All together Arsenal ready to ROCK Sunderland

Although Arsene Wenger was very complimentary about Arsenal’s opponents in the last but one Premier League of the season, praising the North-East club for their recent great escapes from relegation, the Frenchman is also planning to put a massive red and white spanner in their works tomorrow evening.

Wenger spoke about the Black Cats almost as if they were already safe, as reported on the Arsenal website, but they are not. Even with no points from the game against the Gunners, they will go into the weekend three points ahead of Hull so the chances for them are good, but they travel to Chelsea with Jose Mourinho smarting from that humbling at West Brom last night.

That would still mean Hull beating Man United but that result would not be too much of a shock. Sunderland have a worse goal difference as well and if Wenger gets his way that will be a lot worse after they play Arsenal. He spoke about the Swansea loss and called on his players to make sure it did not happen again. From the look of the pictures from our training session today, the team are just as keen and will surely give Sunderland the run around.

Wenger said, “For me the Swansea game was an accident. Having analysed it, it’s one of the games we deserved to win the most of all the games. We lost two in two or three years now, so you can say that’s an accident.

“Sunderland need a point to be safe so I expect them to be well organised defensively, sound at the back, and to try to use all the counter-attacks they can, all the set-pieces they have, to score goals. We have to put a high rhythm into this game and play with a high level of energy to win the game.

“Sunderland, for a few years now, have struggled until five, six games before the end. First Paolo di Canio saved them, then Gus Poyet saved them, and now Advocaat saved them, so always they just find the final resources to get out of relegation.

“Advocaat has used his vast experience to give them confidence again, and to get them to play. I think as well, players certainly questioned themselves and respond always with a few games to go.”

With FA cup places to play for as well, I reckon an early Arsenal goal could open the floodgates and leave Dick Advocaat and his players reeling ahead of the final round of games.

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  1. davidnz says:

    We still need a point
    Faith in our starting X1.
    Get the point then
    Rest players v WBA.

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Apparently Wenger still penny pinching over 25m for Morgan and 35m for Lacazette….

    same old shit every season…

    1. bayjerkoff says:

      Personally I think a player like morgan is what we need, he is more like arteta but more agile and active, he will bring the best out of the team as we saw with ramsey last season. He will dictate the pass by his passing and tackling where by ramsey will do his all round tin and we can rotate with le coq as the game entails..especially against big teams which we need less of dormination and more of counter attacking game

      1. sonix says:

        i see you’re all getting obssesed with Morgan…
        we may already have what we need in that department….
        Le coq anyone???….the right pairing may just be the key..

  3. davidnz says:

    Two weeks ago Arsenal was
    riding high on a 9 game
    EPL winning streak.
    Fans were quoting stats which “proved”
    we had the best GK, back four, the best DM,
    the best midfield and best striker in the land.
    Our manager was better than Mou, Van Gaal, Pelegrini.
    Fans believed the club was a DM and striker
    away from serious contenders.
    Now after a sloppy home loss and a draw at Man U
    suddenly the team is in need of a complete overhaul 🙂

    1. muda says:

      I still stand by a DM and CF left to go!! #COYG

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        i stand by a gk, CB DM and striker and we are good….

        the spine we need the spine

        1. Budd says:

          More like you need one.

  4. davidnz says:

    Its the first time in ten years
    Arsenal has finished in front
    of Man U 2 seasons in a row 🙂
    We have St Totteringhams day
    so what about Manchokers day?
    Roll on Wed evening 🙂

  5. windrider007 says:

    Arsenal vs Sunderland might be a very defensive game. Both teams just need a point, arsenal for 3rd place and Sunderland for survival and may simply play out a draw. Sunderland cannot afford to lose at the emirates, since their next game is away to Chelsea. We need to get at least a draw so that the first team may be completely rested on Sunday. Let the subs and the reserves get a game against West Brom. We need our team to be completely rested before the Fa cup Final.

  6. It used to be just arsenal and the tossers unable to hold on to their players but now manure and Liverpool are having the same problems. GOOD.

  7. santy says:

    Personally I wud luv to c TR7 play tonight. TW14 can start also.

  8. vitman says:

    I believe Arsenal will not find it too difficult to win that game if Walcot and Alexis play on the flank,but if he keeps playing Ramsey on the right flank I am afriad it might be a very difficult game.

  9. goonergaz2000 says:

    Arsenal must go for maximum points from the next two games to get that winning momentum back for the villa game.Besides the fans will not be happy with anything less than 3 points tonight.

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