All sides accept that a transfer is the best option for Shkodran Mustafi

There was a time when Shkodran Mustafi was determined to remain at the Emirates and fight for his place but that has all changed with his father, who is also his agent, admitting that it is in his sons best interest to leave Arsenal before the European transfer window shuts on September 2nd.

Earlier this week Arsenal manager Unai Emery confirmed that he had told both Mustafi and Mohamed Elneny that they should look for another club and that they were unlikely to see much first-team action this season.

It seems the message has finally got through to the German defender that he has no future at Arsenal.

Mustafi’s father Kujtim, while accepting that his son does need to find another club has however warned that it is not that straightforward and does depend on the sort of deal being offered.

“Shkodran had a great time with Arsenal,” Kujtim Mustafi told Sky Sport Germany. “We still have a contract for two years and can imagine a stay in London.

“However the best for both sides is probably to work on a transfer. But for that, it also needs market-driven transfer-fees.”

In better words, he is signalling to Arsenal not to price Mustafi out of a lucrative payday.

The bigger the transfer fee the less the signing on bonus for the 27-year-old and like any good agent, his father is determined that his son will squeeze as much as possible from Arsenal.

This is really just a sideshow, the bottom line is that everyone is now in agreement that Mustafi will be gone in the next 8-9 days providing a club is interested in his services and prepared to pay Arsenal’s asking price, whatever that may be.


  1. NONNY says:

    How ever it goes he have to go we need yo move on, on certain players and the faster we depart from them the better next is elneny

  2. Sean says:

    If we can get £20m for him even in installments then a great deal this could be. £8m for Elneny and that’s great window.

  3. Jim wall says:

    Would be great followed in january and next summer by
    1. Ozil
    2. Xakai
    3. Mikhi
    4. Sok.
    5. Monreal

  4. bajaja says:

    20M for a player we have openly rejected dosnt make sense. Very wrong move by arsenal….. @sean 20m is wickedness in high places.

  5. Trudeau says:

    Completely agree that it is best for all parties if he leaves this window but the pack mentality of Arsenal fans on this one will still leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Mustafi is decent defender who is unfortunately prone to brain cramps and that makes him a liability. I get it. But he doesn’t deserve the crap he’s received on this site (including a distasteful article with a video of his worst bits) – he always gives 100% and a carefully selected video of his best bits would look pretty good.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Trudeau, your description of the pack mentality is a very good one, although I have to admit that I have been a long term advocate for Mustafi to move on.

      But the request for a selection of his best bits should surely come from someone such as yourself?

      That would be a really interesting topic to discuss, what about it?

  6. 06fan says:

    Finally! Tired of seeing him put his arms up or blame someone else for his mistakes. One of the worse defenders we’ve ever had at this wonderful club and I’ve only been a supporter for 13 years.

  7. simon says:

    another loss

  8. lol says:

    Looking forward to their farewells

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    We have had worse defenders than Mustafi, but when we consider how much we paid for him, then overall he has to go down as the biggest defensive flop we’ve ever had at the club.

    It’s great to see the club taking a tough, yet correct approach to moving him on.

  10. Sue says:

    Is Monreal leaving??

    1. lol says:

      Hope not. He’s is still our best LB until KT proves otherwise

  11. Mogunna says:

    We have no defense til january is scary reality. We needed to buy first then remaining have to go look elsewere as they see their spot taken.

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