Amazing injury stats will shock Arsenal fans – In a GOOD way

Right now all of us Arsenal fans are feeling a bit down-hearted as we are on the verge of an early Champions League exit and have slipped a bit in the Premier League, taking just two points from a possible nine and being overtaken by Man United and Leicester.

That away game with Olympiacos was always going to be hard but the mounting injury problems, especially the hamstring strain of Alexis Sanchez has made it look even more likely that we will be playing Europa League football on Thursday nights soon.

That injury list has really knocked us back and it has also triggered a lot of anger and frustration among the Arsenal faithful. After all we are back to the same old story aren’t we? Well no actually, because all this talk of the club still having an underlying injury problem is not actually backed up by the numbers.

In fact ESPN are reporting that we are actually doing a lot better on the injury front this season than most of our rivals.

We have had 24 injuries in total, just a little over the EPL average of 20.5 and fewer than Man City (35), United (31) and Liverpool (25) and that is only the 7th worst in the division. We are also faring better than most when it comes to the length of these injuries and the amount of days lost to injury overall.

The improvement in these stats from last season is nothing short of amazing, so has our new fitness expert Shad Forsythe had the positive effect that Arsene Wenger brought him to the club for?

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  1. Nah… Sorry, but I’m still sticking to being a miserable fat xxxx! ?
    City, Utd and even Liverpool have a Squad full of quality,
    Whereas only half of our squad is quality – ish!! ?

    1. By the look of things,
      Wenger isn’t taking much notice of Shad Forsythe,
      The only way to cut down on our injuries, is to give the coaching job to Shad and Send Wenger on a lifetime holiday to Timbuktu!

  2. Cazorla is out for 3 months now..that’s what the Mirror is reporting. Now, injuries happen..and they can happen to anybody.However, injuries that are the direct result of a manager’s recklessness and negligence coupled with inability to make appropriate decisions when necessary is what eats me. Cazorla was injured by half time..Wenger stubbornly kept him aggravating the already bad situation. We all saw Sanchez’s injury coming..him playing week in week out..but Wenger refused to rest him. Come January Wenger will refuse to get cover ..with 200 millions in the bank and some of us on here will still find excuses to defend him.

    1. Wenger just made his contract one season short with all these idiotic decisions.
      The first time I truly, madly, deeply believe that he should resign for real. I mean, he is the only one responsible for having Cazorla and Sanchez sidelined.

  3. Some times I am happy players get injured because only then Wenger steps into the market or is forced to play the right player at the right position like now Ramsey will be in centre and like how we bought welbeck only when Giroud got injured. Also these are not just injuries but long term injuries with welbz coquelin and Cazorla, they may not even feature again properly for all we know so we should just count them out for the season and buy someone.

  4. Nothing is shocking


    Under wenger, these injuries have been a customary thing with arsenal


    Every1 knows sanchez, ozil, coq, carzola has no replacement…hell even giroud has none ….. Whoever we feel could play in their stead are consistently crocked!


    Now it’s starting to show brighter….still many don’t see any of it


    i had been saying this over and over the past few weeks…… Carzola’s a wonderful, integrated player but he’s aging(30)…. And it can be seen in his recent performances, his quick feets are starting to fail him slowly… I stated he needed someone younger to be groomed in his stead , someone who could slowly ooze him out of the 1st team

    I should stop already, why am i even asking wenger to make decisions?….. Decisions are for those with balls

    1. we do have someone younger in Jack Wilshere who’s injured most of time. So i think we have that dept covered if the guys can stay fit.

    i understand the fact that injuries are unavoidable in all contact sports,but inadequate cover,and clear lack or willingness to have contingency plans are not excusable.
    I now recall a letter that Usmanov wrote a couple of seasons back..BOB.can you repost?just to jog our memories on what/who really is the problem at arsenal.Wenger has continously conciously refused to make quality additions to the squad.ill tell you why for free.that way failure is not blamed on one person is accountable;instead the excuse is on ‘well we had injuries,and the squad wasnt good enough…so next season when we find players better than we already have…????’Anyone remember L . PODOLSKI?poldi and ozil this season would def worked better than OG..MO.

      1. meanwhile..wenger got a renewed contract,stadium debt is akmost paid up and still no investment in players…who can we blame for that?AW.
        add to that player mismanagement and complacency/clear lack of ambition….WENGER PLEASE LEAVE.i posted the link…apparently waiting moderation.the truth will prevail.

      2. well, that was a great insight to see wtf is going on in the club. if there is so much influence and pressure in the objectives and ambitions of the club, we as fans must protest, add our ambitions in the mix and see where the balance lays. and gunners of London, do something for our own sake. many thanks for the link.

  6. Too many injuries year in, year out. Injuries are part of the game i suppose, but the length of it is beyond me.

  7. I feel Alexis injury could have been avoided and also Ramsey could have been handled better. What annoys me is seeing us go two goals up at home and well on top yet leaving our most dangerous player out there to play on and wouldn’t you know a few days later he’s crocked. Similar happened with both names mentioned and now that I think about it Cazorla too has looked on the brink a number of games ago. Whether we have depth or not is not the question the question is whether we get to observe without being forced into it …thus adding unnecessary pressure.

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