All teams have blips but Arsenal are on the right track

I hope am not too late in saying happy new year to this wonderful Arsenal family and here are my wishes for the year:
Better health
More time on JustArsenal and
More success for the Arsenal.

Speaking of success for Arsenal, we have experienced some failures in recent weeks which is inevitable in my opinion and seeing the reactions of fans and the football world in general, it is clear that most people still fail to see the reality, hence the overreactions and lack of perspective. And these are the realities:

Arsenal CANNOT compete financially:

I strongly believe this is the first reality we need to understand as Arsenal fans.
I know some would rather say “Arsenal have the money but are not willing to spend” or “Arsenal does not want to compete”
Whatever you think it is, I want to believe we can all agree that the game we love is being ruined by greed from top to bottom.
Governing bodies are greedy and corrupt, (you believe Champions League draws for example are not planned and carefully fixed to get more money??), players have also followed suit and are only loyal to their personal ambitions which in most cases is money.

Clubs want to get crazy monies for the players, players want obscene wages and after that wants to win the biggest trophies and play in the biggest competitions, That is the summary of the game these days and this reality is a constant pain in my heart especially when I think about the future.
How then can we compete as a club amid all these?
We need to do things differently, or should I say, maintain the right way which is as simple as spending what you earn and promoting the youths.
And for Arsenal as a club, it is best to maintain these values because for every 10 million we spend, City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester Utd are ready and able to spend 20 more million and at the end of the day, we have only one winner.

Is spending, the only way to compete?
I admit it goes a long way but there are other ways.
Adequate and efficient scouting is one of those ways, long term planning, stability, hard work and patience.
Right now, Spurs are the new Arsenal and getting all the praise for what we were criticised for, and no one is talking about their lack of trophies..what a biased world.

I strongly believe in Mislintat, Emery and the new board, we are in good hands.

Emery needs time and support:

But how many times are we going to say this?
Am usually surprised when fans think they know better than a manager. We are all guilty of this, we always think we know more than the club, more than the manager, when in actual fact, we don’t.
The manager will not always win, there will always be critics, sensible and foolish ones. If they go right, “no he should have gone left and that’s why we lost” and vice versa.
Wenger said,
“Our job is now so difficult because
everybody has an opinion”…..

Each person believing he has the best opinion.
I have already seen people calling for Emery’ s head and I can’t believe it! After 6 months?!!
Many have questioned his style of play among other things. But for me, Arsenal have the best transition in recent years, progress is being made and its only a matter time before everythings starts to gel.
For instance, I remember how awkward we looked when we started the “play from the back” thing but now we are getting it gradually and its starting to become our template.

Pep in his first season finished 3rd despite having a title winning squad, and while Pep can be ruthless in offloading players he dimmed not good enough as he had the resources to do so, Emery doesn’t have that luxury.
I say this because it is clear Emery does not fancy some of our players, he needs time to gradually build his own team which is never possible in a window for ANY team or manager.
I thought we all agreed that this season should be a free pass for Emery?
Why the sudden lofty expectations? Because of the unbeaten run?
Emery cannot change what we had for 22 years in 6 months, nobody can! It is wicked to think he can.
The biggest challenge is changing the mentality of our players and he is doing a good job, open your eyes and you will see we are making progress.

The league is super competitive:
Who would have thought that our long unbeaten run wont have us sit comfortably in the top 4?
The league is so difficult its crazy and we are still very much in the top 4 race.
Chelsea will still play Arsenal away, Spurs and Liverpool and the occasional draws and losses against the lesser teams.
That said, we also need to improve and be ready to take advantage when they slip up.

All in all, I am absolutely happy with this club and what it stands for believing that the future is bright as we proceed in this new era…



  1. Arsenal cannot compete? why

    we dont seem to mind being top of the league for charging fans ?

    Another LOB

  2. well said goonerboy. I think we fans suddenly became “over-expectant” I am not though.infact I’ve been quite impressed with our journey so far.our letting go of Ramsey is a big indicator that there’s a paradigm shift at our biggest low going into the future is my fear of kroenke not giving enough financial backing. hearing ozil say he wants to remain with us is another strong indicator that the future is bright.although I know ozil will not be a regular under Emery but he’ll give us brilliant moments once harder working midfielders and very astute defenders come in.Emery needs about four transfer windows to perfect his team. as for those calling for his head lol I put it to you in 2 more seasons you’ll beg him to stay with us.

    1. Arsenal only need four signings?
      We need a damn sight more than four signings.
      We need a whole new back four plus quality squad players in those positions.
      Emery likes to play wingers so that is another two first team players plus squad additions.
      We also need a top quality central midfielder to play alongside Torreira as I am not convinced that Xhaka or Elneny are every going to get better.
      We need more than four…

  3. I don’t understand why Kroenke purchased Arsenal.
    Pay all that money and to not invest a single penny.
    What is the point?
    To make money?
    He will be six foot under by the time the debt is paid and he starts to make a total profit.
    You don’t go into football to make money and if you do you have to invest massively in it first.
    Kroenke is hopelessly out of his league.

    1. I came across one analysis yesterday detailing club and owner’s investments, including loans and cash investments for the past decade. I was shocked to see my darling club to be the bn only epl club with zero investment from the owner.
      Sonce kronke took over, he has not spent a dime on the club. He lent money to acquire arsenal and also lent to invest, he paid back all from the club’s profit. We are in for a long ride.

    2. The point is his assets and the value he is worth, he doesn’t need to take money out of the club to profit from the club doing well, if Arsenal became worth twice as much as he bought us for then that is his profit. He can take out more/larger loans and use Arsenal as collateral.

      Silent Stan likes his sports teams and is collecting them like pokemon, gotta get em all!

      I find it funny you claim Silent Stan is out of his league yet he is the rich one, he is the one who knows what he is doing while you have to ask what the point is…

  4. I find it so funny that the ones who moan so much about the prices charged by the club, tell us they never actually spend any money anyway!
    Those of us who do have made that decision and couldn’t care less about what other clubs charge.
    If it’s that big a problem, just ignore it until one feels”the price is right” for them to support the club… simple really and less stressful than worrying about others spending habits.
    Phil has explained on numerous occasions how the club subsidise our away fans, but of course this is ignored.
    We really don’t need these”fans” bleating about the prices, we do actually know what we are spending our money on… supporting our passion The Arsenal.

    As far as the post is concerned, well written article that actually supports the idea that Jon Fox and I, amongst many others, have been asking for…. realism and time for UE to show his ideas.
    Two seasons minimum in my opinion, during which he can get rid of the”dross and weedy” liability players like Mystafi, Lichsteiner and Socrates, make sure he builds the team round Ozil and ensure that the club doesn’t let another player worth £20-40,000,000 leave for nothing.
    I will be happy to spend my hard earned cash supporting him while he does this and if he doesn’t, just supporting The Arsenal.

    1. Ozil is 30. How can we build the team around him? It’s time to phase him out! In future we should be strict like Chelsea and consider players over 30 as bit part players waiting to be moved on.

      1. Actually QD, that was one of the rules AW stuck by.
        Over thirty? Get a rolling one year contract..
        He even did that with the greatest of all, Dennis Bergkamp, if you remember.
        As for not building a team round a player over thirty, the sentence above surely shows how?
        UE is nobody’s fool and, if he chooses to part with Ozil, the club goes on and you and I will support them…. it’s a lifelong drug with no respite!!!!

        I know it’s seen as a complete betrayal to say anything good about those noisy neighbours, but you are so correct in your assessment of them at this present time.
        For me, the saddest thing is that despite all our years of complete dominance over them (including the “barren years” Jon so fondly remembers), we end up with an owner who has actually put zero money into the club…. rather taking money out with impunity.
        Those days of CL, top four finishes and fa cup wins seem further away than ever, but I really think that in UE we could just see the start of something big.
        It really is down to the backing of the owner, simple as that.
        UE has the drive and ability does kronkie have the desire!

      2. it was wenger& arsenal who started not giving contracts of more than one to players over 30 years old years ago ,also great article!!

    2. Big brother Ken,

      Sensible post as usual, am so impressed by your last paragraph stating your unconditional support for the club, that’s a challenge for many of us on here.

      I must confess that I envy the Spurs right now ( although not trophy wise) as they are doing exactly what we were good at doing.
      Low wage bill, talented and efficient squad, good manager and good footballl and they are not exactly spending huge sums on player acquisition, they promote young players…these were the things we were once renowned for, how times have changed!

      But the good news is that, we are getting there again!

    3. Ken that’s a bit stereotypical don’t you think, something you don’t like when its aimed at you.
      Firstly im one of those who moans about the money we pay, I live quite a distance away and it “used” to cost me and my son a fortune to come to the ground to watch games. I’ve said I won’t pay another penny into the club until it matches my ambitions, I don’t expect to win the league only to compete for it.

      I’ve said this before anyone who blindly pays for their season ticket is welcome to do it just don’t complain the’ oh if I give it up someone else will take it ” excuse

      Its your money as its as much mine I just choose to have a mind of my own.

      Its clear that SK is here for the money YOUR money

      1. Why do you assume that I am blindly paying for my season ticket?
        I pay for it because the club is my passion (after my family of course).
        I know exactly what it will cost me in time and money and Stanley Kronkie has nothing to do with it.
        I have chosen a path totally opposite to you, but I don’t keep telling you that your decision is wrong.
        My passion is Arsenal Football Club, not one manager, not one player, not a style of playing, not even trophies or CL qualification spots, just The Arsenal.
        What some fans on here don’t get is that I have been following them when they were complete and utter rubbish under the likes of Billy Wright.
        I never once thought or decided to boycott the club because they weren’t challenging for the league, that is the biggest betrayal of all in my view.
        So, don’t criticize those who take a different view on what supporting The Arsenal is to you and I just hope that Unai Emery will bring the success that allows you to come and support the club that you once spent your money on.
        To my knowledge, no s/ticket holder has complained until accussed of being wrong by having one and therefore supporting kronkie….NO it’s supporting AFC and that’s why we hold onto them for dear life!!

  5. Congrats Goonerboy on penning possibly the single best article I have read in my time on here. A wonderful, insightful, realistic and profoundly true article. I HAVE HAD PERSONAL FOOD FOR THOUGHT on some of your comments too. I noticed the use of “reality, ” perspective” and Phil’s “free pass” too, all of which are sweet music to my ears. I do hope the far greater number of deep thinking and sensible fans we now regularly attract (compared with perhaps a year or so ago, when the ghastly “thumbs” downgraded and dumbed down this fine and excellently run site) are prepared to add their own wisdom to your own excellent article. I do not usually praise so fully but you richly deserve it, Goonerboy. I would particularly highlight your sensible defence and praise of the fine manager we have now and your upbraiding those very FEW people who have called for his head. Those few hasty and unthinking souls should hang their heads in shame.

    1. Lord Jon,
      I find your praise hugely overwhelming, am also glad you agree with my thoughts …

      Like I always say, I look forward to reading articles from you and you have been a wonderful addition to this forum…..

      Humble regards….

      1. Ohh gunner board always gambling with life ever building a team and failure to strengthen the weak defense and prefers with gamblers like Mustafi,granit etc and targets top four huh!our coach is better but must drop dead Wenger wood Who freak out on big games this players are lousy it isn’t and insult fans.

  6. Goonerboy, a reality check. Arsenal has performed well following the change to a new incoming manager after Arsene Wenger had been the manager for 22 years and the transition to a new management structure. This is more impressive given the issues which have plagued other clubs in managing “regime change”.
    As you state, given the constraints of the “self funding model” and the lack of investment and disinterest in “winning trophies” of the owner Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s success will be very much dependent on scouting, signing and development of young talent and “uncut diamonds”. Thankfully in the Trinity of Sven, Raul and Unai Arsenal have very professional and experienced staff in these areas, as well as first class training faciliities.
    How well they can perform the “loaves and fishes miracle” to meet the expectations of the Arsenal “multitude” only time will tell?

  7. I don’t think it’s true we can’t compete financially. Look at our top earners for example, Mkhitaryan £180k, Auba £180K, Lacazette £100k, Ramsey £110K, Kolasinac £110K, Cech £100K, Bellerin £100K Ozil £350K! Not to mention heavy spending in transfers for Mustafi £35M, Xhaka £38M, Ozil £42M, Auba £56M, Laca £52M! WE HAVE MONEY as you can see we just have been getting average returns from our investments. We MUST first stop this nonsense of hanging on to wantaway players and getting nothing in transfer fees. We then must replace the bad buys like Mkhitaryan for starters and get better value for money. I just read a report that Kroenke has never put a single coin into Arsenal ever since he bought the club so I’d hope the management try extra hard to sell and buy more wisely! Look at Liverpool, that joker Solanke off for £19M FFS while we take £4M for Lucas Perez? Unbelievable! What is the matter with our management? Why are we doing business so badly!

    1. Its not so easy as many think for Kroenke to put the hundreds of millions, that most fans would like to see,into the club coffers. The Short Term Cost Control (Fair Play) rules make it quite difficult to just put that sort of money in without fouling the rules (Man City under investigation for just such a breach).
      Arsenal total wage bill is around the 200 million mark and the FPR are quite clear on how much increase n wages can be spent in a year as well as other rules on other revenue expenditures. Also sometimes , because player transfer cost are amortised over the contract period it appears that selling players for a low price is not always bad in the dark world of accounting. Also because of the FFR our current management have their hands tied to what salary they can afford to pay in any possible transfer target. The money is possibly available to buy player but it seems not to pay them

    2. It is poor management QD… I highlighted last night how much Liverpool sold Solanke for, the amount of players we’d sold/let go/swapped for the same price was absolutely laughable!!!
      When you see the amount we’ve paid for a few average players (some you’ve mentioned) will we recoup that money if we were to sell them? I seriously doubt it! We need to stop paying way over the odds for poor players!!!

      1. ??? That Solanke transfer has really got on my nerves! It’s like our board has a book “How To Do Business” which they flip open and do the exact opposite of what it says every time we need to make a deal. Anyway I hope Ramsey will be the last bad piece of business (or lack of) in the future. Anybody else who wants out should be sold immediately.

          1. maybe we should take a look at who sells their players and does the negotiating with clubs when it comes to fees, and maybe try to bring one or two onboard, i know for a fact that southampton must have one hell of a sales team!!

              1. Sal, isn’t that why we brought in the three musketeers?
                To scout, negotiate and sign/renew contracts?
                Durand has mentioned that Sven has indicated that no player will be allowed to enter his last year of a contract. He either renews or is placed on the transfer list.
                The selling price is the one that we have to address and, as you say, which one of the above is responsible is anyone’s guess!!!

  8. I think Raul will run things very differently than Ivan. He said players shouldn’t get down to last year of contract. He said there should be multi year plan for player, or move on before reaching final year.

    Now if they can stop paying high wages to average players, that would be great. I wonder if those higher wages are due to Kronke’s allergic reaction to investing in his “crown jewel” as he calls our club.

    Find it interesting he calls our club a “crown jewel” but is one of only 2 premier league owners not to invest a single penny of their personal money. Says a lot really doesn’t it? Views us as a cash cow, not a club competing for titles.

    Hopefully Josh didn’t inherit his father’s allergic reaction to opening his wallet.

    1. Let’s hope Durand… although I always find the more money someone has, the more they want & the tighter they become!!

      1. So true Sue. And if anyone EVER doubts that , they should try carol singing for charity at Christmas. We ALWAYS collect far more in the working class areas than we ever did in the days of long ago when we naively went to posh areas. Many rich people are the real Scrooges and stinking rich Scrooges like Kroenke are often mankinds enemies. I can never now watch Scrooge on stage or screen without immediately thinking of KROENKE.

    2. Hopefully too, that Josh does NOT inherit his fathers asset and so called “crown jewel.” Nor anyone else who has the name Kroenke! Yes I know he is installed but as yet is NOT the actual owner.

  9. Many fans , myself included think that Kroenke should invest millions in the club. However, perhaps the STTC (Fair Play) rules are causing him some concern
    STCC basically requires clubs whose wage bills are over certain thresholds (and most clubs are over the threshold) to stick to a set maximum amount of increase in their wage bill for each season. The permitted increase is £7m per year until 2019, when the Rules will probably be renewed. Also as I understand it, any investment by the owner cannot be used for wages and other related cost. Man City are under investigation and risk big sanctions for breaching FFP rules. Only a thought but perhaps the owner does not want to risk it. In the world of dark accountancy it seems what is a big loss between a players purchase and selling price is not always true. Players costs are amortised over the length of their contract and if sold before the end of the contract the remainng portion of the cost is written off .Also their wages are no longer payable so sometimes it seems that its not always a such a bad deal as we fans think.

  10. I don’t usually comment, I believe I’ve done so twice, but I felt compelled to write one now. Quite simply the best article I’ve read on this site in a long, long time. It’s all about The Arsenal for me and I’ll say proudly now, in Emery I trust. Give the man time to do his job. As a fan, I want glory, I want championships and trophies but most of all I want passion and pride, pull on that shirt and go to war. What I’ve seen from Emery so far is that he has been a man to reignite that passion in the players, that for me has untold worth in these days of primadonnas and whingers. Gunners forever.

  11. Great article Goonerboy which exactly mirrors my view of the state of our great club. The only depressing thing is that Kroenke now owns 100% and dictates how the club is run with zero opposition. It is going to be a huge task for Emery to even get us back in the top 4, and I hope that he gets the time to do it. Patience is the key for all Gunners.

  12. I recently read an article discussing the net spend of the owners of the largest clubs in England all the way down to Middlesbrough.
    I mention Middlesbrough because they shared something in common with Arsenal.
    The total amount of money invested into the club by the club owner was £0
    It is not a case of not being able to compete but more a case of not wanting to compete.
    So I disagree with the author of this article.
    This “self sustainable” model is just a front to disguise a lack of ambition.

  13. Well said Goonerboy.Given the poor quality of defenders he inherited, Emery has done well and will need the support of fans and some time to remedy the errors of judgement made by Gazidis and Wenger.That said i cannot comprehend the decision to sign the likes of Lichsteiner when he is clearly finished.Whoever was responsible for this signing needs to wise up.The recruitment and development of promising youngsters is the only way ahead for Arsenal under the present absentee owner.

  14. “I thought we all agreed that this season should be a free pass for Emery?”

    When was that meeting? I have never said that and I know many who refused to say that because 12 months is too long, should Moyes have had 12 months at UTD? Most of the gooners I know was saying 6 months at most for his free pass as we do not want to be relegated or turned into a lot worse, we need to take stock of how things stand in 6 months, that was what I was hearing. Of course you have some people who claim that UE should be given two whole seasons! I mean, do they not wish to evaluate the situation in 6 months time? Wow… so what if UE started to become worse and worse? Would you want him to stick around for another 12-18 months? Or would you look at options??? I would hope that Arsenal look at options and any manager will have targets to hit, if he misses them then look at our options.

    “Arsenal CANNOT compete financially:”
    Arsenal over last 5 years (Net Spend): £-252.97m
    Liverpool in the same time (Net Spend): £-192.81m

    I think that clearly shows we can compete when it comes to finances, yeah Liverpool made a couple big sales but that is an area we have been lacking, maximizing income for players who are wanted. Liverpool at sitting top, they are the leaders currently and they have done it with net spending less than Arsenal over the past 5 years.

    Article as a whole as nothing special, to be honest, it kinda annoyed me. Goonerboy has thrown out the one reason why we took on UE, he had sold himself as this wonderful guy who knew so much about us, he had all this information and it wow’d the guys at the top. Here was some kinda tactical genius who would play tactics depending on opposition and then we see him playing a variation of his favoured tactic, week in and week out. Don’t have the players? It is fine, I will not swap tactics but be stubborn and play people out of position. That was a big moan I heard about Wenger yet people will overlook UE doing it?

    Nah, not me, I will treat him like any other manager who would have taken over, he has to prove himself to us fans. I do not need to offer undying loyalty to a man who hasn’t earned it! Neither should any of you.

    1. Midkemma, so you are prepared to jettison a coach who is still trying to sort out the injury problems that has decimated his back four?
      Even today, kos has been injured.
      No one will defend AW more than me and that includes you!!
      But UE came here after the two worst seasons that I can remember since the days of Billy Wright.
      AW, after twenty brilliant years had lost it. He realised it and left.
      How on earth you expect any manager/coach to walk in and turn that situation around in six (playing) months is completely ridiculous.
      Of course keep reminding fans about the double standards they use when discussing UE and AW…., plus we keep discuss on here the mistakes, as we see them, he is making.
      Just give the man time to settle in and If after two seasons there is the same scenario, then that’s the time to say he hasn’t proved himself.
      As a real AW follower I personally believe we have been very lucky to sign UE and, after evaluating the situation, we will not be relegated and another eighteen months seem perfectly reasonable.

      1. Dude, read what I said please.
        “I would hope that Arsenal look at options and any manager will have targets to hit, if he misses them then look at our options.”

        After the 1st 6 months I would give him till end of season, we are not in fear of relegation or worse, I do not think it is wrong to consider your options regularly.

        We should never be in a situation where we have no option but to keep a manager, me being willing to jettison a manager is right, it keeps those options available for the club.

        Just like with Rioch, he signed us DB10 and gave us a legend… he only lasted 1 season while he finished 5th. I am glad David Dein was not as laid back as you Ken in this regard, I am glad he had the steel to evaluate his options and jettison a manager who wasn’t right for Arsenal.

        As for walking in and turning things around in 6 months, I never said that, I said evaluate the situation. UE could get sacked if he is not doing well enough.

    2. Midkemma, After reading this unfair tosh you wrote, it is no wonder that you and I see so things so completely differently. It is clear that our life values are almost complete opposites and is why we so regularly fall out. I prize fairness very highly. By your own admission and nonsense about “6 months” you are the sort of unfair fan I hope to never have to meet in person. Frankly, after reading this nonsense I am sick of you. It is completely evident that you are still pining after WENGER AND NO ONE CAN LIVE UP TO HIM IN YOUR EYES. Even those who have not had not a chance as yet to do so. Thankfully, you and your tiny few “think alikes” will have no actual say in the matter, apart from your opinions on here, unfair and obnoxious though those opinions be.

      1. Before committing to spending money on a manager in Jan I would hope the Arsenal board have evaluated the situation and either agree to back the manager as he has done well enough till now or if they do not trust the manager to back him with funds then look for a new one.

        This is realistic.
        Realism… something you claim to be. Which is tosh, your a pessimistic person who claims to be a realist.

        Fairness… You want to talk to me about fairness?
        You who lambasted me for replying to a post and sticking to that post, claiming I should have taken your life history into account when replying to a single post… is talking about fairness.

        You accused me of calling you a liar, you are a liar.
        “It is completely evident that you are still pining after WENGER”
        Jon you liar.
        I recognised Wenger time was behind him. I have consistently agreed that better coaching can help our players, players like Bellerin who I was saying to you that he needs time with the new manager. you just wanted him thrown out of Arsenal asap, I backed the new manager to train him.
        I was calling for Enrique at the time to replace him, I know you can’t be expected to remember everything and that is why I haven’t lambasted you for not instantly recalling that fact.

        Jon the Liar sounds about right.

    3. Midkemma, you can’t compare a man who was here for 22yrs with a guy who’s only been here for 6 months. A huge chunk of that net spend was made by the previous regime, Gazidis & co.. And we all know how that money was spent. Over 90% of Emery’s squad is inherited from Wenger and has only spent reportedly 70m. The PL is currently at its highest competitiveness than it has ever been and yet we are 5th, only 3pts from top 4. Considering our declining performances over the past few years, the above mentioned factors and a transition from our longest manager ever, I would say Emery is punching above his weight. United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea can afford to fire & hire managers frequently because they have enough finances to rebuild their squads, a luxury which Arsenal doesn’t have at the moment. Let’s give the new management a chance while criticising them rationally.

      1. I can.
        I have.
        I have also witnessed Graham being replaced by a short term manager(after being sacked for dodgy dealings) before that guy was released after a single year and then we had a decade of glory with Wenger.

        I am glad that David Dein knew he could compare someone after 1 season with someone who had been with us for 9 seasons.

        As for the inherited squad…

        Leno isn’t, Leno is Sven signed.
        Sokratis isn’t.
        Lich isn’t.
        Torreira isn’t.
        Guendouzi isn’t.

        5 players who are all defensive in nature, our defense being the issue is not all Wengers fault. You do know Wenger was asking for a CB in Jan when we signed Auba?

        Auba and Laca are good players to inherit though, but Wenger got more out of Laca than Emery has so far. 20 games in and 7 goals for Laca this season. Last season he played 32 tims and got 14 goals, he was also out having a knee op that year as well.

        Lets look at Auba, Wenger played him 13 times in the EPL and he got 10 goals.
        UE has played him for 21 EPL games and he has scored 14 goals.

        DAMN! Even after inheriting such a great pair of CF, he still can’t get them to play as well as Wenger did.

        As for Liverpool having the finances, not as much as Arsenal, we have net outspent them over the last 5 years. They managed to get good value on a couple players and that is where their spending came from.

        We have net spent more than Chavski in the last 5 years in transfers.

        Arsenal have no funds to sack managers and get new ones if the manager starts failing consistently even though we have net spent more in transfers than two of the team you listed.
        I like how you mentioned UTD as well, they was bought by the Glaziers using a loan and repaid that loan using UTDs money, they can spend now due to generating an income… We have not been bought in such a disgusting manor.

  15. Our so called “sustainable model” is an absolute joke. This model mostly thrives on buying cheaply & selling at a higher price, something which we have failed to do for sometime now. It also thrives on other sources of income generated by the club. Our transfer dealings and wage management has been very poor and has contributed immensely to our current problems financially. Kroenke is a stingy man who will never invest his money in the club (as seen in a certain article). This therefore requires us to maximize on our “self sustainable” model efficiently. Our net spend is up there with the top clubs and Liverpool have been the best example of how to manage transfers. Our wage bill is also up there with the top clubs. My conclusion therefore is that our problems lie more on how we spend our money and not necessarily lack of it. I know we can’t compete with the likes of City and Chelsea financially but we can use wisdom in how we spend what we have.

    1. A realistic summing up of precisely WHY we cannot afford to make the huge mistakes from now on that Wenger and Gazidis made over so long a dismal period in the past. To WASTE money on the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi (about £70 mill on those two flops) and even to throw away the smaller sum of £5 millonon mediocre trundlers like Elneny shows rank bad judgement. Not to mention the disastrous wage hike to keep the idle Ozil in clover doing nothing that helps but only impinges on our ability to bring in fresh and hungrier blood. I do think the new regime will be far more shrewd BUT much of the damage is already done and will take ages to undo, esp given that the dreadful and morally corrupt owner cares nothing for glory. We are and will be for some time to come, still reaping the stupidity of allowing Wenger to continue damaging our future prospects , instead of sacking him AS THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE, a number of years ago. HIS MISMANAGEMENT IS STILL COSTING US AND HOLDING US BACK.

      1. Well Jon, you criticise Midkemma for being an unfair fan and yet here you are doing exactly the same thing.
        You keep going on and on and on about mediocre players, but always fail to mention the success those players had.
        Up and until two years ago those players you so regularly highlight as flops and a waste of money, led us to CL qualifications, top four finishes and fa cup glory, despite them being “dross, weedy, not coached properly and only being selected because they were favourites”.
        I have asked you so many times that I’ve lost count, please explain in rational details how this was accomplished.
        AW was under the same constraints that you keep on telling us UE is so unfortunate to find himself in.
        I don’t want to see the same old tirade about not replacing Gilberto and/or not having a decent defence since the 2004 season… I want you to explain how and why the team and manager you have no time for could have achieved what they did…or didn’t do as you believe?
        No need to remind you of the ten barren years you always elude to… the ones that saw eight CL qualifications, eight top four finishes and three fa cup wins.
        Let me just remind you Jon of something you wrote a little while manager could possibly win the premier league with kronkie as the owner.
        With that as the starting point, let’s see your response to my specific question.

  16. Always good to read your comments Ken1945, allow me to also respond to your questions to Jon. The players mentioned by Jon are mediocre apart from Ozil, whom I think is criticised alot because of his supposed poor work rate & going missing in most games(most especially the big ones). I think our top four achievements throughout the years was great but I also think it was because most of the teams lacked in quality. If you look at post 2015, teams like Spurs and Liverpool had gotten new managers who improved their squads and tactics and that’s where the race for top four began to be very competitive. As soon as these teams improved in quality, the race for top four began to be very difficult and this can be proven by our final positions in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons. As far as the CL is concerned, we have participated in it for many years, but when was the last time we got past the last 16? We had become the laughing stock of Europe especially with our constant 5-1 humiliations against Bayern. We won three Fa cups along the way in Wenger’s last few seasons which was a great achievement, but I think it also papered on some cracks that ultimately manifested in his final 2years. Spurs and Liverpool have invested wisely and that is where I think our problem is currently. Wenger faced financial constraints but he, together with the management invested poorly, like Mustafi and Xhaka for 70m in his final years and he (Wenger) failed to keep up with the pace & tactics of the newer and younger managers. Emery is and will face the same constraints, probably lesser, and therefore it will be very important for the new management to be shrewd with our spending.

    1. Shinoda, thank you for a clear and concise reply that I read without the use of capital letters and you tried to address the points referred to.
      Firstly no one is disputing the final two years of AW, least of all me.
      But let me just remind you how close we were to finishing fourth yet again in 2016-17…one point.
      Season 17-18 was a disaster and it followed that AW resigned.
      Having said that, let’s remind ourselves of the question I specifically asked of Jon… how did a team of misfits and a clueless manager keep being successful.

      Your point about the premier league being more difficult post pool and spuds getting new managers, should also include the unlimited spending power of Man. City and that of Chelsea.
      What you fail to address (as Jon does) is how the team of mediocre players and a clueless manager kept being successful in that period with cup wins, CL and top four finishes.
      Again, Jon has said that “no manager could possibly win the premier league with kronkie as the manager, yet both of you expected AW, with the same constraints, to do just that.
      Can I also remind you that neither pool or spuds have won anything since their current managers were appointed?
      Your point that other teams lacked quality is, surely, the same point you are trying to make about our mediocre players?
      Aren’t you saying we all lacked quality?
      So I ask again, how was it achieved?

      Let’s move on to the CL and your points regarding our record there.
      Of course the results against BM were humiliating, along with our failure to win it in twenty years.
      But yet again and for whatever reason, you give no explanation as to why, but rather dismiss this achievement.
      Have you not considered for one minute that the reasons given by Jon for UE not having any chance of winning the premier league, becomes an even greater reason for not getting further than we have?
      How do you expect Arsenal to compete with the likes of RM, Barca, BM, City etc etc when we have the structure in place ever since Kronkie became the major shareholder!
      Incidentally that collates with the”barren” years so often referred to by others.
      Of course AW got his tactics wrong, he didn’t want to defend. It seems as if UE has the same philosophy!!
      The paper cracks you refer to is also misleading if we follow your points through.
      Whilst winning those trophies, we were also qualifying for the CL despite the new challenges you say were being introduced.
      I agree that AW did fall behind, as the last two years plainly confirm. He also recognised that (and does it really matter whether he resigned or not) and now UE faces the same challenges.
      As for Ozil, that’s a personal call.
      AW has gone and UE is now the man to bring success, but while Jon keeps up his tirade of a abuse against our most successful trophy winning manager and offers no explanation as to why and how they achieved so much during the”barren”years with a side full of dross,weedy etc etc players is puzzling to say the least.
      I must also add, Shinoda, that you have also fallen into the same trap with your explanations that contradict themselves.

      If you would like to debate all of AW’s faults, I have quite a list myself and would gladly compare and discuss them with you.

      1. Shinoda, I have returned here on numerous occasions to read Jon’s explanation, but as you can see for yourself, none is forthcoming.
        It just backs up my belief that Jon has no answers, but just keeps on regurgitating the same old rubbish on this specific subject.
        At least you and I gave our views.

        1. Great points Ken1945. I wasn’t pointing out Wenger’s faults but the management as a whole. I appreciate the diversity of opinion and that’s why I like your point. Jon has an opinion as well, least we could do is respect it. I try as much as possible to avoid making comparisons between Wenger and Emery & I think you’ve always tried to avoid this as well, based on your comments. I look forward to your comments on other articles and exchange of opinions.

          1. Shinoda, great to have a discussion with you and I hope I have given you something to think about as you have me.

  17. Hello guys…My number one point I think we should all agree on is that every supporter have different views on the situation at Hand…and everyone is right in their own perspective…
    My views goes thus, from the relocation of stadium in 2005 post the Invisibles which was our best Team till date managed by AW…our buying capacity was hinderd by the debt of the new stadium for some couple of years under which the best managers in the world during that time can not manage Arsenal and expect to win tangible Honors… During which our highest buy is 16m Arshavin, Aaron was bought 2m less if am right… Jack was a youngstar Yet this lads manage to earn top 4 and some title with AW… And what can they possibly accomplish with less investment in the champions League… I can say for sure that no Team in History can win the champions League with such squad and low investment such as ours… It feasible to see why we keep being humiliated by the rich spenders in the highest competition my point is no manager can archive what arsene did in those years. as an Arsenal fan I couldn’t have wished for more during those years still I got trophy during those years… AW got my respect till eternity… You guys should give him dsame…
    We all know his last two season was abysmal and he left… Honestly speaking he left it in good shape…all we got to do is support the new regime which are doing really good…compare to when klopp took over he spent two seasons in Europe with Liverpool still hasn’t lift a trophy… But we all know it a matter of time… Let give Emery time I believe in Emery so as I once did with Aw

    1. Mihado, an excellent post and one I hope Jon Fox reads carefully.
      Your views mirror mine and I thank you for submitting them in such a concise and factual way.

    2. If Emery can keep some of the improvements going and the club is willing to back his style then I am eager to see what can happen.

      If Emery isn’t backed by the recruitment team to ensure his tactics stand a chance then I fear that Arsenal will suffer by sticking with a manager that will not be backed, this can hurt us in the short and long term.
      I’m not saying that backing has to come in the shape of a £100 million CB, it could be a cheap Torreira who is worth a lot more to us as a club than the fee paid.

      Prime example is the high line, if Emery refuses to consider the players pace and we keep getting caught out by the same high line fault… Either we need to get CB with pace or Emery needs to adjust the tactics.

      If Emery refuses to adjust and the board refuses to back Emery then I feel we would be at an impasse, we would need to consider our options then. If this is shown in 6 years or 6 months… I do not think that matters. Once the decision is made and that impasse arises then we need to act with the interest of Arsenal over the manager or perceived reputation we may get for acting swiftly.

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