Amazing Cazorla stats show Arsenal goals WILL come

It was pretty baffling as well as incredibly frustrating for Arsenal fans to see our team struggle at the start of the season, especially as they had given us every reason to think that Arsenal were really ready to take on the big spending Premier League clubs and beat then all to the title.

It looked like Arsene Wenger had finally built a well balanced squad but there have been problems all over the pitch; from Petr Cech´s horror show of a debut, to Gabriel and Chambers´comedy double act in the first half against Liverpool. The flowing football has not really clicked and the strikers have been misfiring.

But I think the consensus on what the Gunners need to do better against Stoke City on Saturday is to improve in that crucial final third and make the chances count. So there will be pressure on Alexis Sanchez and whoever elses Wenger decides to play, be it Giroud, Walcott or both.

At least they will go into the game feeling confident that the chances will come, as we do have the best creative player in Europe´s top five leagues so far this season, as a Metro report reveals. I also did a more thorough stats comparison on that showed our little magician having great all round stats and as a little bonus, shows Chelsea´s Fabregas struggling to have much influence at all.

Santi Cazorla´s 16 chances created puts him above the likes of David Silva, Messi and all and with Mesut Ozil also right up there with 12 chances (the same as Man City´s tricky Spaniard) we should not have to worry about creating some opportunities at the Emirates on Saturday. Now will someone please step up and stick them in the old onion bag?

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  1. We have 3 of the top 6 players in the prem created chances this year
    Santi 16
    Ozil 12
    Ramsey 12
    40/4 games in total That’s not counting all the other players chances created
    Players scored 1 I wonder what the problem is then, I’m guessing we will have to pay a lot of money maybe 8 million to solve this one
    Oh sorry we have already done that, and the solution is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do nothing

      1. 2 points on that Budd
        1 at 150,000 a week or close to it finishing should be natural and 2 we’ve sold Afobe who to me looks like finisher

  2. Arsenal has never lacked in the creative mid-field area. One major problem I have noticed in our team set-up since RVP left is that we don’t play to potentials of our players in attack. Be open play or set pieces. A striker like Giroud strive on quality crosses. How many good grosses do we see from our players when we attack? It is always direct approach of attack. And a player like Per with his height should be an advantage to us when playing free kicks and corner kicks against opponents. We need varieties of approaches in attack instead of blaming our strikers. Majority of top strikers in the world cannot deny that they also benefit from tap-ins

    1. @PRINCE AFZ
      Couldn’t agree with u more mate…cant just blame Giroud for every game that the team doesn’t score a goal…The current Log leaders have only 1 goal from their main CF.

  3. Amazing CarzoLa stats shows Arsenal goals will come?………


    Why didn’t it show in the Last 3 games?…….


    …..fact is “STATS” won’t show goaLs…….but “FORM” wiLL!

  4. Another setback for Jack, damn!!!!

    I swear there is something seriously wrong at the club, be it training methods, diet, doctors I don’t know but its definitely cause for concern. Each season we go in thinking is this the year we unleash Jack, Ox or Theo but it never happens, they rotate more in the medical room than on the pitch.

    Anyway quick recovery Jack and come back stronger than ever.

  5. He will come back when we will really need him. Good to have options late in the season. That’s the theory anyway.

  6. it is funny i just commented earlier that i hope jack wont get injured walking back to the emirates and look what happens! he goes and got injured. what is wrong with arsenal’s medical team!?????

  7. Yes we have plenty of creative players (may be the most creative players compared with other PLG clubs) but where are the goals. When we see the chances created and the goals scored it is embarrassing.
    The little magician will continue to create more but needs someone who can score

  8. Virtually all of us agree that we could use a clinical finisher. So I’m curious whether this need would trump any lingering feelings of betrayal. Simple question – thumbs up if you would have welcomed RVP back into the fold, thumbs down if you’re glad to see his sorry ass out of the PL.

  9. Whats the use of creating all those chances when they is no one to finish? Wenger’s penny pinching and deluded ideas are frustrating our immensely creative midfielding. This is the reason why we screamed for a WC striker bcos we know how creative our midfield is. With a prolific striker we will rain goals on other teams and thats a given. We are soo close to winning the EPL but Wenger and his mindset is standing in our way. And thats why we keep screaming WENGER OUT!!!

  10. Creating opportunities was never our problem

    Finishing or converting those opportunities into goals is another thing.

    That’s why we have only scored 1 goal in 4 matches

  11. @Tradeau……..what’s exactly ur problem with RVP?……..he’s no Longer an Arsenal player……the fact that u comment about him so often, onLy shows how much u miss him……. But I DON’T……move on already!

    1. @soap I gave you a thumbs up for passion although I think you’ve got me mixed up with another Trudeau. First time I’ve mentioned RVP in a post this year.

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