Allardyce uses wrong Willian example to downplay defeat

Sam Allardyce has tried to claim that Willian has been transferred for over £100 Million in his career as a staple for his West Brom sides’ defeat to Arsenal, but the statement is false.

The Brazilian has been highly rated around the continent for a number of years, but despite being linked with a number of big-money moves, his total value in transfers is well below that amount.

Even if we exchange the value into dollars as stated on Transfermarkt, the total fees paid for his arrival tallies up to just under $93 Million (just under £68 Million according to today’s currency rates).

While the sentiment is right, his calculations are vastly exaggerated, but our side is definitely far superior.

His full statement can be read below as his excuse for his side’s hefty defeat, although I think it is laughable to use this excuse days after they lost 5-0 at home to Leeds United only days ago also.

“Arsenal are better than we are, aren’t they? They’ve only got about £200 million worth of player and some great youngsters to boot,” Allardyce told West Brom’s official YouTube channel.

“Willian who came on has been transferred for over £100 million in his career. Our biggest buy is £15 million, so you can see the difference in spending power and quality that can bring you.”

While his comments were wrong, is it not a bit simple to claim side’s disastrous loss was down to expensive personnel? Especially when we acquired said player on a free transfer?


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  1. It’s not only expensive players that makes a team good, as evident from our poor run this season in the Pl, where Willian was one of the culprits for our bad form. The youngsters played West Brom of the field, Willian came in after the damage had been done so i don’t quite understand what he’s on about.

  2. I definitely agree with you Ba Elkhirsawy, even if he pays less than 15mil, he can have him any day any time.

  3. Expensive players don’t win games, example – Chelsea currently. Good tactics do, example Leicester city title winning team were they had players that cost as low as £450k. (K’s thousand). I rate Big Sam very high 2 save West Brom.

  4. It’s a fair point disastrously made. How can you compare the cost that various clubs have paid for one player to the price paid for one player by one club? Big Sam isn’t known for his intellect.

  5. An article breaking down transfer values to refute an off-hand claim by a losing manager? Really?

    Slow news day i guess…

  6. Big Sam looks like Fred Flintsone and has a similar IQ but he is good at going to numerous clubs winning nothing and getting a large pay out when they kick him out.
    Good on ya Fred….

    1. You may say ‘achieve nothing’ but the clubs he’s kept in the top flight (and which has usually been his brief – and as such – brief met) would respectfully disagree.

  7. What about his team’s thrashing in the hands of Leeds United? How many of Leeds players cost more than his team?
    He is only looking for excuses

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