AMN’s Red Card – I’m still fuming about Arsenal-hater Michael Oliver

Still fuming about Michael Oliver – The Arsenal Hater by GunnerJack

This man should never be allowed, by his OWN ASSOCIATION, to officiate in any capacity at an Arsenal game again.
Never mind that Leicester’s flying tackles and barges into the backs of our players went unpunished while he couldn’t wait to blow the whistle for the slightest infringement by any of our players, let’s take a look at the actual details of AMN’s red card.

Please note that I am not trying to make an evaluation of whether either of the 2 yellows were deserved. No, what sickened me was the way Oliver actually handled the second one.

(Sidenote: This is where I also state the case for NO CALLING BACK OF PLAY if the advantage then doesn’t work out. In my view it should be EITHER they get the advantage and play goes on OR the ref blows IMMEDIATELY for a free kick. If play goes on then NO cards should be allowed to be shown afterwards, because if it was serious enough then a free kick should have been given immediately.)

Anyway, be that as it may, here is what Oliver did IN HIS OWN THOUGHTS/WORDS (which I’ve obviously made up but could well be true). Maybe people will stop and think about it and, hopefully, question his motives.

1) Okay it’s a free kick but nothing special and as Leicester HAVE THE ADVANTAGE I’ll let play go on.
2) Oh! Hang on a minute, I think I’ve already booked this Arsenal player . . . yes I have . . . and I simply can’t let this opportunity to stuff Arsenal be missed!
3) After all, this will also ingratiate me with the Leicester fans and I’ll get a lot of support from them during the rest of the game, especially with me being a yellow-bellied pathetic ‘homer ref’ who also likes lots of attention.
4) Quick, blow the whistle NOW – EVEN THOUGH LEICESTER STILL HAVE THE BALL, THE ADVANTAGE, AND ARE NOT IN ANY IMMEDIATE DANGER OF LOSING IT. After all, if I let play go on any longer with Leicester still in possession there are people out there who might well begin to wonder what the hell I’m doing.

That’s how I saw it.



  1. I don’t think either card was a yellow especially the 1st one ,and after he was booked he should ave used his common sense for the second one ,soft at best for a foul let alone a card ,but it doesn’t take into account that they were all over us and I can’t see how it would’ve changed the result ,I think most fans in the country will say the refs in this country are bog standard .but they are so protected by refs association that they are never bought to book .
    Last good ref who I thought was fair was clattenberg

    1. Just because they had possession it doesn’t mean they were “all over us” they didn’t create a chance before the red card , also Arsenal gave them possession and didn’t press much to save energy and i’m sure it was emery’s plan to keep it 0-0 till the second half and when Leicester players get tired Arsenal starts attacking. Ref ruined Arsenal’s game.

      1. No, Emery ruined Arsenal’s game.
        He shows too much fear in away games and that is passed on into the team.

        People have praised his UEL record and rightfully so, he has done well in that comp.

        He also went a whole season without winning a single away game prior to joining Arsenal and one complaint was that he shown the opposition too much fear when playing away.

        Just look at how we have been set up in many of our away games, the fear Emery has caved into, that has been our downfall in away games.

            1. Those other 20 or so we had different squads , also the quality of opposition had been lower than now.

          1. Wenger got sacked and part of that was due to our away form.
            So hiring a manager who isn’t good in away games was going to do what?

            Before you reply, read what I said, do not answer with gibberish which has no bearing on what was said.

            I never said Wenger was a shining example of last season away form. One of the reasons for his sacking was his away form. UE away form is equally poor considering the money spent on players to help resolve our def issues.

      2. UnaiStheGuy, the red card did not cost us the game, we were extremely pathetic, lacklustre, inexperienced, shamefully bad, no methodology, no vision, no purpose, no strength, zero skill. It was literally the worst game of football I have ever watched, no team can be that bad even in championship or women’s football, no one deserves to pay to watch a football performance like that, if we have to lose then we must lose with grace and pride, showing what we can do. The earlier we understand our problem the sooner the solution will come.

    2. It went much deepdr in my opion aboug the rdd card I strongly feel that tbe ref wanted to give man u dvery chance of getting the 3points they needed I wTched all 3 games the city game the rsf had no hidden agenda bug even the ref in the man u and chelsea game gave more decions to man u than chelsea a total stich up

  2. The red card did Not cost us the game, even if AMN had been on the pitch I doubt he’d have been able to prevent the three goals we conceded. Tbh Leicester would let us play after half time and then Bang Bang Bang, it’s so easy to do this to us that I’m sure Valencia have already noted this down…

      1. UnaiStheGuy, i wonder what game you watch though. 75 min 18 shots for Leicester 9 on target, 9 shots for Arsenal 1 on target, we had less than 30% possessions the worst in the history of Arsenal Football Club, that Leicester scored 3 and we scored big fat ZERO. Maybe you need to watch the game again. Emery is not only bad in always he is also creating the worst record ever. No attack,no midfield, no defence. Tell me again what was is method, approach, aim with this game. Because it feels like he went there to lose. Good luck on Thursday.

  3. Michael Oliver and Mike Dean are in a secret competition of issuing red cards to players, 7 and 10 respectively this season and they have issued out unrivalled yellow cards, kudos to them and shame on the FA, l cannot wait to have the VAR, no matter how controversial it maybe, England referees are poor and biased

    1. “England referees are poor and biased”
      Some are but not all.
      Can I say all Nigerians are con men pretending to be princes because of a few bad apples?
      (Sorry to use that example, I know it is a controversial area and that’s why I used it as an example)

      My point here is to drop the tag. We do not need the England bashing like we do not need Nigerian bashing or American bashing… Narrow mindedness.

      I have watched many games that are not reffed by Englishmen and guess what, I have seen just as bad reffing outside the UK as inside, the EPL is just shown a lot and gets more coverage.

      1. Why is it then that not a single one of our referees were selected for the world cup? The refereeing in England is by FAR the worst out of any top league. The signs of corruption are just too apparent to ignore.

        Saying we have terrible referees over here is not “England bashing” Jesus Christ… Are you honestly trying to compare that to saying all Nigerians are con-men? You seriously can’t see a difference there?

        1. Better refs were picked.
          Worse refs were also left behind.

          I have not said our refs are perfect.
          I said that other countries also have equally poor refs.

          I said the nationality doesn’t make you bad, English for refs or Nigerians for the princes.

          How is that wrong?
          Tell me.
          How is it okay to highlight a nation with bad when it is England but do it to Nigeria and “OH MY GOD!”, see how you jumped on the “You can’t say that about Nigerians” yet it was fine to bash Englishmen.

          Hell no! I do not subscribe to double standards.

          I fully recognise that I used a disgusting example but I do find singling out people by their nationality to be borderline racism, yes, English can suffer from being victims too. You know why? Because we are human. Same as other nations, we are humans. We have some poor refs, we have some better refs… We may not have the best currently but that doesn’t make every English ref poor and biased.

          Saying the EPL has suffered from questionable ref decisions isn’t the same as saying English refs are biased and poor. One talks about the environment (EPL) while the other brings nationality into it when it wasn’t needed.

          1. @MIDKEMMA

            There is a big difference between:
            -“England referees are poor and biased”(REFEREES FROM ENGLAND…NOT ALL ENGLISH)
            -“ALL Nigerians are con men”….(ALL NIGERIANS WITHOUT EXCEPTION)

            1. I love the Arsenal news here with the discussions and frankly most times I learn a thing or two by appreciating the other perspectives to mine.
              On fewer occasions I am actually baffled with the amount ignorance and know it all individuals on this site.
              The entire nation “Nigeria” is NEVER the same as “English Referees”. Enough said.

  4. I will start my comment with a bit of praise for Oliver… Probably the only bit of praise form that game if taken from a gooner perspective. Oliver did caution one of their players for a foul when he stopped play, he didn’t forget that one of their players had done enough to warrant a card and he gave him a card. This was a while after the incident but game hadn’t stopped after he allowed us to play the disadvantage (Free kick at the time would have been better but didn’t get it)

    Nice bit over with… Now to AMN cards.

    AMN first yellow wasn’t a yellow, I have read the opinion that AMN elbow was raised but when you watch the game, both players had their arms out a bit and AMN used his shoulder once he was positioned right to do so. His arm may have been raised but he didn’t use it to elbow.

    AMN second yellow was a dive. I can’t believe some people think he would be a great Ramsey replacement (Maddison), a lightweight cheat. Thought he said he learnt about diving when he admitted he he was wrong to do so after getting a red card for diving… He is a skinny weed who needs to dive.

    Last point to make, Emery needs to ensure our players keep a cool mind while on the pitch, it is good to show passion but cool minds prevail. Players like Mustafi and Sokratis will dive into challenges and give away free kicks in dangerous areas. Encouraging the players to play with emotion over composure will result in us giving away many free kicks in dangerous areas and we give poor refs like Oliver the chance to hand out cards like it is the players birthday…

    1. surely this AMN red card should be appealed as TV evidence shows there was no contact made with Maddison who conned the ref,should he not now be retrospectively booked or even banned?

      1. Yes, Arsenal should appeal, although how successful that would be is a matter of contention.
        Secondly when AMN meets up with Maddison at England U23’s training he should ask to have a “private discussion” behind the grandstand. Unfortunately, Maddison would probably squeal like a stuffed pig to management if AMN confronted him about his diving and simulation.

  5. In my opinion, we would still have lost on the day.

    ANM gave Oliver the chance to be too hasty with both yellows, due to his (not for the first time) total inexperience and not being a credible full back.

    Not his fault being played out of position I hear you cry, but let me explain.

    ANM has not got the right ATTITUDE to play at full back, or indeed in any defensive role.

    Far too often, he is too “easy” on his winger.

    Half hearted tackles, letting crosses go in too easily (and we all know how we are in central defensive areas), jogging back in having given up leading to other defenders getting dragged out of position etc, etc.

    I felt the same about a certain Kieran Gibbs, where is he now W.B.A. just about right !

    But how long did we invest in him !!!!!!!!!!

    Getting from the academy to the first team is an outstanding achievement, but please don’t think you’re walking on water when you get there – graft even harder !

    Now I am not for one moment saying this position is the only short coming we have, nor am I laying the blame for our current situation at the door of a young player being played out of position.

    I am just saying, Arsenal Football club should not be reduced to playing players out of position because we obviously do not trust what else we have in the squad that naturally play where we are short…. it’s a farce, and costing us (amongst a few other long standing issues).

    Right now I feel I would let at least the 7 muted to be going go, plus 2 or 3 “established” first teamers – WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT CHANGES BY WAY OF A “SHAKE UP” !

    A change of identity and mentality is long overdue.

    As much as ability, a new mentality (a WINNING mentality) needs to be brought in.

    I hate spending our way out of trouble as much as anyone, but such is the stagnation over say a decade now substantial funds are required.

    Sorry Stan – 300 million please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The boy does not have the necessary “edge” for me, and far too often we are getting exposed

    1. Great sensible comments, even though as we all know very well, getting £300 mill from Kroenke is a nice thought but also a deluded fantasy. I realise you were not saying we would get it, merely that we need it. And that is right!

  6. Can’t turn porridge back to rice

    Let’s see the players’ performance in EL

    If no improvement, Arsenal had better look for buyers

  7. Arsenal fans are the worst bunch without any patience , that is pathetic , already blaming Emery for everything , lets make one thing very clear , no one in this site knows more about tactics and inner working of Arsenal team better than Unai Emery , our team is bang average and i’m willing to give Unai a few years to build his own team.

    1. Well said and how reassuring to see that SOME FANS STILL RETAIN A SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE AND REALITY!

    2. Who’s blaming Emery – in fact “In Unai We Trust ” !!!!!

      I think most true fans believe he is working with the very poor hand he has been handed i.e.

      Give Unai 3 or so windows – then I hope our position allows………a contact extension.

      1. With the injurys we had in January the board showed there cards by not backing the squad up with much needed players cause as we see now its taking its toll.
        l dont think the team is as bad its just Iwobi has played 48 games when he shouldnt even be starting says it all.
        We have stepped forward and if we can get half what we need in the summer we should do much better next year and if the board backs us then whos to say what we can do.

    3. Arsenal fan are the worst bunch, pathetic and without pa, yet we had a manger for 20. ????? your assessment mustn’t have been based on fact. If fans have stuck with a manger for that long, and without premier league for ten years, should they be called names for wanting success from a new manger. Chelsea are the most patient fans in the whole wild world, the have new mangers almost every season and they keeping winning trophies. Think properly before you call people names.

        1. Pat, what is the definition of “manger”?
          Don’t worry I have big fingers too (lol).

  8. Honesty compels me to say that your article is arrant nonsense Gunner Jack and this common fan paranoia is widely found among clubs of all levels in football. You are in effect calling a fine ref a cheat and should be ashamed of your rash comments. Now, and to use my usual perspoective on Olivers key decisions, I agree with many GoonerS that both yellows could have been overlooked. But the man to blame is still AM-N. THE SECOND YELLOW CAME FROM A LUNGE AFTER HIS CONTROL LET HIM DOWN. A MORE RATIONAL FAN MIGHT WELL CONCLUDE THAT THE PLAYERS SKILL LEVEL NEEDS MORE WORK, rather than blaming the ref for applying the rules, even though perhaps rather stricter than he needed to do. That is a rational and unbiased comment , even coming from a life long dyed in the wool Gooner. I value my self honesty far more than my devoted passion to my club and always will. Sadly for my point of view, I am in a small minority of Gooners on this matter. Having been a fan since 1958 and seen how hype and overreaction has become commonplace since the social media in general has vastly cheapened our morals, in general, I am not at all surprised . Saddened yes, but not surprised! However, I do definitely state that the general standard of refs is perhaps threlowest it has been in my Div 1 and Prem life time. Low but NOT bent, as some foolishly claim.

    1. I was not talking about if AMN deserved, or not, the two yellows “Please note that I am not trying to make an evaluation of whether either of the 2 yellows were deserved.”

      The point I was trying to make is that he let play go on and Leicester STILL HAD THE BALL/ADVANTAGE when he finally, after some seconds, blew the whistle and brought play back – so he did not bring play back because Leicester had not taken advantage – he brought play back because he couldn’t wait to give AMN another yellow. After all he could have let play go on, seen whether or not Leicester had an advantage and if they’d lost the ball then fair enough, no advantage, and he could STILL have booked and red carded AMN. But no, the attention seeking creep didn’t do that because he simply COULD NOT WAIT! He was just so eager to show the world what a wonderful, tough, no nonsense ref he was that when he EVENTUALLY REALISED that it was AMN he then, and only then, stopped play and brought it back. This is a fine point I know, but nevertheless has merit.

      Hope you understand my point this time.

    2. Yes I understand your point. I just don’t accept and agree with it though.I am not silly enoughh to deny that all refs make many mistakes; so do all players , managers and in fact ALL humans too. Your article was unbalanced and was mostly biased throughout- thus making the point I wrote in my post – and far too critical in tone of a ref who has rightly earned a reputation among our very best, despite what you write. THE WIDELY ACCEPTED FACT BY VIRTUALLY ALL GOONERS SINCE THE GAME FINISHED IS THAT WE STUNK THE PLACE OUT, EVEN WITH ELEVEN MEN STILL PLAYING. Had you instead, waited for a game where we played well BUT had a real beef with the ref because it cost us the game, which was NOT the case here, your article might well have been received more favourably. Journalists know very well that there is a good time and a poor time to make a general point (in your case, about a particular ref) and you chose a stinking perf by our team , which even by itself weakened your main argument. I speak as one who writes professionally , though not on sports matters.
      I have no personal beef with you and admire your loyalty, even though I consider it misplaced against Leicester, given the unacceptably bad play by virtually the whole team , save only Leno. Just offering my advice, which needless to say is entirely your decision as to whether or not you take my main and general point. But I would truly advise a more balanced approach to any future writing and hope you keep writing anyway. Writing is a gift not given to everyone and so please keep at it, as passion by itself is indeed a positive thing. Your writing was not dull and much writing is. So you are better than many already.

      1. Jon, so how do you explain two sendings off and seven penalties Oliver has given against us in the last ten games. Coincidence?

      2. Jon I totally agree about how we played – it was awful! Maybe I should have added that disclaimer along with the one about the 2 yellows. However I still think (without knowing the man, I admit) that he comes across as a ‘Little Hitler’ as we used to call them back in the day.

        Interesting titbit: I was once watching a match (not arsenal) many years ago and a striker hit a good, strong shot towards goal near the end of the game from the edge of the area. As the ball sailed through the air on its way to the back of the net the ref blew to end the game. As you can imagine there was uproar – after all how can ANYONE possibly be that accurate about the timing of a football match!? I can’t remember the ref’s name but he was well known for being an arrogant show off.

        Personally I wish timing could be taken from refs and given to someone who’s sole job that would be. In the EPL it could also be shown on the big screen so everyone could see that all was perfectly fair (I often think that extra time appears manipulated, but that’s probably me being biased – Sir Alex Ferguson comes to mind!).

        Apart from injuries etc. I’d also like to see the timer stopped whenever the ball goes out of play (including for throw ins) and also when the keeper makes a save, lays down for a while so that everyone can admire him, before finally getting to his feet, looking around for another 10-20 seconds and finally getting rid of the ball. A few booking would help.

        Not only would this stop time wasting and be seen to be fair it would also reduce the ref’s burden – and they need all the help they can get!

  9. I’m sorry JF , but this is one occasion I beg to differ.AMN was the victim of a cheat who was sent off earlier this season for simulation.I don’t always agree with Danny Murphy but he is absolutely correct in highlighting the way Maddison has again pulled the wool over the eyes of a referee who has readily grabbed the lure, hook, line and sinker.Apart from making the wrong decisions what concerns me with regard to Mr Oliver that he has gone from being a calm assured ref to an arrogant one. Perhaps I am alone in my observations but to me his arrogance has affected his decision making.

    1. You’re certainly not alone Grandad, referees like Jon Moss and Anthony Taylor are extremely poor but their not cheats. Michael Oliver and Mike Dean on the other hand are extremely bias and whatever you think about bias, it’s a form of cheating. However these decisions are manipulated by the most bias of them all of them all, Manchester United fan and head of all referees at the PGMOL, Mike Riley and nothing will change until the game is rid of this cheat.

  10. I’m sorry to say this but sometimes we are blind to the truth. Yes Emery needs to be questioned but to get us to where we are in his first season,playing in Europa league semis someone please cut him some slack.
    Ok let us analyse the players season so far
    Leno- undoubtedly underrated and far miles ahead in our player of the srasin.
    AMN- ok at best. I thought he would have gone out on loan earlier like bellerin did. He needs some tough love because I think he is faint minded.
    Sokratis- our best defender for the season considering his first season in epl, he adapted quickly even though sometimes he is erratic in his challenges but he is one player you can never fault his effort.which he was younger.
    Mustafi- I know this guy tried but he is just not focused enough and that’s why he seems so terrible with most things he does. If he is here next season I would be surprised. Had a below par season so far.
    Koscielny- a tough one to call, when you consider his experience and all then the season he is having is way too average for a player of his calbre because we have all seen what a player he is but then again he has aged and injury hasn’t helped him either.if you ask me at fault for Leicester first call because he miss calculated his jump.
    monreal- I can’t explain the kind of season he is having missed too many games for my liking. I guess age is catching up on him but then again the few games he has played he has been ok at best nothing special. But like sokratis- you can’t fault his effort he cares for the club.
    Kolasinac- I can’t really pinpoint what he is good at. I don’t know why we signed these guy. Very poor player enough said. Below average at best.
    Litchestner- is he even in our team,social media personal that’s how I see him. Enough said the better.
    Miki- the Miki of Dortmund is way gone, I can understand why we signed him thanks to Sanchez and Wenger. He Has declined massively,I don’t know where to start with him. Over paid,overrated and he is ok at best. He occasionally turns up but that’s that nothing more.
    Xhaka- I need to know who scouted this guy, the most immobile player I have ever seen. Remove his occasional outside shot and his long range inconsistent pass boom the guy is below average. He doesn’t have a fighting spirit and certainly not a Gunner at heart.feels like one who would jump at us at any time. i say get rid,average season at best.
    Ramsey- I don’t want to say too much but man you can never get a more professional player than this guy. My hands are up for him. Good season so far
    Ozil- I think he has only played well in about 2 games all season that says a lot about the guy. Overrated,average and I say get rid asap. Average season
    Toreira- considering he is playing his first season and still young, I would say he has had a good season. I guess the pace of epl got cut up with him hence, the decline in form.
    Guendozi- for someone at his age playing his first senior football in epl what a player in the making. Full of passion, wears his heart on his sleeve. Had an ok season and one thing I like about him there is nothing like a back pass for him always playing forward.
    Iwobi- is there anything like club flop of the season. When I think Wenger sold gnabry and kept this lad I knew we are doomed. What he was thinking I would never know. Even this guy won’t get in Leicester team, very poor player and I say get rid asap.worst player of the season.
    Cech – a good professional and a good season so far.
    Jenkinson- how he declined so much I wouldn’t know, by I guess that’s largely due to injuries but we need to get rid asap.
    Bellerin,holding,welbeck, was having a good season especially holding until injury strike. We missed them.
    Laccazzette- sometimes blows hot and cold but massive improvement from last season but sometimes he is too impatient and lacks courage to try few things but overall having a good season.
    Aubameyang- not the player we thought we signed, he is average at best.he msses more than he score and his attitude and work ethic is terrible and he is easily beaten mentally.ok season at best.
    Elneny- when is still at our club I will never know. He should do us a favour and get out of our club. Enough said.
    Nkethia,willock,saka not used enough.
    Now ask yourself ,sincerely how many of these players will make it in Manchester club or liverpool even spurs.
    Of the top six we have the worst squad and basically zero bench.
    And injury hasn’t been fair to us because our key players is out of the season.
    All in all I hope they make us proud in Europa league as that is basically our only home of uefa champions league.
    Do have a wonderful day ahead coyg

    1. “AMN- ok at best. I thought he would have gone out on loan earlier like bellerin did. He needs some tough love because I think he is faint minded.”

      AMN has had a loan move, Ipswitch Town in 2016-16 season.

      I do wish to point out that AMN came on for Lookman in the U17 WC final which AMN helped England to win. AMN wasn’t playing as a defender.

      “but to get us to where we are in his first season,playing in Europa league semis someone please cut him some slack.”

      How about this perspective:
      UE had £70 million worth of players to help Arsenal resolve their def issues. UE was hired to help develop players and improve the quality we have.

      UE has 2 EPL games to go and currently his Arsenal team, with all those additions, have conceded 2 less goals than Wenger worst year. UE has also failed to get the team scoring as well, I think 5 goals behind last season and 2 games remaining.

      Do you honestly think UE will have made our defense better compared to Wenger? Wenger who was blamed for ignoring his def side?

      What has he done to deserve the patience?
      When I was a kid, I seen Rioch get removed after one season and that gave us Wenger… David Dein shown ambition and looked after Arsenal, not Rioch.

      Why should we back UE over Arsenal?

    2. Lucia, yours is one of the very best and most well argued and well thought out posts I have seen on this site since I joined it a long time ago. I cannot much disagree with any of your excellent analysis. I congratulate you and urge you to write many more articles. You have one of the very best brains on here. In my opinion LENO IS FAR AND AWAY OUR BEST PLAYER OF THIS SEASON. However, I do also think that AM-N WILL BE A PROPER PLAYER, ONCE USED IN HIS CORRECT POSITION AND NOT FORCED TO PLAY IN DEFENCE, WHERE HE IS TOTALLY UNSUITED.

      1. His horrible attitude needs to be fixed before he can play in cm position, just look at guendouzi too laid-back and loses possession when pressed. His best performance have been when he was up for it which is rare.

  11. The Red card is just papering over the cracks of how poor we were, agreed, I think both bookings were very harsh, everyone has been saying that amn was naive and should have used common sense, ( holding back from tackling after the first yellow), however micheal oliver didn’t use any common sense when dishing out the second yellow, I think everyone should lay off amn and point the finger at James maddisson, (again for the second booking), he didn’t get touched yet screamed like he was having his leg amputated without anaesthetic, on a lighter, as our mens team were being undone by Leicester and so callled referee micheal Oliver, our ladies team was winning title away at Brighton, who was the the referee for that game? A certain LUCY OLIVER, AKA MRS

  12. Well said Lucia.Agree with virtually everything you have said other than the criticism ofAMN who will never be a full back but might make the grade as a box to box midfielder.Given the poor quality of our squad and the unconvincing nature of our displays throughout the season, even when we were winning, it is amazing we are still in the top six in the so called best League in World football?

  13. frankly, for some reason, we are the least popular top 6 side. Don’t know why. Watch Shearer, Owen et al and they rarely have a nice thing to say about the Gunners.

    One thing, though, that I want to know. It was said that United ran 8km less than Everton when they lost to them. I wonder how many kilometres Arsenal ran in the game v Leicester, was it more or less than them? And, by how much?

  14. Dear oh dear GunnerJack you really do have a problem.
    Do you honestly believe that was the refs thought process in all this?
    I certainly agree the Leicester player cheated but to think the ref is that bent is absolutely ridiculous. But then again, some people always think its someone else’s fault when we get beat. We were shite and Leicester were a better team and deserved to win.

  15. At this point with two games remaining I cant see the harm in giving a few of the young players a run out because they cant perform much worse than what we’ve seen in the last 5 games. IMO I believe a big part of Arsenal’s problem over the years is the lack of accountability by players. When you have a wage structure like Arsenal players become too comfortable and there is no pressure on them to improve as players like Wilshire, Walcott and Ox all showed huge promise when they first started only to regress as the years passed. I look at a player like Raheem Sterling and see the progress he has made under Guardiola. I truly believe if he had come to Arsenal he would never have reached the level he is now playing at. Arsenal is now suffering from the bad wage structure from Wenger’s regime as we now see the problem when you give average players exorbitant wages and long contracts. Emery would love to move on a lot of them but at their wage and ability no other team is willing to buy them.

  16. It’s squarely on Emery for his inability to motivate or coach the team properly.
    Wenger will be laughing at all the fans that insulted him for only achieving top 4 for 19 consecutive years and holding back the team from achieving more. Haha.
    Emery fooled the board with his acclaimed knowledge of the players strengths and weaknesses.
    He is a scam. The honeymoon period is over and the cock has come home to roost!

  17. Enough of the 1st season excuse.
    Conte won the league with a team that had finished 10th the previous year.
    Our defence is even more out of sorts than under Wenger. This is after he brought in five (5) defensive players of his choice!
    Unai was found out at PSG and he was promptly sacked.
    I would have been more tolerant of Unai if he had tightened the defence and was playing defensively and we were not creating adequate chances due to the focus on defence.
    Instead we have a pretender who is living on past glory much like his predecessor was accused of.
    Make no mistake about it we are stuck in a time-loop with substandard players and a substandard manager.

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