An Arsenal defeat would have been a DISASTER!

All Arsenal fans everywhere probably breathed a big sigh of relief as Arsenal cruised to a 4-0 victory in the FA Cup Final on Saturday, and there was no sign of any nerves at all from the players, but Arsene Wenger admitted to a few nerves himself and that a defeat would have been a disaster for his side.

But having got the desired result he is very happy that the Gunners passed the test with flying colours. “I feel that we are moving forward, that we have made progress,” he told Arsenal Player. “The cohesion, the quality, the desire, the intelligence of the players is there. So we have some very good ingredients to do more.

“It’s a great weekend. I was a bit nervy because having got to the final, what a disaster it would be not to win it.

“But we dealt well with pressure, had a convincing performance and the game was a continuity of what we produced in 2015.”

Theo Walcott, who was given a surprise start at centre-forward but rewarded Wenger by scoring the first goal with just his 9th touch of the ball, also agreed that this result just showed how brilliant the team was as a whole: “It’s absolutely incredible. It’s a great achievement to win the FA Cup on consecutive years and it just shows this is a special team and we’re going to continue to win many more, I’m sure.

“It’s weird how things come to place, scoring the goal with my left foot, which was the leg I had an issue with. I’ve worked really hard, not just me, everyone behind the scenes that nobody gets to see, the support and the faith that the manager’s had in me. The fans have been incredible as well. We need to remember the players who all contributed to the run to the final, it wasn’t just about the players who played, it’s almost a whole squad here. It’s a family thing and it means as lot to everyone.

“We knew that if we defended well we would win the game. We did that exactly. We defended really well from top to bottom and we were leading 1-0 at the break. Shay Given was absolutely fantastic in goal but we had a great performance. When you want to turn it up, you have to do it in finals and all the lads turned up.

“It’s an incredible amount of support that we have, not just in England but across the world. We want to do this more and more for these guys because they deserve it and this group of players deserve it. I’ve been here for a long time and this is the best group.”

Theo has been at Arsenal for a long long time, so for him to say this team is the best he has played with is a real compliment to the lads. If this team doesnt win the title next season there is something very very wrong – and maybe we could even win the Champions League as well. We don’t just want the FA Cup anymore, but it certainly felt like a great stepping stone!

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. It may have been! But im one gooner, that was confident that we would have taken care of business and got the job done at wembley, for a record 12th fa cup win! Coyg!

  2. Im so happy for alexis sanchez in his first season as a gunner, winning the fa cup and being part of our record breaking 12th time fa cup title! Coyg!

  3. It would have been a disaster for our title hopes next year, but not for the club.

    Losing last year’s FA Cup final would have been a disaster for the club. The drought would’ve gone on, belief drained out of the players and the void that would have needed to be filled with Wenger leaving. We had to win last year.

    This year was about winning for the sake of winning, because we wanted to win, not because we had to. In winning, the players showed they do have the desire to fight and win trophies of their own accord, proving their worth and gaining medals. It showed there is now a winning mentality at the club and that is vital for our title hopes next year.

    Finishing third is nothing to shout about but I think it was also important. It showed fight and progression in the league. Too late to catch Chelsea and a real disappointment to have thrown away second, but if we had finished fourth it would have been at lot worse. Not just the CL playoff, but again, for the mentality of the players. If after another long season they’d again failed to break the shackles of 4th, it would have been a real downer. 3rd isn’t great but it’s a glimmer of progress.

  4. It’s been 11 years since we won the PL
    It’s been 10 years since we even finished 2nd place
    Its been 9 years since CL final.
    It’s been over 24 hours since we won the Mickey Mouse trophy.

    Wenger’s plan has failed miserably

    GET RID OF: Wenger- Szczesny, Chambers, Mertsacker, Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Miyachi, Welbeck, Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Wilshere

    BRING IN: Benitez- Cech, Hummels, Clyne, Vidal, Kondogbia, Gundogan, Milner, Reus, Lacazette and Martinez

    Very Simple. That’s How you become the best. That’s How you rebuild a team.

    1. That’s when you realise it’s time to switch off football manager and get ready for school tomorrow

    2. How exactly is the F.A cup a Mickley mouse cup.

      I always find it funny that when. Chelsea, Man utd, city or Liverpool. Win the F.A cup it’s a big trophy but when it’s us it’s Mickey mouse.

      1. Especially when they’ve won it fewer times than we have. If anyone has a right to call it a Mickey Mouse trophy, it’s us, we’ve won it the most times. If it’s so easy to win, why haven’t they won it as much? Why haven’t United won the FA Cup for over 10 years? ‘Oh we don’t try, it’s not important to us’. Seemed quite important at Old Trafford this year when they put their best team out against us and all their fans were crying that they lost after the game.

    3. Even Mourinho will rate FA Cup above his league cup. Another brilliant opinion from FIFA junkies who can’t separate between virtual and real world. Ps: Don’t get me wrong I plays FIFA 15 too.

    4. Why don’t you ‘support’ Juve or Dortmund?? you seem to like more of their players than ours

  5. Beating Chelsea in the Community Shield is absolutely vital.

    It will lay down a marker of course. That we mean business and can do it against the big teams. To gain early momentum and belief among our players and our fans, plus it’s silverware. It looks nice in the trophy cabinet and it’s a good day out at Wembley again.

    But it will also sew some doubt into the minds of Chelsea. Wenger doesn’t beat Mourinho, that’s how things work, right? On the receiving end of a defeat they would be questioning themselves. Mourinho would also be rattled.

    I think we can do it too. Away from the tough atmosphere and abuse at Stamford Bridge. Away from the Emirates so Jose won’t park the bus. In a game where there must be a winner and both sides are expected to attack. I think it will suit us.

    1. Not to vote against you, but did you know according to history, if we won Community Shield (like last year), we won’t be crown champion in that season. Did anyone have the stats?

  6. Disaster because the of the media. They would Ve been yelling disaster
    On then other hand in one local newspaper here they just mentioned it….yeah arsenal won the FA cup…oh yeah rcrd broken

  7. Lets just say if Arsenal had lost that day, I would not have done my rare morning jog in the park and deep cleaned my whole house.

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