All the form for Arsenal and Everton points to an easy home win to end the season

Following a rather disappointing outcome in the Tottenham versus Manchester City match, there’s an interesting statistic that could provide a much-needed morale boost for Arsenal fans. They can now eagerly anticipate the final game of the season against Everton, where a convincing victory might just secure them the Premier League championship.

It is clear that to win the title race, Arsenal must secure a victory against Everton and rely on their London rivals, West Ham, to either defeat or draw with Manchester City at the Etihad. If Manchester City manages to defeat West Ham, they will clinch the league title.

It’s likely Arsenal will come out on top against Everton, given their track record. For this match, our Gunners can definitely find some hope in history.

Looking at recent history, Arsenal have won 9 of their last 10 home games against Everton, scoring 26 goals and only conceding 9, so our dominance at the Emirates is evident for all to see.

Another fact is that Arsenal has scored a whopping 122 goals against Everton, making the Merseyside team the team the Gunners have scored the most goals against in Premier League history.

Of course everyone knows the amazing form that Arsenal have been since the Christmas break, but poor Everton fans have not seen their club win even one away game since the turn of the year. Amazingly the Toffees have won their last 6 home games in a row, so it’s incredible that away form has been awful.

These statistics are actually quite encouraging for Arsenal, as they are eager to end their season on a positive note and are hoping for some good luck to come their way. Forget about the fact that Arsenal have been scoring goals left, right and centre this year; their historical dominance over Everton could give them a psychological edge, giving the Arsenal forwards a boost of confidence.

Well, the past doesn’t always predict the future, and Arteta and the team still need to bring their best against Everton. Even though they’ve had a tough season, Sean Dyche and his team might just be looking to ruin Arsenal’s chances at the title. It would be great if Arsenal could finish the 2023–24 season on a high note by securing a dominant victory against Everton. So if Manchester City stumbles, there’s a good chance the Gunners could snatch the league title.

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  1. iirc Arsenal has kept a clean sheet in 18 games so far this season?

    So another against Everton wd mean a clean sheet in half of the 38 PL games. That’s pretty good going.

  2. Hammers will be battling against City as they will not want to be hammered (did you see what I did there) but also I believe they get another £5 million from the Rice deal if we win the league. Having said that, Everton won’t be a push over as they won’t want to be on the end of a hiding from us to win the league by beating them. Mind you, if it does happen I’d love Tony Adam’s to run on and give his famous both arms in the air celebration like when he scored against them years ago in the final game of the season after we had been crowned champions.

  3. And this is my worry!
    Virtually everybody has taken this game as a done deal even in the media; everyone is talking about a City slip against West Ham to give Arsenal the title. Hardly anyone is emphasizing the fact Arsenal need to beat Everton. It’s like a given!
    Unfortunately football is not that straight forward. We saw it against Villa. I hope the coaches and players realize this and go out and play their hearts out to win. The worst scenario you don’t want to play out is: City slip up against West Ham and Arsenal fumble against Everton. That would be “bottling” at its zenith!

  4. We have to win the game. You just never know, and it would be an enormous regret if somehow city did drop points. Occasionally strange things happen, a red card, players having an off day – you just never know. Important to sign off on a win in any case.

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