All the Week 1 EPL fixtures predicted results, including Arsenal v Man City

Arsenal v Man City is the biggest match on the opening day of the 2018 season, but how do you think all the other teams will perform as well? Here are Dan’s Premier League Match Predictions for Week 1 of the 2018 season.

Manchester United 2-2 Leicester
Given his brand of football and just how far they finished behind their city rivals, Jose was under enough pressure to start the season well. Why then put further spotlight on yourself by angering senior players and dismissing the clubs youth policy. No man has ever put so much negativity based on pre-season results and he stopped short at saying unless a couple of huge names arrive this week, there won’t be a title challenge. Man City won the Premiership based on a stunning start last year. They put together a winning sequence which meant they had won it by Christmas. The rest can’t afford to start slowly. Ruining the mood round Old Trafford makes it less of a fortress and lessens the chance of flying out of the traps. If the Foxes are positive they can take advantage of the depression Jose has created.

Newcastle vs Spurs 1-2
A bit like Jose, Rafa hasn’t hidden his bad mood meaning St James Park won’t be buzzing, something they need if they are to get anything out of this game. As long as Mike Ashley runs the club how he is, it’s when and not if he loses the Spaniard. The owner is gambling with the Toons future when he doesn’t need too.

Bournemouth vs Cardiff 3-2
I’m in the minority but I’m happy Neil Warnock gets a final crack at the big time, having only ever been given one full season in the top flight. His employers are unpredictable and showed last time they won’t be patient just because they are newly promoted. While Warnock’s there he will make the Welsh side physical, hard working and organised. The Cherries don’t cope well when in position of favourites but should still have too much fire power.

Fulham vs Crystal Palace 2-1
For a team promoted from the play offs, I’m confident the Cottagers won’t be near the drop zone. A feel good factor combined with a positive style of play, there’s goasl in this team. Newcastle might regret letting Mitovic leave while I’m excited to see Sessegnon at the highest level. Palace should never have been in the drop zone and with their manager’s experience won’t be this time. With Zaha on form they could be a surprise package.

Huddersfield 0-1 Chelsea
A new manager only having 3 weeks to work with a squad whose big names will be rumoured to leave up to the close of the European transfer window. For a team who finished 5th last year this has been an unorganised pre-season for such a big club and could Impact where they finish. By the time they settle they could be chasing the rest and even Roman Abramovich might have to accept no title bid. Given all of the above, the last fixture they needed was a tricky away game against underdogs with nothing to lose. A good time for the Terriers to welcome the FA winners but will they be positive or park the bus ?

Watford vs Brighton 1-0
Garcia is my fave to be first manager to be sacked, given how Watford run the club. Yet, in terms of being a stable top flight side, constant changes In personnel works for them. Like Huddesfield, Brighton have to cope with second season syndrome. Can Chris Hughton adapt his tactics to go again?

Wolves vs Everton 3-2
A nightmare Toffess debut for Silva, travelling to a ground where there will still be a party/feel good factor. It’s odd to see a newly promoted side so confident about where they can finish. The way their owners are talking 17th would be a disappointment. You could go as far as saying Everton could learn a few things from Wolves in terms of recruitment, especially in terms of value. While Wolves owners have ambition to take this club to the top , many will tell them it’s not that simple.

Liverpool vs West Ham 2-0
Out of the other ‘big 6’ Liverpool seem the only ones with the confidence to start a challenge to Man City. Where they have been smart is trying to build from a position of strength, following the Champion’s League Final with a recruitment drive that proves the Henry’s ambitions. Unlike our American owners they have fixed problem areas with the very best.
It’s funny how the Hammers are quick to complain about what Sullivan and Gold don’t do, then say nothing when they prove them wrong. What their supporters and fans need to prove is they can cope better with adversity.

Southampton vs Burnley 1-0
First chance to see how Burnley juggle playing Thursday – Friday. The reality is though that they should accept a drop off in Leguge form if it means an experience in Europe. I like that Sean Dyche requires individuals with a certan mentality rather then buying just for the sake of making his squad bigger. None the less playing in Europe makes them perfect opposition for Southampton. I’m surprised the Saints didn’t lift the mood by bringing in fresh faces but under Mark Hughes they should stay out of trouble.

Arsenal vs Man City 1-1
Gooners told ourselves with so many City players at the World Cup maybe this would be a good time to face the champions.
The Community Shield showed that may be wishful thinking. Statistics highlight it’s not simple In retaining your title yet if one manager has the obsessive nature to ensure zero complacency it’s Pep Guardiola. Still, you rather face them on day one rather then when they hit their stride. How Unai Emery approaches his first game as boss will be fascinating. He has worked with the majority of his talent in the summer. Is that long enough to mentally convince his men they can compete with the best? Arsenal looked scared in games against Man City in the last campaign but will the Emery factor change that?

How do you think the opening League games will end this weekend?

Dan Smith


  1. McLovin says:

    Fun fact:

    Danny Ings has had a total of 25 appearances in the past 3 SEASONS, and yet yesterday, he was loaned to Southampton by Liverpool, and they are going to buy him for £20 millions next summer.


    And yet, we can’t find ANYONE to buy Danny Welbeck for +10 millions. Must be the wage demands. We have been just giving money away to average or below average players.

    1. Mobella says:

      We fans also tell the other fans how shit our players are even though are not are not really bad. It may not apparent to us fans but clubs do check what the fans opinions are on the players they are buying. Media don’t help either. They have never giving our players good presentations. Have you read anywhere Liverpool fans speak hill of players like Ings, Lallana or Sturrige during their struggle, no, then media don’t anything bad to writer because no one in Liverpool will read them. Compare that to Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Welbeck, Iwobi, Xhaka, etc. De gea, Lioris made blunder in the world cup had a brief mentioned in the press because their club fans made nothing about of it compare that with the way fans are slating and degrading Leno when he had not even joined us.

      1. Mobella says:

        Has anybody shouts how bizarre it is when spurs signed no players in this TS we all can remember how it was end of the world when arsenal signed Cech in 2016. That was what brought about the word outfield player then.

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I feel confident we ain’t losing on Sunday, we have the hungry attack and the good midfielders who wants to dominate just so they won’t get dropped to the bench. Now our defense might be shaky, but We want this match more, I’m sure Emery knows what he has to do.
    It will be an interesting match but i’m certain we are winning it

  3. barryglik says:

    I pick 10 home wins.
    This season will not
    be like last season.
    The top teams have added
    little or nothing to their last seaon’s squads.
    All the teams lower down are stronger.
    I figure all the top 4 teams will drop more points.
    In fact I reckon 84 points will be enough to win it.
    Home W14 – D3 – L2 =45
    Away W12 – D3- L4 =39
    W26 -D6 – L6
    Total 84.

    My top 3 is
    United 84 City 81 Arsenal 79 Liverpool 77 Spurs 77.

    Home 14 – 3 – 2 = 45
    Away 10 – 4 – 5 = 34
    Total 79

    1. st sass says:

      did u say manure. I will bet on arsenal rather.

      1. barryglik says:

        Man You because Hozay
        haz to win or he eze gone
        and becauze very
        few think zey can do it.

        1. st sass says:

          he would surely be gone cos he can’t win

  4. Declan says:

    Our stadium will be super hyped on Sunday and I can’t wait for kick off. It is with a little trepidation though but we need to press from the beginning and make sure we cover their quick break always.
    OT, if you fancy a laugh today, google: spurs toilet. They have released the latest pictures of their new stadium and it looks remarkably like a toilet. There are some great comments on it and someone has even superimposed a seat on it.
    Best comment is their new motto: “To dare is to do do”.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    @ Barry, nice one but I doubt Manchester United will win the league.

    Top three I m looking at

    Manchester City
    Arsenal / Chelsea

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    utd is playing with kids…wc players away and unfit…plus injuries

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    Win the found optimism let us fans transfer this to the pitch and make the away fans feel this is our home. No more library and tea sipping fans just sitting around, let’s sing, shout, swing scarfs and banners praising our mighty team. You better prepare those new songs for Unai and the new players too.

    Reading Unai’s latest interview on Sky the man wants to prove a point here and to take this club to highest (might be his last chance too). Things might not be perfect but let’s leave that for our internal chats, out there we show the world the Gunners and unit for our crest. Arsenal fan TV better stop with the negatives too, Wenger and Usmanov are gone let’s move on and let us be reborn like a phoenix.


    1. Patrick_G says:

      Well said. Agree 100%.

  8. Chiza says:

    Arsenal will beat man city come Sunday…they can’t survive at the emirates…..we are going to win our first three matches and from there anything can happen……

    It looks like Emery has decided to trust Campbell as his left winger… Hopefully it goes well…….we don’t need negativity right now..we just need to support Emery..he has good plans for arsenal..he wants to build a great team that can compete in the future….I know deep down Emery’s heart he wants to have a long dynasty like Wenger but he needs to keep majority of the fans satisfied because he surely can’t satisfy everybody…….GOD BLESS ARSENAL

    1. emeka Frederick says:

      I agree. We will beat City on Sunday

  9. Dan says:

    Arsenal 1 City 3. City will once again punish our weak defence complete donkeys at centre back a right back that can’t defend if bellerin is selected and a make shift left back looks a complete shambles defensively expect city to rip them apart and create plenty of chances just a matter of how many they take!!

    1. BenardoM says:

      I think Unai will be wise enough to do a good selection.No room for errors this season.If we beat Man city,we should be able to have a good result against other weaker teams.Let’s wait and see the outcome

  10. Chiza says:

    All hail Emery!!….the tactical beast!!!!…..we finally have our own tactician…….we were surely due for one…even pep knows how tactical Emery can be..don’t be fooled by the fact that he has never beaten pep…..i’m sure that would end this sunday….I look at Emery and I see a man with so much passion..a man who is hungry to fight and prove a point to his doubters that said he had major stars in PSG but couldn’t succeed……underrate Emery at your peril….underrate our transfer business at your peril………but one thing is for sure Emery is going to win us the premier league this season…. Remember when I said this…..arsenal will be the surprise package this season….since no one is expecting anything from us it would give Emery the freedom to create magic….you would all be shocked by our excellent performances come this season!!!!!!!

    1. namo says:

      Chizaaaaaaaa, where is our Dembele? You sounded so confident about that signing, now you’ve switched over to our game against City.
      Well, first time I knew you were wrong. This time, I hope you’re right…

    2. @chiza you are a true arsenal fan, i like ur spirit. Come sunday man city will collect. ##Coyg

  11. Jamal says:

    City will demolish us once again. Same story every year. Weak ass defence. Everton and west ham have a better team.

    1. mobella says:

      OK we have heard you. How do you feel now that you have taken that out of your head.

  12. st sass says:

    what if arsenal wins the trophy

  13. st sass says:

    Everton and west ham are always busy in the market but ends no where. betting on arsenal for the trophy

  14. Things are changing says:

    I am excited about the season but hope fans don’t put unreasonable expectations on us for the first half of the season.

    We were miles away from City last season why would we expect a result in the first game against the best team in the country?

    We have a good manager and a decent squad but Emry has never managed a single game in the PL and Pep is in his 3rd season with arguably the best squad in the PL.

    Lets’ not get down if we lose. Let’s look for 100% effort which would be a huge improvement over previous seasons and let’s look for improvement in team discipline, pressing and positioning without the ball. That would be a step forward no matter what the results.

    For me, the way we play is more important than the result at this stage of Emry’s first season. We have p[layers that are likely to make mistakes and against City that will cost you but will they be schoolboy errors and results of lack of discipline with too many players in front of the ball or will the be a result of City simply having more talented forwards than our average defenders can manage?

    This squad and this manager have the talent to improve a lot over last season and a loss against City doesn’t change that in the slightest.

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