All supporters need to stop the hate, including Arsenal fans…

The game in Britain has been marred this week by actions from supporters. Adults who wouldn’t think twice about behaving in this manner at their place of work or out shopping continue to think being inside a stadium for 90 minutes gives them a right to act like a different person.

What is scary, is that in 2018 there are those who still find grey areas in terms of coins being thrown or pitch invasions. In terms of the incident in the SPL in midweek, Neil Lennon is being questioned if he brought it on himself? Maybe if he didn’t celebrate? Maybe if he stopped all banter? Maybe if he sat down in away games? With the benefit of hindsight there’s always things you can do to prevent a situation. My fear is by doing that you’re giving an excuse /justifying a criminal act. That’s how black and white it is.

If a police officer caught you throwing an object at another person, you would be arrested, saying that individual was winding you up is not going to make a difference. For the education of youngsters, it’s crucial they see the majority have a zero policy to this type of behaviour. Forget kids, clearly grown men and women also need to be educated.

How many problems have there now been at the London Stadium? On radio phone ins and on social media, West Ham blame the stewarding, their owners, even how their own players react to pitch invasions. At what point do any of those Hammers look in the mirror and question themselves?

Sure, Neil Lennon would be safer if he stayed out of view. Jose, Klopp, Conte, etc could be accused of provoking fans the way they celebrate? Mike Ashly wouldn’t get verbally abused if he stayed away? Maybe Zaha should cut out diving to avoid being threatened on the Internet? Or maybe fans should get some perspective?

If Salah scored in the 90th min tomorrow, I’m not going too appreciate him running to my seat to rub it in….. yet it wouldn’t enter my head to break the law. Because I’m an adult and, there are numerous examples in the week where things don’t go my way or wind me up. Someone pushes in the queue? I’m not allowed to hit him over the head with my shopping basket? I read some comments recently that concerning the abuse Zaha has suffered on Twitter it couldn’t be any gooners because we are not like that. Grow up ….

Zaha wrote: “For all the people taking it one step further and being racist and wishing death on my family I wish you and your families the best too x p.s my life is still very good despite your hate.”

The Crystal palace winger hasn’t specified what fans he thinks the messages are coming from. That won’t concern him, his family or our legal system.

Cut out the tribalism. What colour shirt you choose to wear doesn’t make your values unique. Life is still about right and wrong. We need to educate all fans on that.

Dan Smith


  1. The Neil Lennon incident was more to do with sectarianism than anger involving football.. he’s an Irish Catholic and hearts much like rangers predominantly protestant! These so called fans are not fans they are brainwashed moron’s and should be banned from ever entering a stadium.. to assault someone over their religion is a disgrace and they should be jailed, maybe then they’ll think twice before doing it again!

  2. I like the footballers’ diplomacy when dealing with angry fans, in this case it is Zaha

    I don’t think the bad words from the fans are hate, but they simply come out from the fans’ childish attitude. Nobody can ever stop that, because it is so easy to swear online or when they are supported by angry mob

    I believe those footballers do not care too much anyway, because that’s a part of modern football and they have been getting huge income by becoming celebrities

  3. Interesting article, I think fans are entitled to freedom of speech and are entitled to say whatever they please to celebrities/athletes. These people make exuberant amounts of money because they’re in the limelight and so there is a trade off. That is you’re going to have to be able to take criticism especially when you dive or do simulate. Zaha is supposed to be a romodel and an ambassador of crystal palace, the premier league and the sport in general. When he play acts, he’s doing something that goes against the values and spirit of the sport and is actually against the rules in the sport. What makes it worse is this is the very same player who had a whinge about not getting fouls called against opponents that butcher him. That being said, no-one and I mean no-one has the right to physically harm or threaten to physically harm anyone, that is law and that’s where the line is drawn. Throwing things or threatening to be violent over a game is barbaric and those people deserve to be put in a cage but in Zahas case he gets the same message that the fans gave to bellerin, toughen up and act right SMDH.

  4. Gotanidea, strange comment you have there. Is it part of the modern game to throw objects at the opposition because they celebrate a goal or threaten a player because they earn good money? There is no place for such behaviour in the modern game. Zaha showed a lot of maturity for his yound age with his response to the idiotic behaviour of those fans.

  5. DAN , Unlike you , I don’t consider opinions different from mine to be “hate”. The correct word is differnce or disagreement. This lazy and frankly rather pathetic general use of “hate” demeans healthy and rigorous debate. Let me throw this thought into thr debate: Hate is misused by thr younger , modern generation as so mant are afraid to healthily disagre or unwilling/ unable(in written words) to properly argur theie own point,. So in snowflake fashion , they cowardly try to portray healthy disagreement with their own PERSONAL OPINION, a “hate”. It is not hate. Hate is something far more sinister and evil. Opinion is just opinion. This multi difference of opinion is healthy and necessary for all football fans. Please do not call it !hate”

    1. Well said Jon. It’s because people lost the skill of debate; using logic, reason, and facts to support their opinion.

      Now when their precious opinion is challenged, they scream “hate” or “racist” rather than engage in logical debate. We are watching a mentally frail and insecure generation misuse “hate” and “racism” to deflect away from their insecurities.

      It’s dangerous to misuse those terms, and lessens the TRUE situations of hate and racism we see.

      In reality feelings get hurt, opinions get challenged, and people are foolish. To purposefully misuse and wrongly categorize too many cases of free speech as “hate” or “racism” is setting a dangerous precedent for future debate, as if to say debating those topics are hateful and racist acts in and of themselves.

      1. Durand, How mature a post! Can I please ask what life decade you are in? You are clearly a mature man , with much wisdom and what you post and expand on my post is so depressingly true and could lead, if the Admin let us, to a far wider debate. But that far deeper and detailed would not be especially an Arsenal topic , so perhaps I will not go there. But many of us more mature in age fans surely think alike on this life issue of the snowflake mentality in so many, though far from all, younger folk. “HATE” FOR MERE DISAGREEMENT! WHATEVER NEXT!! WHY ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF BEING ARGUED WITH?

        1. I’m 46 years old, and I teach science to high school teenagers; 14-18 years old. Everyday when I try to expand their minds, challenge social issues, and express themselves as individuals, I’m met with schock, fear, and apprehension.

          They are not accustomed to questioning social constructs, and forming their own views based on knowledge, logic, reason, and facts. They find it easier to agree with majorities rather than freely express themselves.

          I’ve made a personal goal to change this with my students, and to help graduate independent, rational, and knowledgeable individuals prepared for the life ahead of them; not sheep lining up behind the populous trends of the day, or shamed into silence by a vocal majority.

          I think, therefore I am, is the message. If they don’t stand up for themselves, don’t expect anyone else to stand up for you. Carry your own water, so to speak.

      2. The wrongfully categorize happens in other areas of society and it can make some topics too much of a Political Correctness minefield, I’m yet to be convinced by the story writing in the new Doctor Who yet don’t talk too much about it incase of being called sexist…

        Calling something hate when it isn’t can lead to some people not exploring something in fear of being politically incorrect…

        I like a good debate, let it get heated and then being able to sit back and respect the other person, being able to seperate a topic from the person is a skill that may be lost if not practised.

        1. Great post. Sorry , I do not watch Dr. Who, so cannot comment on that bit. I did though see the first ever episode with William Hartnell as the DR.

        2. Midkemma what an excellent post. I commend you, and most importantly for how you concluded.

          To separate the topic from the person is indeed a skill, bravo. I tip my cap to you, and endeavor to read all your posts for fear of missing the wisdom you share. Well said my friend, looking forward to more.

      1. Apologies Dan, I was speaking about those words being used in general, not attributing them to you or a single source.

        Besides, your articles spark strong opinions and debate, no need to be touchy my friend! Carry on with the posts, and take any criticism in stride; at least you take a stance, and have an opinion.

      2. Dan, Then I must also apologise to you as I should then address my comments on the misuse of “hate”, to the Admin. I find it depressing, as he is clearly an older man and should know better – though I do NOT mean he is old. Maturity is not routinely given to all mature (in years) folk either. Though I strongly suggest that, in private, he would not personally use this term in his own conversation. At least I hope not! I would also say Dan , that your articles are usually well thought out and written and stimulate fine and healthy debate. Finally, I wonder if anyone on here who does misuse the word “hate” has the will and courage to come on here and explain exactly why they do. use it.

        1. They lack the adequate vocabulary I would suggest Jon. And anytime words such as “hate” and “racism” are (mis)used, they are accustomed to ending a debate, not sparking a challenge.

          They are used to silence differences of opinion, rather than to educate or expand one’s mind to different perspectives.

  6. Arsenal haters cmon!! we banter with each other put our own players down, unhappy with wins sometimes, want management to improve etc…. but whe are not Millwall to get those kind of articles, out of the top 6 clubs are fan base is the most docile so please, we are butterflies cheering the team on, we we are not chelsea we like to banter we are not racist this article is defenitly not meant for supporters of this great club!! not relevant to us as i beleive as supporters those values are already imbedded in us 🙂

    thank you but not needed for our supporters the boys in blue might benefit from these words, but please not us , give us credit!!

    1. also on the same topic i’m not a fan of the FA stepping in and censoring chants as how the Lukaku chant by Man u was told to rermain out of the stadium :

      we are there to have fun sometimes you are aloud to poke fun, i’m not saying monkey chants or bannanas i’m saying banter for god’s sake!! everything is sensitive nowadays you can’t even joke around and you are told you are stereotyping and this article doesn’t help, in a few years are we supposed to cheer for the opposing team when they score? because it’s Fair Play to them they worked so hard for that goal, let’s give them a wave as well 😉

      1. I am firmly on the side of your general drift Sal. The problem arises though when what some regard as “banter” is actually hurtful and intentionally so. This is the other side of the coin to my post above this. I suggest that the word “banter” is used by cowards to excuse intentionally hurtful remarks. All people with any human sensitivity do not set out to deliberately hurt others. But being human, at times we all do . It is the intention or not that makes a crucial difference. We are though , in any healthy society or forum , still allowed vigorous debate and long may that remain.

        1. i fully agree jon that there is a huge difference between banter and being just an awful human being, and noone should be able to hide under the banter umbrella if we can say that, just to promote his hate…. I just wanted to point out that some issues sometimes are oversensitive especially when it comes to chants and the oppenent, i just don’t want that part to be censored as what’s the point of supporting if you can express your feelings about the team and whomever you face. just don’t be a D about it 🙂

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