‘Always Sky or BT’- Arteta fumes at Premier League fixture schedule

Mikel Arteta has hit out the FA for their latest scheduling of their upcoming Premier League fixtures, sarcastically thanking them for giving Chelsea and Manchester United an ‘advantage’.

The Gunners are currently sat fourth in the Premier League table, with one point and two games on the Red Devils in the race for fourth.

While we are considered favourites for the Champions League places now, our games in hand gives us a false advantage, especially when considering that two of our rearranged matches are against Tottenham and Chelsea, while we still have to face Man United also, and the FA have just confirmed our rearranged fixtures meaning that we will now have to face the Champions League holders days at Stamford Bridge days before playing host to United.

Arteta has now publicly criticised the decision for the scheduling, but claiming that they have given away the advantage.

He told Arsenal Media after full-time of the Liverpool clash: “Thank you so much to the Premier League, to do that and they’ve done it again when we have to play Chelsea and Manchester United, so if they want to give them any advantage, I say to them today, thank you so much for doing that.”

When asked if his side would be back to 100% in time for the weekend after their loss to Liverpool, Arteta replied: “Yes, one hundred per cent, don’t worry the players will be there on Saturday with the energy. They will sleep, eat well, but thank you so much to the Premier League for putting the fixtures like this, it’s very, very helpful.”

The boss was then asked if they had raised their frustrations with the FA, to which he asserted: “Yes, absolutely. Because it’s not fair what they’ve done. It’s always Sky or BT, this or that, but the only one that is affected is Arsenal and the only thing that I care about and what we care about, is Arsenal and for Arsenal, it’s not fair.”

I think the timing of the question posed to Arteta could possibly have affected his response, having had to speak after the recent defeat, but if they have raised their concerns with the FA then that is fair.

I don’t think it was ever going to be routine for the powers that be to reschedule the fixture however, but now we will have to face Chelsea, Man United and West Ham inside 12 days could potentially make or break our chances of finishing in the top four.

Our results against the top six this term ha really been a crux to our season so far, and we really cannot afford to come out of that period without at least one win.


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  1. Let’s look at the facts:

    – we chose to postpone the games due to low availability of players knowing full well it will make the end of season run in busier

    – the postponements were mainly due to poor squad management while continuing to loan players out, only 1 or 2 Covid cases. We knew years ago we had players going to AFCON

    – 3 games in 12 days really isn’t that bad

    – all of this just gives our opponents the upper hand mentally, accept that we have these fixtures and plan accordingly

    I hope he realises it will be a lot worse next year when we are in Europe, hopefully a better FA Cup run as well so he better get used to it and put his energy into recruitment and managing contracts.

    1. Chose to postpone games?
      Are you an Arsenal fan or what? Games?
      You’re part of the media peddling lies and exaggerating the number of games we postponed.
      Maybe I’m too old and my memory is failing me, so please do remind me what other games Arsenal chose to have postponed asides the NLD. I’ll appreciate it if I get a list of the other games as you termed it.

      Also, your number 3.
      It’s not the three games a week he’s talking about, we played 3 games a week in Dec, no?
      What he was complaining about was the timing, we play Chelsea on a Wed night and then play Man United, early kick off 3 days later.
      That’s what he’s complaining about, he also pointed this week’s Liverpool game and then having to play Villa early kick off tomorrow.
      How many UCL teams play late night on Wednesday and gets given an early kick off just 3 days later?

      1. Your victim mentality is getting very old, maybe with your age you mentioned.

        Will complaining get the fixtures moved, no. Reality is our squad is too thin currently, no? Let’s rather use our energy on planning well for the hand we’ve been dealt, no?

        Adding no at the end of sentences is quite effective, no?

        1. It’s self victimisation?
          You’re yet to list the games Arsenal postponed. You made that claim with so much confidence, with zero proof and facts.
          We had just one game postponed and that’s the fact.
          I’ve named Tottenham, you list the other games we postponed and I’ll crawl into my hole.

  2. Arteta is a great battler and a great politician 🙂
    As a complete rookie he talked himself into one of the most prestigous clubs in the land. He talked himself into a second full season despite a horrendous first season and got 6 new players as well. Clearly Arsenal has had a massive advantage all seaon by not having European football which cost Spurs and United and will eventually cost Westham. There is no doubt Arsenal deliberately got the Spurs game postponed to avoid fixture fatigue although other sides were doing the same. No doubt he will say Villa have the advantage on saturday having not played mid week. It’s really all about tryng to lull our opponents into a false sense of security, get any kind of advantage from the ref and Var as well as engendering a seige mentality in his own players and fans. This rookie manager is learning how to work the system alright 🙂

    1. When your saying players have fatigue ec it isn’t good for the players to hear.
      They take all that onboard as an excuse.

  3. Arteta needs to just concentrate on the job.
    Other teams have this problem.
    If you want to be a big club, this happens.

    Don’t turn into a whinging Wenger.

  4. I do wonder at fixture scheduling at times. It happens to all teams but for teams playing on a Wednesday night to then have an early ko on Saturday is frustrating to say the least.

    1. Is 2 and a half hours really going to make that much difference Sue P. We have a squad, we have young players, it will mean we have a longer rest to the next game and we are only concentrating on one competition. Lets just get on with it with positive thinking from the manager, not negative.

  5. Its like this when you have top top ex city players saying why is it always Arsenal getting smashed by everyone ? yes that is what Micha Richards has said on SKY and BBC !! If a player Like Micha Richards is seeing the way Arsenal are treated so badly and even commenting on live TV Twice about it by the Pundits,Media, FA and Premier league. Then things are bad.
    when Arsenal play they are playing all their games against 16 not the 11 they should be only playing against !! Its low and disgusting 🤢!! ITS RIGGED !!

  6. Mikel has a point and no harm in him saying it but it won’t change anything

    TV money is a big factor in top flight football and they don’t look at the fixtures before and after televised games they look at who’s watching and when, they schedule according to ratings

    Certain teams have a higher viewer following than others, so it’s our fault really!

    The Premier League could be stronger in this instance but money talks

    We’ve just got to get on with it and I’m sure that’s exactly what Arteta is doing

  7. It could be that Mikel is paving the way though

    Eddie in for Laca tomorrow?

    He knows it won’t be a popular decision with the fans

    Just a thought

  8. I agree the game should’nt have been an early kick off but i guess it’s high time we start rotating our squad we can’t rely on just few players,i think nketiah,esr,pepe and lokonga should start ahead of laca,ode,saka and xhaka respectively anyone who fails to impact can then be subbed early but i know we will get all 3points on saturday.COYG

    1. Agree, Pepe, ESR and lakonga wont make us weaker. Even Holding and Tavares wouldn’t be a problem.

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