Amazing stats show Arsenal have a SUPERSTAR in Alexis

We all know that stats can be misleading in football, such as all the possession and extra chances and shots on target that the Gunners were having earlier in the season, while the fans watching the game could see that we were not playing well enough to win.

And sometimes stats are simply superfluous, as you don’t really need to see the figures to realise that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are in a little class of their own, you just need to watch them play. And you don’t really need the stats on Alexis Sanchez to tell you that the Chilean international has really hit the ground running since his summer transfer from Barcelona to Arsenal.

But the stats shown in a Metro report do make pretty impressive reading in any case. My favourite is the one which reveals that our new signing’s 10 goals in all competitions is the same number scored by all four Man United forwards Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria put together.

And it is also the same number scored by the Chelsea and Spain international striker Diego Costa, who has been getting rave reviews for his start in the Premier League. Another telling stat and one that suggests that Alexis will go on to even greater things and perhaps end up joining the ranks of club legends Thierry Henry, Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp, is that he has achieved what he has in a struggling team.

Alexis has scored seven EPL goals while Arsenal have managed just 12 in total, so how good can he be with the likes of Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey playing alongside him at a high level?

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    1. One doesn’t need stats know Alexis is super star, if I am honest Alexis is just behind Ronaldo and Messi!

  1. I like honest, sincere folks. I think Walcot was very damn honest when he said it’s been a long time Arsenal had a fighter like Alexis. I pray no one tries to put him down out of envy.

    So, I was going to ask: who da f***k has the armband? PASS THAT THING TO ALEXIS!!!

    1. @KickAssFan.
      “I pray no one tries to put him down out of envy”.
      We are humans after all. This was my honest fear, after I read (misread?) his other teammates cold reaction to his second goal against Sunderland. Now, with the general feeling around the squad, I feel comfortable knowing that Sanchez’s influence on the team can only be positive.

      1. @ usmanov…….perhaps they didn’t want 2 celebrate that goaL……. Courtesy : ViTo Mannone’s error (we know who mannone used to be) ……. I pray that be the reason tho

    2. No, let Alexis do what he does best without distraction.
      The armband should go to a defender or deep midfielder anyway, they can see the game in front of them, strikers and forwards need to watch the ball!

  2. He is like Ronaldo. The difference with Ronaldo and rest of the players is his immense desire to become the best. Most of the players play for earning money or enjoying football, but ronaldo has the desire to be the best in the world. He never hid that and always said he will be the best. And look now he has even surpassed best natural talent in Messi which is an impossible task. Sanchez seems to have the similar kind of desire in him. His extreme desire to have the ball back and to be the main star in the team will always make him the best. Finally arsenal have a superstar like Henry or Ronaldo. So glad he chose us not the scousers..

    1. @ArsenalGenes you have put it very nicely… “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard”… Messi is talented, but I see more effort from Ronaldo to improve his talents. Also I can say the same about Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal.. Nadal worked hard to challenge a talented Federer..

      1. @ArsenalGene, very well said.

        @Darwin, that’s true, having the tallent isn’t enof, u have to put it to work.

  3. On another note: I have been hoping that we would soon have a chant for Alexis…then on ‘The Daily Arsenal’ with Adrian Durham , Talk Sport , last night he is having a competition this week to find a chant for Alexis

    The winner will be announced on Friday…and will be sung ( possibly by the ‘Away Boys’) on Fridays show

    I hope we get a good chant for him…we HAVE to get one soon

  4. I’m sure Wenger will happily spend £35M all over again if it would bring him a player like Sanchez. Now, to go get a CDM and we should be good to go.

  5. My best stat so far has to be his goal tally in comparison to Manchester United’s forwards.
    To think that some weeks ago -when some journalist (on a football show I was watching) were analyzing the best South American EPL imports- his name was not given a mention, not even by the fans calling in to the show?!
    Some ID*OT fans and journos have even been claiming that Sanchez isn’t in the class of Di Maria!! LOL

  6. Only time will tell.
    Cazorla was a star one season.
    Ramsey was a star for 3 months.
    Walcott has had one good season in 7
    RVP had one good season in 7.
    Wilshere was hailed as Arsenal and
    England’s savior four years ago.
    Ox has been touted as a star in the making.
    Bendtner was once quality.
    Ozil was going to bring
    all the worlds best to the Arsenal.
    Arshavin scored 4 goals v Liverpool.
    Even Sanogo was said to be super star material.
    Gnabry Zelalem Crowley Willock Maitland- Niles
    are all said to be ready to become the next gen stars.
    Time will tell.

  7. The Only problem is we only always have one superstar in one season..Few season ago it was RVP..Last season it was ramsey and this season seems Sanchez.. One stra is good enogh for 4rth palce only. To win Pl and Cl we need more stars ..We have Ozil, Ramsey and walcott.. On paper thay are good enough to win PL, but their form and injury record is a concern.
    All the 3 players if at their best , with Sancehz in such devastating form, we can win the league..Even with that thin defence. As offence is the best form of defence and opposition will not attack us more often.. as these players can kill them…

  8. I agree in principle to davidnz ‘s comment with an additional pointI.INJURIES.
    Injuries have curtailed the progress of a good percentage of those players mentioned.
    Now,if we had had the required class player personnel needed for a genuine trophy challenge we would not have been thwarted in said challenge through injuries.

  9. The ideal team would be:
    – Casillas GK
    – Kos
    – Wanyama
    – Ozil
    – Ramsey
    – Sanchez
    – Clone of Sanchez
    – Clone of Sanchez
    – Clone of Sanchez
    – Clone of Sanchez
    – Clone of Sanchez

  10. Apart from Sir Sanchez we still have very good player who if they can up their game to the level we have known them to be we will be the most feared team in the epl.Am talking about Cazorla, Rambo, Poldoski,Wilshere,Ox, Welbeck and now Walcott. All these players are not doing what they really can.

    1. “And now Walcott ” What has walcott done wrong in his 15mins appearance ?
      or podolski or rambo for that matter ? one’s rarely on pitch others coming back from injury.
      3 WINS in a row. let’s get behind our team & push-on.

  11. can we please now stop talking abt our prized asset and secret weapon in public?……. Before he becomes the subject of on-pitch attack by opponent players and managers game plans like “OPERATION-TARGET-SANCHEZ” ….. Thank u!

  12. I don’t think I have become a huge fan of someone so soon after signing. He is my favourite gunner by far. How can anyone not like someone who is:
    1. Versatile
    2. World Class
    3. Scores goals
    4. Creative
    5. Works HARD
    6. Has passion

    Hopefully, he will be loyal for years to come.

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