All these ex-Arsenal stars insulting Wenger is beyond belief

So Arsenal lost to one of the very best teams in the World this weekend and the whole of the Gooner community seems to be up in arms! 99% of all the teams in Europe would have been just as embarrassed as we were if they had come up against this Man City team on Sunday.

Can we not sit back and think for a minute? We WERE in the final, and actually we were in our 4th final at Wembley in the last 5 years. Okay we won the other 3, but last year we even beat Man City and last years Champions Chelsea to win the FA Cup. Why are we slagging off a manager that has achieved this just because we lost to the mighty Man City? With their billions they were bound to win something one day, it just so happens that Arsenal were the unlucky team to meet them in the Final, and we got there by beating last year’s Champions, Chelsea, in the semis. I am at a loss as to why we are ashamed of this.

How many finals has the mighty Tottenham or Liverpool or Manchester United got to in the last 5 years? Yeah right that doesn’t matter to the Wenger haters who would insult him even if we won the FA Cup, the Premier League and the Champions League if we lost in a League Cup Final.

What really annoys me is that all Arsenal’s ex-players that Wenger brought lots of medals and trophies in their careers are also jumping on the bandwagon and insulting the one man that made them into great players.

Is it not big and it’s not nice, and all these bullies need to grow up and actually consider the facts about the glory that Wenger has brought to Arsenal over the years. It makes me sick listening to people like Ian Wright, Ray Parlour, Sol Campbell, Paul Merson and even the legendary Thierry Henry insulting Wenger. No-one would even know who they were if they hadn’t been taught by Wenger, and they should appreciate how much he helped shape their careers. Damn turncoats all of them.

Sam P


  1. John0711 says:

    No Sam P, I will respond to your usual click bait drivel
    They just have an opinion you should try it at school tomorrow. Oh how I would miss your misjudged optimisim errr hang on no I won’t I have an opinion too

    1. Steve says:

      Agreed Man City can beat 99% of opposition.
      But when the Team do not turn up to play , this is unacceptable , at best this Team ” My Arsenal ”
      are a Chuckle Brothers Tribute Team , Pass completion from side to side at it`s very best.
      No Idea , No Plan B , No Guts and a Marcel Marceau Copy cat as a Captain that cant even head a 5 yard completion to his own player.
      I Could Not take any more of the Drivel and Gave my 20 year season ticket back.
      There are about 3-4 players in our Squad that would maybe make the Teams above them as squad players not starters. But who know`s what a New Coach might do.
      The Addict for Arsenal ” MR WENGER ” Needs to Jump before he is Pushed.
      Steve G

      1. John0711 says:


      2. jon fox says:

        On Talk Sport this morning a Spuds fan came on and did say he wanted Wenger to stay. They immediately twigged he was a Spud cos virtually NO Gooner would say the same.

      3. Sue says:

        Haha chuckle brothers! To me, to you ??

    2. Thomas says:

      What a thought out fact stating article that actually used fact and statistics this article is good and we have won trophies beaten good teams to get to these finals people apparently dont like winning silverware or finals they liek losing so they can complain and he put those players on the map many players do say they support wenger just a couple media bugs like to say negative things to get there name in the absurd british papers and media air time scoundrels

  2. AndersS says:

    Wake up man.
    It is not the fact, that we lost to Man City, that is the problem.
    The problem is we had a team, that didn’t even try, and it is now a regular thing to see our players not giving anything close to 100%.
    And this comes on top of us falling further and further behind in the PL every year, so we are now just a mid-table team.
    Maybe you should wonder, why you are so out of touch with not only as good as all neutrals, but also most Arsenal fans. Arguing for Wenger is something a Spurs fan would do, as Wenger nowadays seem to make sure they stay ahead of us.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Dont mind this, he is a Wenger jihadi and needs to wind people up, otherwise he loses his job in here. lol.

  3. ks-gunner says:

    Virtue signaling. This article is a insult to commen sense. Constructive criticism should always be welcomed. So grow a pair of Blls Mr Sam and dont try to take us for idiots with your baiting emty articles.

    1. Thomas says:

      He stated facts sorry that the real world is tough to face he stated facts not lonv winded blow it out your hole false opinions

      1. Rkw says:

        When the facts change normal people change their mind, junkies however are hooked on something other than facts .. The one fact of the mighty empiricist in this article is that we were in 4 cup finals in the last 5 years and won 3 the rest of the piece is opinion about the unfair treatment of his supplier …
        another fact is that we were incapable of getting past the last 16 in the CL in that time and another fact is that we were never at any point serious contenders to win the EPL and another fact is that at the end of that cup run we dropped out of the top 4 and will now drop out of the top 5 … Another fact is that for over a decade we haven’t been competitive in the two races that define a top flight european club even though the promise was that by building a shiny new stadium and charging the highest gate prices in world football we would … And a million and one other facts that point to one thing WENGER OUT

      2. Arsene Out says:

        Fact is we havent won the league now in 13 years, fact is that we wont be making it to the champions league second year in a row, the fact is that we dont have tactical awareness, the fact is that we have gone stale over the years, the fact is that our players are walking not running, the fact is that Arsene bought every single player in this squad, so he has no one to blame for the quality of the team, the fact is that we have been going backwards for a decade and we no longer play exciting football and never really learned how to win ugly, The fact is that any manager who has had such lack of success in a top club would have been gone by now. The fact is that you and any AKB left out there are not Arsenal fans but Arsene fans and I hope you follow him to wherever the hell he goes next.

        1. Gunner22 says:

          WRONG pal, arsene made arsenal great FACT
          Arsene raised the expectations FACT
          Big names still want to play for him FACT
          Arsene gave us 3 cups in 4 years FACT

          1. Thomas says:

            Well put gunner 22

          2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            Some people have a very short term view of Arsenal’s history. Both Bertie Mee and George Graham managed teams which won European trophies, something Arsene Wenger has so far failed to achieve. George Graham failed to achieve an unbeaten record by one loss.
            If George Graham had have managed Arsenal for as long as Arsene Wenger, with similar funding, who knows what trophies Arsenal would have won?
            This is Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC.

          3. gunner22 says:

            and we beat Chelsea to reach the finals FACT

          4. Thomas says:

            Well said again and they have beaten us once in there last 8 tries fact and we had to beat both city and chelsea to get an fa cup last year not easy but a fact

          5. Dennis Moriarty says:

            How ludicrous! You need to remove the blinkers, Arsene is finished, has been for years. You are the sort who will give the new manager no time at all before you want him replaced by your lord and master Wenger! Get real.

          6. Thomas says:

            So your saying give a new manager time who hasnt won trophies but kick the one out who is and making cup finals that doent add up to me why not keep the guy who is winning silverware and making it to finals??

          7. Arseneout says:

            i dont get it.
            wenger lost 8-2 to man utd (fact)
            wenger lost 10-1 to bayern fact
            wenger lost to ostreunds
            wigan beat this mighty man city (fact)
            I respect wenger but he have no fresh ideas. He should leave to a younger manager

          8. Rkw says:

            Again like your dimwitted friend you have one fact and two opinions … Which just confirms the extent to which the wenger lovers are not only hooked up to the eyeballs on his bs but are really dumb to boot …

          9. Thomas says:

            Actually winning cups getting to those finals by beating the best teams in the leagues even though we lost one to the best team in the league this year is more than one fact and what the guy stated in the article is a host of statistical facts and we sniffed the league in 2016 every one but us failed to beat the champions that year twice there is a host of facts that hold up success here an mostly ranting opinions saying yea we won cups and made it to finals so what, we didnt win ecl or epl only 1 team does that and other than Leicester which we were 2nd only city, mu and chelsea have won since we last won so not many clubs do that and totten ham hasnt won a cup since 2008 we have won 5 in 8 seasons and been to 3 other finals

  4. John0711 says:

    I’m loving the overall consens so sam P are you getting it yet I have a feeling school tomorrow will be disappointing

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The fact that Wenger has any supporters left is a testament to his PR capabilities.

    Yes let’s just lose to a team in a cowardly manner and say it’s ok. Because we are not arsenal anymore……we are just Arsene.

    Once upon a time playing for Arsenal, managing arsenal and supporting arsenal was a thing of prestige. Now it’s just means accepting mediocrity and being pathetic.

    1. Mobella says:

      Once upon a time playing for Arsenal, managing arsenal and supporting arsenal was a thing of prestige. That is exactly my thinking and that is why i think all our ex players especially those that are now pundits are coward. Constructive criticism yes but talk is cheap. They should leave that to other pundits and act to salvage our club, their club from ruining. This should not be about their beef with Wenger about canon they all once where with pride. The should be face of our course and meet with the board and Stan with all the visible evidence their is. Wenger has given is all for us. I respect the man but it should be giving any chance to decide his future cos i know how that will turn out. He should be shown the door and our ex players are more equipped to ensure that.

      1. Mobella says:

        Sorry , it should be. .. he shouldn’t be giving any chance to decide his future…

    2. Thomas says:

      How is trophies absurd did you even read the article we lost in a final to city who has beaten everybody and way clear of everyone in the table wake up people your arguing the world is flat when the article writer is cleary demonstrating it is a globe

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I think the pressure needs to come Thomas. It’s not gonna come from the board, Wenger is gonna try to get the players to forget all about this. And it just makes it more likely to happen in the Europa which is our last chance at clawing back something. The pressure needs to be so that it sticks with them. Remember the Watford game and what was said, yet it didn’t seem to hurt enough that they wanted to prove otherwise. Maybe all this focus on the league cup, something people aren’t usually arsed about, maybe it can help us that it sticks with them and we don’t see one of these performances against Milan or if we go past Milan.

        1. Thomas says:

          I agree with you the players need some heat to perform to theor abilities and stop wasting created opportunities to kill games and or hold onto leads and i agree they need some heat to kick em in the arse to prevent them from under performing against milan but milan isnt city or chelsea but we need to beat them to get far in competition but i dont think the players missing chances this year is whole heartey down to the manager and we need to finish out the year strong but with cazorla comong back and strengthening some spots in off season and now praying we finally have jack back this squad looks dangerous next year and wenger will have a good year with arsenal next year cazorla and another player will take time off xhaka and or put more pressure on him to perform but we have had success in recent seasons barley missing out on top four last year with highest points to ever miss out yes they need heat to perform strong rest of year but it is not wengers time to go yet be needs another season and if these two years are falling off we have done better than are rivals in are tough years

  6. barryglik says:

    Spurs last won a trophy
    3657 days ago in 2008.
    Chelsea 1 Spurs 2 . Feb 2008
    Managers since Arsene Wenger
    came to Arsenal.

    Mauricio Pochettino 2014
    Tim Sherwood 2013
    Andre Villas-Boas 2012
    Harry Redknapp 2008
    Juande Ramos 2007
    Clive Allen 2007
    Martin Jol 2004
    Jacques Santini 2004
    David Pleat 2003
    Glenn Hoddle 2001
    George Graham 1998
    Christian Gross 1997

    1. Arsene Out says:

      So what about the United, City, Chelsea and even Leicester.

      STOP comparing us to the have nots – we were always bigger than them.

      Compare us to people who win something.

      I would even be happy if we were playing great football and not winning, at least Spurs are fun to watch.

      1. RichSAAlao says:

        Why do you compare Arsenal wt S-poor ?
        Cannot believe you had lost memory of the fact that when Arsenal were playing BEST football it was not even with big budget.
        BUT guess the answers of the other teams BREAK their bones boy !
        They were not even ready to buy better players until very, very recently.

    2. RSH says:

      our standards used to be comparing ourselves to United. Now it’s flipping Spurs. When they do win a trophy, will we move onto Everton next?

  7. jon fox says:

    Sam P , I can’t decide whether you are serious because you actually BELIEVE IN WENGER, or whether you are just playing click bait. I lean towards the latter, sadly, as that is just dishonest and I never respect dishonesty, which is just one reason that I can’t stand the arch liar, Wenger!

    1. Admin says:

      Hey Jon that is unfair. He says that Arsenal have been in 4 finals in 5 years and that is a fact.
      And you can’t deny that Henry, Wright and quite a few (a lot) others wouldn’t be so rich and famous if Wenger hadn’t come into their lives..
      Give him some credit for staying loyal, unlike some ex-players….

      1. John0711 says:

        Fair point admin apart from half ornthose player were class before they knew wenger. And the use of the term bullies because someone things the club can do better would only be said by either someone very young or very immature
        All Sam P post are very click
        Bait orientated and because 99% of people think he’s wrong shows the delusional fan is becoming extinct
        I’m amazed that Sam P has recently popped up and never sees anything than wengers view

      2. ks-gunner says:

        And if it would be for those players, Wenger would be still managing a japanese team. The Arsenal team was meant to win, due of the club having a strong english core, mixed with a french mix of players who just have won the world cup. Wenger was french so them coming to Arsenal was kinda natural.

        When others startet to hire foreign managers as well, Wenger started to crack up. And the rest is well. Failuare.

      3. Sue says:

        Wright did fine before Arsene arrived….

        1. John Wick says:

          Exactly sue ?

      4. Viera Lyn says:

        OR Wenger wouldn’t have the power to dictate his own pathetic demise if it wasn’t for players like Henry because Wenger has done relatively little since he moved on

      5. jon fox says:

        Mr. Admin, The fundamental difference between yours (and his) position and of mine is that I am ambitious for our club and do not get overexcited beating lowly Hull 3-2, in cup final, thanks only to a poor ref corner, instead of goalkick to them, decision that gave us a corner from which we equalised, instead of losing 1-2 in 90 mins, as we would have done. We beat two non league teams before beating Chelsea last season in final. I believe we should be challenging for PREM TITLES, not just 4th place and also for the CL trophy. I do not count Community Shield as a true trophy, just a glorified one off pre season friendly and the FA Cup is much devalued in importance these days. Top teams seriously challenge for top trophies; we have not done so since 2007-8 when we blew a five point lead over united in early March. That is when I KNEW we would never again win the title under Wenger. And I have been proved right. ” Loyalty ” to dross and regression is stupidity, not true loyalty.

        1. John Wick says:

          Well said Jon. Thumbs up ???

        2. Steven says:

          Arsene Wenger won three Premiership titles and four FA Cups in his first ten years because he had two advantages: that no longer exist 1) he had unique contacts in Europe and was able to sign top European players without spending a fortune at a time when they were still a rarity in England 2) Arsenal had only one serious financial rival, namely Man U. But for several years now a large number of clubs are competing for the top players and there are several other teams with equal and greater resources. Wenger’s record of keeping the club in the Champions League for twenty years despite these changes as well as winning three more FA Cups was an astonishing achievement.

          Arsenal fans who decry Wenger’s record are probably too young to remember what Arsenal was like before he arrived. Arsenal were a famous old club who won trophies from time to time but were distinctly average. It was Wenger who propelled the club to the point where it could actually reach the Champions League final, something which it had never done before.

          Paradoxically Wenger is now a victim of his own early success. Those fans who attack him because we ‘should’ be winning the Premiership and competing for the Champions League are filled with expectations which he himself has raised. As a result there is an absurd sense of entitlement. No amount of success is ever enough and every failure is taken as evidence of Wenger’s incompetence.

          What is happening in the media right now is disgraceful. Newspapers devote entire pages attacking the manager and the players. Radio stations like TalkSport spend hours each day criticising the club, criticism which at times reaches the level of vitriolic abuse. No other club gets this kind of treatment. I am not sure why. Some of the journalists and pundits are hustlers who earn their living by making controversial statements. Some are just lazy, repeating rumours without bothering to check the facts. Others clearly have an agenda to destabilise the club.

          But what really upsets me is the abuse from fans. How can the players perform to the best of their ability in this atmosphere? We need to help the players bounce back from the disappointment of Sunday’s final. Let’s get behind the team on Thursday. We can calmly discuss the future direction of the club at the end of the season.

      6. Simon Says says:

        That’s a fair point but would Wenger be so rich if they’d not come into his life. They’re living off of their previous achievements just like Arsene is IMO. It’s quite often mentioned that Arsene has given a lot to Arsenal, but look what the club has done for him. Plucked from the obscurity of the j league to manage a club which had won two leagues, an fa cup, two league cups and a European cup winners cup in the ten years prior to his appointment. Once brilliant manager now sadly the sands of time have caught up with him. Thank you Mr Wenger but I think it’s time.

      7. RSH says:

        What Wenger did over a decade ago isn’t too relevant anymore. That’s the only thing keeping some fans on his side. His achievements from so long ago. Football has changed so much and Wenger is still a dinosaur. I think all the ex players have held their tongues for a very long time. Even when we were going through a trophy drought they didn’t really speak out, but they are also fans of the club, and even they realize AW is not what is best fort he club anymore. It’s great that AW got us some FA cups recently, but you look overall at the state of the club and there is a clear downwards trend

      8. Rashid80 says:

        Why dont you say 4 finals in 12 years? Arsene Wenger has brought me heart and blood pressure problems and I really don’t know how some people still support him.. good thing is that when he leaves sooner or later he’ll take all his supporters with him and our Arsenal would be cleansed from the bacteria called AkBs

      9. Nothing changed says:

        Admin – I have no problems with facts even if I don’t think the facts mentioned above touch on the issue. What I do have a problem with is that people expect loyalty to Wenger to outrank loyalty to the club.

        The ex-players criticising Wenger love the club as much as we do and see, just as most of the fans do, that Wenger is no longer taking the club forward and that the players are no longer playing for him.

        Loyalty to the club outways loyalty to what Wenger did some 15 years ago IMO.

    2. Thomas says:

      He stated facts jon fox sorry but they are factz which he stated i know its hard to hear for you gravity exists

  8. AshburtonGrove says:

    Sam P you are a mug! You are the reason we’re still going backwards. So-called fans like yourself should be ashamed for perpetuating Wenger’s quest for mediocrity.
    By not speaking out and questioning a man who’s been destroying OUR (not his) club for the past 12 years – you are as bad as him, only difference is you’re not taking an 8mil a year packcheck.
    You act like Wenger is the one and only manager Arsenal have ever had – what are you 20 years old?!
    Arsenal FC has been around for 132 years and will be around a lot longer after Wenger finally gets the boot.

    Any talented player has a career wether it’s under AW or not.

    Boycott until he’s fired.

    And Admin, quit this click-bait bull-sh*t. Unlike Wenger, have some dignity…

    1. John0711 says:

      Looks like most just arsenal fans are sensing this click
      Bait routine from Samuel

    2. Admin says:

      What are you talking about – clickbait!!!
      I have ALWAYS believed that EVERYONE (well every Arsenal fan) is entitled to their own opinions, and just because they don’t agree with your views is no reason to dismiss them.
      I think he has made a very fair point about ex-arsenal players and he should be allowed to voice them. If everyone had the same views life would be very very boring. You should have ‘some dignity’ and give other people credit for having minds of their own…..

      And don’t call other Arsenal fans ‘mugs’. That is classed as personal abuse….

      1. AshburtonGrove says:

        Excuse me, don’t tell me what I can or can’t say. Ok profanity – I get it… but I pay a ton of money every year supporting this club and Wenger is destroying it. Look at that poor kid in tears after our gutless performance…
        Anyone still supporting Wenger is helping him keep his job and if they don’t realize that, they are a complete mug!

        1. Sue says:

          That was heartbreaking seeing that kid crying……

          1. Midkemma says:

            The kid was upset because of….?

            I would GUESS that is was down to AFC losing, maybe because the players wasn’t trying hard enough…

            I doubt the kid was tactically analysing the game and crying because Wenger was playing Rambo in CM while putting Wilshere in AM….

            Also heartbreaking?

            Do you not see the kids starving in 3rd world countries?


          2. Sue says:

            Yes it was heartbreaking… I for one have a heart

        2. John Wick says:

          AshburtonGrove completely agree with you mate ??

          1. AshburtonGrove says:


        3. Thomas says:

          Sad to see a kid cry but chelsea wasnt in the final we made it to a final such a long road makes it hard to lose which is sad we have no jonor in defeat we walk out early when are club in the final and lose to a team who has lost only one league game all season

          1. RSH says:

            all your comments are just deflecting about what others clubs are doing. If were playing that game Chelsea won the title last season. City are winning it this year. Even Leicester have won it more recently than us. This isn’t about one competition this is about Arsenal going from title contenders, to top 4 try hards, to Europa League trash. Got no clue why you’re so loyal to a manager that is clearly past it. Is it fear of what will happen after he’s gone? Because we’ll probably get better. AW is not even close to a top manager anymore. Those days have been long gone.

          2. RichSAAlao says:

            Wish you well, ahead of your future expectations, man.
            BUT take note, apart you get a new manager when that happens, your moaning might be long, though not like of woman under bang of pleasure. Reason is City and Pep are in a romance right now, they will play the game on and off field like Sir Ferguson used to do.
            Except your next manager have natural Psychadelic zeal, it won’t happen soon.
            Well, I want to just say that those ex-guys, well until I find what Campbell says, but rest all talk dull things.
            Is it Henry who flopped at a whole Champion League final, and jumping up at suggestion, mere suggestion of being given the role like a kid get a candi bar, that is worth listening to.
            Can anyone remind me how many Champion League Maradona, Romario, won with Barcelona, Barcelona ! barcelona !!

        4. Midkemma says:

          You pay a ton of money to AFC so you have the right to moan on a 3rd party site that doesn’t receive that money?

          Dude, that is just stupid.

          Go and moan to Arsenal, the business.

          Blah blah blah.. I spend money I deserve to be listened to blah blah blah.

          Wenger has done good and bad, recognising both I feel is the healthiest way forward but while you moan at Sam P for being positive, you are equally moronic in negativity. Talk about 1 end of the scale to the other XD

      2. Ray says:

        Surely the ex Arsenal players are allowed to have a view then? Should they be questioned by us? Fact is, They were there and understand what is going on. They are very qualified to see it the way it is.. A disgrace!

        No one hates Wenger, they just hate the situation he’s creating by not acknowledging the problem. Himself!

      3. jon fox says:

        Calling someone a mug is NOT personal abuse, unless perhaps you are in the vicarage. This is a football fan site, not a clergyman site and most of us speak as real fans do. Thinking as you do, it is no wonder you excuse the snowflake performances by so many of our weakling in body and mind players, who Wenger can’t face telling off, cos he too is so weak. I wonder what Adams, McLintock and real MEN would have thought of this ” please don’t hurt me” attitude. Or rather I don’t , cos I know how disgusted they would be!

      4. Thomas says:

        Admin this article is not click bait he stated quality fact i dont know if the others didnt read the article or didnt check the facts but we have had a successful time for any time in the club 3 fa cups another final losing to the team in the final who is beating everyone and we beat last years champions to get there i dont understand tbis man stated facts like gravity exists i feel it hurts the wenger abusers like hurt th science board when Galileo told them the earth was round

      5. Thomas says:

        Admin this article stated statistical facts that have evidence of fact and is not click bait gary neville if anything is closer to click bait or conte for wenger a man who has only o e once in 8 tries and losing 2 teophies to him amd missing out on a cup final to him this is not clickbait

  9. Blazor says:

    The problem we the Fans have with Wenger is he does’t manage the team to win. I am not sure, if he even cares about win or lose. Every opponent demands a well organized challenge, Wenger comes time and time again with the same strategy, exposing the team for easy picking. He need to insist on players to do their best, instead of selecting players by how much he paid to get them. His style worked for many years, but now everyone knows his style and defeat the team easily. I hope he realized his mistake of selling Couqlin and Gabreal. Wenger had his glory days and his shinning days are over. Don’t get me wrong, he is not the only one, the EPL has plenty of those, but the focus is on our team Arsenal. It will be best for him to step down now than later.

  10. Tricky Dicky says:

    Until we want to spend the money to keep us at least as a top four club we have to accept where we are. We purchase players but still want to balance the books as with our last two purchases although we break our transfer record. Is this down to management or the owners ??

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    everyone is just taking the opportunity to rant and have a go at wenger….win or lose it will always b wenger out

    no one give a shit about the league cup and we were fortunate to reach the final and eventually lost to a Fifa 18 all star team…now everyone is complaining

    wilshere is tired after playing 3 days ago

    ramsay is not even fit

    lazy ozil juz skip a europa game to have a good time with the misus

    xhaka looks jaded and cant even defend….

    aubayemang heavily marked cant do it alone…

    lacazette is injured and mikhi is cup tied and may not make a difference as well

    we were lucky not to get hammered by 6 or 7 goals

    unless the fans want us to park the bus like wigan and defend for 89mins and wait for a lucky break which may not come

  12. Arsen Wenger is still the manager for Arsenal ,the vast majority of critics have never been premier league managers or managers abroad, if they have they are failed managers. Most are players.
    Two issues plague Arsenal since the best player got injured ,Santo Carzola. One is fitness,blame the back up team for this. The other is players not playing for the team, Xhaka ruins attacks ,unable to take corners and invariably misses goal by a wide margin when shooting at the goal..Not good in chasing the attacking forwards.
    Elneney, passes the ball as soon as he gets it. Without creativity just wants to get rid of it. No strong tackles from him.
    The not a striker ,striker. Confused ,they certainly are. Top rated for fumbles and misses in front of goal. Mr Welbeck ( so good a new contract on offer
    And Mr Iwobi (enough said))
    Mr Wenger has enemies within the club as well as idiots outside the club.

    1. RSH says:

      Wow, what world do you live in. Cazorla is not going to be a factor anymore for us, he’s lucky to still have a foot. And Arsenal have known he’s been messed up for a long time and have not gotten a midfielder on the same level as him. And you complain about Xhaka and Elneny, who do you think coaches and instructs these guys? Ton of stuff going around now about the total lack of discipline at the club. Ozil lying about being sick, players turning up late, and Xhaka being shocked when he first arrived how little instruction there was at the club. Maybe AW’s methods worked with his other teams, but they are a complete mess at the moment. There is no responsibility at all on the pitch. No leaders, no passion. part of that is personal responsibility, but A LOT of that stems from the mentality of the manager. Ozil is loving Arsenal. Doesn’t have to try and gets paid buckets. And btw, getting sick and tired of Welbeck and Iwobi being the go-to scapegoats. Neither started in that cup final, and it was top 3 worst performances this season. Come off it.

  13. Ray says:

    Wake up Sam P!! It’s okay to have an opinion Yes, but it’s because of people like you the mediocrity at Arsenal is rife!!! You can’t hide the fact that Arsenal are in decline and people like you need to wake up to reality!

  14. Brian T says:

    Yeah something’s gone very wrong this season. Very sad, really, especially with all the money spent recently. But I admire Wenger’s brand of football, it’s been a privilege to watch his teams over the years. His football has been pure art at times. And to compete at the top with comparatively minimal resources for so long is an achievement in itself, something that is conveniently forgotten.
    The amount of paranoid shit he’s had to put up with over the years is astounding; he has handled it with admirable grace. Putting up with hysterical garbage from “fans” and “experts” – people with zero experience in management – must be sickening. Many of the most vocal “fans” are spoilt brats who should get a life, get laid, or see a shrink.
    I for one hope he gets it right next season and stays for many years to come.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      the only thing that is puzzling that why did he not get strict with some underperforming players and throw them out?

      the only logic and corporate reason could think of is he doesnt have and sufficient funds to fund for a new player if he lost one……

      or the other 10001 reasons that fans always come up with

    2. Thomas says:

      This season has become a struggle because of 5 games watford, stoke , bournemouth, swansea, westbrom 4 of these games we were one nil up our strikers have had a tough first year and we havent finished and so teams nick goals back with hope on the dying embers of the game when everypne of our players is tired from creating chances and missing them this is a good article let wenger stay we will turn it around next year with him and finish high up the table and even with the new squad gel time and players back be able to compete for the title cause citys had this year from the start

    3. Thomas says:

      Well said brian t well said are season for me has gone wrong in 5 matches west brom, watford, swansea, bournemouth and stoke but i cant wait to see what he brings next year and the football brand is great to watch and these spoiled fans are the same who walk out of a cup final early

  15. Francofun says:

    The fact is that Wenger is a legendary coach of Arsenal, and if he had stepped down earlier knowing he is no longer effective in d team, he would have gained more respect. but d longer he stays the worse d club becomes and d more insult he gets. His tactics are no longer working, he can no longer choose d right players for his tactics, he can’t even help or motivate d ones he has to improve. His team is now the underdog in the midst of their equals and even lower teams, his players make same mistakes against same teams (like Southampton, stoke, west brom,etc) that their results against these teams away from home are very much predictable irrespective of their form or their opponent’s form. The club can no longer compete for top four, the club can not go beyond the round of 16 in d champions league, The club is just declining everyday. So what do you expect d fans to do since the board and Kroenke are pretending to be blind about the whole issues in the club. So, anyone who supports the WENGER OUT protest is only telling the glaring truth which even a blind man can see.

  16. John Wick says:

    I’m starting to think people who are making excuses for Wenger support Arsene not Arsenal FC it just might be that these ex players are passionate about the club and hurts them to see the mess we are in but it seems some people are more hurt about what’s being said about Mr Wenger.. don’t worry about Mr Wenger’s feelings he doesn’t take any notice of the fans they’re opinions do not matter to that man if he cared remotely about the fan base of Arsenal FC he would of stepped down long ago, I’m sure he’s aware of the tension and divide of the fans but he’s only bothered about picking up his inflated unjustified salary while the team gets worse and worse to the point we’ve actually become a complete laughing stock! And if the Wenger fan base think the criticism is off the back of the league cup final they must of been sleeping for the last decade the problems lay much much deeper than one game and if you guys are happy to live off sentiment then by all means but accept the fact arsenal will never challenge for top honours.

  17. Colin says:

    So the question in this article is ,what has Liverpool and Tottenham won recently?well the answer as we all know is nothing,so Arsene Wegner has won 3 FA cups in five seasons fact,so my questions to you is has the team improved after winning three FA cups? Has Liverpool ever won the champions league?Answer as we all know is yes ,has Tottenham improved under Mauricio pochettinio,the point is both these teams are improving whilst Arsenal are rapidly fading as a footballing force and helmets like you continue to find reasons to defend Arsene Wegner.Wengner Out.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      pochettino got lucky…he inherit a team that has juz been strengthen with bale money and at the right time Kane begins to shine

      1. Thomas says:

        Well put and we are still beating them even on aggregate and they will fall below us next year

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          not neccesary….unless we get determined players and strengthen our defence with pacey cbs….we will still fall behind them next season….

          additionally, they appear to be falling apart…dele ali is slacking and inconsistent….Dier and rose wants to leave…..if Kane the only consistent and goal scoring striker that keeps bailing them out leaves….they will likely to crumple

      2. RSH says:

        Yet Arsenal have outspent Spurs and are leagues behind them. FA Cup is a good trophy, and Wenger has done well to win it, but even Wigan has won it recently. Does that make them a better club than Spurs? Arsenal need to have higher targets. You hear pundits slate Arsenal because they are used to the club having HIGHER standards! Just FA Cup once in a while is a goal a club like Spurs sets.

        1. Thomas says:

          Again we havent out spent spurs were sixth in amount spent on players and the new players with laca mkhitaryan and auba and some sighni gs this summer if jack gets through alright amd resigns plus cazorla coming back shows promise for the future and kane cant always bail them out and if he leaves they will struggle

  18. Indy757 says:

    I won’t be mad if Wenger leaves. I would thank him for his service. I would just ask that the Wenger out trash leave to. Wenger out fans have made the atmosphere unbearable at the Emirates. Every club will have there troubles and hardships. And it’s not always the manager fault we lost a game. Most of the time I will blame somethings on Wenger. But the city game was the fault of the players. And most the def.

  19. Thomas says:

    I feel competent people want wenger in or atleast let him finish his contract this writer wrote facts were winning silverware and no matter what we win or how far we make it the wenger outs just need that negative element to feed they make it obvious when they have no facts to stand on oyher than we lost a final that we beat last years champions to get into and lost to this years champion who have been the best team in england not much to stand on

    1. Arsene Out says:

      we are 27 points behind them and another 4 teams above us, we are 6th. 6th not 2nd. We are closer point wise to the bottom then to the top.
      Fact is we are not a good team and we need a change. Unlike you and other AKBs I support Arsenal not Arsene.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        we are 27 pts behind Fifa 18 all star team city….and not 27 pts behind 5th and 4th spots….

    2. John0711 says:

      We lost again fact
      We are 10 points behind 4th fact
      We are in decline fact out of champions league fact
      Do I need go on tommy

      1. Sue says:

        Closer pointwise to the bottom than the top

      2. Thomas says:

        We have a game in hand this season was tough because we failed in games we should have won from winning positions which is a fact and decline we are at the bottom of our fall we have already taken steps for next year and with the players who just arrived laca Used to england and cazorla coming back hopefully jack resigns and a few new summer signings shows me were turning on the power to arise from where were at now this is the low next year we will be back to our right fulk place where wenger kept us for 20 straight years were in the dark now but headed towards the light now for next year

  20. CorporateMan says:

    Wenger is leaving in June 2019 at the earliest. And I hope he leaves on a high. It’d be a sad day for me if he’s disgraced out after all he achieved for the club both on and off the pitch

    1. RSH says:

      only has himself to blame. Had his best chance last season and in 2014

  21. Aussie Jack says:

    Finding a replacement for Arsene Wenger may not be as easy as many think. It is not just a matter of football experience but political experience in handling the board and getting what you ask for. Then again Wenger may have already selected his successor and considers he needs another year or so to mature into the job, then he`ll r

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly…..not many managers can work on a tight budget, plays attacking football, listen to the board and handle the politics…..

  22. Break-on-through says:

    I thought love was only true in fairy tales
    Meant for someone else but no for
    Love was out to get me!
    That’s the way it ..seemed!
    Disappointment haunted all of my ..dreams
    Then I saw fourth place!!!, now I’m a believer
    Not a trace of doubt in my mind
    I’m in love!! and I’m a believer
    I couldn’t leave her even if I tried…

    Then I saw fourth place!!!, now I’m a believer!!

    What’s the use of trying
    All I get is pain
    When I wanted ..sunshine
    I got is rain.

    1. Declan says:

      Oh you little Monkee BOT ?

  23. herb of the earth says:

    When I was 12 I spent hours observing an injured puppy and a raven. The puppy was hit by a car. It struggled to survive. Soon the crows circled. The puppy got better but the nearest crow did not realize. As the crow approached it snapped its neck. I watched the crow die. Wenger, undoubtedly, is injured by 9 devastating decisions that no one can convince me are all accidental – accounting for 6-11 points; lack of fair play in the transfer market; and a bunch of media-naive fans who confuse fantasy with reality thinking that Wigan’s luck is the marker when playing a team many times your value. I am watching again decades later as the crows descend, many with immense media power. Some want to replace Wenger; others are even fighting among themselves. I have a sad feeling that if Wenger does not get better and snap at least bark at the crows Arsenal will be in deeper trouble. Arsenal have punched far above its real market value. You guys are spoilt. Mancity at its current value should win everything. But I shall bet that Pep will always need 3 – 5 times more money than his opponents to achieve the Prof’s legacy. The real problem is the business philosophy of the owner. If this frame is held ceteris paribus then replacing Arsene means Arsenal will return to being the mid-table team I know it to be. I shall bet something has to change with the owner’s business philosophy if Arsenal is to recover. As for Wenger – I hope he gets better and attack the crows with the meticulous football he created to spoil you lot, even if he does it elsewhere.

    1. Thomas says:

      Well said and i believe he is on the bite back 5 matches shackled us in our place as we see it really we o ly needed wins from 2 of 5 3 and were sitting well with a game in hand he will bite back next year and the man has turned arsenal fc into a full force where falling out of top four has didnt hapoen for two decades and will be back

  24. ken says:

    yes mr ‘shine box’ everyone is entitled to an opinion but, like everyone else I have an opinion and that is that man was under examination when thierry was still playing and was supported by the same man for his return cameo appearance for arsenal – and the rest would of at least won a premier league title with the man. my point is we have ascertained word class players that have won the world cup in the last decade, world class players have received world class wages and we have won several bits of silverware to support this fact. i know this sound like a rinse and repeat prologue but the above has been unequivocal crittercisms that are shot down the moment they are achieved. rio, neville, scholes and especially keane are very careful about what they say in regard to united, even jamie carragher loves to jump on the bandwagon, i believe the players need to look at themselves because they are accountable for a lot that goes wrong in very important games. if ian wright, thierry and even paul merson want and could see potentially managing arsenal or managing a situation in football where you are held accountable for what you think you know then stand a post, ask alan shearer where all his bitterness comes from.

  25. samuel says:

    psycology of the game arsenal lost
    coaches tactics of the game arsenal lost
    players rating of the game arsenal lost
    ball possession of the game arsenal lost
    belief of the game arsenal lost
    gadiola and wenger of the game arsenal lost
    atmosphere of the game arsenal lost

  26. Carabao cup and fa cup are not in the same level as the premier league or europa or champions league. To say that weve won 4 trophies in 5 years doesnt sound fair, a person who doesnt know our reality might think -”oh what a great club, theyve been best over these years”. And then i should explain that these cups are not major competitions and that the top teams use them to show their youngsters and future potentials. That the first team is on the bench waiting for a weekend decisive premier league match and or a ufl game midweek. But not us, we are playing the first team because we have nothing else to play for. By the time these local tournaments reach their important matches we have already trashed premier leagleaandue and ucl chances. Wenger could win us 20 more fa’s or carabaos but they will never compare to 1 premier league title.

  27. andcliff says:

    I’ve got a headache reading all the posts and it is obvious that there is a lot of hate for Arsene Wenger. How can any Arsenal supporter actually hate the man who has done more for the club than anyone has and I’m going back 60 years. Even Sir Alex commended AW for what he has done for AFC and English football, so come on guys lay off the vitriol and give him a break.

    I accept that he can no longer take the club to a higher level and the team is not playing for him anymore and should walk away at the end of the season. I think George Graham got it spot on recently when he said that AW had done a great job for Arsenal but has to know when to go. The man is stubborn and probably believes that he can win the PL again, which is delusional with the current team, but doesn’t deserve the vitriol and abuse he is getting from the press and particularly the so called armchair ‘pundits’ who have to be controversial to keep their cushy jobs. Some of them have tried management, failed miserably and then have the gall to criticise other managers.

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