All the signs are there that Arsenal will offload massive flop

There are quite a few players that Arsenal fans would like to see the back of but one player, in particular, is derided more than any other and that is Shkodran Mustafi.

It is almost impossible to find any defenders for the German, he is universally lambasted and if you were to ask any Arsenal fan their top five players to sell, he would be at the top of the vast majority’s lists.

Well, the good news is that there are signs he could be on his way out of the Emirates this summer.

For starters, there have been many reports that Unai Emery wants him gone.

Additionally, it has been noticed that he has removed all signs of Arsenal from his Instagram profile. Why would he do that?

He has changed his profile picture, removing the image of him in an Arsenal top and there is no sign of him being an Arsenal player in his bio.

Mustafi cost Arsenal a whopping £35 Million and it has to be accepted that there is no way we will get anywhere near that in a sale, not even in this inflated market.

But that will not bother the fans or probably, the club. He has become such a liability that no matter how much is recouped it will be widely welcomed that he is just gone.

Expectations are high that he will be sold this summer and the signs are promising that those expectations will be met.


  1. Please God, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah etc let it be and let’s have ozil to fenebache next!!!

  2. I appreciate Mustafi coming to Arsenal, too bad things didn’t work out for him or the club. He brought the physicality we lacked, just too much sometimes.

    I wish him the best elsewhere, and Godspeed sir.

    1. You must be far nicer a person than I am Durand, I cannot find it in my heart to wish anything for Mustafi other than that he is gone from our club,ASAP and anywhere, I don’t care where, as I just want him as far from being our clubs CB as possible. He was a disastrously bad buy by Wenger, who was possibly the very worst judge of a decent CB in our post war history, as his long list of dud CBs brought in amply show. In Gods name just GO Mustafi. NOW!!!

      1. Still can’t get my head round the fact that Wenger gave £70 Million when that figure was a hell of a lot of money for Mustafi and Xhaka. I desperately want Mustafi gone but I also want Xhaka gone just as much

  3. D’accord, MUSTAFI a fait des erreurs. Ce n’est pas sûr, qu’il les renouvelle. En plus, il est capable de marquer des buts. Ou, on a une offre correcte, ou on le garde.

    1. Ok Mustafy made mistakes but it doesn’t mean he will repeat them.more over he scores goals! either we get a decent offer for him or we keep him!I am only translating and by the way I disagree we need to ship him, also I was the first to mention it,see previous article about transfer windows,just saying!!

  4. Then it’s a sign we are going to get a CB this window since Mustaphi is leaving. I mean the one that won’t be loaned back to his club.

    1. I’m not so sure. Especially if Saliba signs and goes out on loan. If Koscielny stays, we will have three bang on first teamers including Socrates and Holding plus three knocking on the door in Chambers, Bielek and Mavropanos. Give them a shot and hope that one of the four young CBs shows enough to partner with Saliba for the next seven years.

  5. I`d like to see Mustafi carry on wearing the Arsenal shirt…………… a mannequin in a Sports Direct Store !

      1. Not really Gerry……you can stick your hand up the back side of a dummy and get some sense out of it !………..Mustafi is permanently doing the Mannequin challenge, nothing new to me to be honest as my wife has been doing the mannequin challenge for years in bed ! 😆

  6. Truth is, all our ‘flops’ are superstars in some clubs , so if this clubs come calling and we are not minding the fee, with the players themselves ready to move, it shouldnt be difficult.
    This things are based on various variable factors
    Player willingness to move, player willingness to move to the particular club/country where offer came from,the offer tabled, valuation met or not e.t.c
    For example , if Ozil is willing to move despite his huge wage and less interest from big clubs, it wouldnt take long for his agent to find him an appropriate offer he could even move to one of the european superpowers, once he is ready to take pay cut and arsenalbis ready to offload.
    So i wouldnt stress myself over this isue of how we can offload our underperforming players.
    The first criterion is players willingness to move, if those players arent interested in moving there is literarilly nothing fans or clubs could do about it

    1. Ozil doesn’t wanna leave..why would he picking up £350K a year for strolling around the Emirates and other stadiums whilst making the occasional assist?

      If I was manager/owner of th club I’d persuade him (or should I say his agent) to leave in his own best interests or he can continue to collect his king’s ransom but play with the kids or sit on the bench to earn it. Then I’d see if he fancier staying..

      1. Just tell him he’s not in any of the squads,pl, European….then we’ll see what motivates him!

      2. A man who cares nothing for personal career pride, the club, the shirt or us fans, will not be fazed by strolling around with kids -as against strolling around with the first team – provided he still collects his grotesquely unearned wage each month, which he still will. Simply put, a man without honour and pride will not feel shame. Don’t fool yourself that he will, cos he won’t!

        1. Jon Fox, you might be right. Damn. Then, I guess the only option is to sell him and pay what the club owes him in wage difference. It’s still a great deal done like that.

    2. Ozil willing to leave arsenal right! don’t you remember what his agent said?at his age the only thing that interests him is money and the only way he’ll leave is if someone matches his wages,he just got married,he’s at the end of his career, won the world cup, champions League..,. what else is there for him!

    3. Believe me, they won’t be going anywhere not unless we subsidise their ridiculous wages

  7. Good at attacking corners in opposition box.
    Can’t do it in ours though!
    Can’t read a game and makes far too many schoolboy errors.

  8. I came here ready to bash Mustafi but after going to his Instagram to confirm this story, I saw him with his kids and family and felt really bad about it. He’s got great stats but unfortunately there’s always a catastrophic brain fart in him ready to undo his good work. I wish him the best in his career wherever he chooses to go.

  9. On his instagram page there’s still picture of him with kolasinacand ozil in an arsenal jersey.

  10. It really doesn’t matter who we sell or buy nothing will change gona stay a mediocre club who will win nothing while we have that dirty greedy yank as our owner no ambition to win anything just wants to fill his pockets!!

    1. May i ask how d ‘yank’ is affecting the financing of the club?
      Last time i check he didnt put a cent neither taking out of the treasury.
      U might blame him for declaring a selfsustaining model which is going to be the only way all club run very soon.
      Lets call a spade by its name, our directors dont know how to handle business, that is our major problem.
      With the way utd is run and branded, how much do u think Glazer family needs to invest again? Utd is an attractive brand generating enough fund to sustain, even without owner major investment. Thats where we want to be

      1. Oh please don’t give me this crap we moved stadium to compete for every competition and we are now in a worse place should have stayed at highbury where we actually won things!!

  11. The question is who would be willing to pay more than say £10m for a player who has been justifiably criticised on a regular basis by fans ,pundits and ex professionals? The trouble is that Socratis is not much better than Mustafi so the same problem applies.Between them they cost our Club around £55m and we will be lucky to get £25m even in the current inflated transfer market.Since the departure of David Dein our business Management has become associated with incompetence I’m afraid.

  12. Therw are no signs. You are just peddling internet rumours. Internet is the place that anyone can post onto to.

    You take that anyone’s nonsense and post it as fact. I remember when this site actually used to debate something useful rather than tell us that someone from was it’s preferred source of information. Yes, that is….

      1. I can only hope so but when you are prepared to debate the merits of an article as opposed to attacking it you would be very much welcomed back. Have a nice day

      2. Any business, esp on a discussion site that is the actual business, which sets out to insult its customers for simply writing their opinion is not a wise business, Admin Martin. And to you this IS also a business. Now tell me I am wrong in saying that, if you dare.

        1. I treat people as they treat me Jon, if they are trolling I will call them out, if they are rude I will reciprocate, if they are hateful I will ban them. It is as simple as that.

  13. Don’t forget Aubameyang deleted his pictures from instagram, only for new ones to appear a day or two after. He could be putting up new pic’s in the new kit.

    What I don’t get is the almost cult hero status Sokratis gets, when in truth, there’s a gnats fart in difference between the pair of them.

  14. Frankly, if I have to choose who should go out, Mustafi won’t be the first on my list, except for the fact that fans are bashing him. We do not have enough CBs, especially that I prefer to offload Kos. and Monreal. Dinos needs loan.
    If we could go back and keep Gabriel and sell Mustafi, I would have done it but now we would have very few fit first team CBs.

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