‘Always been his style’ – De Bruyne likens Arsenal’s style to Man City’s

Kevin De Bruyne has claimed that he isn’t surprised about Arsenal’s early form this season, before likening his style of play to Manchester City’s.

The Gunners have won eight of our opening nine matches of the league term thus far, and could make it nine when they take on Leeds United tomorrow, while a win could well see them build a gap over the Citizens, who face a potential banana-skin against Liverpool at Anfield.

De Bruyne has spoken to Sky Sports ahead of tomorrow’s big clash however, and during that interview he was asked about Mikel Arteta and his uprising at Arsenal.

“Not really, no (if he is surprised with Arsenal’s performances),” De Bruyne said.

“I think I see a lot of similarities with the way that we [City] play and that’s always been his [Arteta] style. When he stopped playing football and had the opportunity to come here it was, for him, a good learning school and obviously we had great years together. I saw an evolution from the beginning of Mikel and after three years when left.

“At the beginning he was adapting to his role and then we saw that he had a lot of ambition and when the opportunity comes, he will take it. It’s nice to see that he got the time [at Arsenal] because it’s a very difficult thing to get.”

I think the similarities in the way we play make sense, especially with the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko fitting swiftly into our side from the Etihad this summer.

Our transitions and forward play can definitely be related, especially to their style from last term which strongly relied on the use of a false 9, and Arteta deserves plenty of credit for building this side and the style we have developed.


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  1. As a fan of attacking players ,I rate him in the same bracket as the best I’ve witnessed in the English league .
    Amazing player and probably in the top 5 that have played on these shores IMO .
    Pace power height and an amazing final ball on par with mr Bergkamp.
    31 years old looks like a 25 year old .
    Man City players seem to get looked over when it comes to awards ,Sergio being a prime example .
    As much as I’ve not been a fan of Arteta and his tactics ,Man City for me are the only team standing in our way this season ,which is a testament in itself for how am far we and Arteta have come on this season.
    Just cannot see us topping Man City ,they remind me of the 2000-2004 Arsenal team where we would win by 4 goals or more .
    I’ll be more than happy with a top 2-3 though.

    1. Totally agree De Bruyne is special he is Bergkamp with the physicality Bergkamp didn’t have.

      The reason I’ve always been a fan of Arteta (and wanted him over Emery originally) is that I listened to what others were actually saying about him. Be that when he was maligned as Captain (we still haven’t finished in the top 4 since he left.) Or when he had the coaching role at City. De Bruyne is the latest in a long line to speak well of Arteta!

      With this City team, 2nd would be dreamland. The top 4 is the target, 3rd is happy. Win the title and we can all go crazy and forget all the silly arguments!

      1. Cannot not argue with that at all Angus ( I would like to😂)
        This is all I’ve wanted for the last few seasons ,I said top 4 before the season started and I would be on board ,there is no way we finish out of the top 4 from
        What I’ve seen this season so I’ll be a happy man ,I would happily bet tomorrow that we will get 2nd ,so all good .

        1. I gree with De Bruyne, Arsenal are playing some city style,but to continue and remain forcus they luck some players to do it better in a dayly besis.They need box to box midfielder who can do it better than xaka,And again Party need replacement due to enjuries.Winger and Nutural striker to compete with Jesus.We luck Four(4) players to win the league,If we can win it with the squad we are having then we are Lucky,but Position 2 it what I see if we are continuing winning everything as it is

  2. I agree with want De Bruyne said. The current arsenal squad can win the league with little luck otherwise 2 or 3 position is 100% sure

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