy but he combines that with scoring goals and getting assists. He’s definitely a key player to the team in my opinion,” he added.

Wilshere has looked sharp in his recent appearances for the reserve side, and I think that his impressive ability has kind of been lost in our minds amidst all the injury and fitness issues.

Will Wilshere give us a much needed push to hold onto our place in the top four?

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  1. well has the nuts, but not the ankles. i hope he stays injurie free, and shows off his talent to his new manager. lol.

  2. Our British talents are worse than u15 players. Injury prone, big or small game bottles, selfie losers and overrated
    Gibbs, Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chambers, Jenkinson and Welbeck although he has played well this season.

  3. Injuries has been more of a problem to jack, than holding on to the ball too long, and not releasing it quickly enough! All the best to him on his return to premiership action!

  4. He isn’t good enough. Dele ali has more goals for Tottenham in the league this season than Wilshere has for Arsenal in his career in the league.

    Iwobi is a better player than Wilshere he doesn’t need inspiration from Wilshere, just be his own type of player. Also he shouldn’t chase the money, that will turn his head just like the others, getting free easy money Walcott and Wilshere espcially.

  5. I have said these same thing about Aaron and it’s 100% describe JW10 : God created Jack with beautiful mind of football, but not gifted him the right pair of legs. Poor rich Jack. I still feel that he’s our new Diaby in the making. Just opinion, why not landing Isco?, the Spanish version of “fully fit all season” Jack Willshere. Same style of play and vision, even the body size.

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