Allegri to Chelsea transfer proof Wenger’s staying at Arsenal?

If Arsenal Football Club are going to finally put a new manager in charge of the team when the current season ends, something that some people think will hinge on our Europa League campaign, then the current boss of the Serie A champions Juventus is not the only option.

However, Massimiliano Allegri would surely be among the front runners and would be my own preference to replace Le Prof. With the Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel having already agreed to join another club, Sky Sports reports, the credentials of Allegri were looking even stronger but that ship may also now have sailed for the Gunners.

Metro are reporting that it is Chelsea, not Arsenal, that the Italian is going to take charge of. The Stamford Bridge club are looking to replace Allegri’s fellow countryman Antonio Conte after their own poor season, which will still have been better than our own if we do not win the Europa League.

These reports about Tuchel and now Allegri suggest to me that the top brass at Arsenal are not really considering a change of manager this summer and if we end the season with no silverware I can only imagine how that would go down with us fans.



  1. Innit says:

    It doesn’t really prove anything. Maybe Chelsea offered more money, maybe Allegri prefers Chelsea over Arsenal because he can spend more. Abramovich is a more attractive (financially) owner???????

    Also, maybe Arsenal want Tuchel or someone else

    But I do agree. I think Kroenke will let Wenger finish his contract unfortunately ???????

    I will be gutted if Allegri goes to Chelsea and not us

    I will be even more gutted if Wenger is not sacked

  2. Yossarian says:

    We’ve let so many good managers go to other clubs in recent years, whilst allowing Wenger to “Honour his contract blah blah blah”. There are some good options again at the moment (Allegri, Tuchel, etc.) but sadly I think that history will repeat itself yet again, and Wenger will still be the manager next season no matter what.

    The “Catalyst for change” seems to be happening (Slowly!) with new staff on-board and improved transfer dealings recently, but I don’t think the club will sack Wenger, and there is no way he’ll go of his own free will. He honestly thinks that he’s the best man for the job, so I expect another season of the same-old-same-old.

  3. Ken 1945 says:

    Having just seen Juventus outplayed completely by R.M. I’m not sure he is the answer that everyonw thinks he will be.
    I suggest it might be worth taking a look at a Vieria/Bergkamp partnership as they both have managerial experience, Arsenal DNA and could attract world class players with the respect they both have within the game.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      I should have said that I do believe Arsene will leave IF we win the Europa cup.
      If not, I think the board will honour his contract and give him that time to benefit from the new signings that Sven will (should) bring in.

    2. Yossarian says:

      100% in agreement with you regarding Patrick Viera. I’d love to see him back at Arsenal as the manager. Wouldn’t say no to Bergkamp either, but at this point in time, Veira would be my choice as the main man.

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Can you just imagine that partnership leading our club out?
        If only we could get Kronke to sell his shares, David Dein on the board and Cazorla fit and playing again, win the europa cup and seeing a full stadium again.
        Then I think the gooner fan base would unite once again.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Ken, as much as I respect both Patrick Viera and Dennis Bergkamp (the best player I have seen in an Arsenal shirt IMHO) the rebuilding needed at the Arsenal to bridge the current gap, requires a hard nosed experienced manager.
          The names of prospective candidates have been mentioned on this site and subject to availability, would jump at the chance to manage this club given the financial and other resources available and the past loyalty demonstrated to previous managers. One would think that the contract on offer at Chelsea, given its “revolving door” door approach to its managers, would have to be much greater than that on offer at Arsenal.

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken, Kroenke will not be selling anytime soon. Dein won’t be returning either. Cazorla will not play for us again and Bergkamp will not fly. I agree with you that all these things I would like too. But as a realist I accept, however reluctantly, lifes realities and learn to discard hypotheses. To be fair to you, you did just say “Imagine..etc… “. But why? If things are never going to happen, why waste time on them?

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            Jon Fox,
            Because that is what football is all about…dreams.
            also because dreams do come true, just ask the Invincibles!!!
            You have said that empty seats will bring down revenue, so why would Kronke not sell if he could make a profit.
            After all,you recently said that this club was in a total mess:
            I Believe that Vieria would bring the steel required post wenger era.
            Why? Because I judge him on his playing career The man is a winner and has gone about learning his trade at Man.Ciity and now at New York.
            I agree with your assesment of Bergkamp and that’s why I think his outlook on the game would fit in perfectly with Patrick.
            Only dreams of course, as Jon Fox has pointed out, but both men have indicated they would love to come home one day.

  4. Chiza says:

    get Julian Nagelsmann,he is the solution to our coaching problems.The next better upgraded version of guardiola.

  5. RSH says:

    Metro knows nothing. They just say whatever for clicks. As for AW’s future, it is again up in the air and all we can do is guess. All the twitter journos say he’s likely to be going, but I highly doubt they know much of anything. All we can do is keep the stadiums empty and hope the message gets across that the fanbase is not satisfied with the state of the club.

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