Amazing Elneny stats show Arsenal better off without Ramsey?

I am not one of the Arsenal fans that were calling for Aaron Ramsey to be dropped from the Arsenal team and even sold a few years ago as he was struggling to find his best form after coming back from that horror leg break and a long injury lay-off. And Ramsey proved his doubters wrong and then went on to have a storming season which, but for another few months on the sidelines, may have led Arsenal to the title.

Having said that, Ramsey has not been in the same sort of form this season and he may have a problem getting back into the first team when fit again after yet another muscle problem, which looks like being next weekend. I read a comment the other day that said Arsenal would have been in pole position for the EPL title if his injury had struck earlier in the season.

A bit harsh that, but I do think that the Gunners have started to look very good with the central midfield pairing of Mohamed Elneny and Coquelin. It did not start well, as the next game after Ramsey’s injury was the FA cup loss to Watford, but since then the Egyptian has been more disciplined and the two have worked really well together.

This came to a head in the win over Watford this weekend and as well as the praise that both received for their performances, a Metro report reveals an amazing stat that suggests that Ramsey will have a tough time getting off the bench against West Ham and it might even have Santi Cazorla worrying about his own place in the side.

Because it is the Spaniard’s Premier League record of completed passes in a game this season that Elneny beat yesterday. His 121 completed passes beat Cazorla’s 120 against Newcastle and at an amazing accuracy of 96 percent which means that only six went astray over the whole 90 minutes.

When you put this alongside Elneny’s energy, work rate, discipline and defensive ability, how will Ramsey get his place back?

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  1. Only chances Ramsey has are:

    1) Get his form back and mature! Learn to get back with equal, if not more importance as going forward. He is suppose to be a B2B CM and if he isn’t getting back to our own box then he is a ACM disguised as a B2B and that will hurt us more in the long run.

    2) Forget about CM and compete with Ozil for ACM, he will be 2nd choice BUT in a long season there should be plenty of opportunities for him to get game time, not as much as he may like to play but that is his own fault now.

    3) Buy a nice pillow to help make the bench a little more comfortable, that is where he will be staying if he doesn’t improve.

    4) Look for a new team.

    Ramsey has the chance to prove himself, Wenger seems to favor him and I don’t believe that will last forever, if Wenger is pushed too far then he will be sold and Crowley will replace him. It’ll be sooner if Wenger had more support from the board but Wenger knows he has to work with what he has.

    Come on Ramsey, grow up FFS and get back your form of being one of the best B2B in the world, be our new Vieira!!!! Only Ramsey can make this choice.

    1. Exactly. At this moment in time, Ramsey is a 2nd team player for a club like Arsenal.

      The issue is playing position. For each slot in the formation there is another gunner who can play that position better than Ramsey.

      Maybe he can alter this reality on the pitch with his play. Who knows?

    1. Elneny has really impressed me, I researched him before we got him due to the rumors and the main worry I had was if he would be able to adapt to the EPL and keep his physical side.

      He bossed the CM for Basil and it looks like the EPL is the right league for him, amazed by how well he is doing ^.^

      What a bargain!

      My main concern now is if he can keep it up, will he go on to become a long term player or another Arshavin who was brilliant for the half season and then dropped form over time when people learnt how to deal with him.

      I will bet that he can go on to become a BIG name tho 🙂

      1. People can’t learn how to stop him, because his work is how to stop people. When passing is what you do then you hardly be wrong.

        1. I haven’t seen enough to know what Elnenys weakness is, he isn’t perfect though is he, no player is perfect. I do not know if Elneny is just having an awesome period or if he is mature enough to play to his strengths and not get caught out.

          As I said though, I will bet on him being a big player for us, becoming a big name. He installs that confidence into me when I watch him wearing our badge ^.^

    2. Ramsey have never been that good.he is is giroud and Walcott..mert too..they have always benefited from Wenger’s favourite favoritism syndrome.that why they all have been outshone by new faces..the only favour that can de done to the deserved and am sorry to say so is injury hitting the Wenger sorry but its true bcz he plays deep form players leaving out inform players…if i were Wenger i would sell Walcott and out chamberlain.

    1. Leicester have striker who can trouble defenders you relied on someone who can not even run a yard with the ball and then you joked yourselves that he is better than Kane, Costa, Lukaku and list goes on and you even compared him to Ronaldo and Messi with your stupid stats.

      I think the OGlovers are the most stupid fans arsenal have ever had.

      Can OG do the turn Kane did against German,
      or that against Liverpool? Can he do what
      Costa did against PGS? Can he run the way
      Lukaku did against Chelsea? and then you call
      him a striker to win you a title how dare?

      Henry knows what it takes for someone to be
      a striker of arsena calibre not OG then you
      slammed him but if you’re honest enough you
      have realized his intelligence.

      1. I’m not saying OG should be kept or is our best CF but when he wants to perform he can, it is just his mentality that lets him down.

        Can OG do the turn that Kane did? Of course, if he is giving 100% If he doesn’t feel threatened then no, he can not on a consistent basis.

        Did you see what OG did for France? That beautiful take down and nutmeg against Holland?

        Girouds main problem for me is his mentality, not ability. Who cares about pace if you got the desire and skill? Bergkamp has shown that you do not need pace so who gives a flying duck if OG can run the way Lukaku does, as long as he can play to his own strengths?

        I am not backing him, I am just stating a perceived fact, when he has came in from the cold then he will turn the magic on. Arsenal can not deal with a CF like that and win the EPL, we need a CF who will always do his best… even if there is no1 to replace him due to injuries, we need a CF who has the desire to do the best he can every game.

    2. When I was a kid I was so used to chanting 1-0 to the Arsenal, now it is 1-0 to the Foxes… Credit to them.

      Lets see if they can keep it up next season when they have CL football as well while fighting the mob of rich clubs looking to feed on them, Liverpool didn’t fair too well after losing Suarez…

      If they fail to keep hold of Konte, Marhez and Vardie then I doubt they will be much of a threat next season, losing any 1 of them could remove a vital cog and would need to be replaced by a smart choice.

      As a neutral towards them I am interested and will be watching, I believed Roman was too quick to get rid of Ranieri to appoint Jose and I hope that Ranieri will never go back to them, it makes it sweeter as Chelsea failed with appointing Jose again.

      Imagine if Ranieri never left Chelsea after building them up 99% of what Jose won with, he looks to have won with the Foxes who have had nothing to invest compared to the big clubs, the EPL could of been dominated by Chelsea all this time… Urghh i feel sick now >.<

  2. For me , Its “Up ur game” or “find urself a new Team”


    For Now, he deserves coming off the bench!

  3. Leicester’s Last one games


    Now that’s what i call escaping Narrow….. This is simply beyond joke

    bLoody annoying (but hOnestly, well deserved)

    1. You call it escaping, I call it professional game management. They realize they don’t have the world beaters to up haul defences so they score one and just sit back and absorb the entire match. Watch their last 4 games closely. They show incredible urgency to score first and once they do that they are just happy to defend for the rest of the game. You ask me how is this game management? Well, they save all their energy by not having to attack the whole game and avoid injuries to pivotal players which they realize can be detrimental to their title hopes. It’s actually the simplest way any team should approach the title. Easier said than done though.

      1. I do not think it is how teams SHOULD approach the title, it is suppose to be ENTERTAINMENT…

        If everyone sat back to play counter then who would attack? You think that would get fans as excited??

        Credit to Raneiri as he knew that his underdeveloped team wouldn’t compete with entertaining football and adopted the counter, Arsenal dealt with it which was a surprise as we get caught out by Jose counter football so often but it shows how other top teams underestimated them and didn’t take it serious enough, fault lies with other managers in the EPL as well.

        I would say that Pep has shown people how to win titles with Barca and Bayern when you have the ability to develop the whole team in depth as well as quality.

        At least Peps teams have always been very entertaining, pressing high and winning ball back ASAP, high tempo with top players in the mix to add the flair. I respect the foxes for what they have done, I will not want to take any credit from them performing very well and with greater mentality than most(if not all) other teams in the EPL. They are not Peps Bayern or Barca though are they?

      2. Sorry for double post, sneezed as I meant to click on the upthumb but clicked downthumb instead, I agree with it being professional management.

  4. Guess I was a bit slow to catch on, but Leicester’s having 5 points taken away was April fools.

  5. No question: Arsenal better with Elneny.

    The problem with Ramsey is finding a place for him in the formation. In each slot there is another player who plays that position better. It is an issue for sure.

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