Alvaro Morata gives hope to Arsenal fans!

It looks like this summer’s Karim Benzema is going to be the Spanish striker Alvaro Morata. He will cost a lot of money. He will come from Real Madrid. But the difference is that Morata is a lot younger than Benzema and is much more likely to be a sound investment in Arsene Wenger’s eyes.

Currently most Arsenal fans don’t really care which striker Wenger brings in as long as he can provide some real competition for Olivier Giroud, and Morata is definitely the man to do that. He is only 23 and has been a backup striker at both Real Madrid and Juventus, and is now getting to the age where he can really come into his own and stamp his own mark on the world, and he must be aware that at Arsenal he will definitely be first choice striker, and he will also be guaranteed Champions League football as long as Arsene Wenger is still in the managers chair.

Obviously we are aware that we will not be the only suitors, with Juventus wanting him back in Italy and many other top European and English teams vying for his signature, but this mornings quotes from the Spanish international certainly gives us hope that he will choose to come to the Emirates. He said to AS: “There are some offers from England that are tempting, not only by the contract.

“I think for my characteristics the Premier League would also be a great destination.

“I’m not saying that you want me to go to Juventus, a team that I can only speak well of….”

If he DOES choose the Premiership, then the only other top UK teams that are said to be interested are Chelsea and Man United, and with both of those out of the Champions League next season that must surely give us a head start. He won’t go to Man City or Tottenham as he definitely won’t be first choice at either of those, so logically he must be talking about Arsenal!


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  1. Know what? I’m starting to think this might actually happen!


  2. Here we go again, mad season is upon us, crazy rumours and fantasy signing that will never see the light of day….Morata will maybe be good for us, so will Lewmadoeski, Aubermeyang, Higuian, Benzema, Lacazette etc….but are they really available and willing to come?….am not getting excited about all these stories, look inward and go for realistic target with less agro….Boney for me will do thank you, folks will say he is a bit like Giroud but so is Morata n Lewandowski…..EPL tested and proven, bulies defenders for fun and please don’t come at me with his Man city record because its obvious he never enjoyed Pellegrini’s confidence and anyone who knows anything about football will agree a good run of games and confidence of a manager.can do wonders….if he has the chance given Giroud I believe he will score 20 per season easy…afterall he scored 17 in his debut season on these shores, and it took Giroud 5 seasons to get to that….plus I doubt if getting him will be as hard as every other strikers we have been linked to

    1. Agree, would much rather someone like Lukaku, who scores regularly even when everton are playing like crap, and can make a goal out of nothing, like the one against Chelsea

    2. The lad’s rubbish. He scored like 8 goals the whole season and now am seeing figures as high as £40m being thrown around his name. Personally I wouldn’t even pay a quarter of that for him. A a £6-8m striker will give you his kind of stats and maybe even more!

    3. Gods will….its not about the best we can get, its about what we cam realistically get…..Messi and Ronaldo will be top of my wish list and they will represent the best we can get but can we really get them? No will be the answer and so will be the majority of other names been bandied about….finances, willingness to come are all part of the equation and not just the best we can get..and a signing like Boney to me represent a good signing, nit going to ne as hassle as the rest, will not cost as much, will defo want to come and the gamble on him performing will ne laved unlike these other players who we are mot too sure about EPL wise

      1. Sorry, there is a massive chasm in quality between Messi and Morata. Thus there are plenty of good strikers, much better than Morata, besides Messi and Ronaldo.

        You are presenting a completely false scenario. We can do better than Morata, easily.

    4. Agree. Agree. Agree.

      Since when is a 1 goal per 4 games striker an “upgrade” to a 1 goal per 2&1/2 games striker???

      And the title is rubbish. Morata is not giving many informed fans “hope.”

  3. “Morata gives us hope”…

    So should i celebrate that eating cheetos and drinking pepsi?

    For such a ridiculous price he’s at and his overall performances/goals registered the past few season…. I best reserve my mood

    [A gamble on Janssen + another striker at/less the same amount would make more sense….i repeat]

  4. So it is true we are after Morata..
    I know many don’t rate him on here but Morata is the real deal..

    He is a very mobile striker that is also good in the air..
    Many point to his goal stat but as the article said,he has been a back up always,there is no doubt that he can score goals than Welbz and Walcott..

    And if he is bad, Chelsea and ManU won’t go for him…
    He just needs to be encouraged and trusted and he will be among the top strikers in the world!

    1. You know who also fits your characteristics? Welbz himself. No, morata isn’t the real deal. Lukaku is

  5. Alvaro Morata is one of the best options for our striker problem solution. He is a young talent with a great potential that can dribble and pass defenders easily which Giroud has failed to do it. However, in order to solve our problem to the required level, he needs to be more ruthless & clinical in front of the goal.

    1. “He needs to be more ruthless and clinical in front of goal”

      So……. Actually, we are talking bout an unfinished product ere

      yea Just what we need……just what we need… *Bats eyelids*

  6. Hmmm have the letters gone out for the renewal of the season tickets???
    Its a predictable and frighteningly regular occurance that every year at THIS TIME OF YEAR we get linked with a world class or at least world renowned striker and by August …….we have Giroud again leading the line, same old same old nothing will change .
    I quiet like the look of Morata despite his stats being rather shite while he’s been at Juve I still feel in a clube like Arsenal and in a team with Sanchez and Ozil he could really flourish but I really dont see it happening.
    Like with Suarez, Like with Higuain, Like with Benzema the same will occur with Morata
    The trouble is for Wenger he’s running out of strikers to use to get the season ticket money in, although next season it may not be his problem any more as it may well be his last season.

  7. If he has offers from those clubs, I think he’d be stupid not to pick Arsenal over the others. Not because of Ozil even though strikers should be licking lips. But because utd and che will get in better strikers the moment a chance comes up, even if the boy done well and helped them win things. They will still bring in others, so to try and have better options than anybody. We wont though, we will reward him he does well and give him our patience when needed. So I think he’d be an idiot to not be itching to come here.

    1. u don’t seem to understand the case ere……….it’s not a matter of if he wants to come to us or not but of if we need him at such price tag + performances rate

      and by the way, as Ozil signed a new contract yet???? (Before Licking our lips concerning who he’d be assisting next season)

      1. It’s you that doesn’t seem to understand. If I point out how it’s supposedly gonna rain tomorrow, that’s not me saying I like the rain. And this rumour has a ring of truth to it, so I’m basically pointing out how he will end up here unless he’s an idiot.

  8. pple here always comment that we need a “mobile” striker but I do ask myself if Giroud is immobile or sometin. I tink admin should adress that. the adjective is a ridiculous. I stand to be corrected.

    1. L()L…. Oh well then , find a word for us to use in place of immobile/Lampost other than “Not so fast” or “slow”


  9. @Admin
    is my previous comment awaiting moderation due to the word “Sh!te” or due to the fact Im not being overtly respectful to AW ?
    Just out of interest?

  10. talking of striker, its not as if am wenger pupet, in fact I tink his tactics nd believes are outdated nd hypocritical. I also believe a diego simeoni with same squard of arsenal players would have won this yr league. afterall, players vs player, atletico players or leicester players aren’t beter than what we have.
    having said that, I tink its becomin a tall order to get a brilliant striker in europe nd I feel arsenal should look elsewher, probably south america. all dis names we mention here are in same bracket as giroud xcept lewa nd maybe auba

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