An analysis of Ramsey’s performances for Arsenal so far this season

How Ramsey has fared this season, so far? by SE

An Overview
Aaron Ramsey’s rise to prominence in Arsenal colours has been slow, and yet a progressive one. And, it’s fair to say that last season the Welshman had everything going for him. As a midfielder, he was driving forward; scoring goals at will and, more importantly, was productive for Arsenal. At times, his linkup play with Ozil was a sight to behold. Now, the apparent thing is that it is one hell of a predicament to repeat such performances in the following season, which, in my opinion, is what is happening, so far.

Coming to the 2014/15 campaign, there’s a smidgen of skepticism that the Welshman hasn’t hit his stride just yet. However, his utility to the side as a midfielder, according to the stats, suggests that Ramsey is pulling the strings, effectively. Read on.

Vociferous Stats
In the three Premier League games that Ramsey has been involved in, for the entirety of 90 minutes, he has managed to complete 86% of his passes successfully. Cazorla, who has played alongside Ramsey in the last couple of games, has a slightly better pass completion rate than the Welshman. The Spaniard has completed 89% of his passes successfully, taking into account that he played just 17 minutes in Arsenal’s comeback draw against Everton.
When it comes to chances created: The 23-year old Ramsey has created 6 outright chances for his teammates, which is also second to Cazorla’s 9.

When it comes to the real deal of scoring goals, Ramsey has scored two of Arsenal’s five goals for the season. In fact, Ramsey’s goals are of immense significance, such as his injury time winner against Crystal Palace and the dab which inspired an Arsenal comeback draw against Everton, have rescued three crucial points for the Gunners.

Final Thought
It is not that Ramsey hasn’t impacted Arsenal positively; on the other hand – we are yet to see him score those sumptuous volleys from the edge of the 18-yard box – make those darting runs from the middle of the park, which, after all, has what got us glued to watching this Welsh wizard. Fact of the matter, however, is that we are just a month into the season and, surely, Ramsey has a lot more to offer.


VIDEO – Arsenal Players Performances in England win over Norway

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  1. arsenal19 says:

    He’s been a little disappointing but he is still coming up big when we really need him. Hopefully he will turn that into a great 90 minutes soon

    1. seancali says:

      I don’t mind getting thumbs down but Ramsey has been very poor for us this season and the game against Leicester was his worse performance this season. Overall he has had a poor season so far. besides getting 2 goals he has not done much. He’s starting to show glimpse of 3 years ago ramsey. I think Jack has been better than him this season but still think both Jack and Ramsey should work harder and put in more effort

      1. seancali says:

        Agree with the fact that he still comes up with important goals for us and that shows that he is a classy player, I just think he is not firing on all cylinders…He has much more potential and will need to be at his best if we are to challenge for trophies this season. I still think he is our main man in midfield. Just needs to concentrate more and put in a stronger effort

  2. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    This is the sign of a world class star. Even if he is not particularly playing well he turns up with important goals. He can only improve. He is our main man

  3. angryblackman3 says:

    wish he was a free kick specialist too, long gone are those days!

  4. davidnz says:

    Gonna need Ramseys
    toughness this long
    hard season

  5. junweiseah says:

    Rambo may not be on his best form currently, but he is working hard and putting in his 100% every game, which is what I love about him. 2 goals in 3 games means that he is only going to continue scoring goals. I’m hoping for 20 goals in all competitions from him this season!

    1. Colin says:

      My only concern is that we rely on him a little too much, and the endless game time he plays leads to an injury like last season. But I agree with you, he does now look like a 20+ goal kind of player.

  6. liviolsj says:

    I think the general consensus is that Ramsey hasn’t yet performed up to last seasons standards, but as @junweiseah stated: he is giving his all and has 2 goals in 3 league games. I’ve stated before on this forum that I am from the United States and I follow the sports here as well, particularly basketball, which is the closest game to football that we have in terms of fluidity and the combination of stamina, pace, and power. In basketball, we can look at the best players and know they are the best because even if they aren’t scoring 20+ points a game because they are doing other things to help the team win, whether it be defense, rebounding, or just pure effort. This is what I see Ramsey doing, in a sense. He may not be linking up with Ozil at the moment (partly because Ozil is being played out of position), and he seems to be trying things that he could have pulled off last season but just aren’t going his way right now (ie. clever flicks and bits of skill). HOWEVER, he got us 3 points against Palace and a point away to Everton. He may not be doing all the things he was doing last season right now, but he’s still our main man. Personally, I think a player like Ramsey should be our teams focal point because he is capable of setting the tone offensively and defensively. The additions of Welbeck and Sanchez, even though they are forwards, can also help us in this way because they both do more than their share of tracking back. When our less defensive minded players see our forwards working hard defensively it could be contagious and we may see a real “attacking” defense if that makes any sense.

    Off Topic: I was skeptical about the purchase of Welbeck when I first read about it, but the more I think about it the more excited I am for us. Ignore any goal scoring statistics and just look at him as a player: he tracks back, has size and speed, has technical ability, and he’s young. He can create as well as score. His history with injuries is a concern, but I think he has a tremendous upside. We don’t rely on one player to do all the scoring for us, whether that’s by design or an effect of not having a world class striker is another debate, but Welbeck suits that style perfectly. I don’t think he’ll ever top the scoring charts, but he, like Ramsey, can contribute in so many other ways. Those are just some of my thoughts, sorry if none of this makes sense but hopefully it does.

  7. Dee@ease says:

    I’m just hoping he stays fit and healthy we just can’t afford to lose him this season!

  8. Twig says:

    Has Wenger commented on Welbeck yet?

    1. Darwin says:

      @Twig, not yet. I think he will give his opinion after the International break.

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