All the contenders for Arsenal manager come with doubts – not just Arteta

Why Arteta may be the best option Arsenal have as our next manager. by Patrick Karani

Good morning Gooners from the beautiful East African country Kenya.
The hottest topic among us, the Gooners, must surely have everything to do with Wenger’s succession. I know most fans around the world have their preferences. It however appears very apparent that the powers-that-be at the Club are in favour of our former captain Mikel Arteta taking over the reigns, albeit with reduced powers than Arsene wielded. With that in mind, I will attempt to demonstrate why Arteta may just be the best option we have at this point in time. To do so, I will briefly look at the other candidates linked with the job vis-à-vis Arteta.

Maxi Allegri
The Juve coach, without doubt, must be the preferred candidate by most fans. To his credit, he has won three successive Scudetto with the Turin giants. He has equally progressed to the latter stages of the UCL, including the finals in 2016 and 2017. However, he lacks Premier League experience. To illustrate this, just look at Conte, his predecessor at Juve. He came to Chelsea and surprised everyone by winning the league in his first season. Since then, however, it has been downhill for him. As expected, he will definitely leave at the end of the season after dropping from first to fifth in the league. Allegri therefore presents a great risk. In any case, many of you will agree that he inherited a great team from Conte. There has basically been little challenge in the Serie A, with the two Milan clubs falling off the pace in the last few years, leaving Napoli as the closest challenger especially during the current season.

Luis Enrique
I have personally never rated him. Did he achieve anything spectacular at Roma? It’s debatable, but for me, it is a big NO. At Barcelona, he inherited a great team with which any average coach would have succeeded. It is also rumoured that he is such a difficult character to work with, though we may never know how true that is. Finally, he equally lacks Premier League experience, having never played or coached therein.

Patrick Vieira
He is one of our many legends, one of the best captains that we have ever had. He captained the Invincibles, the best team that Arsene ever assembled. Yet, he has been out of the EPL for several years now. Since he last worked for Man City, the league has so much evolved, to the extent that an experienced manager like Mourinho, with a shitload of money, has failed to click at United. He therefore presents a great risk as well.

Thierry Henry
Other than being our best player in history (in my opinion), has he ever been actively involved in club management? I believe not. He could therefore be a bigger and more riskier gamble than Arteta. For me, therefore, it’s a big no for him.

Mikel Arteta
For the record, I entertain a lot of doubts about his suitability. But I am comforted by a few facts:

1) He has spent the last decade playing in the EPL, both for Everton and Arsenal. He must therefore have experienced the way the league has evolved.

2) He has worked for two seasons under (arguably) the best manager/coach in the world (Pep). Consequently, therefore, he must have learnt from the best. Remember Pep was plucked from Barcelona B (Reserves) and installed as the first team coach. The rest is history.

3) He recently retired playing as an Arsenal player and captain. He therefore knows the current Club set up inside out. He equally knows other teams in the league so well, having recently played against them either as a player or Pep’s assistant at City. He therefore has an edge over the other candidates.

4) Finally, I ask myself a simple question. If he wasn’t any good at all, why would Pep, a meticulous and arguably the best coach in the world, immediately hire him once he took over at City? There must be something he, Pep, saw in Mikel.

All in all, however, I still believe that his appointment may be a gamble. The same is worthy taking though. Cheers Gooners.

Patrick Karani,
Nairobi Kenya.


  1. Rashid80 says:

    Youre points are invalid and illogical

    1. gotanidea says:

      They are very logical, since all managers will come with some uncertainties

  2. pires says:

    Ancelotti is there for the taking. Get him for God sake

    1. gotanidea says:

      No to boring Ancelotti

    2. Emmanuel says:

      If Anceloti is as good as u claim , why is he jobless??
      Any coach coming in is a gamble , even Jose is a gamble at ManU…

  3. Counsel says:

    @ Patrick karana mambo vipi Niko Nairobi pia,great article

    1. muha Anko Anko says:

      wakenya tuko wengi hapa huh?

      1. Kenyanfan says:

        muuga karani.Great article.Its rumoured that our legend T.Henry wants the job but that’s the worst decision we can make.Its better Arteta

  4. Counsel says:

    OT: Claude retired from Arsenal fan TV just the daty Wenger had his last game.Without cluade I don’t think I will ever watch Arsenal fan TV again.Also another interesting character Bully left Arsenal fan TV is dying a silent death.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Counsel, there are a number of people on AFTV, such as Robbie Lyle himself, Moh and Lee Judges amongst others, who make quite sensible comments on Arsenal FC. I can always tune out when Kelechi starts singing!
      I think it is good down to earth entertainment win or lose.

  5. Phil says:

    Admin-can I just say the standard of Topic writing seems to be getting better and better.Obviously there is a lot to discuss with many different views but you do not often get credit so as I’m doing everything possible to prevent me watching Gooner Harry walking up the aisle and the BORE of a Cup Final we all know will be happening I just thought I would give you a ? even though you do not write most of them yourself
    Very good article Patrick

    1. Admin says:

      Thankyou young man. I usually only see my name on here when someone is complaining!

      1. Counsel says:

        @ admin Phil is not a young man he is Wenger’s age mate,I’m the only young man here

        1. Phil says:

          Ha ha @Counsel.Not quite Wengers age but probably closer than you.And always remember RESPECT YOUR ELDERS

      2. Okiror says:

        Are you a woman

      3. jon fox says:

        Hear hear to the topic writing getting better. Best thing you ever did Mr. Admin, was getting rid of the thumbs which has reduced those with nothing to say(or the ability to say it, which amounts to the same effect). At the time , I urged you to bring them back, even moaning when it did not happen. So I owe you a huge apology. so here goes: Gulp, “SORRY”! I will stop short of asking for your autograph this time, but who knows the future!

      4. Kenyanfan says:

        @admin .you can never make everyone happy. But all in all, great job.
        however, iv always asked myself, why not make this platform in such a way that when someone reply to your post then you get a mail notification or just a notification box to be added somewhere in the site( which now means we go back to the previous platform where we used to log in before posting)

    2. Sean says:

      Well said Phil ?? admin does a super job with this site & the articles are making more sense,detailed & right to the point for debates on here.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. GunnerUp says:

    The board has been taking a risk for the last 10 years with Wenger.
    No Arteta, Vieira, Henry, Bould !!!!
    The board does not want to spend in the market which is what a good coach asks for. Cheap skates
    We need instant success, wasted enuf time already
    I am verrry angry. I guarantee you none of these x players would win the EPL or ECL

    1. gotanidea says:

      Maybe the board would give Arteta a substantial amount of transfer funds, since he is much cheaper than the other candidates?

      1. GunnerUp says:

        Possibly. But which world class player would want to come work with an inexperienced 1st time coach such as him, without ECL and without the crazy salaries other teams pay players. There’s no hope really.
        Also besides this season 1 thing Wenger had was an ability to bounce back and consistently still beat teams keeping player trust. When other managers lose games and start losing support of the team, there’s no coming back for them. Look at Mourinho, ranieri. None of these splatters have the personality and command respect to achieve that

        1. GunnerUp says:

          *x players

    2. Skills1000 says:

      I think the board has spent money in recent years. Aubameyang and Lacazette combined fee is over 100m pounds. We have two world class strikers. We need a very mobile DM and a Defender. We are good to go. We should give Arteta a chance. I want to remind us all that Allegri was a failure in his last season at AC Milan. The fans wanted him out of the club. We need younger managers who are willing to win at all cost, take risks, passion, energy and drive. We have Mislintat and Raul. We should support Arteta if he is appointed

      1. bran911 says:

        Arteta is minor who has never stood by himself, how many teams did he manage? What experience does he have? Won’t he come at Arsenal and be another wenger? I mean, ain’t he cheap and would be a yes man to the greedy owners? If you are inexperienced and some company hired you in a very top position, wouldn’t you busy worshiping them than doing the right thing? Would Arteta be on the fans’ side or the bosses side?

  7. What about Lee Judges? He talks a lot of sense on ArsenalFanTV! Even Moh sometimes talks sense sometimes when he is not sitting on the AKB/AOB fence.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Counsel says:

    Today is on Saturday so I have time to write I’m very Idle from where I sit.Let me add some qualities on Arteta because he is the better option and I would take him over all the other possible candidates.He was our astute penalty taker, he had one of the best pass accuracy in the league, he took a pay cut to sign for arsenal during Wenger’s most difficult period,he was our able captain, and because you can’t give what you don’t have as a player those were some of his qualities he gave us.As young coach those who worked with him and know him well including pep,pochettino,and Wenger have said he has all the qualities to succeeded, he is innovative, calm,with apparent intelligence and a leader.Those who compare him with our legend like henry whose work as pundit is poor and henry was very foolish in school and this is documented Google it,so those who watch him the he analyses the game he lacks tactical knowledge.So viva Arteta you can do it

    1. Emmanuel says:

      Good analysis of Ateta, Arteta is what we need, d board is doing well, we have a good management team, it is not until u spend millions of pounds before you have success…

  9. Sean says:

    Iv got a feeling this 50m being thrown around is for the kew coach full stop to buy a player, maybe 2 of their own for the squad as Raul, Sven & Ivan will be the ones to make the deals & scout the players!

    The board are taking a huge gamble here on Arteta & having the whole kitty at just 50m & whatever player sales come in, as it isnt enough to make the fans not go crazy at all this. They cant be that stupid can they?

    I think alot more fans would come together to get Kronke out rather than Wenger as nobody wanted to disrespect our living loyal legend of a manager but Stan?? I think we all know we ALL want that yank out of our club asap, though the sooner the better would be the best thing to happen to the club, getting this penny pincher out was more important than Wenger in my opinion.

  10. John Wick says:

    I just wish Arsenal would sometimes follow the wishes of the supporters for once.. yes they say our past managers were bold unexpected appointments but unlike Arteta, George Graham and Arsene Wenger were already managers.. Graham had 4 years of experience and Wenger was in his 12th year of management so in my mind that’s a completely different kettle of fish! Arteta hasn’t even managed the unders to gain that management feeling.. that tells you this appointment is not down to how highly he’s rated but more the fact the club has little ambition to be successful on the pitch.. we hear Gazidis say we want the traditions and playing style upheld.. so in theory they want a younger Arsene Wenger with his style of play, that being pass sideways and backwards and wait until the 70th minute to actually work the opposition keeper.. Gazidis talks as though we play devastating football cutting our opponents open at will, as if we’re a Barcelona clone! Our football for the last few years, actually being generous it’s longer than that has been boring and predictable and I don’t even have to go into full detail about that sorry excuse for a defence.. we actually nicknamed Koscielny as boss that’s down to how low are expectations have become we’ve had one defensive boss centrally and that’s Mr Arsenal himself.. Koscielny isn’t in the same class as Adams he’s not even in the same school! So all in all Gazidis and co just want a younger Wenger who won’t question him or the board or demand high profile transfer requests! I would understand the appointment of Arteta more if clubs were sounding him out themselves but let’s get serious apart from Arsenal nobody wants Arteta as they’re next manager but as Gazidis said we’re a special club we do things differently.. he can definitely say that, arsenal are out on their own when it comes to unusual choices! Anyway I’ll still love the club no matter what good or bad I just won’t raise any expectations arsenal are a club that can smash you’re heart to pieces!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      John, I’m still hoping there is a positive twist in the tail, although I’m not looking forward to Monday if that’s announcement day.

      1. John Wick says:

        You and me both Ozziegunner ? I’m kinda hoping talks break down and Arteta stays put ? we’ll soon be put out of our misery either way haha

    2. jon fox says:

      Totally realistic comments which I endorse. Well said John!

      1. John Wick says:

        Thanks Jon, appreciated ?

  11. Barren says:

    1.arteta just go against the board and prove u need to spend sensibly in the areas that need a upgrade 50mil is not enough.
    2.prove all of us wrong and make us defend and attack better and start ur own love affair with afc.
    3.hire young enthusiastic coaches as apart of ur backroom staff and keep jens Lehman.
    4.demand more than 50mil.
    5.demand more than 50mil.
    6.demand more than 50mil.
    7.demand more than 50mil.
    8.demand more than 50mil.
    9.demand more than 50mil.
    10.demand more than 50mil.
    I’m south african but I love afc more than our national team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. bran911 says:

      Good point. With his status and his inexperience, he’ll just come turn into a puppet just like Wenger

  12. Ingleby says:

    If Arsenal spent £200/£300 million and at the same time appointed Arteta as coach he wouldn’t gain any credit if we did well because people would say it was all down to money.

    If he is appointed, but his net spend is limited to £50 million, then it avoids an Everton/Stoke scenario where plenty of money acquired a whole raft of useless or ill-fitting players.

    Allocating Arteta (if it is to be him) a net of £50M may well prove a shrewd way of judging just how good he really is, before allocating a larger budget for the 2019-20 season.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Ingleby, maybe the £50 million is paper talk or the sum allocated to be spent at the discretion of the manager, with additional transfer funds allocated to be spent by Sven Mislattat?

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        Remember AVG spent a whole lot of money when United hires him. His steam was still crap. That shows it’s not always about spending money

      2. Ingleby says:

        Yes, could be. I’m inclined to the view that having splurged on Lacazette and then Aubameyang the £50M is likely to be a net spend so can be greater if players are sold. I hope that when laying out money in Jan they already knew that a new manager would be in place this summer so gave factored all of this into their overall approach.

  13. Muff diver says:

    No amount of fluff will convince arsenal fans having arteta and a small budget is somehow a good move .

    Its laughable . An embarrassment of a decision .
    When u have such a huge foundation like wenger going. Everything up in the air . You need to unite the fans . Consolidate . Bring balance to all the uncertainty.

    Mikel arteta?!

    Banter club . Utter embarrassment .

  14. Innit says:

    That’s not really the point
    Nobody’s perfect

    But when I when I apply for jobs they look at my work experience and qualifications. Then at the interview they question me.
    Most businesses (Arsenal is a business) try to get Employees who have experience especially for the top jobs in the company

    There are many managers who have more experience than Arteta.
    If they want a former Arsenal player why not Adams (who was a leader too), Henry or Viera?

    Again I will support Arteta or whatever manager we get but there are many more suitable candidates out there

  15. barryglik says:

    Arteta was hired because
    he was a Spanish speaker
    who could speak English.
    His PL experience would not have been enough.
    Did it work last season?
    No. Sheiky finished 3rd, 8 points behind Spurs and 15 points behind Chelsea.
    Where was Arteta’s genius then?
    Did Pep just manage better? Did he ask Arteta to coach the team to victory?
    No Pep the genius just went and bought 200 mills worth of world class talent.
    RB Walker 46m GK Ederson 40m
    Danilo 28m Bernardo Sila 46 mill Mende 46m
    He also got Gundogan and Jesus back from injury.
    The best squad in the league by far duly won the league.
    Homer Simpson could have managed Sheiky to the title
    but managing Arsenal proved too hard for Homer and he was released 🙂
    Arteta’s contribution was minimal.
    You don’t need to advise Ronaldo or Messi or Zidane or even Ozil.
    They know more than any manager could ever know already.
    KDB Aguero Fernandinho Toure Silva Kompany don’t need any advice
    and were stars well before Pep showed up.
    have just laughed at Arteta
    Sane, Walker, Danilo, Bernardo, Jesus are already super stars
    and will learn nothing from the backward sideways passer Arteta
    “Like seriously who are you”
    When you have a 874 mill team of superstars even ordinary
    players like Otamendi Stirling and Delph become stars.
    And the assistant managers the coaches the physios the video analysts
    the kit manager the tea lady the bus driver the ball boys
    are described by Pep as wonderful amazing they are all my family.
    The billions of oil money is more likely his real family.

  16. Franklin Balance says:

    Arteta is in did a big big gamble but let’s face some facts. Wenger was virtually unknown before the Arsenal job. Even though his later days was nothing to compare with the glorious beginning he had. He is still our best manager at least until someone else proves otherwise. Arteta might be inexperienced but he is young and hungry to make a name for himself. This is something we missed so much in Wenger. Again, he is open minded and will to accept change. (An attribute Wenger had in very short supply) He has witnessed all the changes in the premier league over the years both as a player and a choach. So, he is by no means a rookie and am more than willing to place my bet on him.

  17. Obiyo says:

    What experience does zidane has before coaching Madrid?

    1. ruelando says:

      Far more than Arteta, dont judge Barcelona and Real Madrid standards to arsenal, Pep and Zidane had a background staff that had never been change for years behind them, therefore Barca and Real Madrid could run on Auto pilot (coach), they had experience in the La Liga B and they had a large amount of stars that know what to do to win trophies.

      Arteta does not even have a staff to work with, no experience and definitely no contacts, as i said he will just be another yes man

    2. barryglik says:

      A fish could manage R. Madrid
      Marcelo Ramos Varane Carvajhal
      Kroos Casemiro
      Ronaldo Modric Isco Asensio
      Benzema Bale Nacho

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        I know right… their team is so good it doesn’t matter who coaches them. Same thing was said about Barcelona team before Tata Martino came in

  18. Jeremy says:

    Seriously…, why bother about credit when we just want to win.

    Stop thinking about pathetic credit of trying to win with low cost.

    Don’t dream. Days of Ajax winning major tournament are over. AW tried and failed miserably.

    So those who think we can win by spending less, wake up from your royal slumber.

  19. Midkemma says:

    Enrique inherited such a good team that MSN was already together?

    Considering Barca won F all the 2 seasons prior means that Barca was not walking the league and any manager would have won…

    Stupid ignorance.

    Rest of it is all moronic rambling.

    Allegri inherited such a good team?
    So Allegri didn’t have to sign Higuain for them? Dybala? Sandro? Pjanic? Oooh yeah, Szcz. I miss him 🙁
    To try and say that Allegri walked into a great team and didn’t have to do much is underestimating a great manager… Even I recognise his talent and I am not a fan of Allegri.

    Then claiming Pep is the best manager while he got less points per game than Enrique… How is Pep the best when Enrique got more points per game? Wouldn’t the best have the best points per game?

    A load of BS this article.

  20. Durand says:

    No amount of fluff can cover up his lack of experience and his style and philosophy is theoretical with no evidence it works or not.

    Arteta could become a good manager, but how long will that take?

    Didn’t most fans want Wenger replaced with manager who could carry on for title? Feels more like starting over with Arteta.

    14 years without title and 2 years without CL got Wenger sacked. Realistically, what does anyone expect Arteta to achieve? How patient are fans willing to be?

    How long fans willing to wait for CL berth?
    How much longer you willing to wait for title run?

    Personally tone deaf board/ownership considering a massive gamble on unproven manager, further dividing a dangerously divided fanbase.

    What other top club in European football would take such a risk? What fortune 500 company would appoint inexperienced CEO.

    Unfortunately, feels more like Titanic disembarking and many of us already see the iceburg ahead. Meanwhile, Ivan happy and blindly steering the ship, while con man stan busy counting money.

    Sadly, i had hoped for much much better.
    Not expected, mind you with this lot, only hoped.

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