Alvaro Morata back on Arsenal’s wish list?

Arsenal are a club which is notorious for being linked with player after player every time the transfer window opens up and for many of our targets, the media rumours often make their stories into a long running transfer saga. Arsenal are no strangers to dragging their transfer talks out and if true, then I don’t think there was a bigger Arsenal saga last summer than Álvaro Morata.

Álvaro Morata, has apparently openly discussed with his agent about leaving Juventus last summer, with a number of European clubs keeping their eyes peeled on any developments. The Spaniard was being tracked by his former side Real Madrid, as well as Premier League clubs Arsenal and Chelsea. The Gunners were reportedly firm favourites for the striker at one point in the summer and although he is not the most prolific goalscorer based upon his career record, there are many fans alike who would’ve considered him to be a decent target for Arsenal.

The price tag placed on the player was most likely a bit off putting for the Gunners, with a rumoured fee of around £50 million and such was the case that he ended up returning to Madrid in a cut-price deal. There were then rumours that he may be sold by Madrid for profit and thus Arsenal’s interest hotted up again. The Gunners failed in their attempts however, with Morata saying he intended on giving Madrid another chance in his career.

Now however, after a less than satisfying number of appearances this season in Spain, Morata may consider that exit door after all and apparently the Champions League finalists would consider allowing a move. The Spaniard has made 13 LaLiga starts, but has a rather impressive 15 goals to his name. With doubts about playing time, with Zidane still preferring Benzema over Morata, the striker may be considering moving elsewhere. As a result, as you can imagine, the media has thus again linked the Gunners with Morata, stating that they are keeping tabs on the situation.

15 goals in 13 appearances is very impressive, although of course if he is going to cost around the £50 million mark and be the club’s main striker, than he’s going to have to hit at least 25-30 goals in all competitions. Arsenal will surely never go for a £50 million deal, especially under Wenger, but the Gunners may test the waters with a fee of £40 million, after surprisingly high fees for both Xhaka and Mustafi.

Could this deal be back on the cards, or is it going to be another long summer of media speculation?



  1. citrenoogeht says:

    Although his stats are relatively “OK”, I have never been a Morata fan. My biggest objection is his style of play. He’s like a younger Giroud that is slightly better on the ground but not so good in the air. If we are looking for that type of player, why don’t we go for Lukaku? Ultimately, I would be confident that Lacazette would work perfectly, not only at Arsenal but in the premier league on the whole.

  2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Benetia for 14 million
    Juventus got a steal there

    Why the hell don’t we put in mad offer for Douglas Costa??

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Ah yes. I bet he is running to AFC as we speak. I mean we are by far a greater pull than 12 times champions league winning side Real Madrid.

    Love all these bollox stories that don’t even mention us or any kind of fact at all.

    When I was a kid I asked Father Christmas for a piece of moon rock. It never came..

    This is being an AFC fan during , before and after transfer windows.

  4. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    What do I care? The lack of Alvaro Morata is the least of Arsenal’s problems.

    But if you ask me to choose a striker for the sake of choosing, I pick Lacazette or Aubameyang or Lukaku ahead of Morata.

    And yes I also think Arsenal should try for Douglas Costa **rolls eyes**

    If he is not as ambitous and driven as Alexis, he might come to us if we show the money **rolls eyes again**

  5. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    “Could this deal be back on the cards, or is it going to be another long summer of media speculation? ”

    A recycled story from last summer transfer window is what it is!!

    It just the same.. transfer rumours, tactics, manager, top four…. just the same every season. *long sigh*

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Morata is replacing Costa at Chelsea and that £50 million price tag is like chickens fee compared to what they are getting from the sale of Costa to some Chinese club Lol Why ain’t we lucky like that??? £170 million for Ozil or even £50 million for Giroud would do.
    Anyways, It was only reported a couple of days ago that Morata is buying a house in London… And don’t even bother going there ?? thinking that his coming to Arsenal ?

    1. Peter Deed says:

      A player with ambition of winning EPL and UCL will never join Arsenal?

  7. Goonerboy says:

    He is buying a house in London???? I dare to think he is coming to Arsenal as there is only a team in London…lol…that’s according to Wenger by the way..lmao!!

  8. wenger out says:

    More chance of Westham getting him

  9. Goonerboy says:

    I don’t really fancy Morata, he doesn’t look aggresive enough for the EPL…but he has reasonable pace, good footwork and good positioning, although he is still developing, do we need a developing striker or a fully experienced one??? I dunno, but strikers are at a premium..

  10. wenger out says:

    Morata < Wlbeck / Giroud

    50mil < Morata

  11. Peter Deed says:

    Aubameyang or Mbappe but then again our manager is Ar$ene Wenger who loves Giroud very much and believes Theo and Welbeck will become Ronaldo and Messi?

  12. JPS_AFC1 says:

    It has to be Lacazette for me his is expensive but the most reasonabledy priced out off the ones we are linked with. Dybala , Belloti, Aubamayang or Mbappe are the dream but with The Deluded One as manager we won’t spend the money needed to bring one off those in . We will be lucky if he actually strengthens the areas need to be honest

  13. amb98 says:

    Would like to see Morata as I think he would suit our style of play as he has good mobility, link up play, is physically strong and can finish. But I reckon he’ll end up at Chelsea. Aubameyang or Mbappe would be nice but I don’t see us paying £60m + for either one of them. Realistically, I would like to see us sign Lacazette and then play him and alexis us top with ozil in behind (3-5-2, assuming they stay) or sign a quality winger like Douglas Costa or Thomas Lemar and play Sanchez as the striker.

  14. Martin says:

    Not more transfer rumours with the same players being linked with us. This is only the lazy media recycling the same old stories. We should know that we very rarely buy anyone that we are constantly linked with. I think Wenger deliberately doesn’t go after players that are rumoured to be coming to us.

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