Angry Gooner is sick of waiting for some Arsenal glory – No more excuses

No more excuses!

What in the world is this pathetic excuse for a season? The FA Cup? Seriously? Oh, great, a chance for some silverware, but it damn well better not be the only one. As an Arsenal fan, I’m not settling for anything less than winning a minimum of two trophies and being the runner-up in the third.

And don’t get me started on the absurd amount of money we’ve squandered on this so-called “group of players.” Saka, ESR, Nelson, Nketiah – we didn’t even have to cough up for them, and Martinelli came on the cheap. So, let me get this straight, we shell out big bucks, and the players we actually buy aren’t even good enough to start? What a colossal waste!

Arteta and Edu, the masterminds behind this disaster, handpicked these players, and now they’re responsible when things inevitably go south. The Kroenke’s should demand more than this pitiful excuse of a season. We should be aiming for the top, not just some measly FA Cup. If we drop out of that, and our league position takes a nosedive, Arteta and Edu should pack their bags and make way for someone who can actually win the league and the Champions League. No more room for experimentation – this is business, and it’s time to deliver trophies or hit the road.

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I’m supposed to feel confident going into this FA cup game at home, but instead, I’m fearing a thrashing from Liverpool’s B team. Arteta, it’s time to step up or step out. The Kroenkes can’t afford to wait around – a couple of games and, if things don’t turn around, it’s goodbye. We need a manager who’s a proven winner, not some apprentice learning on the job. No more patting ourselves on the back for participation – it’s about serious results now, a relentless run of victories, or it’s time to clean house.

Angry Gooner

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  1. What a delusional rant! Let’s pick apart this nonsense, and see if he has any valid points?

    Demanding a minimum of two trophies? So completing the almost impossible task of winning the league or the CL, won’t be enough then. Wow!

    Firstly, you buy players for the squad, not just the starting XI, secondly I can’t think any big money signing regularly being a bench player other than Harvetz earlier in the season as he was integrating, and thirdly the squad needed gutting, which means spending money, like EVERY OTHER MANAGER DOES!

    Almost winning the league last season with the youngest and an injury ravaged squad, with pretty much the same problems this season, yet bang in the hunt, is pretty good for a so called “disaster”.

    It’s also bizarre that you’d fear a thrashing from Liverpool’s B team, when under MA we perform so well against the big boy’s A teams.

    Finally, I hope for your health you weren’t around during the Wenger days seeing as a “measly” FA Cup is clearly unacceptable.

  2. “we shell out big bucks, and the players we actually buy aren’t even good enough to start?”
    I really didn’t understand this. Most of the home grown players mentioned don’t start most games, and so most of the first team consists of players we bought.
    Don’t agree we need to be winning every trophy going but the fa Cup isn’t satisfactory to me. There are two competitions which have real weight: the Premier league and the champions league. Winning either one of them would be a great achievement. Obviously arteta should be aiming to win everything every season, but realistically, one of those two (even more realistically, the league title) is what we should be going for. I’ve always said that I don’t expect us to win anything on any given season (you’ve got to respect the competition and understand luck plays a part), but i want us to be genuine challengers for the league title every season. And that’s beyond what we did last year – I mean really pushing for it and playing with a forcefulness right to the end, and not falling down weeks before the final game.

    1. I agree with everything you have said except for luck. A great team with a good manager win trophies. Luck plays a part very rarely.

      The only instance of luck playing part in my lving memory is Liverpool under Rogers.

      1. I mostly agree HH. A wee bit of luck must come into it at times and could gain a win rather than, say, a draw. Those ‘lucky’ 2 points could be crucial at the end of the season

        1. That is if the race is tight Sue, which is rarely often. If the second placed is already more than 5 points behind why would the lady luck even bother.

        2. HH and SueP, you certainly need luck in cup competitions, particularly with draw (opponent and home ground advantage).

  3. Seems like a satire post, most likely trying to ridicule those that actually have standards for their club 🙃

  4. Nice Article, If Arteta doesn’t win, he deserves no other chance. He should leave, so that the club can stop spending money on second choice players.

  5. What an immature non proper fan type rant. This article will be panned, rightly so ,by all PROPER MATURE FANS who all know that winning trophies is a special season. AND NOT BY FAN DEMAND, LIKE A TANTRUM RIDDEN TWO YEAR OLD DEMANDING CHOCOLATE, when his Mum is shopping in a supermarket.

    You urgently need to grow up young man and stop writing nonsense. Better still give up football altogether, as you have not go necessary patience and proper level of support. No Arsenal fan will miss you, I promise you!!

    1. Jon, can you be certain that Angry Gooner is a) young & b) a man?
      Probably is both, and I think they are a regular commenter with the initials IG.

      1. Jax, to answer your question as truthfully as ai can, I am ALMOST 100% CERTAIN,for these reasons.

        In my experience females very rarel rant in print; most printed rants are done by males- which is just one of a number of reaponswhy I have long said to anyone who cares to head my words(both inprint but mostly VERBAL), THAT WOMEN ARE THE FAR SUPERIOR SEX. I am entirely serious and have thought that since before I was 20, I am now 72.
        Secondly, about his age, It is extemely rare, almost non existent for an older person to write in such a juvenile and immature way.

        So YES, I DO think HE is both young and male. Possibly, even probably, still a teenager. The evidence of HIS ludicrous and immature attiitude is in every line he writes.

          1. JAX, I an not at all surprised that you are not with me on women being the superior sex.

            I have an enormous list of people, each of whom I know very well indeed and hardly any- only TWO males and perhaps a dozen females – agree with my point.

            I qualify “superior” as being more caring, less aggresive, less warlike and being the nurturing sex.

            It has nothing to do with core intelligence but everything to do with behaviour. An excess of testostrone is the male curse and has been since the dawn of humankind.

            But what matters to me is speaking the truth as I see it.


              1. Very glad I am to hear that and thanks so much Andrew! Noy many folk, in my experience agree that women are the superior sex.

                I think those who disagree are not allowing themselves to think unbiasedly.
                Even females are largely NOT in agreement and males practically never , unsurprisingly.

  6. Just anyone has an access to the internet, so i’m not surprised to come accross arrant nonsense like this! Anyway, you’ll get your double trophy wish. COYG!!!

  7. My word, maybe things was getting just a little too quiet on the thread for the writer likings.
    Have not seen much posts on the thread though, could this mean a silent majority is in agreement?

    Wish the writer would have given his head coach of choice though.

  8. And yet, and yet …there are some elemental truths. Money has been squandered, poor transfer choices made, a title there for the taking thrown, over reliance on two players to perform miracles week in week out etc. Are we going to be comfortable with a manager who will perhaps at best guide us into top four?

    1. There are no “elemental truths” in what you have written. These are all opinions and perspectives, all of which are debatable.

  9. First of all, great to see that, of the 12 comments to date, only one felt it necessary to mention Arsene Wenger – what a pleasure that the grown ups concentrated on Mikel Arteta and HIS management.

    Read between the lines and, as Joe. S says, there are some points that are difficult to not agree with – but every manager of every club has wasted money, made poor transfer decisions, relied on individual players and every one of the top six clubs have lost league titles they should have won.

    MA is no different and I admire him for taking on the PGMOL, something that Dyshe etc are now doing.

    He’s been at the helm (MA) for coming up to five years at the end of this season (phase five?!) and I really do hope, not expect, he wins one of the two domestic trophies still on offer, along with the CL.
    Why don’t I expect him to win?
    City, Liverpool, Madrid, Bayern to mention just a few.

    However, my opinion is that, if we, again, qualify for the CL by finishing in the top four, win the fa cup and get to the quarter finals of the CL that will be a successful season.

    But everything depends on getting a top striker ASAP, especially if we can go further than I am suggesting in the PL and CL.

    YES, the article was a very forcefull opinion and Angry Gooner has every right to vent his feelings – if we lose tomorrow, expect more of the same!!

    1. KEN Apart from your final line, I applaud every word you write and agree with it all. I also accept he DOES HAVE A RIGHT to say what he said.

      But I add this important caveat. It was extremely unwise , shows his massive immaturity and self entitlement and has made him a laughing stock – something I presume he did not anticipate when penning such tosh – which HOPEFULLY will prevent him wishing to write in this vein ever again.

      Putting silly, immature people in their place, DOES often bear fruit Ken, in my long life experience.

      1. Jon my friend, the fact that you find the article, along with the majority, silly and juvenile, DOESN’T mean it is.
        I can FEEL the passion of “Angry Gooner” through his writing and that’s what ALL fans are, passionate about their club and wanting it to succeed.

        We have followed the club through thick and thin and I’m sure that, during the worst of those “thin” days you ranted in a similar way as he has – I know for certain that I did!!
        Remember the Billy Wright days?

        So no, I don’t criticise his passion and desire for success, but he/she needs to live through the REAL “thin” times in order to understand the reactions of us “older generation fans.”

        1. KEN, old chum, you impress me with your empathetic stance but not with your lack of reality. On your point about OUR young days and the Billy Wright era when I was still a child, being not quite fifteen when he left, we had no opportunity to rant on social media, even had we wanted too.
          I will tell you something you wont know. Just weeks and months prior to Wrights dismissal, when the “Wright must go” campaign was underway, I twice( near to his final dismissal date) walked down Avenell Rd outside the ground holding a home made – albeit rather pathetic banner- saying “Wright must stay”!

          Stupid no doubt, but loyal to the clubs manager. No self entitlement then , not a phrase anyone would have even thought existed.

          If memory serves me right we finished either thirteenth or fourteenth that season and OF COURSE, with the hindsight of even slightly older age, not long after his sacking, I can easily agree he needed to go. I cant pretend that Bertie Mee taking over, was a thrillling surprise back in 1966, though it was, albeit not too long after.

          But my actions were me as a still young person, and very different from this silly young man who wrote this gargage article.
          We who are now old KEN have never been remotely self entitled Ken , I am relieved to be able to say.

          Such immature types are the curse of modern fanhood and deserve the rightful criticism this person has, understandably , attracted on this thread.

          I hope and think it will HELP him to grow up and think deeply, therefore the criticism will act as a brake on his self entitlement and perhaps, just PERHAPS, might make him grow up in maturity. God knows he NEEDS to!.

          1. You need to transport yourself back to those days of Billy Wright and ask yourself if you would do it again?
            I remember attending a “ban the bomb” rally in Wood Green, turning up with the badges and placards – “only to realise that there were no more than 15 people supporting the rally!!
            Would I do it again at 78 years old?
            You bet I would, even though it wouldn’t make a hapworth of difference and THAT’S why I admire the passion, if not the message, of the article and Angry Gooner.
            Get that placard out again Jon, change the name to Mikel Arteta and give it all you’ve got!!!

            1. Ken, Firstly I just want to see how much I enjoy debating with you – of all on JA – despite rthe frustration I often feel when you misrepresent what I have said, which in this topic, is not an issue.
              But unlike you I would not choose to make the same many mistakes I mad ekin my young years and no doubt stil make but not by choice.
              As an active Parliamentary campaigner in my young days, I have had my fair share of placards and banners , pretty much all to NO avail. There is an excitement in being young, passionate and often headstrong, as I am the first to agree.

              But when older as now, in no way do I wish to repeat the many mistakes of my youth. Besides, I have not the energy now. Naturally I admire fan passion and commitment , two of the qualities I much admire in you.

              But these days Ken, I admire wisdom more than passion and have long tried to be a wiser and thinking person, despite many comments to the contrary.

              I see enormous contrasts between the decency of so many fans and those who run the game, such as IFAB, about whom I am preparing a damning article for Ad Pat.

              I simply cannot abide deliberate cheating and money making of countless millions for greedy executives made off the backs of decent , though sometimes gullible fans, who fall headlong into the traps set for them by IFAB, FIFA, UEFA etc.
              And by obnoxious agents , parasites that most are. Anyway enough for now as the game starts in a few minutes and we have mor important fish to fry, STARTING IN FIFTEEN MINUTES.
              Happy New Year, old chum!!

  10. After winning 14 FA Cups (7 by Arsene Wenger) the novelty has worn off for me. Just concentrate on the EPL and UCL – that’s where the glory is. We just haven’t got the squad to fight on all fronts and then there is the risk of injury to key players like Saliba, Rice etc.

  11. There’s always one commenter that doesn’t understand the meaning of context and reference.

    Luckily these are the low IQ ones that rarely make any sense, like dramatically regressing a club over a long period of time shouldn’t have been a sackable offence! Clearly no understanding of manager/club relations in regards to success.

  12. arteta spent 700 millions in 4 years, look at transfer market 688! we have one goal from open play per match in,PL 7 attack for all goals not just from open play, no wins at top ten away teams, lef flank is dead, zincenko and martinelli are screaming for xahaka, bought average platers like raya and havertz, if we don’t win the title this year arteta should go!

  13. I think Angry Gooner is just faking it to get a reaction, but if in the unlikelihood that he/she is genuine they had better be a paying customer or this mad rant will be laughed off of the pitch.

  14. So refreshing, 23 and counting the sane and relevant posts that don’t mention previous managers, as this article is solely about Mikel Arteta.

    I guess a “successful businessman in Australia who runs care homes” might want to bring up old history, but thankfully the rest can debate the article itself (those who have lived through the wild days of TMJW and Jimbo will understand).

    It seems that Liverpool are going to put out a strong side, at least my friend who follows them around the country seems to think so.
    So no pool reserves to fall back on if we lose, but I’m confident of a 2-0 win and Andrew, the novelty is wearing off!!??
    Going there (and Cardiff of course) with The Arsenal is wonderful, even winning the CS against city was a triumph that warmed the cockles of my heart – shame on you 😂😂

  15. Just realised that you mentioned those seven fa cup wins under a previous manager Andrew!!
    Now that’s what I call putting context and reference into a discussion – UNDISPUTABLE FACTS that any true Gooner remembers and relishes with pride.

  16. Love to win any Cup Ken but for a change wouldn’t mind another title or perhaps a first UCL? On the question of context and reference, a certain Arsenal manager won 2 EPL titles plus 2 FA Cups, one of them a double, in his first full 5 seasons.

    Seriously, it would be a great if the FA Cup goes to a club from one of the lower leagues.

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